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The Japanese hoped to secure their Eastern flank as they launched offensives into the South Pacific. They primarily wanted to destroy the U.S. aircraft carriers with the battleships being a close 2nd on their list. If the Americans were still able, and daring/stupid enough, to send a fleet West to try to stop the Japanese offensives it was expected it would be whatever was left after the Pearl harbor attack. The Japanese would have faced it with their intact battleline and Mobile fleet of fast carriers with the purpose of utterly destroying it.

AnswerThe reason for the attack on Pearl Harbor was so that Japan could hold the Pacific Ocean for the invasion of the USA. AnswerThe Japanese knew that the only way to defeat the Americans was to wipe out their entire fleet before they started preparing for war. Admiral Yamamoto said that if they did not destroy the entire fleet in Pearl Harbor that day it would mean defeat for Japan in the upcoming war. Therefore their plan was to completely destroy the U.S. Naval fleet. However they did not because two of the U.S.'s air craft carriers were not in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese had not calculated this and therefore they considered it a good decision.
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Q: What were military reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?
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Was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on purpose?

Yes, the attack was a planned military strike.

When did the US attack the Japanese?

The first attack on Japanese military was just days after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

What were the political reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Because the Japanese wanted some trix cereal

Why were US ships unaware of the Pearl Harbor attack?

Japanese military were planning a surprise attack. That's why nobody knowed about the attack.

Who was the prime minister of Japan at the time of attack on Pearl Harbor?

Tojo Hideki (1884-1948), Japanese political and military leader. The premier who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, he personified Japanese militarism.

How did the Japanese lull the US into the attack on Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese did not lull the US into an attack on Pearl Harbor. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, not the other way around.

Did Hitler know that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor?

No, Hitler did not know of any specific Japanese military plans. Hitler wanted the Japanese to attack Britain & the United States, and the Japanese hinted that they were planning to do so. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a secret sneak attack that onlt a few in Japan knew about in advance.

Site of the Japanese attack on Hawaii?

The Japanese attack on Hawaii in December of 1941 was focused on the island of Oahu. The Japanese air attack concentrated on warships and naval installations in Pearl Harbor and on other military targets in the vicinity.

Explain the Japanese attack on pearl harbor?

the attack was tragic

What did the japanese in Pearl Harbor have to do with the attack?

The Japanese-Americans living and working on Oahu Island (where Pearl Harbor and Honolulu are located) had nothing to do with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Japanese Naval Pilots were the ones who perpetrated the attack.

Was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor a surprise attack?

Yes. The attack on pearl harbor was a military surprise attack, to distract the US and give the Japanese some time to fight Malaysia. My opinion is this: We Leaked info to the Japanese of the fleet in pearl harbor so that the American people would stand by the decision to try the newly invented hydrogen bomb period!

What was the rational and emotional basis for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Military necessity; eliminate enemy fleet.

What spark caused the us to enter World War 2?

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Military.

Why didnt the Japanese invade Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an invasion, from the air, by the Japanese.

Which country was responsible for the Pearl Harbor attack on December seventh of 1941?

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 was a surprise military strike by the Japanese (Operation Z). It was a preemptive strike to stop the US entering Japanese waters.

What happened during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

How did Americans treat Japanese immigrants after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941?

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese citizens and immigrants were put in concentration camps

Who responded to the Japanese attack on pearl harbor?

the united states responded to the attack on pearl harbor.

Who had to do with Pearl Harbor attack?


How much warning did the Japanese gave the Americans at Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese gave no warning of their attack on Pearl Harbor. That is why it was a successful surprise attack.

Which of the following was a consequence of the Japanese surprise attackon Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese surprise attack on the US military base at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 resulted in the US abandoning their isolationist policy in favor of an interventionist policy. Just one day after the attack, the US declared war on the Japanese empire.

Why were the Japanese and Americans at war?

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

How many US military personnel and civilians where killed during the Japanese attack on pearl harbor?

round about 2403 people

What harbor did the Japanese attack on December 7 1941?

Pearl Harbor

1941 attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor in the state of Hawaii occurred on December 7, 1941. The Japanese attacked a navel base that belonged to the United States and killed 2,403 military and civilians.