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No, Loosen the tire bolts a bit, Jack it up by the frame so the wheel hangs, take off the tire. (Always use a jack stand for safety)

Spray the 4 nuts holding the the upper control arm bracket against the wheel well with a thin penatrating spray. Also spray the 2 bolts on both ends holding the control arm in place. Now go do something else for a while, Like change your oil or clean your interior. Spray the nuts and bolts again, it's been 16 years since they were installed. Go take in a show or take a mini vacation to the Azores. Spray them again. Use a half inch drive braker bar with a long extension to lossen the 4 control arm bracket bolts. You may have to use an impact driver if the breaker bar doesn't work. Loosen the 2 long bolts that hold the control arm in place. Now disassemble the hole mess. Reverse the process, take it for a spin, your front end play should be gone. Now go have a beer. Good luck, Eric J

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Q: When replacing the front upper left control arm bushing on a 1991 Infiniti G20 does any part of the axle kit need to be removed and replaced?
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When should control arm bushing be replaced?

You will know when the control arm bushing should be replaced by the way the vehicle drives. The back end will sway back and forth.

Can you replace the upper control arm bushing without replacing the control arm for a jaguar s-type?

Should be able to, but they have to be pressed out/in. Many places that sell the bushings offer this service.

How do you replace 1977 Chevy truck control arm bushing?

burn rubber out and cut shell out of the arm bushing holefreeze new bushing in freezergrease hole welltap or press new bushing into arm bushing hole

Replacing sway bar bushings ford e250?

use airchisel to remove bushing then threaded rod with two big, thick washer to compress bushing . take socket to drive bushing in with maul and used some bearing grease to assist in install , dropping passenger side control arm makes it easier. what knuckles

Creaking in the front right side of a 2000 Windstar?

Probably a control arm bushing, possibly a strut mount or stabilizer bar bushing. Mine was the control arm bushing, 2001 Windstar Sport pkg.

What is the function of a car control arm bushing -?

A control arm bushing is a pivoting/joint for mounting the control arm, it is made of rubber or urethane to reduce noise/vibration transmission to the chassis.

What is the function of the bolt on the bushing on the control arm?

To mount the control arm, which needs a bushing to be isolated from the frame so that frame vibrations are not transmitted to the steering column.

How can you tell if your control arm bushings are wearing out?

The controll arm bushing is right next to the ball joint u can look at it an if it seems to be warn or falling apart then it needs replaced....i think its like 10 dollars for the bushing kit at auto zone its a easy fix.

How d o you change a strut arm bushing on a 99 saturn sl?

Saturn S series vehicles do not use a Strut arm... nor do they have a Strut arm bushing. I'm assuming your referring to the sway bar bushing in the center of the lower control arm. This bushing is not serviceable alone, the replacement of the entire lower control arm is needed if the bushing has failed.

What could be making popping sound after replacing left control arm and strut on 2000 altima?

the ball joint needs replaced

Why does the axles or the control arm move or shift from side to side when sheering?

I am having the same problem and it turns out to be that the bushing in the control arm to the frame is shot. The control arm is not suppose to move at all. This will also cause tire wear. You can actually replace the bushing at an inexpensive cost however, if you try to buy the bushing kit from the Saturn dealer, they will tell you that you have to replace the control arm. That is very expensive. By the way , you need a press to replace the bushing.

What is the function of a car control arm bushing?

The bushing acts as a hinged dampener to cushion the suspension and provide a more manageable and quiet ride.

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