When replacing the front upper left control arm bushing on a 1991 Infiniti G20 does any part of the axle kit need to be removed and replaced?

No, Loosen the tire bolts a bit, Jack it up by the frame so the wheel hangs, take off the tire. (Always use a jack stand for safety)

Spray the 4 nuts holding the the upper control arm bracket against the wheel well with a thin penatrating spray. Also spray the 2 bolts on both ends holding the control arm in place. Now go do something else for a while, Like change your oil or clean your interior. Spray the nuts and bolts again, it's been 16 years since they were installed. Go take in a show or take a mini vacation to the Azores. Spray them again. Use a half inch drive braker bar with a long extension to lossen the 4 control arm bracket bolts. You may have to use an impact driver if the breaker bar doesn't work. Loosen the 2 long bolts that hold the control arm in place. Now disassemble the hole mess. Reverse the process, take it for a spin, your front end play should be gone. Now go have a beer. Good luck, Eric J