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Where is the oil pump located on a 1990 Lincoln Continental 3.8 liter?


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2009-08-31 05:10:34
2009-08-31 05:10:34

It is integral with the front timing cover. Does anyone have a diagram for this assembly. This is a very big project for the regular home mechanic to take on. -- Alfredo mail:

Has anyone attemped to do this project. the oil pump is an external type that is integral to, and mounted to the timing chain cover. standing in front (and looking at the front of the car) the pump will be located on the passenger-side of the vehicle. the engine is a transverse type (meaning the front of the engine is NOT in the front of the vehicle). open the hood, locate the power steering pump. below the steering pump is the AC compressor pump. behind the AC comp. pump is the oil pump (look for the oil filter which is mounted to the pump itself. just above the sub-frame is the motor mount (one of three-but for this job, you only need to be concern with the one in front of the AC comp. pump). in this job excercise, if you have not worked previously on cars, you might want to have a second person assist, it get tough. #1. remove radiator and ac condenser (the radiator in front of the radiator). #2. remove power steering pump. #3. remove the motor mount (after you have placed a floor jack under the oil pan WITH a block of wood TO PREVENT PAN DAMAGE!!!!) #4. after you have supported the engine, gently lift engine about 2 1/2 inches AND NO MORE THAN 2 1/2 INCHES!!!!. by now you should be able to remove mount from it's place. #5. four 9/16 inch (wrench size) bolts hold the AC compressor pump in place, lets remove these 4 bolts and if needed while you are under the car removing the bolts, the second person is above holding the ac pump. there will also be a bracket from the ac to the timing cover plate that also holds the lower radiator hose and pipe assembly that needs to be remove. in order to remove the bracket, you need to unbolt the water pump pulley, this is the second reason to jacking up the engine. after you have removed the ac pump, you will have full access to the oil pump. the oil pump has 6 bolts (4 main-2 auxillary) holding it in place.carefully remove the bolts using a torque rachet @ 30 ft. lbs. ( at this point, BE PATIENT AND CAREFUL, at the high cost of additional repairs, you do not want to screw up on this by stripping the threads)... if you need further info, leave a message and a email address.



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