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Where is the sensor angle crankshaft located on an 2001 Kia Optima?


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2007-04-19 17:39:49
2007-04-19 17:39:49

The crank position sensor is located on the bottom left hand side of the engine (when seated in the driver's seat). It is secured in place by two (2) 10mm screws above and to the right of the crank shaft main pulley.


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where is the crankshaft angle sensor located on a 1997 cadillac deville.

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Crank Angle Sensor (location)i own a 98 Hyundai accent and the crankshaft position sensor is located just underneath the far right spark plug if your looking from the front of the car,about 5"-8". hope this helps.

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On a 94 Turbo DSM there is no crank angle sensor. The Cam Angle Sensor(CAS)serves the function of both a crank and cam sensor, and it's located on the passenger side of the valve cover at the end of the intake camshaft, you can't miss it.

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It's fairly complicated. The sensor is located near the bottom to the engine behind the crankshaft pulley and timing belt cover. Not a job for an inexperienced do-it yourself mechanic.

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crankshaft sensor on your excel (presuming it is a DOHC model) is at the front of the engine. there is a small connector you'll see next to the exhaust heat shield, follow the wire from the connector down the block a little bit and that is the crank angle sensor (not to be confused with camshaft angle sensor which is located on top of the engine just behind the coil pack and next to the rocker cover).

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