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The leaders of the axis powers where Benito Mussolini ( Italy), Adolf Hitler (Germany) and Emperor Hirohito(Japan). The leaders of the allies were Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S), Winston Churchill (Great Britain), and the leaders of the other European countries at the time. (Many of the leaders of the European countries at the time weren't well known or were very popular.) I hope this info will help.

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Q: Who were the allies and axis leaders of World War 2?
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How were the Axis leaders be treated after World War 2?

they was treated like allies

What were the names of the two opposing forces in world war 2?

The Allies and the Axis.Allies and Axis

Who one the war axis or allies?

Allies in World War II

How did the Allies try to hold the Axis leaders responsible for the suffering they caused during the war?

at wartime meetings, the allies agreed that axis leaders should be tried for crimes against humanity. the allies held war crimes trials in Nuremberg in Germany

What did the allies and axis want in World War 2?

The allies wanted an unconditional surrender from the axis.

What did allies do to punish axis leaders after the war?

They were tried for war crimes - refer to the Nuremberg War Trials .

Where Yugoslavia allies or axis during World War 2?


Who were japan's allies during war world 2?

the axis powersjapan's allies in world war 2 where the Germans and the italys they where called the axis powers

Why did the allies hold war crimes trials for axis leaders?

To punish them for international aggression.

What is the opposite of allies in world war 1?


What best explains why the Allies were able to win World War 2?

A.Allied soldiers were better trained than Axis soldiers. B. Axis soldiers were disloyal to their leaders. C. The Allies had more people and a larger industrial capacity. D. The Allies did not have to fight a two-front war.

Was the Netherlands part of the Allies or the Axis during World War 2?

The Netherlands were Allies in World War II.

Who had the most allies in world war 2?

The Allied Forces in World War 2 had more allies than the Axis did.

What war in which the allies defeated the axis powers lasted from 1939 to 1945?

World War 2 lasted from 1939 to 1945 and was the war in which the Allies defeated the Axis powers.

The axis and the allies in world war 2?

Allies - USA, UK USSR and France Axis - Germany, Italy and Japan

What were the sides called during World War 2?

Allies vs AxisAnswerthe us, brits, and russia where the allies and Germany, Italy, and the Japanese where the axis..... hence the axis and allies....

Did the Allies or Axis win World War 2?

The Allies won. Strange question.

Who suffered the most deaths in World War 2 the axis Allies or neutral?


Was Hitler allies or axis in World War 2?

He was Germany's leader, therefore Axis.

Who were main axis powers in World War I?

The Axis did not exist in World War 1. Germany and its allies were called the Central Powers.

Which are the two side of world war 2?

Axis and allies.

Who were opposite the allies in world war 2?

Axis Powers

Were you on the Allies or the Axis side in World War 2?


What are the opposing forces in World War 2?

Axis and Allies.

What were the 2 powers of World War II?

Axis and Allies