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Why is transmission oil leaking from my clutch release cable housing on my 2004 harley road king?

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you may need a new gasket or too much freeplay in the cable

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Can crankcase oil migrate into the bell housing and contaminate the clutch?

Absolutely!. If the rear seal on the crankshaft is leaking the oil from the engine can migrate to the bell housing and the clutch. It is also possible that the front seal on the transmission can leak and migrate to the clutch.

Where is the bell housing to disengage the clutch?

The bell housing surrounds the clutch assembly. Mounted between the engine and the transmission.

How do you replace a clutch on a 2001 Ford Focus SE?

First remove front axels, then remove the transmission, undo clutch bell housing. Add on new clutch pressure clutch bell housing......put the transmission back in and axels

Do you have to take the trasmission apart to replace the crankshaft in a Yamaha 350 raptor?

You don't have to take the transmission apart but you will probably have to pull the engine out of the frame and take the right hand side clutch cover housing then removing the clutch then the gears behind the clutch and split the the transmission housing. When you split the housing the transmission will be separate from the crankshaft so you will have to get down to the transmission but won't have to take it apart.

How do you release the clutch pressure plate from the bearing to get the transmission out?

the clutch pressure plate is bolted to the fly wheel the transmission is free to pull out once you remove all the bolts from the bell housing the throw out bearing comes with it hope this helps

What is a clutch linkage?

The rods that go from the peddle through the firewall to the bell housing on the transmission to engage /disingage the clutch

The clutch went out in your 2001 eclipse gt and you can't get the transmission to break free from the bell housing Any suggestions?

why would you want to braek the bell housing free from transmission ? the bell housing needs to be removed to replace clutch, so remove bell housing and transmission as one unit.make sure starter motor is removed. usually blts the secure bell housing and transmission toether can only be reached from inside bell housing after bell housing and transmission are removed from vehicle

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1988 Nissan pickup?

Its hydraulic ,you cant,check your slave cylinder to see if its leaking,its located thru a rubber cover on side of transmission,if leaking replace and bleed,also check clutch master cylinder,if not leaking,then you might need a new clutch kit.

What does stabbing a transmission mean?

Installing the transmission after it has been removed in order to replace a clutch or the transmission itself. "Stabbing" comes from act of inserting the shaft of the transmission through the clutch during installation of the transmission. It can be difficult simply because the transmission is heavy but also because the splines have to line up exactly right before the transmission will "stab" the clutch. Below is a picture of the transmission shaft and splines. With the clutch mounted to the back of the engine on the flywheel, the trans has to slide all the way into the clutch and the bell housing of the transmission has to mate completely flush with the engine bell housing,

Where is the bell housing on a Jeep?

The bell housing is the part of the transmission case that bolts to the engine. The bell housing contains the clutch or torque converter.

Where is clutch slave cylinder on a 1999 Chevy s10?

It is inside of the transmission bell housing. You will have to remove the transmission to service it.

Where does the clutch located on the 88 Chevy Caprice?

The clutch pedal is the one left of the brake pedal. The clutch disk the pedal affects is inside the transmission bell housing where the engine block bolts to the transmission. Unless you have an automatic, then your car has no clutch.

Where is your clutch slave cylinder in my 93 Jeep Wrangler?

inside the transmission bell housing

Where is the clutch slave cylinder on 96 Chevy s-10?

Inside the transmission bell housing. The transmission must be removed to gain access to the clutch slave cylinder.

Where is the clutch slave cylinder on Chevy 2003 cavalier?

Inside the bell housing, the transmission has to come out

Can a 502 Cadillac engine work with a 5 speed transmission?

In theory, if you can find a transmission housing, flywheel, and clutch that will attach to this engine.

What causes wet clutch in 1994 pickup hi-lux?

transmission is leaking ,u may have acrack in it.

Why on a 1988 Accord does your clutch slips a little when you give it the gas is it something you can adjust and how?

Usually, a manual transmission clutch slipping is caused either by oil on the clutch from a leaking rear main engine seal, or it's from a worn clutch. Honda clutches are operated with a hydraulic master/slave arrangement and as such are self-adjusting. Whether it's worn clutch or leaking rear main seal, you'll need to remove/replace the engine or transmission to get to the problem.

How do you remove fourrunner transmission?

You'll have to disconnect the driveshafts, the shift linkage, the speedometer cable, and the clutch (if it's a manual). Then you place a transmission jack centered under it, secure the transmission to the transmission jack, and unbolt the bell housing from the engine block. If you can't access the bolts for the bell housing with the transmission attached, then you'll have to separate the transmission from the bell housing.

What if your 88 accord lxi is leaking clutch fluid?

your slave cylinder is bad,its bolted on to transmission,replace and bleed system.

How do you check the lines of the slave cylinder for leaks?

Go to the transmission and check slave cylinder for leaks,also check clutch master cylinder,then go look by your clutch pedal to see if its leaking there,these are your places that it could be leaking,is your fluid level low,if not ,then you may need a new clutch kit.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1990 ford F-150?

If this is an automatic transmission, the switch is located on the driver side of the transmission housing where the linkage plugs into the transmission. If it is a manual transmission the clutch safety switch is located near the top of the clutch pedal.

What is the bell housing?

It is located between the back of the engine and the transmission. It houses the flywheel and clutch if it is a standard or the flex plate and the torque converter if it is an automatic transmission.

Can you put a engine from a car with a automatic transmission in a car with a standard transmission?

Yes, but you have to remove the automatic transmission housing, and you have to replace the Torque Converter with a standard transmission clutch that matches the type of transmission with which you are mating the engine.

What is a clutch arm?

The clutch arm is like a teeter-todder. The clutch arm sits on a pivot point in the transmission bell housing and disengages the clutch by pushing down on the pressure place through a "throw out" bearing when the clutch pedal is pushed down.