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Actually almost every nation on earth that had a significant military was drafting prior to World War II. Even in the USA volunteers were insufficient - even after Pearl Harbor - to fill the ranks. The draft had been around about a year already so the USA just geared it up a notch. The drafts in all major powers were increased during the war in order to build up their respective militaries as quickly as possible and to replace losses. In what country? This board is read by an International audience, so be more specific, please. And for the person who answered above................Canada's overseas military forces, during WW2, were ALL volunteers, not draftees. Those that had to be forced into serving, by being drafted, stayed in Canada, as a home defense force. Those who went overseas called them "Zombies".

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Q: Why was conscription introduced in World War 2?
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Why was conscription introduced in World War 2 when the majority of people opposed it in World War 1?

The main reason that conscription was introduced in World War 2 was mostly because of how many soldiers died in WW2. Also, people realized that Hitler was committing mass genocide. The seven million innocent Jewish people that Hitler killed, were more than enough to silence those who disagreed with conscription.

How was conscription different in World War 2 than it was in World War 1?

Conscription in World War 2 began before the United States entered the conflict

When did military conscription start in Britain in World War 2?

It was introduced in April, 1939 and was the first time Britain had ever introduced compulsory military service in peace time.

Compulsory conscription Britain World war 1?

The Compulsory conscription was ordered by Hitler in the World War 2, that was against the Treaty of Versailles

What wars did they use conscription draft?

World war 1 and world war 2.

Why and when was conscription introduced in world war 2?

It become law on 16 September 1940 and was required to build up the US military strength in light of the onset of war in Europe and Asia.

Why did the conscription happen in World War 2?

because i fatered

Which political party was in power and who was the Prime Minister who introduced conscription in World War 2?

Conscription was introduced in Britain by the predominantly Conservative government of Neville Chamberlain in April 1939, a few months before the start of WW2. There was some opposition at the time to introducing compuslory military service in peace time.

In World War 2 when conscription started what age was the age you had to go to war?

In Britain it was sixteen.

How did the RAF recruit in World War 2?

Through a combination of volunteers and conscription.

When did conscription end in Britain after world war 2?

It officially ended in 1960.

How did America raise troops during World War 2?

Conscription - same as Viet Nam war.

What did Australians think about the conscription and censorship in World War 2?

Australian's supported and implemented both conscription and censorship during WWII. They believed it was important in order to win the war.

When was conscription implemented in World War 2?

The dates of introduction varied from country to country. Germany reintroduced conscription in 1935 and Britain in April 1939, for example. Some countries, such as France, had conscription throughout the inter-war period.

How was conscription used in World War 2?

Most nations involved in World War used conscription, i.e. compulsory military service - the draft. This had been used in WW1 too (and earlier in many countries).

Why was conscription necessary during World War 2 for Canada?

Canada was a British Territory and all British Territories were subject to conscription into their own army.

How did the government censor the media during World War 2?

Conscription..... which means men were forced to go to war?!

How was conscription introduced in World War 2?

Conscription hadn't been successful in WWI anfter 2 refurendums. Soldiers also weren't enlisting for WWII because of how WWI turned out: a lot of people died, and it wasn't the type of heroic war everyone had anticipated. Since there was not a healthy supply of soldiers in the hat, conscription was Australia's only chance. Although it was a highly debated topic, in the end winning the war won against losing it due to a lack of men.

Were Germans forced to fight in World War 2?

In World War 2 all the combattant countries had conscription (the draft, compulsory military service).

How did the Australian government introduce conscription in World War 2?

It was introduced by law in1942, when all men 18-35, and single men aged 35-45 were called up except those in reserved occupations vital to the war effort.

How was conscription introduced by Australia during World War 2?

Conscription was introduced thanks to the Labor Government under Prime Minister John Curtin. Technically, Australia didn't have conscription. All troops for overseas theatres were volunteers. The troops fighting in Papua New Guinea were militia, who were conscripted, but were not supposed to fight overseas. Since PNG was under Australian control a point was stretched and militia were sent there, since the AIF was in North Africa.

How did conscription in World War 2 affect Canadian farmers?

all of the canadians land was destroyed and bombed

What was the conscription issue for World War 2?

One issue that persisted in the US was why get involved in Europe's wars.

What are the similarities and differences of conscription in Canada during World War I and 2?

French Canadians were against the idea of conscription in both world war 1 and 2. There were more volunteers during world war 1 than WW2 so the debate of conscription was not as heated during that time. Near the end of WW2, conscripts in BC refused to go and held riots protesting Mackenzie King's decision of ensuing conscription. During WW1, Prime Minister Borden promised there would be no conscription and as well in WW2 Mackenzie King had also made that promise. Both conscription debates were revolved around the shortage of soldiers over seas. The issue of conscription divided the nation during WW1 and WW2.

Who introduced the idea of the World War 2 memorial to congress?

The idea of the World War 2 Memorial was introduced to Congress in 1987 by Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) at the suggestion of World War II veteran Roger Dubin.