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Your 1998 astro rear heater blows cold air what could be wrong with it and how do you fix it?

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On the Astro and Safari vans, there is a vacuum control valve on the engine side of the firewall that controls the flow of water to the rear heater. Looking from the front of the van, it is on the left (passenger) side of the engine about 12 inches below the hood line. When you turn the rear heater on, the valve opens to allow hot water to go to the rear heater. If your van has lost vacuum pressure, the valve will not open properly. You will probably also notice that the airflow director for the front heating/cooling system will not change positions. This loss of vacuum pressure is usually caused by a broken or disconnected vacuum line. Find and repair the break or reconnect the line and this should restore function to both systems. If the airflow director for the front system is working, then the valve itself may have failed. You can either replace the valve. A quick fix is to remove the water lines from both sides of the valve and use a 3/8" plastic connector from the hardware store to connect the two lines. Use two clamps to secure the hoses to the fitting and you should be back in business. For a picture of the valve, go to and search for part # BK 6601320.

2006-10-31 06:44:23
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What could be wrong with the heater on a 1996 camaro Z28 if it still blows warm air on low setting and coolant is normal?


What is wrong when the heater on a 1988 Lincoln Towan car blows only cold air when the heater is on?

An automobile's heater that blows only cold air could either be a faulty thermostat or, more likely, a faulty heater core. A trip to a mechanic or shop that specializes in radiator and cooling system repair should be able to diagnose and repair any problems.

What is wrong with a 1990 Mazda MX6 when no warm air blows out of heater or defrost vents?

the water control vale could be broken or have a broken vacuum line to the valve. If it is cable operated valve the cable could be broken or jamed. the heater core could be pluged

What could be wrong with the heater in 2000 Dodge stratus that blows cool air you already replaced the thermostat?

Low coolant? Wrong thermostat temperature range? Heater core plugged,restricted or airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Temperature control cable not adjusted properly?

What is wrong with your heater on your 2001 mercury grand marquis if it only blows cold air?

You are likely in an antarctic region.

When idling a 2002 freightliner the temp drops and the heater blows cold air what is wrong?

You probably have a bad thermostat.

When car heater blows cold air What is wrong with it?

You may be low on coolant, or the thermostat is stuck open, or the heater core is plugged up, or the temp blend door is broken.

On a BMW 318 what is wrong if the heater only works when driving at 3000 rpm plus and blows cool air when revs drop below?

It could be low coolant or it could be that the water pump impellers are rusted or worn through.

When I turn on my air conditioner there's no sound and no air blows out What could be wrong and how much would it cost to fix The vent and heater don't work either?

Could be nothing more than a bad fuse Could be a bad blower motor Could be a bad switch

What could be wrong with heater on a 1998 Buick Regal gs it has climate control and only blows out cold air when set on 90 degrees?

The most common issue is the heater / climate control valve. This can usually be tested in dual mode and checking for change in air circulation.

What could be wrong when the AC only blows out hot air?

There is something wrong with the compressor or there is no refrigerant in the system. Have it checked out. Goodluck Joe

What is wrong when both hoses going into heater core on a car is cold?

the heater core could be stopped up, or could be low of antifreeze, or the thermostat could be stuck open

What is wrong if cold air blows out when heater is on?

I assume your car heater is blowing cold air, when the heater is on. It seems that, you have air on your coolant. that air pockets blocks the cooland to travel through your heater. it may be a sign of a bigger problem such as blown head gasket in the old cars, such acura legend

What is wrong if the heater in a 1999 Honda Civic doesn't get warm?

could be thermostat or heater fan if you can hear all the speeds on the blower motor working then it could be your thermostat but your heater core might be plugged as well

What could be wrong if you are not getting hot water from your water heater?

Check the heating elements in the water heater. These may be bad and need replaced.

Whats wrong on a mercury mountaineer with duel controls when the heater only blows cold air?

Mercury Mountaineers have a "blend" door in the heater box. It is probably malfunctioning. You can find more info by searching for Ford + "blend door" or "no Heat"

What could be wrong if your home AC blows cool air but not very cold?

check you thermostat for the temp setting

Your 2000 Nissan Exterra's Air Contitioning only blows on high what could be wrong?

AnswerReplace the blower resistor.

What is wrong if your heater fan blows air but you get no heat in your 2001 Ford Windstar?

See "Related Questions" below for a complete discussion on possible causes and more importantly: fixes

What could be wrong if temp gauge reads cold and heater blows cold air on ford windstar?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but it sounds like your engine cooling thermostat is sticking open ( assuming that the electric engine cooling fans are not running continuously )

What is wrong if the heater in your 1994 Ford Taurus LX 3.8L does not get very warm or very fast?

Could be a plugged heater core. Check the engine temp guage. if it is getting warm, your heater core could be plugged or restricted.

If the thermostat on a 1996 Ford Windstar has been replaced but it still only blows cold air and the gauge rises above half when sitting still what could be wrong?

I would expect a plugged heater core.Take your hand and feel the two heater hoses that pass thru the firewall on the passenger side; if one is hot and the other is much cooler, than you heater core is plugged and needs replacement.

Car that blows white smoke out tailpipe whats could be wrong?

sounds like you need a new head gasket

If the heater is not putting out heat could it be the thermostat?

If you are not getting heat out of the heater, there are only a few things that could be wrong. The first is low coolant. You can't get heat without coolant running through the heater. If it is low, sometimes it has to be bled of air bubbles. If both heater hose running to the heater are hot, you have circulation. If not the heater could be plugged or not getting the coolant to circulate. There is also a damper in the heater system to stop cold air from bypassing the heater and that needs to be checked.

Hot tub is not holding temperature what is wrong?

If a hot tub is not holding temperature there could be several things wrong. The heater function has stopped working or the thermostat is faulty. Also check to make sure the heater has sufficient fuel. The thermo coupler on the water heater may be faulty.