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Failure to follow these instructions carefully, especially in the + / - polarity matching of the hookups, could result in damage to both batteries and/or burns to your person. Please be safe.

1 Open the hoods on both cars. Locate the batteries.

2 Close the hood on the running car, and move it into position so that both cars' batteries are as close as possible. (Reopen the hood.)

3 Attach a red jumper cable clamp to each battery's positive (+) terminal.

4 Locate a large, unpainted metal surface on the engine of each car. A bracket near the alternator works best. (The alternator is a grapefruit-sized motor-like device on the front of the engine.)

5 Attach a black jumper cable clamp to each location described in step 4.

NOTE: The last connection you make could make a small spark, and the engine on the running car should slow slightly. If this does not happen, check all 4 clamp connections by wiggling them.

6 Let the dead battery charge for about 5 minutes before attempting to start the car.

More details below

To jump a car, get some jumper cables and another car, and line the other car's front up with the dead one so that the batteries of each car can be as close enough together so the cables will reach. Leave the car with the good battery running. Now you're ready to connect the cables.

Start by connecting the negative cable to each battery first. Then connect your positive cables. Be sure to "manage" your clamps so you don't short anything out. Triple check your battery polarities before making cable connections - do not blow it connecting the units up incorrectly. Negative to negative, and positive to positive.

Have the one car that's fine running before making the last connection. What will happen when the last connection is made is that the "good" battery will start to charge the "dead" one, and this will drag down the "good" one. You'll want to have the vehicle with the "good" battery running so that the charging system can help transfer energy to the "dead" battery and minimize the impact of the discharge on your "good" battery. Wait a few minutes while the other battery charges off of the good one and the charging system of the operating vehicle.

The car should start after that. If it sounded like it was going to start and it didn't, wait even longer and try again. Each time you try to start the car with the "dead" battery, you'll be draining the dead battery more, so make sure and let it charge a bit.

Another answer

Jump starting a car battery is best accomplished with a pair of jump cables, normally sold in a "jump start pack", to jump start from the good battery of another car.

It's a good idea to read your owner's manual on the subject. Certain manufacturers recommend different techniques. For example BMW suggests turning on the headlights and blower fan. The technique is to connect the positive cable from the jump pack between the positive terminal on your battery and the positive terminal on the other car's good battery, and the negative cable from the jump pack to the negative terminal on your battery, or - better - to a grounding point on your vehicle, to the other car battery's negative terminal.

Don't ever get the jump cables reversed as doing that will cause the them to heat up so much that their insulation will melt and may even catch on fire and you may also cause damage to both cars' electrical systems.

Make sure you know the voltage on your car, most are 12 volt systems but some are 6 volt. If jumping from another car make sure they are both the same voltage.

Start the car to be jumped from and connect the positive cable ends to the positives terminals of both batteries and the negative cable to the negative terminals on both batteries. Allow the jumper car to run for a while before trying to start the jumpee car.

Another way to start a car that has a dead battery

If the vehicle with the dead battery has a manual transmission and it's parked on a hill, or you can push it to one, you can try another method: with the car in first gear and the ignition on, push in the clutch and let it roll down hill. When it gets going about 10 miles an hour or so, release the clutch quickly and it will snag the flywheel and force your engine to start turning, and that should start the car. If you aren't going fast enough, the engine will stall. Push in the clutch quickly after it starts and rev the engine a bit to insure it is going to keep running. Wait a few minutes before driving off to insure the battery gets a bit of a charge from the charging system, too. This can also be done in reverse, but it is much more dangerous, and it is inadvisable unless you are good at it and actually have a clear spot to roll backwards on.

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You can jumpstart your 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo by connecting the battery to a working battery, with jumper cables. Connect the positive post on each battery and the negative posts. The working battery will charge your battery.

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Hook up a set of battery jumper cables from your good running car battery - positive post to positive post and negative post to negative post on the Honda battery. Let your running car recharge the Honda battery fifteen minutes or so before trying to start it. A lot of jumper cable sets have too small a wire size to jump a large car so charging helps a lot. lol

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You have a dead battery and need a jump start. There is the right way and the wrong way to accomplish a jump start safely.

Because of the potentially severe hazards due to improper use of jumper cables it must be done correctly. Auto batteries contain Sulphuric Acid which can blind you, or at the very least burn your skin. Also auto batteries vent off Hydrogen Gas which is highly explosive even from the slightest spark. Because of this danger it is critical to attach the jumper cables in a precise sequence.

1. Park the vehicle with the GOOD battery close to the vehicle with the BAD battery but do not let the vehicle touch each other. Make sure the cables are not routed so as to touch any moving parts, such as a fan blade.

2. Attach the jumper cable Positive + terminal to the GOOD battery Positive + terminal.

3. Attach the other end of the jumper cable Positive +terminal to the BAD battery Positive + terminal.

4. Attach the Negative - jumper cable terminal to the GOOD battery Negative - terminal.

5. Attach the last jumper cable Negative - terminal to a heavy metal ground part of the engine and NOT to the dead battery Negative - terminal. Reason being this last connection will cause a spark, and you do not want a spark next to the battery where it could ignite the Hydrogen.

6. If the engine of the donor vehicle with the good battery was not left running, start the engine and let it run for 2-3 minutes to put a charge in the bad battery.

7. Start the vehicle with the BAD battery and then remove the jumper cables from the batteries in the exact opposite order you installed them.

As copied from my own blog:

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Take your jumper cables. Hook up the red cables to the battery positives first. Hook up the black cable to the donor vehicle negative. Hook the other end of the black cable to a good ground point on the vehicle being jump started.

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You hook the cables to the jump start posts that are under the hood on the driver side. They are marked with a + and -.

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The same way you jump start a car with a manual transmission.

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positive to positive negative to negative

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Q: How do you jump start a 1998 Monte Carlo?
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Manually raise Monte Carlo power windows?

Take the switch out of the door and you can jump it just like you jump start a car.

Can you start your 2002 Monte Carlo by jump starting the battery if the starter motor is bad?

No. If the starter doesn't work it can't turn the engine.

97 Monte Carlo will click but wont start?

Jump start the car then go to auto parts store they will check the battery for you and let you know what the problem is.Most likely the battery is shot.

What will keep a 2001 Monte Carlo from starting sometimes it will start in neutral but otherwise you have to jump it off the starter?

If the car will start in neutral but not in park then you may have a bad transmission safety switch. That switch confirms that the car is in neutral or park before it allows the 'start' signal from the key switch to reach the solenoid.

96 Chevy Monte Carlo will not start engine doesnot turn over with key can jump start at starter with key in run position will start for two seconds and stall?

I am having same issue with mine I was thinking it is passlock i was told to take to dealer and have body control module re flashed , but I was also told it could be fuel pump not allowing car to start

How do i jump start my 1998 Dodge Intrepid?

You hook the red and black jumper cables to the red and black jump start posts under the hood on the passenger side.

Bought this 98 Monte Carlo and you have to jump start it every time When you charge it up it will drive but when you turn it off it wont start up Put a alternator on it check the starter its good batt?

Check your starter. The insulating bushing could be worn or damaged causing a huge drain on battery when you try to start the engine. It could also be a short with one of your lights or seat

How do jump start a 1998 Monte Carlo?

Connect the jumper cables to the source car, then connect the red jumper cable to the terminal with the red cover next to the windshield washer fluid tank, and connect the black cable to the engine mount (or some other metal ground). Wait a little while for the battery to charge, then try to crank. If it does not work, check the connections, wait a little while longer, then try again.

How do you jump start a Dodge Intrepid?

1993-1997 you hook the cables to the battery. 1998-2004 you hook the cable to the jump start posts under the hood, passenger side.

Need to jump start a 2000 Monte to start the battery is fully charged?

If you need to jump start the car then the battery may be fully charged but it is defective and needs replacing. A full charged battery will read 12.6 volts at the posts with the engine not running. 12 volts indicates the battery is only 25% charged.

How do you know if the timing jumped in your 1998 Chevy s-10?

Not sure what engine you have but it is highly unlikely the timing would jump being that it is driven by a chain. If it was to jump it probably wouldn't start and possibly backfire in the attempt to start.

How do you charge a battery for a 1998 Chrysler Concorde?

You hook the cables to the jump start posts under the hood on the passenger side.