Landscaping is defined as any artistic activity that transforms the physical features of a land area. It may include contouring and planting shrubs, flowers or trees. Considered both a science and an art, it involves good observation and design skills.

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Can you fertilize your lawn with used motor oil?

No...there is no 'nutrition' in used motor oil. It's petroleum. Fertilizers work by adding nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil. Besides, why on earth would you want to spread that on your lawn? Doing so causes it to leach into the ground, the water supply, and will probably kill whatever you might have growing.

Petroleum is toxic to plants, so keep it far away from any growing things. Used motor oil also picks up heavy metals from the engine, especially old engines, so it's even worse.


How much do automatic sprinklers cost?

For a quick and dirty estimate of where you might expect bids from professional sprinkler contractors to come in, use a range of $0.50 to $1.25 per square foot of area to be watered. Small properties and properties with complicated layouts will tend to be at the higher end of that range. Where you live and what type of equipment you select will also impact the range of bids.

If you are installing the system yourself, you should be able to buy equivalent materials at a home improvement store for about 15-20% more than a contractor will pay at a contractor supply store; however, you will need to factor in rental of trenchers and whether you can install the backflow prevention device, so you should figure your total cost of installing an equivalent system yourself will be 40-50% of a professional sprinkler contractor bid.

For more specific information you can search for "Sprinkler System Designer" on the Internet and find applications that will let you put in the parameters of your yard and will output a parts list with prices.

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How do you repair a brick patio?

Long story short, you pull up the entire patio, stacking the bricks or pavers neatly. Dig up the sand, replace the drainage and repave. If you have plenty of help, this can be done without breaking your back; otherwise hire a professional.

We're in the middle of repairing our crazy paved patio at the moment:

  • Due to being too high, it's breached the damp course on the house so the top has been removed, the top course of bricks on the supporting walls removed and the top sand/cement base removed.
  • There is subsidence damage to the supporting walls due to no [proper] foundations and a leaking drainpipe soaking into the ground under the patio. The pipe will be permanently repaired and the damaged section of wall properly rebuilt.
  • The patio has also been reduced in length (due to breaching problems and to reclaim so lawn) so a new retaining wall will be built across the end. Behind this a layer of hard core will be packed.
  • The top will be covered with a sand/cement base onto which the crazy paving top will be replaced.

Due to a skip lorry, our brick driveway has been really mashed up and needing repair (more that it already did - it has sunk where the car wheels stand). This will involve:

  • Removing the bricks
  • Putting in a layer of hard core (probably digging down a bit first as I suspect original layer didn't put in enough foundations (if any) - we will find out when the bricks are lifted)
  • Putting on a sand/cement base
  • Putting bricks back down (in original pattern).

My warning is if you're not too sure of a builder take a careful look around for where he's tethered his horse (my mother who had the work originally done didn't spot his horse and I'm having to get it redone).

Building and Carpentry

Where can you find diagrams or plans to build a face brick braai in a lapa?

That sounds like the kind of thing most people want to do from their imaginations and according to the shape/design of the lapa. I've done 3 in the past few years and people loved every one. As long as you understand basic bricklaying, you don't need plans, but if you feel really empty of ideas ,there's a series of books called 'The Sunset Publications' that has lots of ideas for things like that. Most large libraries (or used bookstores) have them .

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What is an As-built drawing?

The phrase "as-built" in construction is equivalent to "as-is." Drawings deemed "as-built" are thus drawings that show the EXISTING conditions as they are, or "as-is" — these are the actual existing conditions as opposed to designs or proposed conditions, which are more common for the content of drawings. As-built drawings can be documented either after or during construction. When it's after construction, a qualified technician collects accurate data to reconstruct the drawings. When it's during construction, the design drawings are redmarked for editing. For example, if you are a Contractor installing sewer pipe in the road at a buried depth of 5.00' and you suddenly encounter an abandoned pipe and must change your buried depth to 6.50' , then you should be responsible for the as-built conditions. The installing contractor should redmark his set of drawings to show how the sewer line was actually installed so that a draftsman can later edit the drawings into an "as-built" set.


What is compo mortar?

Lime-cement mortar is also known as composition or "compo" mortar.

Botany or Plant Biology

What does a baby walnut tree look like?

That's a good question, because Ive been wondering the same thing. "Supposedly" we have one, that's not allowed to be cut down because its "rare," but I cant find a picture that looks anything like it. As of right now, all its doing is giving free access to the roof of the house. Its tall and lengthy, scrawning looking as if it grew as a weed into a tree. The bark is very pale. Its kind of ugly looking, to be honest. Hahah. If you find out, email me at sofaraway89@juno.vom


What is a sprinkler manifold?

A sprinkler or "valve" manifold is the heart of a sprinkler system. The water source (hose faucet, sprinkler main line, etc.) feeds into the manifold and then the valves in the manifold redirect water to different watering areas. Its reason for being is that most water sources have insufficient pressure and flow to water all areas at the same time, so the manifold allows watering to be divided into smaller areas or "zones". A simple way to visualize a sprinkler manifold is as a small letter "m" in which the water source connects into the top of the "m" and then a valve in each of the legs opens and closes to allow water to flow to each zone. Valves in a sprinkler manifold may be controlled either manually or automatically using a sprinkler timer or "controller" which is the brains of an automatic sprinkler system.

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Is your power acoustik BAMF 5500 1D amp worth fixin?

That depends on several factors:

  • Who is doing the repairs. Some shops will charge a small fortune per service hour, but if you can do it yourself or know someone who will help you, you can save quite a bit.
  • What is wrong with the amp? Fried output transistor? Probably worth the time and trouble to repair IF you can find someone who will work with you.
  • What is the replacement price of the amp? If you can get a new one for cheap, don't bother with the repairs.

Sorry that I can't be more specific, but that's the best anyone can offer.

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What animals dig holes in backyard?

All types of animals dig holes. According to where you live, you may have groundhogs, gophers, moles, and chipmunks, just to name a few. If you have any of these and have dogs, the dogs may be trying to dig them out.

Concrete and Cement

Is a cement brick or clay brick better for landscaping a garden?

clay because it looks better

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What makes silver dollar-sized holes in lawns?

Maybe what's making holes in your lawn the size of a silver dollar are bugs or something like that. Just fill them with fresh dirt and put grass seeds in it. If it doesn't work just call someone who is specialised in those kind of things. They could really help you!

Squirrels and birds when digging for nuts and worms usually make small holes like that. Or it could be gophers and moles.

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Where can you get an owners manual for a Craftsman chainsaw model 358.50660?

My aunt and uncle have this same saw, they downloaded a manual


Farm Crops

What is landscaping without any supplement irrigation called?

That would be xeriscapic landscaping. (those who say "zero-scaping" are pronouncing it wrong.)

Farm Crops

Will roundup still work after it is frozen?

Yes, but its efficacy may well be reduced, depending on how long it was frozen. Since it is illegal to use any pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling, you can't just use more. It would be best to take it the nearest waste pesticide facility, although you could gradually blend very small amounts of it in with fresh material.


How do you start a landscaping business mowing foreclosed properties?

You will need to get a business license and obtain general liability insurance, I would recommend getting free information on the foreclosure cleanup network, once you are ready to begin you will have to sign up as a Reo vendor with all the banks and asset management companies, you then put all the zip codes in your profile of what areas you would like to accept work. has a list of all the bank contacts and a large list of training courses, I would also try there, they were very helpful when we were starting out. You can also advertise your services to the local realtors that list bank reo homes "bank owned properties", they too will use your services. I would recommend to create a flyer of your services and drop it off at all the local real estate offices. Then set up a website and get business cards-pass them out to everyone you know.

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How can you sign up to be on yard crashers?

you just go on diy network and then you type in yard crashers and then they tell you to email them and you email them and also they ask you questions and make sure you live in the east because that's the only way you can get them to do your back yard sometimes

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Why is limestone used as landscaping rock?

because it is soft and not breakable


What does landscaping consist of?


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How do you get rid of weeds in a lawn?

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How do you design a garden?

Designing a small garden takes some thought. You have to choose flowers and plants that will grow in your zone and work well with available light and soil.

Some of the best ideas for small garden designs center around a theme. A theme can be anything from butterflies to creating a space for meditation. Small garden designs are best when they have a mix of elements. Be playful with color, use different types of exotic flowers, add some stepping stones and even a water fountain.


What are some disadvantages of stone?

It can be very hot or very cold.

Shatters against metals/other hard matierals

water seeps through it

cracks during earthquake

great home for pests

can smell

some stones cause severe cases of Diarrhoea

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What does cooking the compost mean?

let it set and cure


How much does an automatic sprinkler system cost?

The total cost of a contractor-installed system will depend on the type of backflow prevention, how many and how complicated the watering areas are, and what type of controller (timer) is installed, but multiplying the total area to be watered by $0.50 to $1.50 per square foot will give a reasonably accurate estimate of the range of bids. Small yards (less than 2,500 square feet) will be at the high end of the range. A do-it-yourself installation will typically be 40-50% the cost of a contractor-installed system. An Internet search for the term sprinkler system designer will produce a list of services that generate designs and parts lists.

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Can you remove neighbors gate post fixed two your wall?

Yes if its your wall. Your neighbor needs to install the post in the ground with concrete. Or another method depending on the surface. Is it dirt, concrete slab?


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