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In cross country racing, participants run long distances over varying terrain, including sand, mud and grass. This competitive sport requires endurance, physical and mental strength, as well as dedication.

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What is a good strategy for a 3k race?

stay with top 3 at beginning then spirt out at end

(Sanandraous here)

Thanks guys for the good input. It's been a while since I looked at this and just saw it and was like wow I was young, since asking this question I have gone on to being top 15 in Regionals my senior year and now have coached distance running for my coach at her gym. Good answers and techniques. For you new runners if you need advice this is something to follow.


If your a bit back just keep your mind clear, if there is someone ahead of you make it your goal to pass them. Once/if you get up to the front runners (or you feel like you are exceeding your limit) pace with them until you hit your last 100m. Then speed up and as soon as you see the finish just sprint, if your in pain then run faster, you are to close to the finish to let that slow you down.

Stay at your usual pace, don't work to hard at the beginning because you will never make it to the end (trust me I know). Stay with the pack, then at the last 150 meters or so GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT.

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The person is mostly correct on the top except for staying with the top three when you start the race.

I have done cross-country for 2 years, and this year I'm gonna be team captain. And my coach always told me, DO NOT SPRINT IN THE BEGINNING. Sprinting takes most of your energy, a 3k is almost 2 miles, you want a lot of your energy for most of the race. Try to stay in the middle when it's the beginning and when you're about 500m away from the starting line start to find your racing pace and keep it.

At the end when you have about 500m left start to do strides, which is when you're not going as fast as you can. You're only going for about 60-80%. Then the last 100m give it all you got.

Take it from an advanced runner. I was the 3rd best on my cross-country team. Which is why I'll be team captain 'cause our best runner will be leaving to high school and our 2nd best this was her first year. I know what I'm talking about. ;-)

Strategy is based on the level of fitness in comparison to the strengths an weaknesses of the competition.

For example if you are clearly stronger then your competitors, then it is better to take the pace out and take out the kick of any runners that may be faster at the end of the race. On the other hand if you are more of an 800 or 1500 runner it may be better to let the others do the pacing and then try to push at the end. There is more strategy in a 3k race then other distances. This is because you will be running in oxygen debt, but since it is a longer distance you need to be able to control the duration and depth of the debt.

To train properly for this race it is important to understand your weaknesses. For example, if your have a solid pace all the way through, but then start fading, then it is necessary to work on your endurance. (long runs) If you feel strong at the end but get out kicked then it is best to work on your speed (sprint workouts) If the heavy pace takes a toll before you can use your speed then strengths workouts are necessary. (hill and med distance track workouts)

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Chewing Gum

Is it good to chew mint gum before running longer races?

No, it is much better to have a BBQ Cheddar burger from Whataburger before the race!

That's fine, but don't chew during the race! : ). You should eat lot's of carb and drink water, but not too much or you'll get a cramp!

NO! NEVER chew mint gum before doing ANYTHING physical, but especially running!
When you chew mint gum, it has a negative effect on your body. Have you noticed that when you drink water after chewing mint gum your throat feels cold and water upsets your stomach? Thats because of the reaction between your throat and the gum. It constricts your airways and can make you nausious. It also slightly lowers your stamina because you're not getting enough oxygen. If you were to still chew gum, chew fruit gum, as it doesn't have this effect.

No no no, I have ran cross-country for 2 years and only did that mistake once. Not mint gum, or anything mint really. In fact, fruit gum is better. But make sure it doesn't have a lot of sugar.
Drink water, and the best food EVER arebanana's not oranges, nothing with acid, butbanana'sare the BEST FOOD EVER BEFORE A RACE. They have what you need.
Apples and stuff like that are good too. No milk, nothing with to much fat, and no eggs either.

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How many miles is a 7k race?

It is 4.35 miles.

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List of all the D1 track schools?

America East
-Albany -Binghamton -Boston University -Hartford -Maine -Maryland-Baltimore -New Hampshire -Stony Brook -Vermont Atlantic 10 -Dayton -Duquesne -Fordham -George Washington -La Salle -Massachusetts-Amherst -North Carolina-Charlotte -Rhode Island -Richmond -St Joseph's (PA) -St Louis -St. Bonaventure -Temple -Xavier Atlantic Coast (ACC) -Boston College -Clemson -Duke -Florida State -Georgia Tech -Maryland -Miami (FL) -North Carolina -North Carolina State -Virginia -Virginia Tech -Wake Forest Atlantic Sun -Belmont -Campbell -East Tennessee State -Florida Gulf Coast -Gardner-Webb -Jacksonville -Kennesaw State -Lipscomb -Mercer -North Florida -South Carolina Upstate Big 10 -Illinois -Indiana (IN) -Iowa -Michigan -Michigan State -Minnesota -Northwestern (IL) -Ohio State -Penn State -Purdue -Wisconsin Big 12 -Baylor -Colorado -Iowa State -Kansas -Kansas State -Missouri -Nebraska -Oklahoma -Oklahoma State -Texas -Texas A&M -Texas Tech Big East -Cincinnati -Connecticut -DePaul -Georgetown -Louisville -Marquette -Notre Dame -Pittsburgh -Providence -Rutgers -Seton Hall -South Florida -St John's (NY) -Syracuse -Villanova -West Virginia Big Sky -Eastern Washington -Idaho State -Montana -Montana State -Northern Arizona -Northern Colorado -Portland State -Sacramento State -Weber State Big South -Charleston Southern -Coastal Carolina -High Point -Liberty -North Carolina-Asheville -Radford -VMI -Winthrop Big West -Cal Poly SLO -CS Fullerton -CS Northridge -Long Beach State -UC Davis -UC Irvine -UC Riverside -UC Santa Barbara C-USA -Alabama-Birmingham -Central Florida -East Carolina -Houston -Marshall -Memphis -Rice -Southern Methodist -Southern Mississippi -Texas-El Paso -Tulane -Tulsa Colonial (CAA) -Delaware -George Mason -Georgia State -Hofstra -James Madison -North Carolina-Wilmington -Northeastern -Towson -Virginia Commonwealth -William & Mary Great West -Chicago State -Houston Baptist -New Jersey Tech -North Dakota -South Dakota -Texas-Pan American -Utah Valley State Heps -Brown -Columbia -Cornell -Dartmouth -Harvard -Penn -Princeton -Yale Horizon -Butler -Detroit Mercy -Illinois-Chicago -Loyola-Chicago -Valparaiso -Wisconsin-Milwaukee -Wright State -Youngstown State Independent -CS Bakersfield -Longwood -Savannah State -Seattle Metro Atlantic (MAAC) -Fairfield -Iona -Loyola (MD) -Manhattan -Marist -Niagara -Rider -Siena -St Peter's Mid-American (MAC) -Akron -Ball State -Bowling Green -Buffalo -Central Michigan -Eastern Michigan -Kent State -Miami (OH) -Northern Illinois -Ohio -Toledo -Western Michigan Mid-Eastern (MEAC) -Bethune -Cookman -Coppin State -Delaware State -Florida A&M -Hampton -Howard -Maryland-Eastern Shore -Morgan State -Norfolk State -North Carolina A&T -South Carolina State Missouri Valley (MVC) -Bradley -Creighton -Drake -Evansville -Illinois State -Indiana State -Missouri State -Northern Iowa -Southern Illinois-Carbondale -Wichita State Mountain West (MWC) -Air Force -BYU -Colorado State -Nevada-Las Vegas -New Mexico -San Diego State -Texas Christian -Utah -Wyoming Northeast (NEC) -Central Connecticut -Fairleigh Dickinson-Metro -Long Island-Brooklyn -Monmouth (NJ) -Mt St. Mary's -Quinnipiac -Robert Morris (PA) -Sacred Heart -St Francis (NY) -St Francis (PA) -Wagner Ohio Valley (OVC) -Austin Peay -Eastern Illinois -Eastern Kentucky -Jacksonville State -Morehead State -Murray State -Samford -Southeast Missouri -Tennessee State -Tennessee Tech -Tennessee-Martin PAC-10 -Arizona -Arizona State -Oregon -Oregon State -Stanford -UC Berkeley -UCLA -USC -Washington -Washington State Patriot -American -Army -Bucknell -Colgate -Holy Cross -Lafayette -Lehigh -Navy Southeastern (SEC) -Alabama -Arkansas -Auburn -Florida -Georgia -Kentucky -LSU -Mississippi -Mississippi State -South Carolina -Tennessee -Vanderbilt Southern (SoCon) -Appalachian State -Charleston (SC) -Davidson -Elon -Furman -Georgia Southern -North Carolina-Greensboro -Tennessee-Chattanooga -The Citadel -Western Carolina -Wofford
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What are the proper foods to eat before running?

What you should eat before a race is most likely fruits and vegtables, powerade, lots and lots of water so you don't get dehydrated...... BUT NEVER ok i repeat NEVER eat or drink ANY DAIRY PRODUCTS BEFORE RUNNING OR WHILE RUNNING OR YOU WILL GET LOTS AND LOTS OF CRAMPS AND ALONG WITH THAT YOU MOST LIKELY GET SICK BECAUSE OF DOING ALL OF THAT AND YOU WOULD START TO THROW UP A LOT!!

Eat low-GI complex carbs about 2-3 hours beforehand.

Cut down on heavy meat etc for 1-2 days beforehand.

Sip on water to keep your fluids up - ditch the powerade.

The day before that, eat a lot of carbs to store energy. (Pasta, pizza, etc.) Right before you run, eat a banana. All the Ironmen do it =). Also, drink a lot of water.


Never eat anything right before running. You need to eat about 2hrs before running so you can digest your food easier. Eat pasta NOT pizza ( grease will slow down runners) and just really good Italian food. Make sure to hydrate with an energy drink, or most importantly, WATER up to 2 days before each run.

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What is the fastest running two mile time?


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How many miles in a 25k race?

There are 1.6 kilometers in a mile, therefore there are 15.625 miles in a 25 k race

3.1 miles=5k


3.1miles x 5 = 15.5 miles per 25 k. It is just about the sames=.

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What is the fastest 5k time for ages 65-70?

There is no senior record for running

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What did the name of stone cold beer?


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What would be better for a track sprinter in the offseason Swimming or XC Cross Country?

Cross Country. It incorporates running.

I do cross country, but not track... in the track season I play softball! :) I think you should to XC if you can run at least 2 miles without getting tired!!!


Here is a trick, NOTHING can replace running. NOTHING, cross-country would be best. I did cross-country first then did track to keep me in the running mood. Cross-country is a very good running sport, and is much more competitive. But sometimes you're better at sprinting than running distance, or sometimes you're better at distance than sprinting.

Try it out and see if you like it!

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What is the average running speed of a 12 year old boy?

An average speed for an untrained 12 year old boy is 9-15mpm (minutes per mile).

An average speed for a trained 12 year old boy can range from 4-9mpm.

Well I am a 12 year old girl. I do cross country and the fastest boy runner can run 2 miles in 9.24 minutes. I'm not sure about 1 mile, but I can run 1 mile in about 5-6 minutes!

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What is a good mile time for women's cross country?

I would say a good time for a woman to run just a mile cross country would be around 6 minutes. A good split for a three mile would be 7 minutes.--------------------------------------------

It depends what shape you are in. I am a teenager and it literally takes me only 4-6 minutes to run 1 whole mile. But I am in REALLY good shape for I have ran cross-country and track for 2 years.

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In which country does a solar powered car race take place every year?

In a area such as a park in Indianapolis

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What is cross country?

Cross Country is like Track. You are running, but the only difference is that in Cross Country you are running some trials and in track you are running the track. There are different categories in Track: 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, 800 meter dash, 1600 meter dash, and 3200 meter dash. In Cross Country, I am not sure if you are running 3.2 miles or 5 miles. So it is just distance.


I have been in cross-country for 2 years, cross-country is nothing like track, but it is running. But distance running instead! They're different kinds of races, 1k's, 2k's, 3k's 4k's 5k's. They're even 10k's.

Cross-country is a much harder sport than track, since you don't take any breaks between races. You continue going until you're finished 100%.

I forget what 1k's and 2k's are, since I don't do them. 3k's is 1.8 miles, a 5k is 3.1 miles. I don't know what a 10k is, long story short 3k and up is at least a mile long.

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What are the kinds of starting positions in running events?

The AswerCrouch Postion and Stand position
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What is a cross country pipeline?

a cross country pipeline is a pipeline which starts from a country and its destination is another country but it passes through one or more other countries. It can carry oil gas supply petroleum supply etc.

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What is a snow runner called?

A ski.

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Where is the best place to buy Cross country spikes?

There are several options.

I live in Oregon, and the best place here, is Portland Running Co. Their shop specializes in athletic shoes, and the staff watch you run in the shoes.

I suggest checking out local running stores, where you're more likely to find service similar to Portland Running Co.

Other options such as Nike or Joes are also great places with helpful staff.

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What should you do to relieve frequent muscle pain after running?

Surprisingly, it is thought that drinking a glass of milk will help with muscle aches.

It depends where the pain is.
If you are having side pains that you get when you run for awhile, it just means you're out of shape just run through it and the pain will go away sooner or later. If you stop running when you get the pain it won't work.

If you get pain on your back leg muscles, ice them, or walk on your tip toes that'll help a lot.
If you're having pain in your shins, ice is the best for that. And I mean the BEST. It will take awhile but still. Ice you legs for 15-30 minutes that take the ice off for 15-30 minutes then ice them again. Do that over and over and the pain should be gone.

If you're having stomach pain, ask yourself these questions: Did I eat before I start running?
Did I NOT eat before I started running?
Did I drink water today?

If you said yes to eating before running, don't eat to much. Eat an apple or a bannana about 5-10 min before you start running. If you didn't eat, same thing. Just eat an apple or a bannana. Not an orange or anything with acid. It can cause heartburn, eggs and milk will cause cramps.
If didn't drink at least two bottles of water, you may be dehydrated. Make sure you drink water when you plan to run.

After running, like what the person said above milk can help with some pains. BUT only some, and not just normal milk. Chocolate milk. Chocolate milk has the sugar that you need, and just enough to fill up your stomach too. (I'm always hungry after running.)

I have ran cross-country and track for two years, these are what I do and what my coaches have told me to do. So I do know what I am talking about when it comes to pains while running.

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Dr William tans achievements that made him special?

William Tan has completed many marathons from a wheelchair. Not only is that special, the fact that the man did not allow himself to be defeated by polio is of itself special. The one thing to be learned from William Tan is to not be defeated by your limitations. You may not be like the majority but that doesn't mean that you can't do the things that the majority do. Live life to the fullest regardless of the situation. William Tan is a true role model.

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Does Curtis James still run for Reebok?

Yes, He does. He resigned with them in 2007 if im not mistaken. Then recently again in 2008. I believe that was a 3 Year contract he just signed.

Hope that answers your question!!

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Is it best to take laxatives before or after you eat to get the food out?

Save for the fact the person below is quite right, they are also quite wrong. Laxatives do cause you to lose weight after taking them in excess for a long period of time. At first, laxatives keep the body from absorbing water by coating the GI tract and the stomach. After excessive use, however, laxatives coat these organs enough to keep the body from absorbing fat, but only a little, as food is alrady broken down by the time it gets to one's GI.

  • Actually what really happens, is that it does not work at all. Go to Once the food gets to your GI tract system food is already broken down. Laxatives just get rid of excess water weight by forcing you to have more frequent bowel movements. Its false weight loss.
  • = Laxatives Unsafe and Ineffective For Weight Reduction: =
    • Most of the weight lost is water loss, not fat loss.
    • By speeding up the digestive process, laxatives can reduce the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and leave the individual weak and dehydrated.
    • Long-term use of laxatives upsets the mechanism of the colon. This can make the individual dependent on laxative pills for regular bowel movements. (Colon-cleansing does not cure this problem.) Colon problems will eventually become a future problem for individuals who persist on misusing them.
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What is a good 5k time for a 14 year old girl?

A 23min 5k would be an ideal time for a 14 year old girl who has been running for about 2 years. If you are a beginner, 27min is a good time to start on.


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A 10k race contains how many miles?

A 10k race contains 6.2 miles

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What is Surplus?

Surplus is an excess of something. Such as a store that has 100 boxes of soap, but only intends to sell 50 boxes. They have a surplus of 50 boxes.


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