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Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands are a large group of islands that separate the Caribbean Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico. The grouping is over 2,000 miles long, and is made up of over 1,000 islands. Due to the tropical scenery, warm waters, and rich culture, the area is a popular cruise ship and vacation destination.
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In my opinion, Cuba. Security is high and crime is low. It is a must see! I know it sounds strange but compare the crime in the US Virgin Islands or Belize to Cuba and you will be surprised!Acklins Island in the Bahamas chain, northwest of Turks and Caicos, is relatively crime free, and is the...
the countries which i that have is Dominica,st.Lucia.Grenada.
The slave trade brought huge numbers of Africans to this region.
According to Google Maps, Martinique is approximately 1,290 km (801  miles) ESE from Haiti.
it is grown in the south east of Asia going through the north east of south Africa
There are no minerals found in saint.vincent that I know of. You can try another site if possible.
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Flights to Saint Lucia on Google from Birmingham, AL (BHM),  Apr 1 - 5 round trip St. Lucia 7h 5m
coconut , cocoa, banana, arrowroot, tourism
While Christopher Columbus is credited with finding and landing on many of the Caribbean Islands, they were populated long before his happy accident. The people native to these islands are:ArawakIgneriTaínoCaquetioCiboneyCiguayoGalibiGarifunaIsland CaribsKalinagoLucayanMacorixRaizalSo, more...
The main tourism industry focuses on beaches and resorts, but some  other attractions include volcanoes, springs, and gardens.
3158 km or 8.5 hours on a place with layover.
Saba is the smallest island in the Caribbean. It's roughly 5 squaremiles, with a population of under 2,000
It takes about 7 hours and 15 minutes to fly from John F. Kennedy  International Airport to St. Lucia.
they are st.maarten antigua barbados etc
  the French about 1625
columbus came to st lucia in the early 1492-1502
The inhabitants of Martinique are French citizens with full political and legal rights. Martinique sends four deputies to the French National Assembly and two senators to the French Senate. So the speak french
Montserrat is known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.
you can swim with tamed sting rays and you can feed them.and you can go to the beach too. and the triniday is a fun festival to go to. Its a good place to go for vacation.
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The Caribbean Island are also known as the West Indies. This  occurred when Columbus explored the area. He had believed he was  exploring the East Indies. When he found this was not the case he  called the islands the West Indies.
what are the economic activity of st lucia
There are 3 towns in St. Lucia.
The Caribbean Sea is located several thousand miles west of northern Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean.
it is fun to live on the ccarribean cuz of the culture
Tourism is the single largest industry in the Caribbean.
La Martinique is a big island in the Carribbean. This is part of France, but not a region of Paris which is on the mainland.
The United States established submarine bases in the Caribbean  before and during WWII. The Caribbean islands proved vital to the  protection of the United States.
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    its actually Nova Scotia that offered the Turks and Caicos islands to join their province in 2004. The islands have been pushing for union with Canada for almost 100 years now.
Sir Arthur Sidders.
There are six cultural festivals in St.lucia. They are La Rose, La Magarite, carnival, jazz, festival of lightsand Jounen Kweyol.
The distance from Madrid, Spain, to Kingstown, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, is 3,936 air miles. That equals 6,334 kilometers or 3,420 nautical miles.
there are many famous people and they are named chris brown and sean kingston
What festivals are held in st LuciaLucia
Boasted bread fruit and fried jackfish
besides martinique and guadaloupe (french owned) Aruba (dutch owned) and 1 or 2 others owned by the UK that i can't think of ATM all the other islands are independent
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The distance between the above places is approximately equal to 315 nautical miles. To convert miles to nautical miles, multiply the miles by 0.86. This is point to point straight distance. The actual distance will change according to the route.
It's because there are many tropical storms there so they might blow the roofs off.
No, the island of St. Martin is divided between Sint Maarten, which  is part of the Netherlands, and Saint-Martin, which is part of  France.
There are hundred of named and unnamed islands in the Caribbean Sea, ranging from the larger islands that border it (Hispaniola, Cuba, Puerto Rico) to the central islands (Jamaica and the Caymans) to the innumerable cays and reefs of the Antilles.   (A list of inhabited islands, and their...
yes but you need one to get back into the US
Martinique is an island.. it isn't on a continent. it's located in the Caribbeans, near South America.
Food The cuisine of St Lucia is influenced by West Indian, Creole and French food. Popular dishes are pepper pot stew, callaloo soup and fried codfish. Shellfish and fish are caught daily. Salt fish is used in a number of recipes. Vegetables include cassava, dashing (taro) and sweet potatoes....
Many of the Caribbean islands were once foreign territories or  Spain, The Netherlands, France, UK, US or the Dutch. Many of the  islands are still part of those nations.
Caribbean Islands
Christopher Columbus initially came to the Caribbean accidently because he was trying to find a new route to Asia, however, after reaching here and seeing that there was gold he returned to Spain to inform the king i cant remember for sure but i think it was king Ferdinand who then sent more ships...
Yes , Aruba is one of the Caribbean islands. Specifically, Aruba is located in the south Caribbean. It is closer to South America than to either Central America or North America. In fact, the island is just about 17 miles (27 kilometers) from the Latin American country of Venezuela.
Yes, Columbus made 4 voyages to the Caribbean.
puerto rico is an autonomous region with US privilages. US Virgin Islands are part of the US. If you want to get anal about it, there's Navassa island too.
That depends on where you're coming from, which you have not mentioned.
The first major Muslim population in the Caribbean came as a result  of Dutch and English companies bringing Indians (from India) to the  Caribbean as lower class laborers. Many of these Indians were  Hindu, but others were Muslim.
one way is.... many skeletons of dead animals melted together and formed the coral reef. another is ..... volcanic eruption.
The national sport of Martinique is football