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Manufactured and Mobile Homes

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Yes, but if the mobile home is not new, you should test for overall  strength of the flooring. Have two or three large people stand in  each area where the bed foundation will contact the floor. Listen  for any ominous cracking sounds while filling the waterbed.  Sometimes you can use 1/2"...
You can claim EIC if you have the filing status 'married filedseparately'.
The three parks that would give me answers all said there was no formula as such, but when city land taxes went up, then pad rents had to go up. This seems logical to me.
I recently did mine (totally ) for a parts expense of just under $200. this inlcudes 40 ft 3/4 and 20 ft 1/2 PEX, 7 undersink shutoff valves, a laundry fitting box, all necessary PEX fittings, a 3/4 ball valve, and a PRV. - It took me about 12 hours for actual removal and replacement of piping. -NOT...
Most lenders and insurers are very reluctant to have anything to do with mobile homes built before 1975. -But keep looking, you may be lucky.
Look in local papers and realty publications. -Drive around Mobile parks and look for "For Sale" signs. Assess the parks while you are there. There are many parks you won't want to live in, and quite a few where you will find very high pad rental costs. Look at many homes, inspect the ones you like...
I have looked and never found any such plans. I went ahead on myown using commonsense and successfully added 220 square feet tomine.
You can look it up in county records, usually parcel site or county property tax site.
NO, they can attach a lien to be paid FIRST if/when the home is sold.
The mobile home owner has a right to personal property, NOT the landlord.
It's certainly possible, and not much different from re-modelling a small house. You need to have a reasonable knowledge of building structures, plumbing and electricity. Some aspects such as plumbing, are easier than in a house. I pulled up the floor and sub floor of my mobile and replaced all the...
The weight of a mobile changes depending on whether by mobile you mean phone, or the entity which hangs above a cot. Mobile phones are different weights depending on the type, and so are mobiles above cots.
Aluminum wiring is not very reliable.In our experience, the most common reasons for a mobile to lose power in various circuits is due to incorrectly spliced wires or installation of devices not rated for aluminum wiring.We have been involved in several such repairs, particularly in double wide...
Many people have cable service into mobile homes.
Yes. There's nothing like a favourable first impression in real estate.
Most mobile home lots are around 40x 80 feet, They vary according to the shape of the park, and whether a single or double unit occupies them.
After the issuance of a writ of possession, which is not the same as an eviction, you have 30 days if lot rent is paid, 5 days if it is not.
I suspect there is more to this than you are telling us. -Please expand with more detail before we jump to conclusions.
Varies by state. 16' here in SC.
- I replaced the entire plumbing system in my own 14 x 68 mobile before living in it. It had been copper and fortunately the water heater, toilet, bath and kitchen were all in line down one side. Only a 32 ft run from water heater to kitchen. I removed ALL the flooring in bathroom, got rid of old...
It's highly unlikely that you will find a diagram for one that age (unless the company is still in business). -Try to contact the company.
Your manufactured homeis your greatest asset and must be protected against loss. If youchoose the least expensive policy, you may not have adequatecoverage to rebuild after a catastrophic loss. In general, you canexpect to pay on between $250 and$1,300 per year for manufacturedhome insurance.
  == Answer ==     none. it will still show up as a repo. it will still go againt your credit unless you can refinance it for a lower amount so you can pay each month.if you can put it up for sale and let someone take over the notes, that would be better. but the person has to qualify...
There are realty specialists in almost every area of north America who deal with mobile homes.
You find a local realty agent who's an expert in mobile home sales. -It will get you more cash and save a lot of hassle.
Today's manufactured homes are built with the same building  materials as site-built homes, but in a controlled factory  environment where quality of construction is invariably superior to  what can be done outdoors.    The HUD Code regulates and monitors the manufactured home's design  and...
As cheaper housing.
A park model is a mobile home (which means it's anchored in a park,usually on blocks) -An RV is basically a travelling home, not nearly as large as most mobile homes.
It's almost always exactly the same way you would file a lien on a regular house. In Canada you start at the Provincial Land registry Office. In US States find the equivalent office. 
I believe Modular Homes are built in sections while a mobile home is one piece. Mobile homes probably move more easily.   === According to the online dictionary: ===   Modular Home = Factory-built housing with onsite assembly and some onsite construction that is built to meet state and local...
No. An individual cannot "create" any title to property. You should inquire at your DMV.
Typically, they are not responsible for back rent. The mortgage contract the tenant has with with the lender is between the tenant and them. The rental contract you have with the tenant is between the tenant and you, and the lender does not enter into this picture. These are two separate...
Call the Massachusetts DMV and they will give all the information you need.
The question is unclear, but if the intent is to move back into the mobile home you were evicted from, then no. If you even enter the park again after eviction, you could be arrested for trespassing. Once you are evicted, you are barred from entering again.
Mobile home water heaters are EXACTLY the same as those used in houses. I've seen hundreds, both electric and gas. The only ones that are even slightly different are propane heaters (and you could use them in a house if you wished).
I believe you will have to contact your local DMV office. In most(all?) states mobile homes are titled with the DMV as vehicles. Either you, or the current owner, will probably have to inquire about applying for a "lost title." Be sure that you, or they, go equipped with the serial number of the...
Go back to whoever 'forgot' and ask them to make it right.
The State of California currently has around 12 million mobile homes. The State of South Carolina has the highest percentage of mobile homes per residence at 20%.
If you owe money, they can put a lien on your home. Even a mobile home.
In short. repossess and pull the home off the property..    However, you have not made it clear who owns the land. If a third party owns the land, most if not all lenders will ask to the land owner if they are interested in leasing the land to a new owner, in which case the lender saves...
- In the park where I live the average seems to be 14 x 68 (952 sq. ft.) with 'doubles' at 28x48 (1344 sq. ft.)
Even if they legally 'could', I doubt if they would be bothered ifthey were going out of business anyway..
In some states you do have to pay the sales tax on the purchase of a used mobile home.
Only by inspecting it completely and comparing it with similar homes in the same park. Appearance and condition have a huge impact on mobile prices. (MUCH more than maker or year of construction ) - Prices also differ considerably according to the pad rental and ambience of the park.
It's impossible to give a realistic value without carefully inspecting the unit, and seeing the park that it's in. Mobile values, like cars for instance, depend on what condition it's in, how well it's been cared for, and in the case of a home, where it is. -Some mobile parks can be seedy -some can...
Look for the Data sheet, near electrical panel, in a bedroom closet, or a kitchen cabinet. (according to HUD guidelines )
YES! Formaldehyde exists in mobile homes AND in conventional site-built homes. The California Air Resources Board's report published December 15, 2009 states: "Nearly all homes (98%) had formaldehyde concentrations that exceeded guidelines for cancer and chronic irritation..." Typical sources of...
Best and most fuss-free way is through a local realty agent. They will advertise it, show buyers around and arrange all needed documents. ( and NO, I'm not a realty agent - but the one who handled my last 2 purchases was incredibly helpful)
There are Tenancy protection laws in Canada and in many US states. Contact your local government office that can inform you more about this.
  == Answer ==   If they choose to file a lawsuit for monies owed and the suit is won, it might be possible for the plaintiff to execute the judgment as a lien against the property. State statutes regulate when liens can be placed upon real property. Without knowing the state of residency it...
They did in many states. You should check with the authority in your state.
The area of the interior would be called 600 square feet.
That depends entirely on the park, and varies hugely. In my area pad rents vary from 300 to 800 for about the same space. Many charge more for being near city centre, having a pool, having a clubhouse, having 24 hour security and other factors. To find out you usually have to phone each park and ask...
10 80# bags will fill about 6 cubic feet, so 375 bags should fill  225 cubic feet (30 x 30 x 0.25).    ANS 2 -  At least in my area, it would be much cheaper  ordering this to be delivered by a concrete truck.    An 80 lb. bag of concrete is 2/3 of a cubic ft. of concrete. 3 bags  is...
I've seen some with 12 and some with over 400 ! - In Canada, at least there are no rules about that.
You can, I and many others have one. - My neighbours have both gas and electric water heaters. -So do almost all of the mobiles I have worked on. - Your information is not correct.
Go underneath and make sure your water supply and drain are adequately insulated. -I wrap an electric thermal tape around my incoming water, as well as foam wrap over that, and tape it. Make sure all skirting is secure. Put insulation batts around hot tank, especially on outside wall side. Go on...
If you want to remove someone from the loan you can refinance the home. People who get divorced, married or just want to be removed from the home should find a local company that can refinance the home.
Exactly the same as you would in a regular house. Generally the system is no different.
  Send a pic and I can give you a fairly reasonable estimate. JDK/Boston
Mine is just like a slightly smaller regular home furnace. It keeps the mobile nice and warm,and I have no problem with it's efficiency.
A mobile home is personal property, and has a title like other dwellings, rather than a vehicle title as is used for RV's.The resident may be the owner, or may be paying a mortgage to a bank that loaned money on the home. If the resident is renting, the home may be owned by a private individual, or...
If you want to stick to the HUD code for manufactured homes (and not modular), Kit Home Builders West provides a high quality product.
In some US states you do. In Canada and in other US states you don't. -Call your state DMV for local advice.
In summer it's desirable to keep odors away and to improve cooling under the unit . In winter I always close my vents halfway.
Most people rent the pad from a mobile home park. Buying a lot would be much like buying a lot anywhere, but you would have to install services like electricity, water, sewage, at your expense and deal with all the inspection procedures involving city by-laws.
You would have to address that query to Trane. -I see many different air conditioners in mobiles, roof units, window units and outside ground based units, so obviously many AC's are approved.
Yes. You can get loans for mobile homes on land. It depends on what state you are located in.
Never heard of such (and I fix a lot of furnaces) -please explain more. Most mobile home furnaces are the same as furnaces in small houses.
YES in fact all the plumbing fixtures are the same in general. Some may have smaller sinks, but that is not common.
To get mobile home loan you have to satisfy certain standards set up by the 1976 HUD code. For mobile home financing you can take mortgage loan to buy both the land and the mobile home or to buy either the home or the land.
As I understand it, the term 'unlawful detainer' can only apply to a person , not a home.
Of course -why wouldn't you be able to. It all depends on your expertise and the tools you have. -I'm in the process of re-modelling mine and in the past six months have removed all the old copper plumbing and replaced it with PEX, removed and replaced abour 1/3 of the total flooring, re modelled...
Yes, in very limited circumstances. If the land is completely paid for and has other permanent improvements, it may qualify. I've seen a 10 acre horse training facility in a resort area qualify. Though the mobile home was treated as if it did not exist for appraisal purposes, there was enough value...
  if the mobile has not been paid for (financed) you don't own it. Therefore you cannot move it.
It depends entirely how careful or wasteful you are with electricity . -I have friends who always run fans and have all the lights on in their mobile - naturally their bill is considerably higher than mine.
Most likely a dead animal. Call an exterminator to come and take a look. Ans 2 - If it is indeed a dead animal then you should carefully check all the 'skirting' and seal wherever it may have got in. The only holes in your skirting should be 2-3 ventilators with narrow slots, so animals can't get in...
You may still end up owing a lot of money on it ,and you won't have it ! State laws vary on this - better to negotiate a settlement of some kind.
On many mobile homes, the outside plug is near the back (or secondary ) door, where you would build a porch or deck.
They do need to be placed on concrete blocks and anchored to the ground with chain or cable. -Most authority's don't appear to demand a full 'foundation'
The law related to manufactured (mobile) home repossession varies greatly from state to state, and is typically pretty complicated. There are two types of loans that can finance manufactured homes. If the loan if financing a home on land that is owned by the homeowner the home is generally...
One gallon of average paint covers about 280 -300 square feet. -Simply add up how many walls you wish to paint, convert to square feet, then divide that by 300. You then know how many gallons you need. Paint prices vary widely so you will have to consider what kind of paint you want.
I've never heard of one that small. - You may be hunting along time for that.
In buiding, structural integrity means the stucture can support the  weight of the load and hold together under the load. For example,  if a building has structural integrity, the walls can support the  load of the rafters and roof.
If you are head of the family then you are head of the household anywhere.
Answer . If the restriction was placed on the land by deed by a prior fee owner she/he must record an instrument to extinguish the restriction. If that is not possible then the restriction has to run the statute of limitations. Research deed restrictions in your state laws.
Depends entirely where it is, what kind of shape it is in, whether it was insulated or not, how it was set up and cared for, if and what renovations have been done, the realty market, the pad rent and/or location... lots of factors.
Steel in the underframe and aluminium sheet in the exterior cladding.
Generally: Homes are not transferred by deed , the real estate to which the home is attached is transferred by deed. A modular home is permanently attached to the real estate and therefore ownership would be acquired and transferred by deed. Ownership of a mobile home is evidenced by a ...
It depends entirely where it is - and you didn't say. In many states of the US, grants and benefits are given IF the owner lives in the mobile. For one thing, you would not get these if you used it as a rental. Secondly, unless the pad rental is really low it hardly pays to use one as a rental....
There are procedures to place it permanently on a slab, removing the wheels. Then, you can follow the process to get it "re-titled" as a permanent, not mobile, home. Since there are specific requirements, you might want to check into the legal part first, so that you do it right the first time....
that would depend on whether you own it outright, or it is the subject of a personal loan, or a mortgage.
Take your documents to the local office of Peennsylvania DMV.