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Usually battery powered, flashlights are a portable means of creating artificial light. They allow a person safer navigation through darkened areas.
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Need clarification please. The "it" you are referring to seeing, does that represent; A) the flashlight, B) the light from the flashlight, or C) "the speed of light"? Did you mean to imply that the flashlight was switched on? Is it an "old fashioned" bulb, an LED bulb, a laser light, or some other...
energy cannot be created. Instead it changes forms of energy. the energy of a battery is chemical energy. the chemical energy from the battery changes to to electric energy when you turn it on. Then it changes again into heat and light energy. That energy will go on and change into some other kind...
A tiny light bulb with a reflector is lit up with a battery. The switch connects the electric circuit; the power flows through the wire and the bulb lights up. . Current through resistive filament of globe produces heat and light. . Well first there's these two batteries inside it, then there's a...
You need a conductor, power source and a resistor.. You need a conductor, power source and a resistor.. You need a conductor, power source and a resistor.
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The energy consumption of a modern Cree XP-G or XM-L based flashlight with 170 lumen output can be as low as 1.4 watts with 120 and more lumen per watt. The light output will be approximately equal to a 20 W tungsten incandescent light bulb or a 10 W halogen light.
chemical energy to electrical energy to radiant energy to thermal energy.
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12/1.5= 8. If I = Current from 1.5 Volt source and I 2 = current from 12 V source then I = I 2 /8 or said in another way the current from 1.5V device is 1/8 of the current from 12 V device.
No set answer to that. It depends on the capacity of the batteriesand the power consumption of the flashlight.
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Well it won't as light can't turn only go straight from its source. It almost could if you used fiber optics, and then if you used fiber optic cable the loss in the cable would have the light completely gone long before the light made it around the world. But the math Speed of light = 299,792,458...
Flashlights exist so you can have a portable light source. You can use flashlights where there are no other types of lights. You can use them in emergencies, and you can use them in places where other types of lights would be awkward or hazardous.
Automobile batteries are STORAGE batteries. They do not make electricity, but store electricity made by something else (usually the alternator in the automobile) until it is needed. MOST flashlight batteries MAKE electricity by a chemical reaction, cannot be recharged, and are used up. (Exception is...
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The red filter protects your night vision. Under low-light or no-light conditions using white light can impair your night vision for up to a full hour. Using a red-lens drops the affects of this down considerably normally taking only a few minutes to re-adjust. The Blue Filter is used primarily for...
You want a torch to emit light in a beam, in only one direction. But the bulb in the torch emits light in all directions, the mirror reflects the light going in the wrong direction(towards the inside of the torch) back out the front of the torch making it brighter. It is concave so as to focus the...
Do you mean the maximum possible current, or the current in normalapplications? Car batteries have low internal resistance since autostarter motors draw a lot of current, a CCA (cold crankingamperage) rating of around 600A is not unusual for a car batterysome can be even higher. A flashlight cell...
I didn't say that... But that is basically a correct description of the energy transformations. Part of the energy also gets wasted, into heat energy (different parts of an electrical circuit have resistance), and infrared radiation, i.e., non-visible light.. \n
Clearly the bulb itself operates on electrical energy, but this is produced by the battery from chemical energy. I don't see any connection with thermal.
battery will eventually run out . takes one hand to hold it . limited light output.
All Fenix lights are made in China, but they are Mil-Spec and the quality control on them is great.
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Cats and dos are scared of flashlights because it is a bright lightin their eyes. They are also confused by flashlights.
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Yes, if you don't put a flash light in ur mouth it doesn't glow. So..I am deciding not to get glow in the dark braces cuz its a lot of work to even get them to glow.
The actual process of flicking the switch of the flashlight is kinetic energy, as there is movement involved. However, when the flashlight is now turned on, it will be producing light energy.
They can help identify colloids, a type of mixture in which one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another in the form of small particles, like milk, smoke, fog, etc. When you shine a bright light through a colloid, the light will scatter (like when you shine a flashlight through smoke), a...
spotlight, torch, electric lamp
A AAA energize battery last for 42 hours in a flash a light
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It's the other way around, the battery powers theflashlight. . There's no set answer to that. It depends on the capacity of thebattery and the power consumption of the flaslight.
It's the other way around - the batteries powers the flashlight.There's no set answer to that. It depends on the capacity/size ofthe battery, and how powerful the flashlight is.
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Heat to make the filament glow white hot and emit light (electromagnetic radiation).
because the back of their eyeballs include a special reflective layer called the tapetum lucidum . This helps animals (cats in this case) see better in low light by working like a mirror on the retina to reflect the light back through the eyes, giving them a second chance to absorb the light
Describe the path electrons take in a simple flahlight circuit.
Unfortunately those batteries were discontinued. They were made for the Huskey hand held spotlight and they have since changed designs and battery styles (Spell that "Planned Obsolescence") your best bet is find a local hobby store that does R/C cars and planes. most of those guys build and/or...
Enables you to see in the dark.
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If they have room to travel (e.g., you shine the flashlight towards the sky), they can travel on indefinitely.
The light leaving a flashlight when it is turned on and then off will tend to move in a straight line. The problem is that there is air that the light will have to move through. The air will scatter or even absorb the photons. Eventually all the photons will be scattered and absorbed. If the...
The light stay dim long as the cards is piled on top of the flash light. Human eye can adjust to see better in the dark and it might cause the thinking that after dimming by piling card over flash light for a while and it go brighter a little.
The light bulbs in flashlight are not powerful but the mirrors inside help reflect the light that is not directed in your direction
A flashlight may not light if there is no energy source or in this case battery.
You just play tag except "It" Has a flashlight and they shine a beam of light on another player if they are within ten feet of that person. That person then becomes the new "It". (Play this game at night)
Well,they do have batteries so the flashlight would have to be searched first before its ok. So it would just take up more time sooo i wouldn't bring one if i were you.
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A: Definitely not if they do then we have perpetual power. To achieve that the system must be 100% efficient and that is impossible
-- Any kind of radio ... with the possible exception of the simplest 'crystal set' ... comprises both series and parallel circuits. -- A flashlight is a series circuit. (Unless it's a new, modern one, with several LEDs putting out light. Then they're all in parallel.) -- The heaters in a...
a) Current = (.5/3) = .166A (166mA). b) Effective resistance = (3/.166) = 18.07 ohms.
the lightbulb inside and the LEDS.
very well . There is a small generator that charges up a battery. Mine shines fairly brightly with a good charge. you have to rewind it everynow and then but winding is free and very easy. hey when you think about it you burn calories not money.
Concave Mirrors, so that the light can be concentrated and so that it points forward. This is how we are able to see using a flashlight beam. :) Catherine
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Human skin is opaque - in that it lets a small amount of light pass through (like looking at a light through a sheet of white paper). The red colour comes from the minute blood vessels illuminated by the light passing through the skin.
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There eye's glow because at day they cant see kinda well at night they can see very good because cats are well known to see at night.
a flashlight using chemical and gives out electromagentic enery and a little bit of thermal
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Generally we call them dry cells. However, the electrolyte in an alkaline cell is fairly liquid, so it may be a case of the technology outstripping the terminology. The old 'dry cell'/'wet cell' division really is no longer valid. We talk of 'primary cells' for cells that cannot be recharged, and...
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Its chemical/ potential energy from the batteries that is converted into heat/ light energy in the bulb.
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light comes on through the light bulb
There is no literal Tagalog translation of FLASHLIGHT. The word flashlight is accepted in Tagalog language.