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Movies are a dramatized representation of reality. They often have many literary elements, and usually are very entertaining. Ask questions here related to feature films and cinematic history.
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Bounty Hunter Gunship . Clone Trooper Battlepack(Bomb Squad Trooper,ARF Trooper,Commando Trooper) . Mandolorian Battle Pack(Death Watch Troopers) . Jedi Shuttle . Imperial V Wing
i belive it will be coming out soon
No there's not. Demi Lovato is not an actor anymore
I would say IKEA but i'm not so sure
There were actually two versions. The movie "Sins of The Mother" was based on a novel by Jack Olsen, which was based on a true story. The lifetime TV movie "Sins of The Mother" was also based on a novel, but a different one titled "Orange Mint and Honey" by Carleen Brice.
Nothing, because no such movie exists. No one is making a third AVPcrossover movie.
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their is a special room of gym in the movies.
The Cosby Show aired for 197 episodes. It was #1 in the Nielson ratings for five consecutive seasons. The show won 2 Emmys, 3 Golden Globes, 5 NAACPs, and 26 People's Choice Awards.
No, he is currently filming now You see me 2
  Yes Chase is Coming Back To PCA Watch Nickelodeon On May 2 It is the new Movie for Zoey 101 it is called Chasing Zoey and chase returns
"The Squeakque"l has a running time of 89 minutes .
Broadway Musical Theatre There are many styles used throughout, from slow lyrical songs to upbeat fast tempo numbers. Dances such as the Flamenco could be performed to the faster of the songs in West Side Story.
He is an actor known for the movie Young Warriors. He played Jorge  in the movie.
The font is literally called Riddle. It was made and named afterTom Riddle.
actually snow white was a cartoon so it was many drawings flippedto make it look like they are moving it is not a camera.
The Creeper from the movie Jeepers Creepers is a Demon.
Guitars I, II; Keyboards I, II, III: Electric Bass; Drums; Percussion; Reeds I, II; Trumpet; Trombone;Violin I, II, III, IV; Cello I, II
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Is anyone familiar with a song that goes like "open up your eyes,  baby, open up your eyes". It's a female vocal and sounds like a  remix of some old song but I can't seem to find it anywhere :@
There is no specific place per se, but the location of bowen island  is located in British Columbia. Vancouver, specifically.
Reginald Unterseher is an Opera Singer who was a Truck Driver, but he is from Washington State, not Alabama You may be looking for Carl Tanner from Virginia. He was a truck driver/bounty hunter turned opera singer. He appeared on the today show last year.   Another famous former truck driver was...
google internet movie database and look at their website, search  for the movie there !
yes because of the history of texas, the alamo for example
Well... You go to the search engine for google and search: Mods for StarWars Battlefront 2 For ps2 and then a thing will pop up and thenyou will have XXX with your mom
He was a Supreme Court judge that is better known for the Nuremburg Trials- and was played by Spencer Tracy in the movie Judgement at Nuremburg.
In no particular order: "They Were Expendable" (1945) "The Big Country" (1958) "The Great Race" (1965) "The Fearless Vampire Killers: Or Parden Me But Your Teeth Are In My Neck" (1967) "Little Big Man" (1970) "The Mummy" (1999) "White Palace" (1990) "Blade Runner" (1982) - original...
Any other youtuber like pewdiepie?
Yes. The Haunting (2010) is rated R for some violent images.
I assume you are trying to come up with the movie Pirates of the  Caribbean!#
It won't it is simply only for ps2 but it works in a ps3 ^_^
Philadelphia (1993) won two (2) Academy Awards (Oscars) Best Actor in a Leading Role - Tom HanksBest Music, Original Song - Bruce Springsteen For the song "Streets of Philadelphia".
Film producer Kimberly A. Ray is 52 years old (born August 8, 1965).
Gary Cole Gary Cole ...   Jack 'Nighthawk' Killian (61 episodes, 1988-1991)   Dennis Dun Dennis Dun ...   Billy Po (61 episodes, 1988-1991)   Arthur Taxier Arthur Taxier ...   Lt. Carl Zymak (61 episodes, 1988-1991)   Mykelti Williamson Mykelti Williamson ...   Deacon Bridges ...
 Dwayne Johnson as Derek  Thompson / Tooth Fairy   Stephen Merchant as  Tracy the Caseworker  Julie  Andrews as Lily  Billy Crystal as  Jerry  Ashley Judd as Carly  Harris  Chase Ellison as Randy  Harris  Destiny Whitlock as Tess  Harris  Ryan Sheckler as Mick  "The Stick"...
You are most likely referring to Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees. She was the main antagonist from the original Friday the 13th film.
it was called 'The Dove' and it was made in 1974
click the left and right button
cartoon network which varies in channel number depending on what region you are in
In the second scene of the original Halloween (1978), Michael Myers' doctor (played by Donald Pleasence), Dr. Loomis, is being driven by a nurse to retrieve Michael for a court appearance. The nurse remarks that the only thing that ever bothers her about the mental patients she cares for is their...
  == Answer ==   pirates of the carribean, the curse of the blackpearl, captain barbosa to elizabeth swan. 
The Last Airbender is set to hit the U.S. theaters on July 2, 2010. For news on the movie and to see the trailers for it that have come out so far, you can visit a dependable fan site. www.lastairbenderfans.com
You have to get to the end of it and win
Le Château de la Reine Blanche in Coye-la-Forêt
no well it depends on how you look at it all people see different  things just absorb it the way you absorb things best you know do  just that. and I personally think that the movie legion does not go  against chrisianity that's just how I look at it remember your  opinions and how you look at...
yeah very offensive \\ 
This is a list of films produced and/or distributed by the United  States film studio  Paramount Pictures. The studio is consistently ranked as one of  the  "Big Six" film studios of  Hollywood. It is a subsidiary of  U.S.  media conglomerateViacom.  Paramount is a member of the ...
You can't Disney will not release it. You could Check England or Japan. Those are the only places that released it.
Two weeks was all it took for Savannah to fall in love with John
The theme of that movie was cheerful.
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He received a star on the Walk of Fame
 Eve Arden as Principal  McGee  
Ahsoka was killed by Darth Vader on Malachor in Star Wars RebelsSeason Two
Beatrice Arthur as Yente the Matchmaker
If you mean as in gigabytes, the average movie is ranged from 3.8GB  to 5.5GB.
My favourites are presto.com.au and netflix.com .
You can watch it here: moviesnow.ga
Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton, and Annie McEnroe.
Terry Nichols' sentence was life in prison
It's just an id checker, only letting in the people whom are permitted.
No. According to John Waters, New Line Cinema asked him to write asequel to the 2007 version of Hairspray, but in June 2010 it wasannounced the project was cancelled.
Judy Garland sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in the 1939 movie,  "The Wizard of Oz"   Another famous version of the song is by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.