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Educational Psychology

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Educational Psychology is the study of both the cognitive and affective human learning processes. The study, which is mostly research through testing, evaluation, and training, allows for greater understanding of individual differences in behavior, personality, and intellect.
Child psychology deals not only with how children grow physically,  but with their development as person. Educational psychology is the  study of how people learn new things.
Educational psychology is much more general, and has many different  applications. Most teachers study educational psychology as part of  teacher training. it involves emotional and psychological issues  that affect all children, plus understanding the abnormal  psychology of children who have...
There are many types of individual differences in education  psychology. One of these differences might by in the person's  social skills as they relate to teamwork.
educational psychology and its scope
Because the teacher needs to understand their student and how they  are feeling not just what they think they would be feeling. They  need to know how to make observations in a person's attitude so  they know when something really is wrong.
provide tools and strategies of how students are motivated to learn for teachers to use in the classroom.
It helps a teacher to make evaluation of his/her lesson.Also helps a teacher to solve different problems facing students
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Teacher is known as our friend, philosopher & guide. He/she isalso responsible for the growth and development of children.Educational psychology enables the teacher to use varioustechniques. The importance of educational psychology are asfollows: Educational Psychology helps teacher to know that...
Difinitions of Educational Psychology by Different Psychologists
 it teaches educators the importance of acknowledging the different learning styles, difficulties and barriers that different learners experience and how they can assist learners.
what is difference between general psychology and educational psycholgy
  it is the study of human behavior
Educational psychology assesses and treats both students and the educational environment to help students learn and adjust in school.
Limitations of educational psychology include difficulties in  diagnosing certain cognitive or behavioral problems in children and  making classrooms accessible for all children. Although, there have  been movements to include all children in public classrooms, some  students do not fit in.
name the uses of educational psychology for a teacher
since it was impossible to study someone else mind(introspection) the theory which is found by the structuralist school of thaugth(Wilhelm wundt)1879 in university of lepzig.which sudy a minute experiences of human beig.later,john b Watson founded the behaviourist school of taught ,where learning ...
Educational Psychology grew out of psychology established by William James. His work was then furthered by E.L. Thorndike.
Yes the Journal of Education Psychology does publish research. That is actually their main purpose. And their isn't any distinct research topic. There are all different types of research topics.
Like, if someone said to you ''you're so immature'' if you think  the silly ways of things, and you make a pathetic suggestion, you  would have an immature personality, where you make lots of weird  statements.    Answer   An immature personality has features, often found in young people,...
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"Those studying educational psychology will be studying a variety of concepts, including basic psychology, a comprehensive class on human development, and how education is processed by the brain in order to provide students with the best education."
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As it makes people (of any age) aware of the argument of 'Are we the way we are due to gentics or based on our upbringing, environment and influences etc. It is also important to educate society about this particular topic as it makes you more aware of certain behaviours and could even make an...
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It all depends on how much socialization the child has with peers  of the similar age. If this is limited, it may have an adverse  effect. For example, children learn social skills, such as sharing,  during play and this is just one example. As a public school  teacher and advocate of home...
which of the following statements is best supported by new  studies?1-the study results can be applied to adults as well as  children.2-the study results are accurate for all school-age  children up to twelfth grade.3-the results are valid only for urban  midwestern schoolchildren.4-the idea...
Educational psychology explains methods and timing for when to teach which concepts to children. Piaget, a major impact on the educational psychology field clearly explains that abstract concepts cannot be taught at a young age.
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In educational psychology, a reinforcer is the payoff that a person  gets for doing the right thing. It can be specific praise for the  activity completed, an activity or a thing. Probably the best is a  reinforcing activity.
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It was called the Binet-Simon Intelligence scale in 1905.
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It was published in 2003. This was the same year that Congress had  to re-authorize the Higher Education Act and could amend or add  programs and increase funding.
I think that communication is vital in an educational  setting. Today's technology gives us the opportunity to communicate  effectively through online tools such as Skype, TedEd lessons,  YouTube and blogs. The available methods give students with ALN to  communicate through speech, images and...
The American Association for the Advancement of Science is areputable organisation and does not publish lightly. However, thiswas a special edition about language and literacy in science so onecannot expect the same rigour one would have for physical science.As with any topic one would want to know...
Educational development focuses more on the cognitive development and what a teacher.study of the relationship between learning and our physical
It can help when dealing with children because knowing their motivations and developmental levels will help you adjust and plan for lessons and plain ol' dealing with their attitudes and behaviors. It will help you understand where they "are coming from". It won't answer everything but it can help.
      a branch of psychology that studies children in an educational  setting and is concerned with teaching and learning methods,  cognitive development, and aptitude assessment.              
There is lot of scope for those who require to make career in  psychology: Online teaching, blogging etc are some of most  convenient methods that a user can choose or opt for, one such way  is face to face study (online teaching platform)
Educational psychology can be used to improve education techniques and other things regarding learning and education.
i believe that educational psychology itself is a branch of applied psychology n that there are no specific branches btw my teacher asked for branches of educational psychology in a test n i had no answer later i searched it up n found out that there really isn't any
Experimental Method for data collection in educational psychology investigates mental processes by the application of scientific method of study. Here the cause-effect relationship is studied e.g. what causes a person to behave in specific way. That is studied through scientific method of...
Clinical psychology diagnoses and treats people with psychological disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia while educational psychology assesses and treats both students and the educational environment in order to help students learn and adjust in school.
  Science begins with data collection. Using statistics and objective measures, we can delve deeper into our world, providing explanations for all sorts of events. Whether a scientist isolates compounds in a test tube, or calculates the trajectory of a space shuttle, they are all using formal...
One of the objectives of Educational Psychology is to study  different ways growth and development have an effect on a learner.  The field also focuses on training a teacher to treat students with  understanding, to understand their tasks and teaching teachers how  to best train their students.
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Educational psychology is the study of the relationship between learning and our physical and social environments. Educational psychologists study the psychological processes involved in learning and develop strategies for enhancing the learning process.
Psychology itself is a very diverse and broad field. There are a number of specializations available and educational psychology is just one of those areas of specialization.
recent trends in educational psychology
Edward Thorndike. Thorndike was a psychologist by trade and a 40 year professor at Teacher's College Columbia University. His believed that all things were quantifiable and laid much of the ground work for the Behaviorist learning theory of B.F. Skinner and others.
1.Introspection method 2.observational method 3.experimental method 4.differencial method 5.clinical method
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