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Interfaith Marriage

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Interfaith marriage refers to a marriage between persons of two different faiths, or between two denominations of the same faith (also called an interdenominational marriage). Some faiths prohibit members from marrying outside of their religion and some require special permission and/or a promise concerning which faith the couple's children will be raised in. In some denominations, those who marry outsiders are stigmatized or even shunned.
Yes, but I wouldn't suggest it. Religious differences can ruin things.
Yes, as long as the man is a Muslim, the women can marry him, or vice verse
No. You can have marage with almost any marriage
If i understood this question correctly, muslims, jews, and christians can intermarry but cannot marry members of other religions probably because Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all Abrahamic religions, which are all related to the biblical times and have many of the same stories, such as that...
As far as I know Muslim women are not to marry non-Muslim men, but it is permissible for a Muslim man to marry a Christian female.
yes if you are not muslim you can or you can convert depending onhow religious the man is
depends on how religious the family is
Yes, but he or she will need to convert to join the Church ofEngland.
Too much conflict and possible violence.
Catholicism is based on Christian faith which is based upon the Hebrew old and new testaments. The Judaism is based upon the Hebrew teachings of the old testament. Its basically are representation of the separation of the tribes of Israel, who will be later re-assembled. You will have some...
Yes, the Muslim girl; per Islam rules and teachings; must get married only to a Muslim man or to a man who converted sincerely to Islam. Answer 1 Yes indeed for it is not permissible in Islam for Muslim women to marry men from among religions other than Islam. This is due to the fact that basic...
Yes, In both Hinduism and Christianity, they allow civil marriage according to the country laws regardless any religious requirements or restrictions. Accordingly, a Hindu boy and a Christian girl can marry through civilian marriage.
There are simply no accommodations for such a religious union under the authority of Islam.
Halal or haram doesn't even enter into it. If you marry just toremain in the country, you are in violation of US federal law andsubject to deportation. When you are deported, you do not come backto the US. Do as you should legally. Apply for a legal visa. Now, to the religious/cultural/social...
That only applies to fanatics.
Yes, he can because she is from the Ahl al-Kitab, or people of the book. This women, however, must be chaste and pious, and should allow the Muslim man to practice Islam freely and raise his kids as Muslims.
Look, I'm Jewish so i could be wrong about this but I believe youcan but it is frowned upon. They would won't someone who is of thesame faith because they don't want to the woman to leave the faithof Islam.
Answer In an interfaith marriage you live that persons beliefs, so if you aren't Jewish and marry a Jewish man you have to convert to judism. If you convert then you live that life style. If you do marry in the same faith you already know well in advance what you are getting yourself into, and there...
Primarily, you must be Muslim. A Muslim girl; per Islam teachings and rules; is not allowed to get married with a non-Muslim man. refer to question below.
According to Hinduism, a Hindu girl or boy can marry from any religion. However, according to Islamic marriage rules, a Muslim can marry only a Muslim, Jewish, or Christian. However, if the girl or boy is neither Muslim, Christian, or Jewish (as Hindu or Buddhist or Atheist) then he / she should...
Yeah you can but only if you were Muslim. If you were not a muslim, you would have to convert to Islam (BUT NOT IF YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE IN THE RELIGION!)
You'll have to accept that there will be differences of opinion that you will need to live with. It can be a terrible burden to live daily with someone you love who you know is not saved. In the end it's a decision for both of you to make, whether it involves one person converting or not is entirely...
According to Islam, she must become a Muslim (or at least a Jew or Christian) before th marriage could be sanctified. According to Hinduism, she may or may not marry him for various reasons (depending on the branch or denomination). According to common sense, there's no law against it so do what...
primarily, you must be Muslim to be licitly entitled to marry a Muslim girl per islam teachings and rules.
Why do you think that these. I walk every morning alone.
Per both Islam and Christian religions, There is nothing against this marriage. Neither religion imposes conditions on marriage age or age differences.
I think it's done in a mosque.
The Tanach forbids interfaith marriages and this is furtherclarified in Talmud. Please see discussions for quoted materialthat supports this. Orthodox and Conservative rabbis will notperform an interfaith marriage and most Reform rabbis won't either.
No, is not compulsory that they convert before marrying a Muslim man.
Most Orthodox churches would allow this, so long as any children are Baptized in the Orthodox Church.
NOT at all ! muslim girls are not allowed to marry christian only muslim boy can marry an religon . still muslim guys should marry only muslim girls .
There would be no problem if you both have earn and areindependent,if you depend on your parents for money of course thereare going to be problems.Also if any of you is too orthodox youmarriage is dommed
Muslim men are allowed to marry the People of the Books (Christians or Jews) and the Muslim women are only allowed to be married to a Muslim man. If you are throughly in love with him, become a Muslim. Michael Jackson became a Muslim before he died and you numskulls didn't become Muslims. it is the...
Unfortunately not, at least not in an Orthodox Church, because they belong to two different religions.
1. Eat pork 2. Drink alcohol 3. Have a baby without marriage
It is not clear whther the Parsi boy is Muslim or not. However, the rule is that: . Muslim girls can't marry non-Muslim boys and they should marry only Muslim boys. . Muslim boys can marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish girls. There is a reason for this but i won't get into it. Generally...
No _______________________________________________________________________________ Per Islam teachings and rules, Muslim man can marry a Jewish orChristian woman.
Sometimes, but it's mostly among Orthodox Jews.
My mom and dad( Christian and Muslim) were just married outside of the church
well dont because this sounds like the girl does not lovew the boy
Yes she can and yes they can keep their original thoughts.. The Quran, holy book of Islam, maintains full respect to Christianity and full respect to Jesus (peace upon him) and calls for love and peace among the both religions believers. It is mentioned in Quran a full chapter titled by the name of...
Maybe, if it's a non-denominational synagogue.
the answer is NO because their many Muslim sister outside search for who to marry them.let flash back to region of prophet muhhamad (S A W)the compernious are marring the unbelivers then just because Muslim women are not many then.but as for saidna umar he we should not marry then because the...
Most people say: "Once a cheater, always a cheater."
l think a woman clergy ill not be allowed to marry a Muslim ____________________________________________________________ Per Islam religion marriage rules, it is allowed for a Jewish or Christian woman to get married with a Muslim man.
Of course. This is the usual and basic marriage rule.
Yes, but of course if the Catholic/Christian married woman is divorced or is a widow.
Many Jews believe it lowers the Jewish population.
Yes, it's a religion of peace
Yes if you're a Muslim yourself you may do so by your mutual will.But if not, it is an Islamic rule for muslim women to marry onlyMuslim men, and for Muslim men, they may marry among women of otherreligion who are from the people of the book, that is Christians orJews. If you are a woman yourself,...
why not? its its love then go ahead.....if you want an atheistceremony then go check out humanist ceremonies and that may be asolution
It's not illegal - although Islam tries to insist that a woman converts to Islam before she marries a Muslim man. It does partly depend on what you mean by Muslim; President Obama's mother was an agnostic, whilst his father was born into a Muslim family - his father was not religious but he might be...
You are 1) male and 2) non-Muslim, yes? OK, in Islam, the male isthe chief of the household and dominiates the female in all ways.As a non-Muslim head of household, you would have the power to leadyour wife away from Islam, a consequence Muslims view with horror.It's not the same when a Muslim man...
yes a Muslim man can marry a christian or Jewish woman but he cannot marry a woman from any other religion. and a Muslim woman cannot marry a man with any other religion except Islam so she can just marry a Muslim man
Depends on where you live in most democratic countries you can getmarried in court.But in some countries interfaith marriages areillegal
A Christan man (divorced or not) can't marry a Muslim woman unless he converts to Islam religion sincerely and by heart and by full will and belief.
If a Muslim man wants to marry a woman who is one of the people ofthe books (a Jew or christian) and she doesn't stop him frompracticing his religion, then he is allowed to marry her. He is notallowed to force her to convert (no Muslim under any circumstancesis allowed to force someone to convert)...
A Muslim man can marry a Muslim. Christian, or Jewish woman. However; before marriage; the woman must agree that if a child is to be brought up it is to be brought up in the Islamic faith. If she disagrees, then the Muslim man should not marry her. This brings me to the issue of Muslim women not...
Yes. (Minor edit: Although it would be discouraged as the apostlePaul said to marry only in the lord)
Yes he can why not. . according to Islam, the Hindu has to convert or they should not marry. If a Muslim marries a Hindu, they will be out the sphere of Islam.
It is not common, but some Muslims marry christians. Answer: It is permitted for a Muslim man to marry a Jewish or Christian woman (though it is not recommended in this day and age because of the strength of the non-Muslim cultures, and their hatred towards Islam). According to Islam it is...
No. A Muslim can not marry a Hindu - under any circumstances - until the Hindu renounces their belief and becomes a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian (those who believe in the One God of Abraham). No
Of course they can but I am sure they must make a few compromises in their lives. _______________________________________________________________ Per Islam religion rules, a Muslim man (Sunni or not Sunni) can marry a Christian woman (Catholic, Orthodox, or other denomination). However, children...
Answer 1 Islam doesn't call for any one to convert to Islam just to be able to marry a Muslim woman. He should be convinced in Islam teachings, Qur'an instructions and rules, and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as prophet of Islam to whom god revealed the Quran. It is not licit for one to convert to Islam...
Yes, but only if he or she is first baptized as an Orthodox Christian. A Christian Orthodox person is only allowed to marry a Christian. Inter-faith marriages are not permitted in the Orthodox Church. This would only be possible as a civil marriage.
Yes they are allowed ! but muslim women cant marry a christian guy . Only man can marry any religon eg: indian
If they both are Muslims of the same sect, then it is no problem. A Muslim man can marry women of "people of the book", which means : A Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew. However, A Muslim woman (Sunni-to be exact), can only marry a Muslim Sunni man.
On 12th May 2010, the Allahabad High Court held that the marriage of a Muslim man to a Hindu girl as void. The Allahabad High Court declared, "For a valid Muslim marriage, both the spouses have to be Muslim."
Opinions . I would say you cannot . Jews do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Also, the New Testament in essence wiped out the old law in the Old Testament that Jews still follow. Kosher food for example. . It's not really that hard. Celebrate both holidays and make sure that...
No, Christianity is heaven religion but Hindu is stone statue worshipers
Yes ,we are all humans, we can follow our religion but marry whomever you want
Because i love canadian girls and i love canadia so plz help me
no. that's polygamy. and the God is against it. have a nice day!
Answer A According to Hinduism: Hinduism is a very tolerant religion and marriage is never discriminated due to race, color or religion. Hinduism believes all religions lead to God so, one is never greater than the other. According to Islamic marriage rules: No, A Hindu girl can't...
Answer A The rules, per Islamic religion, are that: . The Muslim man can marry only a Muslim, Christian (Catholic, Orthodox, or other denominations), or Jewish woman. . The Muslim woman (virgin, divorced, or widow) can marry only Muslim (or convert to Muslim) man. You may say that love is...
The relationship would start out on a very rocky road and thechances of it getting REALLY ugly are 100%. If he doesn't live inhis country and lives in the States you may stand a chance, but ifhis parents are in the States then that fear will eat away at yourrelationship. I suggest if his parents...
Dating, as it is custom in Christians, is not permitted in Islam.You may meet a would be wife/husband in the presence of his/herparents/guardians. Free mixing of such kind is un-Islamic.