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Motorcycle Safety

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Motorcycle safety revolves around the driver’s ability to safely control the vehicle, and requires the observance of proper self-defense driving, appropriate attire and body gear to minimize bodily injury during accidents.
An engine up to 125 cc with a power output not exceeding 11 kW and you need 'L's . You might want to check the position on a small classic british motorcycle around 200cc, none of them had a power output of more than 11kW and were legitimate in the early days of the law.
We have been racing one competitively for two years now. It has never broken down in that time. The only parts we have replaced are 2 sets of tyres, a pair of chain rollers (consumable parts) and a spark plug.
There shouldn't be, as long as the tires are the proper size for the bike
35.6 psi front n rear without passenger and 40psi on rear with passenger for 2003 model
3.59362347 seconds 189.73 mph = 84.8168992 metres per second 1000 feet = 304m time = distance / speed time = 304 / 84.8168992 time = 3.59362347sec
No, and for obvious reasons. A car has a body to protect you in case of an accident. A car has seat belts to use to prevent further travel in case of an accident. A motorcycle has none of these safety features.. Define safe. Bikes have superior acceleration, handling and far superior braking than...
A motorcycle helmet must meet DOT gauges to be legitimate for thestreet, a snowmobile head protector does not.
That depends on where you are. States/provinces and municipalities decide whether or not a helmet is required.
Answer . Answer: The quick answer to this question would have to be no... Even though many of the new vehicles have improved hepa filters for their air vents and air conditioners. Hepa are good for large and even many small particles. However they do very little to stop toxic vapors. Such as....
I remember once i overfilled my oil tank and my fuel injection light comes on. its blinks when you are on idle. It wasnt permamnent. as soon as the oil level dropped the light went away.
A whole lot of accidents happen, here's a fact: 1,829 bikers were saved by their motorcycle helmets during crashes in 2008 - and almost 1,000 more could have been saved had they worn helmets. Here's another fact: One of three accidents happen due to drug abuse. The sad part is, now the law says we...
In UK, 125cc not exceeding 14.6bhp on provisional or an A1 licence. On a full A licence: A motorcycle, scooter or motorcycle combination not exceeding 33bhp and a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.16kW/kg. Source:http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/DriverLicensing...
At 55 mph you are moving at about 80.667 feet every second. So, in 11 seconds, you would travel about 887.337 feet. ( 80.667 x 11 = 887.337 )
1 foot per second = 0.681818182 mph So...... Proportion 1/60=0.681818182/x (fraction) 40.90909092 mph (please check)
35 feet = 0.006628 miles. 2.63 seconds = 0.0007306 hours. So 0.006628/0.0007306 = 9.072 mph.
Front and rear should be 36 psi as standard (i.e. pressures should be adjusted to suit riding conditions)
"You" don't make one. You buy one. "YOU" do not have the required skills or equipment to make a motorcycle helmet which will provide any degree of protection in the event of a crash. If you are going to make your own helmet then you might as well not even wear one.
The belt is loose and needs adjusting, or it is worn out and needs replacing.
Legally, I don't know. Still, it is a good idea to wear one any ways. Legally, the answer is yes you must wear a DOT or Snell approved helmet.
Statistics show that surprisingly not a lot of people get injured. The numbers are like 1 out of every 5000! Maybe 1 to 2 hundred people a year. Dirt bikes are actually one of the safest motorized activities. riding a dirt bike is safer than riding in a car.
1 mph = 5280 ft in 3600 sec, so 44 mph = (44 x 5280)/3600 = a whisker more than 64.5 fps...
Answer . You thought fractions would never be good for anything! Forget the numbers and concentrate on the units: 60 miles -------- 1 hour What would you multiply this by to cancel the hours? 60 miles hours miles -------- x ----- = ----- 1 hour sec sec What is hours/second?...
it will go from 75 to 80 stock.
A safety helmet is a head covering intended to protect the head from injury as a result of striking or being struck by something. Safety helmets are used in sports (such as American Football) recreation (such as bicycle and motorcycle riding), and in the workplace.
1 mile = 5280 ft 62.5 feet per second = 62.5 * 60 * 60 = 225000 feet per hour 225000 feet per hour = 225000 / 5280 = 42.6136 mph
25... you can miss four and still pass!
They are all good in a straight line. Suzuki and Kawasaki handle very differently from Honda and Yamaha. S & K tend to be more lively and less smooth than H & Y. Triumph are competitive and full of status. The Buell, very short (great for tight turns and lively handling) and a monster engine, is a...
12 inches = 1 foot 2112 inches = 2112 ÷ 12 = 176 feet. 176 per 2 seconds = 30 x 176 = 5280 feet per minute = 60 x 5280 = 316800 feet per hour
Depending on the year, and exact model, it can weigh from 480 to 560 lbs dry weight.
It's much better for the drive train that way.
Without a doubt, yes. It is one of the most dangerous things a human can do and if it helps cut down on serious injury and death then they should.
michelin pilot power 2ct or race front tire 120-70zr 17 rear tire 180-55zr 17
It depends on which country you're in and what type of motorcycling you're doing, i.e. on road, off-road. You can pick up second hand helments cheaply, but if you value your life, you shouldn't touch these as you do not know anything about their history, such as whether they've been dropped (this...
Ive read and been told both that once the helmet has been dropped on a hard surface, you need to replace it. I would say if you have dropped it many times from a substantial level on a hard surface, its probably a good idea to replace the helmet. IF you have cracks anywhere replace it. If you are...
There are 5280 feet in one mile. Therefore, 1 mile per hour is equal to 5280 feet per hour. There are 3600 seconds in one hour. Therefore, 5280 feet per hour is equal to 5280/3600 = 1.46 recurring (that is, 1.46666...) feet per second.
In UK every motorcycle used on the road is required to have insurance.
one motorcylist said to the other i bet my bike is faster than yours. the other said no it's not, lets have a race and find out. the rest is history
Over 20 mph, front brake then add back brake. Under 20mph a little front but mostly back brake. Under 5 mph back brake only. In an emergency front brake hard and add back brake hard. Change down after braking, even if you brake to a standstill.
Yes, there are earplugs especially designed for motorcyclists and can be found in any motorcycle store. They cut out most wind-noise-in-helmet frequencies but still allow sirens, horns and some people/engine noise to get through.
The first motorcyles were literally bicycles with a motor strapped to them. The brakes were bicycle brakes. The early true motorcycles had drum brakes in the hubs that were developed from the motor car industry; as were disc brakes.. Answer: . My guess for you to answer this question all you need...
It is difficult to determine the different pressure ports on yourair conditioning compressor without knowing the make and model ofthe automobile. In most cases the low pressure port is on the righthand side of the air conditioner compressor.
Pros: When you crash it well save your life. Cons: None
It means you might not have heard of the metric system and if you own a Japanese bike (this is posted in the Yamaha moto section), you *need* to know the metric system even for basic maintenance. L is the abbreviation for Liters. The unit Liters is another way to measure capacity like gallons. If...
A good rule for developing a safe following distance between you and any vehicle in front is the so-called two-second rule. As the driver of a vehicle, the obligation is placed on you to drive in such a manner (regardless of speed limit) that allows you to stop your vehicle: safely, in a...
The Honda Shadow Spirit, recommends 29 psi in the front tire and 32-36 psi in the rear tire.
They don't 'need' their own parking spots, but it is nice when a building takes that into account when making the parking lot. You can fit three motorcycles into one car parking spot. So you tell me which you would rather see... one motorcycle taking up three full sized car spaces, or three...
accelerate right before hitting the obstacle to lighten the front end of the bike
I think he became a double amputee. No, that is James Stacy, not James Keach.
Road tests on the infamous Hayabusa suggest top speeds ranging from 170 MPH to "in excess of 195 MPH". That's about 1 mile per hour per horsepower, claimed at 194. Great by any standard! That is where the bike halts due to the rev limiter that assigns the bike to the informal European speed...
Could be a dead battery or a problem with the starter...most likely the solenoid switch.
Light circuits are very simple in operation but universally regarded a pig to trouble shoot; the wires go everywhere. The brakelight is operated by either the front or back brake levers; two switches. It is unlikely that both switches have failed simultaneously so check the grounding of the brake...
A pocket bike can be tuned up by adjusting the carburetor andchanging the spark plug. Changing the spark plug wire whennecessary will also help with a tune up for this type of bike.
Alot is going to depend on size of the rider, terrain, etc. but you should be able to get up to 60 - 70 mph. This is a light little bike with a tiny engine so be prepared for vibration and the wind pushing you around at that speed.
Regardless of age, everyone is legally required to wear a helmetwhile biking. Depending on the country that you live in. UK for instanstance hasno legal requirement to wear any sort of safety equipment on abicycle.
I have been 77mph on mine
Motorcycle racing has gone on for at least 70-75 yrs.
Not for an adult riding on a public road. The landlord may however state something like "a bicycle helmet must be worn when riding on this property". Can't really say what he can do to enforce that though, apart from asking a person either to wear a helmet or to leave the property.
Before thinking of a particular tyre, check the front end is properly aligned, the forks are straight and the shocks have oil and are working properly. Next check the front and back tyres are compatible and at the right pressure, and that the front brake is not sticking on. Then go for a good...
Any motorcycle or ATV dealer would sell helmets. And many of the independent repair shops sell helmets also.
Definitely the Polaris 525, Honda Trx 450 are slow compared to them. A stock Polaris 525 wins a piped trx 450 by a small margin.
Depends on where you're at. The law isn't the sameeverywhere.
24 psi in the front, 28-29 psi in the back.
How many people die in the uk from Motor cycle accidents
To allow for cooling, so the head does not get too hot.
If you think your head is worth protecing then a helmet is worthwearing.
Suzuki generally uses the cubic inches as part of the model numbers for the later models. Most likely this would be a 50 cubic inch model, approx. 800cc's
That depends on where you are. States, provinces and/or municipalities decide whether or not you need to wear a helmet for various activities.
Yes they make nitrous systems R.C. Planes and trucks also gokarts.
A passenger always rides on the back, the pillion position. A pillion should be able to sit astride the motorcycle and keep their feet on the foot pegs, or be in a specially adapted seat to provide adequate security. Although, in UK and France at least, there is no minimum age to ride pillion, the...
look for the little arrow on the side of the filter. Thats the way the fuel will flow from the tank to the carb.
There are two parts to getting your motorcycle endorsement. The first one is to take a riding test and the second is a written test. The riding test at the DMV is very difficult to pass for a brand new rider. If you grew up riding motorcycles on dirt roads in farm country then getting the...
It depends whether bke or scooter. There are many reviews (see link) which all say similar things. Fun while they last, but that can be a matter of days. Get a good repair/replacement guarantee.
It depends-- if you're talking about the kind without the motor, that depends on the power of your leg. If you're talking about the motorized kind, they usually don't go over 20mph.
Importance of protective clothing Without the right clothing you can get very cold and wet when riding a motorcycle. Special motorcycling clothing is available which: . protects you from the weather . helps to protect you from some types of injury . helps other road users to see you By law...
Go to a motorcycle store and try on a variety of helmets.
53 x 5280 = 279,840 ft in one hour
Many things including how to avoid accidents; panic braking, how to swerve to avoid objects in the road. You also learn what to do in many different situations you might encounter while riding, wet pavement, cars pulling out in front of you and how a motorcycle reacts in emergency situations.
0-60 mph in less than 3 sec. Top speed (on a track) better than 180mph.
By dot helmet do you mean a Department of Transportation approved type ?
The greatest danger to cyclists comes from cars. If you are easier for drivers to see, they will be less likely to accidentally hit you. Here in America we like to say, "Be invisible, be a statistic".
The list is a long one that you will add to as you know your bike more. To start, a second hand bike will have been worked, and hard. Nothing wrong with that but without regular and proper maintenance there will be expensive repairs in the offing. Choose wisely and get a good independent condition...
If the bike was factory manufactured with twin headlights (as some are these days) I do not believe that there is such a DMV regulation.
The rider has to be at least 18 to ride a motorcycle helmet without being cited.
High speed wobble Speed wobbles can occur whenever something starts a vibration that matches a resonant frequency of the wheels. A resonant frequency is one at which your motorcycle will vibrate very easily; a particular motorcycle may have multiple resonant frequencies. The starting point may be a...
Yes, keep forward on your seat, legs slightly bent, and elbows out to give you better control, prevent you from getting injured, and will help you take the shock of rough trails or or jumps.