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History of Japan

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The history of Japan refers to the recorded events of the island of Japan and the Japanese people, beginning from their ancient history to the sovereignty of the country.


Red generally has to do with both Shinto and Buddhist traditions,and brides often wear it. Orange means happiness and love Yellow means bravery and cheerfulness (quite the opposite of ourWestern interpretation of cowardice). It's also to color of thenational crest, the chrysanthemum, and in Buddhism...
The samurai prefer Shinto (Maybe Mahayana Buddhism) because it is  Japanese tradition which was influenced from China mainland in the  past.
here's the list of some fiancee's location (nearest to any Tengu  Mage available):    -Yotaro (first village before Bamboo Forest): you need to tell him  3 big stories in your adventure (i recruit him after finishing the  game so i don't know which story that he wants)    -Kasu (big...
To fit into society
The new rule of Tokugawa Shoguns, and new danger faced from trade.
theree similar because there cool its not a good answer maybe this will halp more...so They are both Asian countries. They are both very strong economies, and export many commodities to the world. China and Japan have almost the same written language. They also have similar forms of architecture
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In Japanese culture, there were some, they were known as "Onna bugeisha"(female warrior) They often protected homes, family, and in war. Mostly, they were Widows, wives, and rebels.
no they lived in castle but Japanese castles
  They began to be really powerful in the late Heian Period.
The Supervisor of Japan in WWII
I would assume the most famous symbol of Japan would be the mountain - Fuji. It features prominently in many a ways in our culture (for example, the Atari logo). As for technologies, the most widely known might be Tokyo Tower, it's television broadcasting tower. Also, the game of Go is rather...
Japan, although other countries may have variants of it.
Tokugawa Ieyasu united all of Japan under his rule
Well, they both followed strict codes, bushido and chivalry. They both protected themselves with body armor. Samurai and Knights both used lances and swords in the early medieval times. Both their jobs were to protect and serve the lord. -Hope that helped:)
Samurai practise, Bushido culture have very deep roots in Japanesehistory. 1876 A.D. Emperor Meiji declared a new law that ended the wearingof swords. The Samurai had lost their profession and their right towear swords. Their position as a special class ended after almost1,000 years. But the...
== Answer ==   They picked a rising sun for the flag because Japan is the easternmost country in the world, and the sun rises in the east.   The exact origin of the flag "Hinomaru" is unknown. However, historically, the sun has had a religious connotation in Japan, and the rising sun has had...
282.8 metres (928 ft) ; see related link for additional information regarding the bridge .
Emperor Hirohito (posthumously called the Showa Emperor)
The Japanese's employment of kamikazes meant that the Allies (US) would have to fight to the death for every island the Japanese controlled at an unacceptable (by most countries' standards) 15+% fatality rate of our soldiers. The idea of the bombings was to do so much damage that the Japanese knew...
A Silent Soldier is a poem by Trina Parry-Plater. It describes what  it is like to be the wife of a soldier.
In Japan, trusted nobles were given land grants called Shoens bythe emperor. Feudalism in Japan adhered to a strict hierarchy. Atthe top of the pyramid was the emperor, who was considered thedivine, and therefore, highest authority. Under the emperor, wasthe Shogun. Shoguns were responsible for...
It made them become more brave
  To continue with his monarch form of government.
They were made in China. People used to make them out of plastic but then India came and took of over China. Then the Indians made them out of maple syrup,duct tape,glue,and oatmeal.
Japanese imperial power caused it to gain more respect from the  world, and increased the nationalism of its citizens. It gained  land and resources that it did not possess, particularly in the  annexation of Korea. Its defeat of Russia gained new respect for  its military and the annexation of...
GENRO respected older statesmen of the 19th century in Japan.
Japan has many cities that are very old. Some of them are known ascastle towns from a time when feudal lords lived. They includeTokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Hagi, and Kakunodate.
Yes, during Sengoku Era Medieval Japan the Samurai were the equivalent to a soldier and the Ninja equivalent to Navy seal team or the CIA. Japan was divided into states with each ruled by a daimyo(warlord) They all fought in controll over the entire Japan. Samurai armies fought open field while...
To sacrifice for their country. They purposely crash into pilot planes into enemy ships.
The emperor is H.I.M. Akihito and the Empress is H.I.M. Michiko. The era of his reign is "Heisei" which, after his death he will be known as the "Emperor Heisei"
Various kinds. They used to use prisoner of war and criminals to  test the quality of their blades
To the Japanese Emperor Showa Hirohito was equivalent to Jesus Christ to the Christians. He was their god. They lived their lives for him. They died for him. Even though most had never seen or heard him they still revered him with all their heart and life. Many Americans would have liked to tried...
Causes . Korea and Japan Friction: It dates back 18th century Pottery War until 20th century. Japanese military dictatorship occupation over Korea 36 years.. Japan and Korea Friction: It dates back 18th century- 20th century. Koreans killed. many Japanese nationalist. Including Ito Hirobumi ( he...
The samurai were a noble class of warriors in medieval and early  modern Japan. Their purpose was to serve and protect the nobility,  with heavy emphasis on honor and loyalty.
Japan has a breif thing it is known for making toys and other products that we use in America!
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None. Just those two. Britain had a treaty with Japan (signed in 1902) stating if any nation sides with Russia as an active combatant; Britain would side with Japan.Thus: The Russo-Japanese War of 1904 could've very easily turned into WWI (which occurred 10 years later).
The emperor was a symbol of unity and order.Removing such a figure would probably havecaused great unrest.
The Toyotomi clan.
Japan has a very rich and ancient history. Humans have inhabited  the area since 12,000 BC, and the first written record that refers  to Japan dates back to the 1st century AD.
Abe Masahiro and Iwakura Tomomi are two of the famous Japanese 19thcentury statesmen. They are both influential in opening the doorsof Japan to foreign trade.
based on movies ninjas are deadly and silently can break into a house. They are built for speed, They can use all parts of their body as a weapon. But their most deadliest weapon is the ninjato (sword). Whilst the samurai has a variety of different weapons for different uses such as the wakizashi ...
Japan doesn't trade with you, you trade with Japan.
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The samurai invented orange chicken to destroy the evil  Chineses 
No,Samurai don't become Samurai, they are born in to a samurai clan. Generally both parents come from a Samurai family, but the father has to be a Samurai if the son is to be a Samurai.
It is located on the main island, Hanshu
A shogun is a leader or simply called a general. Now a days the term has evolved to "prime minister".
  Hirohito was a royal sovereign (supreme ruler).
China's only female empress was Wu Zetian. She was born in 624 AD and died in 705 AD.
what did samuria wore. 
European Dragons  In western culture, the dragon is traditionally depicted as a powerful, mystical guard over treasure or a savage beast which likes to wreak havoc over the surrounding countryside. This negative image comes from the use of the word to describe Satan in the Bible.   Oriental...
The regular Ninja uniform consisted of three colors-- Dark blue, green, and white. Never black! These three unusual colors were used for blending into the environment that their mission was set in. Dark blue was used for at night, so the moonlight would not give them away, which is what black would...
uhh it was very bad and sad and awful because they were extrememly poor and didnt have any money nor clothes and junk. they didnt like to see themself in the mirror of other peoples cars or sparkly eyes cuz it just hurt them inside. ok thanks. bye.
The real Ninjas started out in Kobe, Japan because the Japanese military needed people who could easily find out the enemie's secrets. They only killed if they needed to. They wore dark blue, green, and white to blend in with their environment, but Never wore black! The TV Ninjas seemed to be...
China is one of them and so is the US
The shogun is a lord who hires the Samurai to protect and fight for him. He pays them :)
Any costume store, but it is easy to recreate a ninja costume with black pants, a turtleneck, and a cut up shirt for the mask.
the day to day life for a samurai started of with a long dip in there bath then they would go play call of duty black ops 2 for the rest of the day then they would go to bed.
A.k Antony he is the current affair minister for defence
  == Answer ==   These were what I know:Parts of China, Korea (Regardless North or South, that was after the World War 2), Malaya (Includes Malaysia and Singapore), Vietnam, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), Burma (Myanmmar), Pacific Islands.
Japanese new year and other celebrations. Refer to question below.
There are many ways for a ninja to kill you but my favorite is classic kicking in of the face
they were loyal to a noble. they would only be loyal if the noble returned land to them.