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Also known as speedboats or motorboats, powerboats are built for speed and recreation. Ask questions about powerboating here.
Just above the gear box. The drive shaft from the engine to the gear box goes through it and drives the water pump too.
Freedom Boat Club of Plymouth has a variety of boats. Visit FreedomBoatClub.com for more information on their type of fleet.
depends on the year of the engine.
This question does not provide enough information to be adequately answered. The main factors are hull displacement & gross weight. Also, is the intended usage to be "at sea" or "just around the marina"?
.035-.039" is what the owners manual calls for...
If the motor was properly prepared before storage, it will not need any special starting procedure. Obviously, you should check for damage that might have occurred during storage. Verify that the gearcase is full of lubricant and the various linkages are properly lubricated. Make sure you have new...
A Mercury outboard motor weighs just over 200 pounds depending on the model number.
Check the compression, and for fire at the spark plugs. Also, ensure that the fuel is fresh and free of water or other contaminates. As long as your compression is around 100 psi, or higher, and no more than 15 psi difference between the highest and lowest cylinder reading, there is sufficient...
1978 to 1981 DT-175 with CDI (no ignition points) spark plug gap .6-.8mm or .024-.032 inch, spark plug# B9ES
Ratios 50:1 GAS/OIL MIXTURE Gas (US Gals)| Oil (Ounces) | Oil (Pints) | Gas (Liters)| Oil (Liters) 0.37...............| 0.95.............| 0.06.........| 1.40...........| 0.03 0.5.................| 1.28.............| 0.08.........| 1.90...........| 0.04 0.66...............| 1.69............
Sandbars are common features of shorelines all over the world. They provide a scenic feature for boaters and swimmers, but a danger as well, as their shape and location constantly change and they are revealed and hidden by tidal action. Some basic knowledge about how sandbars form and endure can...
See page 2 of owners manual and parts list for Sears 3hp model 217-58540 under "B. Specifications": "Fuel Mixture..... 1/2 pint No. 30 outboard motor oil to one gallon of regular gasoline. CAUTION: Do not use multi-viscosity (10W30) oil. (16 to 1 ratio)"
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The serial number tag on this model is located on the swivel bracket, ( between the two engine mounting brackets ). If the label has been removed, the number is also stamped into a round metal cover. It is silver in color, and resembles an automotive freeze plug. On the in-line four cylinder, it is...
The dry weight of a 30hp Johnson outboard, 1985 model is 123 lbs.
according to the clymer manual it is 50 -1
Both headquartered and built there (Florida).
A 35 hp Mercury outboard, serial number 1763352, would be a 1965 year model.
A Johnson outboard, model number J88MSLCUS, is a 1987 model, 90 hp outboard.
If it runs perfectly, starts easy, etc, probably around $700-$1000. If something is broke and/it is missing parts or incomplete, $200-$400 as a parts motor.
In order to determine the year model for a Evinrude, or Johnson outboard, the engine model number is used.
It depends on the model. Most of the early models are displayed on a metal plate, rivited around the tilt tube, on the front of the engine, just under the manual choke lever. Late model outboards are stamped into a plate, or printed on a label, affixed to the swivel bracket, located between the...
The bulkheads are the walls within the ship that separate the different rooms or compartments. Bulkheads are designed to block fire and water from going to other compartments. The outer skin of the ship or boat is called the hull. Bulkheads in a ship serve several purposes: increase the...
undo t 5 bolts, remove lower unit, remove pump cover, slide old impeller off & replace with new one. Mske sure wesr plates & gaskets are good & replaced in correct order. put a little grease on top of unit & that's it.
I have a 1988 25 hp LS Evinrude pull start and I weighed it at 123 lbs.Retired auto tech
A 1989 model, 200 hp Evinrude outboard, has a dry weight of 455 lbs.
A 1993 model, 20 hp Mercury outboard, has a dry weight of 112 lbs.
The Johnson model CD25R, is a 6hp outboard, produced in 1968.
1927. You can lookup the month/year by getting the date code off the barrel and looking it up on the Remington Society of America Manufactured Date link.
Hi, it depends on the serial number of you engine. the only information i have is for serial numbers above EUROPE:9157229 USA:4709592 spark plug: AC-V40FFK OR CHAMPION L78V Regards john
.030 inch ( on my 24 year old 5.0 horsepower Tecumseh engine )
A 35 hp Mercury outboard, serial number OC144498, would be a 1990 tear model.
If not using the VRO system, mix fuel at 50:1, one pint of 2 cycle oil to six gallons of fuel.
If operating the outboard, without the oil injection system, use a 50:1 ratio. This is roughly one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.
The 1992 model, 70 hp Force outboard, requires a 50:1 ratio, roughly one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.
A 90hp Mercury outboard, serial number 6114748 is a 1982 year model.
A 40 hp Evinrude, model number E40TELCO, is a 1985 year model.
I recently purchased a 1987 Evinrude E40TLCUD Which was changed by a local small engine mechanic last year. It takes a gas oil mixture now. Problem is, I don't know what the ratio should be. I do know it can be altered.
Generally speaking, without the exact factory spec., you shouldhave over 60lbs., but you may find your motor will run with less.Even if the number comes out low, spray some WD40 into bothcylinders throught spark plug holes. turn engine over couple dozentimes. Spray a little more WD40 into cylinders...
Mine has a metal label on it that says: "1/3 pint of SAE 30 oil to 1 gallon of gas." I don't honestly know the actual ratio, but that's what mine says.
A 115 hp Mercury, serial number 6580904, is a 1984 year model.
Yes, remote steering kits were manufactured for the 20hp by Mercury Marine. Availability and part number can be found by serial number of the engine.
An 8 hp Mercury, serial number B387142, is a 1989 year model outboard.
A 150 hp Mercury, serial number 5976483, is a 1982 year model.
Look at the directions on the bottle. Make sure you use two-stroke premix oil and not motor oil. Try stuff from a dirt bike website or shop. The stuff at Walmart is for weed-eaters and such and is not recommended for dirt bike use. There will be a few options of ratios to choose from depending on...
The GG8962A is a 1958 Montgomery Wards Sea King, also know as aGale-OMC 3D15B. It is a 3hp single with a reverse lock.
Which propeller to choose? 3 blade props are the most common, come in the widest variety of styles and sizes and will typically cost less than a comparable 4 blade prop. Switching from a 3 blade propeller to a 4 blade propeller may make sense for you if you are trying to improve your hole shot or...
depending on parts required ? labour starts approx £60
1 1/4 pints or 20 oz. 128 oz per gallon times 5 equals 640 oz, 640 divided by 32 equals 20, so for every 32 oz of gas you will need 1 oz of oil.
The Evinrude 225 hp Ocean Pro for 1996 was produced in three shaft lengths, as designated by engine model number. CXED - 25in.. CZED - 30in.. STLED- 20in.
The 55es69c is a 1969 Johnson 55 hp Electro-Shift short shaft outboard. 55= Horse Power e = Electro-Shift s = Short Shaft 69= Year Manufactured c = Commercial
50:1 ratio which is 1 pint to 6 gallon of fuel
That depends on what type of usage you have in mind: For example, if you just want something to get you around the marina, 1.5 - 3.0 hp would be fine. If you want power on the open ocean when the winds are gone, you'll want something that is large enough to make headway without rattling the spine to...
It's right between the alternator fluid reservoir and the port side fallopian tubing. =)))
This is a fairly vague question to answer, but generally all that is needed for an outboard carburetor is a good cleaning, and to install a new gasket kit. Hope this helps.
This depends on the size of the boat. The smaller type such as 12 foot row boats will usually have 7 hp outboard motors. Some of the larger boats up in the 20 to 30 feet have been known to run up to 4 outboard motors around 300 hp plus each. Above these boats in lengths you will find most of them...
Since 128 fl. oz = 1 gallon, use 6 oz of oil ( for 120 oz of gas, to be exact ).
what is the fuel/oil mixture for a stil chainsaw model 1629
0.15L is about 0.1585qt
CA has many zip codes not just 2 or 3. It depends on the city/area for the zip. The phonebook has zip codes listed or try online.
When operating a powerboat at night white light should be shown onthe stern and red and green lights on the bow.
The 1975 model, 7.5 hp Mercury outboard, requires a 50:1 ratio, roughly one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.
The dry weight of a 1982 model, 70 hp Johnson outboard is 256 lbs.