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Crime and Criminal Law is the place to ask and answer questions about law violations and arrests. It is not for asking how to commit a crime. Questions here will help you understand how criminal law works and what happens when and if you commit a crime.
Yes. Your plea of guilty would have to be accepted by the presidingjudge, following a series of questions the judge will ask youconcerning your plea offer and the fact that you're giving up yourrights to a fair trial, that you have been explained by yourattorney all the details of the plea offer,...
You may not be charged for the same crime twice.
This is a great thing to get and to hold onto! It just means that  someone messed up to the point where they could be prosecuted by  the law and taken to court for breaking said laws. If someone gets  a Letter of intent not to press charges then the party who broke  the law is off the hook. I am...
  Usually the bank needs a writen paper with your signature for proof that you were allowing him to cash your check. Your husband was doing something against the law, watch out, he pay get into trouble when the bank, state, and government go through all the papers and such each year.
Aaron Hernandez, Brother of D.J Hernandez moved to Boston PrisonJuly 9 2014. He was charged for killing Odin Lloyd in June 2013 (Hepleaded not guilty). He also pleaded guilt to the second case ofkilling 2 men in boston in 2012.
google his name or google the prison and find prisons and inmate  locater then put his name in
There is a lot of variation here from state to state, but here are four general situations. (1) If there is a duty imposed by statute, e.g. failure to render aid at the scene of an accident or leaving the scene of an accident tends to be a crime in many states.(2) Close Relationship - a mother tends...
The answer depends on the laws in your jurisdiction, your criminalhistory, the details of your particular case and many otherfactors. Two individual committing a similar crime could end upwith different sentences.
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Normally as long as the person has no felony record, they can own afirearm. A case sealed or expunged has the same effects as nothaving occurred in the first place. So, in short, the answer isyes.
Assault in the second degree is a felony. There is no standard sentence since every case is different and the laws vary in different jurisdictions. Sentencing varies and generally is determined after a trial.
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163.385 Sodomy in the third degree. (1) A person commits the crime of sodomy in the third degree if the person engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another person under 16 years of age or causes that person to engage in deviate sexual intercourse. (2) Sodomy in the third degree is a Class C...
It means that you're found "not guilty" and you don't have to go tojail.
=== ANSWER: ===   As schools are government paid or sponsored, they are under the jurisdiction of the local sherriffs department and any item brought on or existing on is subject to search.
That would vary depending upon the particular state, as well, the crime that was committed. Easiest way would be to do a search by state and crime for which one was convicted, however, keep in mind that convicted felons are limited in employment regardless of the crime because the majority will not...
If he has served the full term of his sentence and is not on parole or probation, yes. HOWEVER - if they are on parole or probation it would not be unusual for one of the conditions of their release to be that they not associate with known felons. THAT might prevent them from holding employment at a...
  A repeat offender is a criminal that has already been convicted for a crime, and has now been caught breaking the law again. E.G. a car thief steals a car and is caught and sent to prison. When the person is released they go and steal another car....this is a repeat offense, the person has...
Answer this question... committing it without the intent
Because he had sex with a cop
== Are there no collateral bail bonds? ==   It depends on the size of the bond and charges associated with the bond. Under 3K and without crime punishable by a considerable amount of jail and no other warrants, you might be able to find someone who will do it for a reasonable amount of cash - at...
Most police officers in Arkansas will average a pay around $35,000  a year. The exact amount will depend upon the individual department  they are with the experience they have.
Not Likely as you will probably be turned down for financial aid as  well.
You must have at least a baccalaureate in chemistry, biology,  forensic science, or criminalistics, to be a criminalist.
In Canada, Every one is a party to an offence, who [...] omits to do anything for the purpusoe of aiding any person to commit it. (section 21 Canadian criminal code) There are other instance when omission is a crime (eg. parents not feeding kids, etc..)
Like any other state in any other part of the entire world, it  depends: what were you convicted of? Have you been offered a plea  deal? If you're asking about maximum prison time, it depends on the  kind of felony you've been convicted of. Grand theft auto might get  you a few years, where 1st...
Up to three years in prison and whatever fines are decided to be  levied.
It depends on the state the vandalism was allegedly committed in  and the circumstances surrounding the vandalism. If it was done on  a wall in a public restroom, the fine might be different than it  would be if it was done on private property or in a restricted  area.
Yes, a Probation Officer can find out if you have been prescribed a  drug.
If a plea deal is brought into the conversation prior to a trial. Either party can bring up the idea of a plea deal but it has to be reasonable and the person that committed the crime is not a habitual offender.
It can be depending on the situation.
Nothing legally, but he can make u help him in one way or another.
This is a wholly opinionated question, so any answers (even those  based on statistics) will be opinionated as well. That said, the  electric chair is painful and, while generally short, malfunctions  have caused some people to suffer for several minutes before death.  However, while lethal...
No. "575.030. 1. A person commits the crime of hindering prosecution if for the purpose of preventing the apprehension, prosecution, conviction or punishment of another for conduct constituting a crime he: (1) Harbors or conceals such person; . . . 2. Hindering prosecution is a class D felony if...
Yes. They can file for your extradition back to the county you committed the crime.
Just follow the instructions and it will be jailbroken.
In some states criminal case information is available online. Google: case search + (name of your state). These sights are usually part of the Court website in the jurisdiction in question. You may be able to find out if you have a warrant this way. As a general rule, I'd stay away from a prison if...
convicts live in prison or jail
You betcha. Helping with any kind of fraud would get in trouble.
Once they are arraigned. This occurs when a suspect (now a  defendant) is brought before a court and informed of the charges  against them, which is when they must offer a plea of "guilty",  "not guilty" or in some cases "no contest" (nolo contendere).
It depends on the state. Federal guidelines stipulates that the sentence is not to exceed six years. The only jurisdictions that federal guidelines apply though are in some federal jurisdictions, ships, or aircraft. In New York it can be up to 15 years, but in California it's a max of 4 years. For...
not legally until you have been tried for the crime
Say nothing when interviewed beyond, "I want to speak to my attorney."Then, consult legal counsel. Period.
Depends how many you would like to kill...
The "law" is a system of rules that prohibit certain forms of  behavior. In order to be laws, these rules must define consequences  that happen if someone does not obey. These consequences are  punishments. For example, one possible punishment for committing a  misdemeanor in California is jail...
Every criminal conviction stays on your record until it is removed.  Most crimes, except the most serious felonies, can be removed by  having them expunged.
Permanently, but the consequences can depend on the situation.  There are three levels of misdemeanor domestic violence in CA: PC  243(e)(1) is domestic battery, PC 243(d) is aggravated battery  (which can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony), and PC  273.5 is is Corporal Injury on a...
"Robbery is a crime of the second degree, except that it is a crime of the first degree if in the course of committing the theft the actor attempts to kill anyone, or purposely inflicts or attempts to inflict serious bodily injury, or is armed with, or uses or threatens the immediate use of a deadly...
only if you are silly enough to commit the same crime another time
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Yes, you can. License requirements vary a GREAT deal from state to state, and country to country. You did not say where you live, so cannot comment on what license you need, if any.
Expunging a criminal record or background can only be done by a  judge. In most cases, a judge must be given a very good reason for  removing criminal behavior from the official record.
This is the worst felony.
No where. Apparently you must pay, and even then, you may not get the information that you need. Unfortunately, you can be dating a woman beater, and not ever find out about it. However, if you simply ask the police, it may cost you thousands of dollars to wish you hadn't.
Obama has said that the death penalty is used too frequently and inconsistently. However, he favors it for cases in which "the community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage.". He will of course end up turning every thing around.
  Yes, John McCain supports the death penalty.
They all do.    However, since the United States has relatively weak diplomatic  relations with Cuba, extradition between the two is extremely rare  and a very lengthy process.
Its up to the judge that sentences the inmate. They can set a time  that the inmate will be allowed to be released or they can order  that the full sentence be served.
In simple terms, bail is the actual thing of value (money, etc) that is put up to guarantee appearance. Bond referes to the contract that the bailee makes with the court in agreement to return for further appearances. .
No. There are 4 ideas behind punishing criminals: deterrent, incarceration, rehabilitation and retribution. Retribution is the controversial one because, in the U.S., punishment is meant to reasonably fit the crime committed. If an emotional family was given the choice, a lot of criminals would be...
New Mexico provides different types of penalties for different types of second degree felonies. If your felony resulted in the death of another or a sexual offense against a child, the punishment stated is 15 years imprisonment and a fine of $12,500. All other second degree felonies: 9 years...
This completely depends on the monetary amount of the theft and way the theft was carried out. In most states, grand theft and petty theft is divided above and below $500. Grand theft is a felony. Punishments can range from a $500 fine to life in prison.
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A chair you get tied in if you're crazy and/or a criminal, they put these wires on your heads, then turn a dial to whatever number causing thousands of painful shocks
In some states yes... you might want to look up which states.because houses can go on fire
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  No. However it is dishonest if you intend not to pay your debts and its hard to get away fro credit card debt without getting busted no matter where you go.
LA jails are so crowded...usually only 10% of the time, so 27 days out of 270!
  If you haven't gone to court yet you aren't guilty and can get your license. If you have been found guilty in court already, they have taken your driving privileges.
  == Answer ==   If they are still in the car, the person that stole the car is responsible, unless he can convince the police that someone else is responsible.
Well, if you expect an answer, you should clarify WHAT scene you are talking about.
It really just depends on what kind of insurance policy you bought.Some will offer certain limited property coverage while away fromhome. But typically, Homeowners insurance coverage is limited toyour home and property and does not cover criminal activities ofthe insured anywhere. If you were...
  == Answer ==   Fugitive from justice, unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, failure to appear, and so on.
Definently not! It is just a prison!!
The police got a search warrent in order to search the suspect's  house.   The suspect would not allow the police to search his home without a  search warrant.
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