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The Argentine Republic is a South American neighbor of Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, and Bolivia. Argentina owes its name to the clear, shining silvery whiteness of its streams and coastal beaches. Contributors typically want to know about the country's exciting night life; Italian immigrant heritage; many artistic, literary and musical accomplishments; up-and-down politics; and vast mineral and natural resources.


Parana river and urguay river
'Porteños' translates to "people of/from the port." Buenos Aires has a large port. Ergo, its residents are people from a port.
The people in Argentina like to eat beef.
The country of Buenos Aires is Argentina, located in South America. As a state Buenos Aires also has its own capital called "Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires" or C.A.B.A. in short. Formerly we used to call it Capital Federal only.
If it was 6 pm in the US it would be 8pm in Argentina because theirclock is 2 hours ahead of us
You shold say "HELADERA" in spanish.
Argentina was discovered in 1516 and 1526.
The current population of Argentina is 41.5 million people, and the  population density is 39.9 people per square mile. The current  population of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is 2.891  million people.
Houses in the city are referred to as PH's or Casa Chorizo's because they are stacked heading in from the street like a sausage. Some of them are remodeled and very nice, with gorgeous architecture, and others are victims of blight. You can click here for some examples of great remodeled old houses...
Given the fact that Spanish is the official of Argentina, the answer would be, "Hola...como estas?", which is the informal conjugation. This holds true if you are addressing a single person with the same social status and same relative age as your self. Otherwise, when addressing a group of people,...
This is the Andes range between Argentina and Chile
At least 24 hours depending on airline
Animals such as kangaroos, turkeys, and chickens.
The poor living in the favelas
yes al de relahand amozonrio de la plata
Buenos Aires, Argentina lies along the mouth of the Parana River.
8 to 11 degrese above the equator
the cause of the Argentina dirty war was due to the killings ofthousands of people at the time of the military junta's. It started with a void Leadership (Isabel Perón). The extreme leftwanted to take the Government and the Militars prevented it. Therewere guerrilla vs militars. It was then...
depends where, most countries about 4% but in Canada about 40%
yes, but sometimes people mess up because there is a whole provice named Buenos aires and in it there is an independent city (a whole different province at the same time) called Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, or autonomous city of Buenos aires, and that's the real capital , and what most people...
Argentina is in South America.
Within the borders of Argentina are found the Patagonian Desert, the Monte Desert as well as a small part of the Atacama Desert.
The blue stripes mean river and white stripe means white silver. It was designed by General Manuel Belgrano in 1812.
There are empanadas (turnovers), asado (barbecue), dulce de leche (a sweet jam made of milk and sugar), alfajores (2 pieces of dough, similar to cookies, with dulce de leche in the middle), and locro (a stew with meat, beans, vegetables, and pork).
34°36′12″S 58°22′54″W
ganador some people do say winner, or at least understand what it means, but ganador is the word
I travelled through Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. We stopped in Punta del Este, Florianopolis and Buenos Aires on our way to Chile and Peru. When we were there we used Oasis Luxury Rentals - http://www.oasisluxuryrentals.com . The staff was super helpful and the apartments and houses they offered...
According to HowManyHours.com a flight from San Francisco to Buenos Aries is about 13 hours
I belive it is the little town of Marion south dakota, poplulation 1200
Argentina is a cosmopolitan European country that just happens to be located in South America. Spain contributed the earliest immigrants, and Spanish is the official language. Between 1870 and 1930, Italians made a major contribution to the population. Ethnic Germans constitute the third largest...
Argentina is the "Argentine Republic" (República Argentina) which derives from the Latin name for silver (argentum), as suggested by the Spanish name "sierra de la plata" (land of silver).
Argentina has such a strong Europeam culture because it was settled by the Spanish during the Age of Exploration. As the indigenous people were all but wiped out, ARgentina was left in a very "Europeanized" state.
, Argentina's coldest weather is in the Patagonia and is 3℉.
No,it is not.
8hr 50min to 9hr 00min Miami (MIA) to Buenos Aires (EZE) by a nonstop flight operated by LAN Argentina, Aerolineas Argentinas or American Airlines.
The approximate distance between the cities' major airports is 5,266 air miles.
Argentina has automotive industry: Ford/GM/Renault/Fiat/Toyota/IVECO/Citroën/Peugeot + parts Also it's returning to Aerospace with satellites, military aircrafts and rockets for satellites. There are also heavy industries for ports facilities, pipelines for petrol and gas.Some industries are...
She still is, and will be until next elections, in 2012.
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After Peron's widow had been ruling Argentina, there was a coup which led to the establishment of a military junta who starting conducting "a dirty war" in which over 8,000 people disappeared until civilian rule was eventually restored in 1983.
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They are next to each other. Argentina is a big country so some parts will be a long way from Chile perhaps1,000 miles
Nope. They are both countries in South America. They are neighbors but not the same country.
US was the world's largest economy followed by the UK, China, France, Germany, India and the USSR. (over a board period of 1900-1925)
The Arabian Sea at the western side; the Bay of Bengal at the eastern side; and the Indian Ocean at the southern side of India are the large water bodies surrounding Indian subcontinent.
due to Italian infulence in Argentina, argentians usually say the word ciao, pronounced (chow).
Meat, tango and landscapes (it's the eight biggest country in the world and goes from near the ecuator to Antarctica so you have a any kind of landscape)
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Argentina trades many different things with the United States.It has been said that they trade soybeans,cereal,beef,motor vehicals,and medication, But they do not have a strong economy to trade large amonts of them so the trade little at a time, over large amounts of time and lower cost of money for...
The rhea is a large flightless bird that lives in Pampas. This bird  is often harvested for meat and for its feathers which are used to  decorate clothing.
Your answer depends on your starting point.
Central Wisconsin to Southern Spain is 4250 miles.   Central Wisconsin to Northern Argentina is 4900 miles.    As a result, Wisconsin is closer to Southern Spain, but not by  much.
Good cow meat, the beautiful women, good football players and the best "amateur" rugby team in the last world cup.
In Argentina, the people there wear very similar stuff to us. Many of their stores are very cute. I was there this summer, and I bought a lot of stuff. Except their shoes are really expensive, so their shoes aren't as nice.
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If you're referring to the Argentine Modelo 1909, it uses the 7.65x53 cartridge... a rather uncommon round, but surplus ammo can be found for them. On the side of the receiver, it should say something like "MAUSER MODELO ARGENTINO 1909", while the bolt guide behind the chamber should have the...
NO! Argentina is a country in South America, next to Brazil.
On 29 April 1901, some private companies with the support of the Australian Government set up a competition to design a new flag for Australia. The prize money was ₤200 including ₤75 from a magazine and ₤50 from a tobacco company.There were 32,823 designs entered into the competition. Five...