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The Republic of Estonia is a North European neighbor of the Russian Federation. But its unusual language is related more closely to Finnish. Typical contributions include questions about the country's Ice Age settlement sites; Iron Age artifacts; multilingual, educated population; and pioneering political economy of balanced budgets, e-government, debt free programming, and free trade.
Yes, Estonia is in Europe. At the baltic sea between Finland (north) and Latvia (south), Russia (east)
Est, pronounced just like the beginning of Estonian or "estländare" (eh-st-laen-da-reh)
It is in Northern Europe; south of Finland and west of Russia.
Its about 60 centimeters(24 inches) at the moment. Some snow piles are high as cars.
The distance from Tartu to Tallinn is about 188 kilometres ( 117 miles ) .
Suletud saar is an Estonian equivalent of the title to the movie 'Shutter Island'.
Imelised is an Estonian equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Incredibles'.
Eli raamat is an Estonian equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Book of Eli'.
Huntmees is an Estonian equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Wolfman'.
Estonia's land form is rocky in some parts, and plains and forests on the other.
"Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm" ; melody by Frederik Pacius, lyrics by Johann Voldemar Jannsen.
Estonia is not a part of Germany, Estonia is an independent country.
pleas do not be bad at me if i am no right but i think it id the black sea if you look at a map.
Eritea. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and Asmara is the capital of Eritea.
Tänan.You may also use Aitäh.
Kirjutama. He/she writes - kirjutab ; they write - kirjutavad ; you write (plural) - kirjutate ; you write (singular) - kirjutad ; i write - kirjutan
(he/she wrote) - kirjutas ; (i wrote) - kirjutasin ; (they wrote, you wrote) - kirjutasid
The answer is "pliiatsid"
Sissetungijad, röövvallutajad
Browse should be "vali" in Estonian... I am Estonian
brauserid is browsers in Estonian.
It´s actually the same.
Yes. It started to use it on the 1st of January 2011.
Tallinn is located at 59˚N.
Exactly the same - golf.
Poolläbipaistev, läbi kumav, läbinähtav, arusaadav .
Läbipaistev, mittetuntav .
manuaal, juhend, käsiraamat, manuaalne .
Lithuania is rich in the mineral Amber. They make any number of products from Amber, most notably jewelery. Lithuania is also known for it's Linen products.
The answer is "barbarid"
Estonia is run by a president, currently by Toomas Hendrik Ilves.
Any link between Romania and Estonia. No, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the 3 Baltic States, formerly 3 Soviet States, situated near the Scandinavian Peninsula. Romania is an East-European state, situated near the Balkans. All 4 states are members of the European Union. Their languages,...
If you mean country like Estonia, Sweden, UK then it is 'riik'.
1) itaalia keel - Italian language2) itaallane - an Italian person
Official data as in 2012 Q1 after taxes net income per month is: * National minimum: 248,34€ a month (12,2% earn that much or less). Professions like cashier, security Guard, postal worker, dishwasher, kindergarten worker. * Between minimum 248,34€ and median salary 468,92€, earn 37,8% of...
Estonia (officially, Republic of Estonia) - 17,413 sq miles.
No, neither Finnish nor Estonian is a Dravidian language. Dravidian languages are predominately spoken in South Asia, whereas Finnish and Estonian are closely related Uralic languages.
Estonian in Estonian is Eesti, pronounced ''Eestay'' or ''Eestlane''Estonia in Estonian is 'Eesti' too.
Only when they visit Scotland.
No mountains only hills.
Just like everywhere else - there are teachers, trainers, video game testers, businessmen, secretarys, IT-specialists, janitors, etc, etc, etc.
Yes, Agriculture is an important part of Estonia's food-processing industry. Principal crops include potatoes, barley, and hay. Livestock farming consists mainly of cattle and pigs.