Fiji, officially known as the Republic of Fiji, is an island nation in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 nautical miles northeast of North Island of New Zealand. The country has a total area of 7,056 sq mi and an estimated population of 849,000 as of 2009.
Fiji's postal code is "FJ 696"
Captain Cook Strait between Vanua Levu and Yawasa.
Hot, occassional warm rain, breezy and fun. Yes, elections in Fiji are held in every 5 years. But, in 2006 the democratically elected Fiji Government was thrown out of the Parliament House. Fiji currently have an Interim Government serving and catering less then a million people in Fiji. The next...
No, not at all. Fiji shares the same time in all its 300+ islands. Fiji is North of New Zealand and these two countries share the same time and day, date and year.
Fiji - 18,130,000,000 sq meters.
Fiji is North of New Zealand.
In English = Food In Fijian = Kakana In Fiji Hindi = Khana
In Fijian:- "My Love is translated to "Noqu Daulomani." pronounced No/Qhu/Dah/U Low/Ma/Ni.
Teacher in Fiji is also called Teacher. Fiji is an island nation that speaks English. English is the countrys main language followed by Fijian and Fiji-Hindi.
The distance between London, England and Suva, the capitol of Fijiis 16,301 kilometers. On average, the flight time, not includinglayovers, is 20 hours and 45 minutes.
bula that means hello in fijian. Savakacava tiko i think that is it also it is pronounced Sar var kar thar var teeko. Fijian translation - Pronunciation - English translation . Sa vakacava tiko o iko? - Sah vahkahthavah teeko oh eeko - How are you?
Dress codes in public places like towns and cities is ok. When entering a village one should dress formal. For women, long skirts, a top that reaches your elbow, no shoes, no makeups and jewelleries, women should be carefully dress. Show little flesh as possible. For man, sulu vakatonga or sarong...
Try visiting the Ministry of Information Fiji. National Fiji Archives. Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration Building in Suva. The Immigration Department.
The latitude is 18'00South. And the longitude is 175'00East. :) You're welcome
Fiji as a nation was established in October of 1970. It is locatedin Melanesia about 1,100 miles northeast of the North Island of NewZealand.
It depends from where you are and what airlines you willing to travel with.
It would be the 10th of October, 1970, when Fiji gained it's independence
How are you translated to Fijian is " Vakacava tiko na bula ?"
Fijians believe in God Almighty. They believe in true Democracy, equality, and oneness.
Volcanic mountains, plateaus, valleys, rocky hill, dry and lush green vegetation
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A flight from London to Fiji takes about 21 hours.
In what sport?? I do recall them winning the world rugby sevens title a few years ago...
Fiji is the cross road of the Pacific. It is the main habour for both ships and planes coming from the west to the east of the Pacific.
orange - sacrifice green - agriculture
Fiji consists of 322 islands (of which 106 are inhabited) and 522 smaller islets. The two most important islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.
According to my atlas, yes it is. Wonderful things, books - you can find all sorts of information in them. :-)
There is no relationship between the Fijian government and United Kingdom. Fiji gained Independence from Britain in October 10, 1970. In the year 2006, the Fiji Military entered the Parliament Buidlings in Nasese and interrupt the House of Representative in their meetings. Frank Bainimarama swept...
849,500 in 2007 the last census.
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Seattle is 19 hours behind Fiji Local Time.. Seattle is 19 hours behind Fiji Local Time.
No athletes from Fiji are competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Fijis government follow the Westminster Abbey structure by the British.
Yes they do and I know this from personal experienec. I went to Fiji last week on Virgin airlines and they fumigated the plane. I was upset by this as nothing was said on my ticket about it and I am pregnant.
Gordon Brown did not lead or mastermind any Coup in Fiji.
Sitiveni Rabuka led the first civil coup in Fiji in the year 1987.
Fiji falls under the Australian continent along with other south pacific countries and are sometimes regarded to as Oceanic.
Fiji is an Island country, in its own right.
You can find plateaus around the International Airport in Nadi where most of its plateau lies next to the Pacific Ocean. The interior is more mountaneous.
There are so many currency exchange in Fiji. Visit the Fiji Visitors Bureau for a list of currency exchange office.
The term Girmitiya was and is in use for Identifying Indenture System
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Fiji have two types of Government. Local Government and The Government of the Fiji Islands. The Local Government are resposible in looking after towns, cities and sub-urbans while the main government looks after everything else from infrastructure, health, education, well-being of citizens,...
the population of Fiji is 849,000 (2009 est.).
Air New Zealand from New Zealand. Qantas from Australia Continental Airlines from Guam V Australia from Australia Korean Air from South Korea Air Pacific - Fijis own airlines
Yes of course you can.
They eat all types of food which includes seafood, all types of vegetables, meat which is cooked in various ways. It's exciting to see and taste different dishes prepared by different races in Fiji.
The largest island is Fiji
Fiji shares water border with New Caledonia & Vanuatu to the west, The Solomon Islands to the North West, Tuvalu in the North, Wallis & Futuna to the North East and Tonga to the East.
About 70% of the country is still bush but most people live in the urban areas.
Captain James Cook gave the Fiji Islands the name "Fiji" essentially due to a misunderstanding with Fiji's close neighbors the Tongans. Fijians originally called their islands "Viti". A Fijian person also refers to themselves as "Kaiviti" where "Kai" means "from" and "Viti" being the indigenous name...
The flight distance from Paris, France to Fiji is: 10,289 miles / 16,558 km
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It depends. In the Central division, the temperatures are moremoderate ranging from 18 to 24 degrees Celsius. In the westernDivision, temperatures range from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius. In theEastern Division, it is mostly wet and lush so temperatures rangefrom 18 to 24 degrees Celsius. In the...
Arts, music, clothing, food, culture, architecture, beautiful landscapes, coral reefs, surfing, nice sunsets.... Miranda is awesome she is so cool and the prettiest girl in the world thats what fiji is famous for.... xoxo gossip gurl
In the summer it is 28 to 32 degrees Celsius during the day and 24 to 28 at night.During winter the temperature is 20 to 28 during the day and 15 to 20 at night. I live in Fiji so i should know.
In Fiji it has environmental problems like polution, water like recycling water, cyclones, tropical storms, floods and droughts thatcan effect many of the islands in Fiji.
about 50 The population of Fiji in the year 2004 by the Bureau of Statistics Fiji it showed that 840,201 people live in the Fiji Islands.
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No, Fiji is not a continent. It is too small to be considered as such. Fiji falls under the Australian continent.
A 50 Cent coin from Fiji (KM#54a) is a 12-sided coin 31.5mm in diameter, weighing 13.43 grams and produced from Nickel Bonded Steel. There is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth the Second on the obverse, and a "Takia" (a Fijian sailing canoe) on the reverse. 800,000 such coins were produced in 1990 by...
Fiji is an island group in the Pacific Ocean.
The British built the Fiji government and brought Western civilization to the natives.
From the 1st Sun. of Nov. until the 4th Sun. of Jan., Fiji (UTC+13) is 20 hrs. ahead of Utah (UTC-7). From the 4th Sun. of Jan. until the 2nd Sun. of March, Fiji (UTC+12) is 19 hrs. ahead of Utah (UTC-7). From the 2nd Sun. of March until the 4th Sun. of Oct., Fiji (UTC+12) is 18 hrs. ahead...
Mount Fuji? is 3776.24 m (12389 ft)
Turkey, Officialy Republic of Turkey, is a country which borders Europe and Asia. 97% of the country is in Asia and 3% in Europe. The last census shows that the population is 72,561,312.
In 1969, coins were introduced in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20, with a 50 cent coin issued in 1975. The coins had the same sizes and compositions as the corresponding Australian coins, with the 50 cents matching the cupro-nickel dodecagonal type introduced in Australia in 1969. In 1990, new...
nothing It is still Fiji.
Fiji has approximately 320 islands.