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France, officially the French Republic, is a country in Western Europe with several other overseas territories and islands situated in other continents, as well as in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. France is the largest west-European country, having a total land area of 674,843 sq km.
The province located in the southeast of France is Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. Marseille is its regional capital.jk
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I can't answer that question fully, but I can say that about 50% of the French men in that generation were killed and/or completely disabled. Something like 85% were injured in some way. So, women greatly outnumbered men of that generation. War widows were paid a pension, as were "White Widows." Whi…
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White man came to Vermont in the early 1600's, when in 1609, the French explorer Samuel de Champlain sailed into what is now known as Lake Champlain. It was then, in the summer of 1609, when Vermont was first dubbed "Verde Mont," French for "Green Mountains." Like a good explorer would, Champlain cl…
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The Statue of Liberty was built in France 1882, was transported to America on October 28, 1886 and was then pronounced the Statue of Liberty. France and America both worked on the Statue of Liberty. France was building the actual statue and America was working on the foundation for the statue. Both…
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The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French people to the United States as a token of mutual friendship . The Statue of Liberty was designed by Frederic A. Bartholdi and Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (Eiffel is the same man who did the Eiffel tower ).The idea for the Statue of Liberty came to Mr .Ba…
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2005 Riots in Paris, Algeria War, War in Indochina, etc. After the first World war, France knew what we call "Les années folles", a period when the people enjoyed life with carefreeness. Then, in 1929, France knew the Depression. This led to the election, in 1936, of a left wing party called "Le …
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Answer Without the US' help, Operation Overlord (D-Day) would never have happened. Without D-Day, France would have never been liberated. The US wanted to liberate France as the stepping stone to driving into Germany and ending WWII in Europe. Plus the US did feel some kindred towards France sin…
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Answer This would be impossible to answer in a forum like this. You need to ask a specific question, e.g. Are you looking for information on a certain period of French history? The middle ages? The French Revolution? The World Wars of the 20th century?
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The distance from Dallas, Texas, to Paris, France is 7,957 km (4,944 miles)
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French Crafts This Site has information about crafts that are made and sold in France along with information about the artists:
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Driving from London to Paris The full answer, of course, is, 'In What?' - one would need an amphibious vehicle. The car has to go on a train (through the tunnel) or a boat. So, although 213 miles is about right, there are 3 imponderable: 1) getting out of London - this can take 1-3 hours depending …
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There are many views as to when France was "really" a country. - 476: Fall of the Western Roman Empire. - 486: Clovis, a Frankish king, takes hold of Syagrius' kingdom, a remainder of Roman possessions, between the rivers Somme and Loire. The Franks hold the northern half of nowadays France, and e…
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There is a bicameral legislature. The government is headed by a prime minister who is appointed by the President. The lower house of parliament is directly elected, the senate is indirectly elected. The President is elected every five years (until recently, every seven). When the President belongs t…
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They were both revolutions against a monarchial government at about the same time in history. Both were inspired, in part, by the ideas of French philosophical writers. The success of the American Revolution and its new form of government may have lead to the French Revolution. (see the related ques…
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Answer France
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The distance between Sacramento, CA and Paris, France is approximately 5503 miles (8856 km).
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Answer This may have been true at one time, and you may still find yourself in the position of having to ask for ice on occasion, but the American tourist reputation apparently precedes us in more ways than one. Most Parisian wait staffs are able to identify American tourists immediately and…
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You may bring back 1 liter tax free. You can bring back as much more as you can carry AND pay the import duty.
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France was named after a Germanic tribe, the "Franks", who settled in Northern France, and whose kings came to preeminence after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Franks held a large territory in nowadays Belgium, Northern France and down to Paris. At the time the word "Frank" also meant 'free'. In…
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To clarify your question, most countries in Europe DO NOT drive on the left. It's pretty much only the UK. If you look at history, the majorities of the countries that drive on the left now were prior British colonies or influenced by the British.
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Paris, the City of Light There are two reasons for this nickname: On the one hand, Paris has long been one of the world's major centre of art and enlightenment, consequently the city was nickname "La Ville-Lumière" or more accurately la Ville des Lumières (the City of Enlightenment). On the othe…
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Answer On Jan 1, 2010, the population of Paris was 2 201 578 inhabitants. Answer Official figures given out by the French Government, 30 dec. 2008: Paris (town): 2,181,371 Paris (urban area):11,174,743 Answer 2259000
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Soccer is the most popular sport in France with 2,320,625 registered players last year (2008). Tennis is the number 2 sport with 1,094,593 registered players. Cycling, is also a hugely popular sport; one of the most popular events is the Tour de France drawing over 5,000,000 viewers a year.
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Alternatives to the Eiffel Tower... La Tour Montparnasse is one of the only skyscrapers in Paris, offering a wonderful view. L'Arc de Triomphe at Charles de Gaulle Etoile is not as high, but still offers a breathtaking view. As with Sacre Coeur, l'Arc de Triomphe requires a bit of stair climbing wit…
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The political relationship between England and France has been complicated over the years, however, as of September 2014, the two countries are allies. Representatives from both countries have recently remarked that the relationship continues to grow.
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Giving the U.S. the Statue of Liberty, their incredible history of art which is all at the Louvre, some famous authors of classic books come from France, and the Eiffel Tower. Many travel books list the most popular sites for tourist that represent what makes France a wonderful destination. Napoleon…
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I went to GOOGLE, clicked on Advance Web Search, typed in the words Paris and France, the exact phrase Statue of Liberty and any of the words scale or model. Those parameters turned up a large number of hits.
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The currency used in France is the Euro (symbol €) and its the subdivision is called the 'cent' (English) or 'centime' (French). The Euro replaced the French franc in 2002 at the rate of €1 = 6.55957 francs, and the franc was no longer redeemable after February 2012.Euro
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le Pas de Calais is a mini-region in the North of France.
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Maurice de Sully, bishop of Paris, decided to build a new cathedral for the expanding population, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Although construction started in 1163, it was not completed until roughly 80 years later in about 1240s. Built in an age of illiteracy, the cathedral retells the stories o…
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The Tour De France bicycle race 2010 is pretty important.More information on it, see the link below.http://www.letour.fr/us/index.html
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France's responsibility for the outbreak of WW1 was NIL. i do not think France was a bit responsible for causing the world war. i think by forming military alliances with Russia, they were trying to defend themselves against the hostilities of Germany towards them. talking about the policy of Revan…
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They had many problems because their was a war and many soldiers died when they where crossing though the war
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Flight Time From Dallas to Paris, France Assuming you mean Paris, France and not Paris, Texas...about 9 and a half hours.
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Answer The same type people have everywhere. Industrial, hospitality, medical, trades, office, etc.
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Assuming you have a general circulation issue, that design was issued from 1960 to 2002 when the euro came into use. Many were hoarded post-euro so there's no significant numismatic value. The exchange rate fluctuated but was around 7 or 8 francs to the U.S. dollar, so your coin's value would be 12…
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The units money in France shall be Euro(EUR), has Europe, (Europe)...
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Take a red-eye flight. Those tend to be cheapest. If you're looking at the best time of year, avoid holidays. It is often the case that February and early March (before Easter travel gets under way) are cheap. Different airlines have different policies, so do a thorough search. There is another …
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yes he did alot for France and their government he was said to be the best president of all time
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2 and a half million
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yes France is a developed country. Yes it is.
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Of course, France is a developed country.
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The Somme river, known for: The river is perhaps most famous as a result of the World War I Battle of the Somme (July 1, 1916). The great battles which finally stopped the German advance in the Spring Offensive of 1918 were fought around the valley of the Somme in places like Villers Bretonneux, w…
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Before France Became a Country It was a Roman Province - Gallia Transalpina. before that, it was a land mass occupied by multiple tribes - a bit like the USA in fact. Think of the Romans as the British and you have the history. Mind you, the British had their hand in the matter; in the medie…
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Answer Louis Phillipe (http://www.answers.com/topic/louis-philippe-of-france#Dictionary) was the last King of France Answer Louis XVI
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Meaning of the French titi Titi is a slang word that means "girl," as in "Tu vas être une vraie titi parisienne" ("You are going to be a real Parisian girl"). Note the difference between this and Tatie (Auntie), as in, "Dis bonjour à ta Tatie Anne" ("Say 'hello' to your Auntie Anne"). In Québ…
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Georges Benjamin Clemenceau
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Mainland France shares a land border with eight countries, clockwise from the North: Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - Switzerland - Italy - (then the Mediterranean sea) Monaco - (then the Mediterranean sea again) Spain - Andorra - Spain again (then the Atlantic) Great-Britain is across the Engli…
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Appearance of Paris looks like Paris, really. The principal distinguishing feature is that until the mid 20th century, no buildings above six stories in height were allowed within the walls; as a result, Paris is shaped like a saucer, with tall buildings on the outside and smaller ones at the cent…
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The Marne river, The Somme river, orThe Meuse riverThe Somme river is perhaps most famous as a result of the World War I Battle of the Somme (July 1, 1916).The Meuse river saw battles near the fortress of Verdun, where the fighting between the French and the Germans was very fierce especially in ea…
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Paris is located in the north of France at the heart of the Ile-de-France region. It sits on the Siene River. It is the capital of France and the most populous city there.
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It forced Hitler to fight on several fronts (Italy, Russia, and France) dividing his forces. Germany was defeated less than a year after the invasion. This was a good and lucky thing for americans.
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The capital of France is Paris.
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Soccer in France began when FIFA was formed in May 1904. The first official soccer game was held by The French National team that same year.
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France is located in western Europe, and has a temperate climate. Related questions are linked regarding France's landforms, main mountain ranges, climate.
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Colors on the French Flag The French flag is the official French pavilion since 1794. It was drawn by Jacques Louis David, famous French painter, but it has its origins in July 1789. Shortly after the fall of the Bastille, the king visited the Paris town hall and was handed a blue and red cockade - …
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Primarily because of the pending economic collapse of France.
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This is like asking why do Mexican eat tacos. The history plays big role where the french has contributed the revoluiton on wine. They have been to ups and down of the wine culture. The staple drink has been evolved there as some of the drinks have been created. The soil itself in France has very su…
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Distance between Australia and FranceThe total distance from Australia to France is 9,472 miles.This is equivalent to 15,244 kilometers or 8,231 nautical miles.
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Are you kidding? I hope you are. France is a democracy, has been since 1789, on and off!  Answer France is a Republic! Democracy doesn't exclude the role of a monarch - Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, etc  Answer France has not been a democracy (in the modern, liberal sen…
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who was the leader of the astro/hungarian emire in ww1
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because it is very old, (construction started in 1163) has many amazing sculptures and gargoyles, and has been the place of many significant events, king Louis VI was crowned in 1431, Joan of Arc's mother begged for her daughter's life in 1455 and Napoleon was elected Emperor in 1804
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France killed a million and a half of Algerians from 1954-1962, and more than 3 millions some researchers say , from 1830 to 1962 , the number of the wounded and missing is much higher , France used during that all kind of illegal weapons napalm and so on, not mentioning nuclear tests in the desert …
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The Country of France is 547030 square kilometers, 211209 square miles Comparatively Texas is 696241 square kilometers; 268820 square miles.
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The rise in the national standard of living in the long term will improve the country's environmental conditions. However, in the short term, the country's environmental conditions will initially worsen. When raising the minimum wage (in order to improve standard of living) this may seem like a good…
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France chose to declare war on the German Nazi Third Reich when they attacked, invaded and took over Poland. This attack was a violation of the Treaty of Versailles. The UK also declared war on Germany. It must be clarified that had neither country declared war on Germany they both would have been …
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There are three colours in verticals bars on the French flag: blue, white, and red.
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The climate in Nice, France is resembling the climate of California. The average day in June has every chance to be quite sunny and even pretty hot. That's a season to wear short-sleeved shirts.
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Answer France is a vegetation country they don't eat alot or fat of meat 20% of them do ,as you can see France has a lot of plants and farming area, they drink grape wine that's ether hand made or with no chemical eat salad mixed with fruited or vegetable's and yes they eat spaghetti with meat sa…
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 National Day in France The French national day is held on July 14th to commemorate the storming of the Bastille, a prison and castle which stood in the heart of Paris. It marks the beginning of the French revolution in 1789. It is often called 'Bastille Day' in English-speaking countries, w…
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none France doesnt have states
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Answer In France they do all sorts of jobs like music and baking! They do pretty much the same jobs Americans do, only they speak French while doing it.
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ParisMarseille LyonToulouseNice
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It isn't 90 minutes as there isn't a ferry directly from London to France, so the first ferry would be from Portsmouth or Southampton etc, but the shortest ferry would be about 180minutes - 3 hours - but on the other hand the longest would be the over night ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg being o…
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I heard abaout 7-8 BILLION bottles a year :l
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to trade fur to get richHI
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February 2006. In recent days there has been much press coverage about new claims by American, British and Belgian scientists that they have discovered the geographical source of AIDS. These researchers have apparently detected simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIVs) that are closely related to the A…
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Francois Hollande defeated Nicholas Sarkozy to become the new president of France in 2012.
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Andorra is the small country that lies between France and Spain.
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The Allies, US, UK, Poland, Free France, and others ramped up their manufacturing to a war footing to produce the material requirements for an war. At the same time they were training and supplying troops and gaining the experience and shipping needed to support amphibious invasions. Then they use…
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Interesting Facts About France France is the largest country in Western Europe, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is well known around the world for the food, wine, sights, and monuments in the famous cities. A common place for vacations, the sea, the mountains, and the …
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Answer It's simply bcos the country does not want to be one-controlled by either government or markets,so they choose to collaboratein order to help each other along the way. Answer 2 There is a veriety of reasons why countries choose the policies they do. Policies are not mutually exclu…
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some goodsin France include : education, speed cameras, driving, publc tranportation!! (:
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The leader of France is the president of France, currently François Hollande. (took office May 15, 2012) The president of France also nominally appoints the Prime Minister of France (currently Jean-Marc Ayrault) who is also seen as a leader of France, and is chosen from the elected members of the…
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Its french president, Nicolas Sarkozy, since 2007
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French is a describes something that comes from France. it is also used to mean what language french people, or people from France, speak: the language of French.
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The current (2012 to 2017) President of France is François Hollande.The current President; as of July 2014; of the French Republic is François HollandeHe took office on 15 May 2012.
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One blue stripe, one red. (Add a central white stripe - the old royal flag - and you have the tricolore.) No here is the Paris flag. Blue, red and a ship in the middle "Fluctuat nec mergitur"
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After the fall of the Roman Empire, a lot of different barbarian tribes fought over Gaul (ancient name of France) the ones that wiped all the other out were the Francs and their king Clovis. The called the territory by their own name, it became France.
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You can: See the Eiffel Tower, L'Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre museum, Versailles palace, the Garnier Opera House, the Catacombs, Tour Montparnasse, Musee d'Orsay, Tuileries Gardens ...and much more.
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there where no laws for specific cases of child labor until hte ilo intervene in France in 1999
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Builder of Notre Dame Notre Dame de Paris was built atop the sacred groves of the Celts, who held their services on the island on the Seine, by the Romans. A basilica dedicated to St. Etienne was constructed there around 528 by Childebert. A Romanesque church replaced the basilica and it stoo…
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Months Left On Your Passport Determine when your passport expires and subtract 3 or 4 months from that date to allow for renewal.
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France is on the western part of Europe so according to this map yes yes it is.for more information go to HTTP://wikipedia.com for more on France!
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Stop answering questions wrong! Sorry, The resources of minerals: Coal Iron Ore bauxite & uranium The resources of soil: High quality soils cover almost half the country's surface, Giving France an agricultural surplus that makes it an exporter of food. I hope this helped :-) If you ne…
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Snails, are eaten in France, but are not known to live there because of the city life, poodles are of BIG population in france, and live in the houses so people so YES they do live there, and honestly I have NO idea if horses live there, I would imangine no... only because Paris is a city, and you w…
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