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France, officially the French Republic, is a country in Western Europe with several other overseas territories and islands situated in other continents, as well as in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. France is the largest west-European country, having a total land area of 674,843 sq km.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Louvre in Paris, and Notre DameCathedral are three places to visit.
There are many historical places to visit in Paris, France. You can  visit the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Arc de Triomphe.
many fish is eaten in france, they'll eat anything salmonsardinessolesea bassmonk fishmullettrouttuneswordfishIn addition they eat a lot of seafood such as:clamssea urchinsmusselsscallopslobsterslangoustinescrabssea snails
 or some strange reason, for most of us people, France and the  French are seldom associated with great cars. Perhaps it is our  image of them producing the best bread that overshadows their forte  in creating great cars. Or maybe it could  be our own ignorance. Either way, the fact remains...
There are 6 hours between New York and Nice because New York isbehind Nice!
In 2007, France's oldest winery was discovered near Clermontl'Herault (Terrasses du Larzac AOC). It was dated 10AD, and fallsinto the Clairette du Languedoc Appellation. The Languedoc isFrance's oldest viticultural region.
No. France is very much a state. It has a government, citizens, and territory.
To find an answer there is the site of the french trains but I only find it in french : http://www.voyages-sncf.com/weblogic/schedule/showWishesPage;VSCPRDSession=HdJrLtFJw8QJX8rNy18kfJdjykGQQyhYzLpJ5LyW4l4PyQnvhr8q!651010060
Walk, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses, boats, airplanes,  trains... their technology isn't much different than the rest of  the world.
France has had colonies all over the world. Of course, most of them  have been in Africa.   Just to name a few African countries which were French colonies:  Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Madagascar or  Seychelles.   In Oceania France has colonized countries like Tahiti and...
About 3 hours and 30 minutes. On a plane it would take 2 hours less
a French president can serve two terms of five years each.
He definetly did! He won his second election by 119 to 1. And had 930 followers on the night of his second election who brought him back to his home and brought him to work the next day by sleigh. He had lots and lots of followers or supporters.
the Louvre used to be a fortress, then a palace and then it became a museum later on
The four pillars are used to support the tower and are aligned to  the points of the compass.
Soirs means 'night' or 'evening' in French.
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France has a border with Switzerland, but it does not surround it.
The statue arrived in New York Harbor on June 17, 1885 on board the  French frigate Isère commanded by Lespinasse De Saune. It  arrived in parts. A section of the arm was displayed at the  American Centennial in Philadelphia.
Because France does not have and needs.
It is just a significant monument to the city that features  innovative, turn-of-the-century architecture that is a tourist site  but is studied by many.
after napolions defeat France grew unstable some wanted Britain to return to a monarchy but others made it so they didnt rule in there favor( Jessie:)
Yes. He was very fond of the French culture and political system.
She became Queen of France on May 10th 1774, the day that King Louis XV died, making her husband King Louis XVI and herself Queen.
97 metres, since it was built in 1997, when capital of Kazakhstan was moved from Almaty to Astana
Eiffel Tower, wine, dolls, and biking marathon. don't forget cheese, I love Camembert cheese! oh right, also "baguette"
Tahiti is part of French Polynesian Islands. According to the CIAWorld Fact Book the languages spoken are: French 61.1% (official), Polynesian 31.4% (official), Asianlanguages 1.2%, other 0.3%, unspecified 6% (2002 census) Tahitians speak Tahitian and French. See the related link below for more...
Depending on the airport in France, there are a variety of airlinesthat fly into France. For example, Delta, Air France, US Airways,Brussels Airlines, EVA Airlines, and Swiss all fly into Paris,France.
Every five years from the top to the first floor and every ten  years for the whole monument
  According to a road trip planner like viamichelin or mappy, the distance between Grenoble and Cannes is 313km = 194,4 miles
Yes, France is part of northern Europe. But it is most likely to be described as "western" Europe.
Similer to what we use for the world trade center and our bridges
William Lyon Mackenzie doesn't like anything anymore. He died over 100 years ago, on August 28, 1861.
  == Answer ==   provinces     In France, there are Régions and Départements.
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The police in France simply don't care... basically anyone can buy tobacco and the police will very rarely give a sh*t.
Ill River in north-eastern France
they have fall celabrations including halloween
Bretagne (Brittany - Breizh) is a region. It's in the west of France.
Really the biggest difference is just the accent. The accent difference is fairly strong. Just as somebody from New York City might have a pretty tough time understanding someone from a small town in Scotland, people from France sometimes have a hard time understanding us. There are a few words here...
In French Polynesia there is a lot of over fishing. In Melanesia  there is pollution and sanitary issues. In Micronesia pollution is  I giant problem.
  what did the flag reprsent
The Rupt de Mad runs across parts of northern France. The river  offers a connection to the Moselle as well as smaller bodies of  water.
  umm... kindof the same way the do in most other places.   there are cars, motorbikes, bicycles, buses, trains, plains, boats... ok?   hope it helps
The Eiffel tower was the tallest building in the world until the  completion in 1930 of the Chrysler building - a year before the  Empire State building was completed.
Neither. Lyon is a city in east-central France.
Cantaloupe charentais is the name of the melon that grows in south  of France.
It had a parliamentary democracy with a chamber of deputies and a senate, a President and a Prime Minister with an associated cabinet of ministers as it did before the First World War
Dunkerque (Dunkirk in English)
Yes the Eiffel tower is famous in France.
it is, because it attracts tourists And more importantly it's a copy of the REAL Eiffel Tower in Paris, so it lets people who can't travel to Europe have a similar experience by visiting a replica of the actual eifel tower
about 13 hours. usually takes longer on airline which are around 18-19 hours
This is quite an oversimplification to speak of ghettos in France. Some suburbs may be disadvantaged, and some places dilapidated, but perfectly normal people live there. The sociological composition of the population is often more popular and left-leaning compared to the national average, and their...
my answer is france or england but im not sure
Normal flight time is 6 to 8 hours depending on winds.
There are seven verses in the French national Anthem, the latter being added by a different author. Nowadays the common version is made up of the first verse plus the chorus, while the full-length version is rarely sung.
Paris? the Eiffel tower?
People in France are of French nationality.
Spain and France have a common border. Along PART of that border is the tiny country of Andorra. On the north side of Andorra is France and on the south side is Spain. A border is a line between one country and another. A line has neither width nor area. Andorra has width, length, and area so it...
The last king was ousted in the revolution of 1848. After that camethe second republic (1848/1852), the second French Empire(1852/1870), and then the third, fourth and the present fifthrepublic.
For kids Kindergarden ( ages 3 to 6) 8:30-11:30 13:30-16:30 and 8:30-11:30 on Wednesday Primary ( ages 6 to 11) same as kindergarden Collège ( ages 11 to 15) 8:00-12:00 13:00-17:00 Lycée ( ages 15 to 18) 8:00-12:00 13:00-18:00 But that's the maximum possible, it really varies from one class...
She never did. She tried though, their destination was the town of Montmedy, a town near the friendly border of Austrian Belgium (so Belgium, but at that time that country was owned by Austria). Unfortunately, they were arrested at a town called Varennes.The reason they tried to flee was to try to...
nearly 80 million tourists visited France in 2008 according to the ministry in charge of tourism.
The important functions of the bank is as follows:1.Formulating and implementing monetary and credit policies2.Issuing the currency3.Monitoring the country's financial markets4.Maintaining financial stability5.Controlling foreign exchange reservesThe Bank is administered by a General Council. The...
King Henry later tells the French ambassador that he is not ready to fight.
The first line of the metro opened on July 19 1900. The core was  completed by the 1920's. Extensions into suburbs were done in the  1930's.
  There are quite a few Bahai's
BY celebrating it! :)
Summer officially starts in France on July 3, this is the time in  which schools are let out and Summer time begins.
Both France and Spain are Latin countries. Spain has a more Mediterranean culture, which was until recently heavily influenced by Catholicism. France is home of literature masters, and of the philosophers of the age of enlightenment. That era influenced America's founding fathers and French...
Madrid is the capital city of Spain
A dollar will buy very little in France today. Five dollars are worth 3.65 euros, which is not enough to buy a Big Mac in the Eurozone (where its price is 50% higher than in the United States)
The french word for the English channel is 'la Manche'.