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Guatemala is a Central American country bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast, the Caribbean to the east, Belize to the northeast and Mexico to the north and west.
Important travel destinations in Guatemala include Lake Atitlan (a  beautiful lake), La Antigua (Spanish style city), and  Quetzaltenango (or Xela), which is the second largest city and a  center of the highlands area.
The flight time for flights between the above places is 2.5 hours This is an approximate travel time. The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc
Guatemala City is located on Central America's isthmus northwestern  edge and positioned in both the northern and western hemispheres.  Its absolute location is 14 deg 38 min N, 90 deg 31 min W.
About a cent if you can sell them in bulk
The distance is about 14,130 air miles.
tropical; hot, humid in lowlands; cooler in highlands
Guatemala has only 1 term for 6 years.
No, but i think one is in Mexico actually, there isn't one in Mexico. only in Egypt, turkey,Greece, and Iraq
jaguar, brown pelican, northern opossum, west Indian manatee
The flag of Guatemala features two colors: sky blue and white. Thetwo sky blue stripes represent the fact that Guatemala is a landlocated between two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the AtlanticOcean (Caribbean sea); and the sky over the country (seeGuatemala's National Anthem). The white color...
It would take you a maximum of 39 hours, non-stop. You would have to travel a distance of 3,948 kilometers (2,454 miles).
Guatemala is located in Central America.
New York (UTC-5/UTC-4) is 2 hours ahead of Guatemala (UTC-6) from the 2nd Sunday of March to the 1st Sunday of November and 1 hour ahead the rest of the year.
No. Guatemala used to be part of Mexico, but it became independent, as part of the Central American Federation in 1822. Mexico has never tried to re-acquire Guatemala by military or diplomatic means whatsoever.
the average family size in Guatemala is 3 to 4 members.
The flight time from Miami in the US to the nearest airport in Guatemala is approximately 2 hours and 12 minutes. The total distance is approximately 1523.71 km or 946 miles. This flight time is approximate. Factors such as weather conditions could affect the flight time.
it is 108,890 square miles.
They are petroleum, nickel, rare woods, fish, hydropower.
Guatemala, officially known as the Republic of Guatemala is acountry in Central America. Its natural resources includepetroleum, fish, nickel, rare woods, chicle, hydropower.
2 hours 9 AM in California = 11 AM in Guatemala . Guatemala (UTC-6) is 1 hour ahead of California (UTC-8/UTC-7) from the 2nd Sunday of March to the 1st Sunday of November and 2 hours ahead the rest of the year.
Coffee, sugar, and corn.
the monetary system for Guatemala is El Quetzal
Mostly soccer over all but some baseball, track & field, and football.
If you mean the war between 1810 and 1821 when Mexico fought and won its War of Independence , Guatemala was part of Mexico at the time. The conflict known as Mexican Revolution , between 1910 and 1921 has nothing to do with Guatemala.
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From the second Sunday of March until the first Sunday of November,Guatemala (UTC-6) is one hour ahead of Seattle(UTC-8/UTC-7). During the rest of the year the time difference is two hours .
NO all you need to take with you is your Mexican passport! Do Not take an expired passport it has to be valid!!
Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, on the state of Chiapas, qualifies as such. Ithowever, is more that 500 kilometers (314 miles) away fromChetumal. Road distance is even bigger, of some 784 kilometers (487miles) over a 11-hour, non-stop drive that surrounds most of Belizeand the northern portion of Guatemala,...
ladinos are either of mixed Maya and spanish ancestry
Yes, there are black people in Guatemala. Read the following link for more information. It is fascinating to learn that there are black people in Guatemala and they maintain their traditions!
Pacific Ocean is bordered to the west of Guatemala
Yes it does, just West of Ciudad Guatemala (the capital city).
for guatemala visa u have to check embassy of guatemala near by so u r some one in guatemala send u invitation with the permosion of derictor genral de imigration guatemala mark to the embassy u can get the visa.
It's a bit hot, low 80's and no rain at all. It's usually the time when we go to the beach.
Miguel Angel Asturias a famous poet.
The bodies of water around Guatemala would be the Caribbean Sea, which borders a short section to the northeast of the country, and the Pacific Ocean, which borders a larger section to the southwest of the country.
Is soccer they play soccer with there family most of the time and Basketball to
Though weak fliers, Resplendent Quetzals do have the ability to fly.
The capital is: Ciudad de Guatemala.
Yes, he can if the child is legitimately his, under 18, and unmarried.
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Since the nearest beach to Guatemala City is Puerto San Jose, I'll bet that it would about an hour to get there. . Believe me, it's really worth it. It's about an hour and a half. But the freeway down there is a very dangerous drive and many people die every year on it. I do not recommend a tourist...
La Ciudad de Guatemala.
Yes, Pegasas is the most famous team. But there it is not as popular as in the US
portugal was one of the european countries, hence the lanugage they speak
the only information I'm giving out is the nation's economy largely relies on the export of......................... I thought this website gave you answers!! ( Well was at least supposed to!!)
Much of the population is in poverty, so the homes tend to be small, and made out of hollowed concrete, with patched roofs. Here are some images http://www.missionaryairgroup.org/images/guatemala_home2.jpg http://www.ahherald.com/images/news/2006/guatemala_cornstalk.jpg
Guatamala. It is in Central America, Cuba is in the Carribean.
They have a variety of art. Anything from creativity to war.
It takes 2 hours and 15 mins (exactly)
The Pacaya Volcano mostly, but if I don't know any man-made landmarks.
The Lacandon Rainforest is in Mexico in the provence of Chiapas. Latitude :16° 27' 44.7401". Longitude :-91° 9'32.6099".
Many annual events in Guatemala take place during the month of December. December 7: Quema del Diablo or Burning of the Devil. This event takes place in Guatemala City and involves burning an effigy of the devil. The effigy is placed on top of a large pile of rubbish collected from homes in...
Depends on places like are rich: Antigua, Guastatoya, El progreso, Zona 9, Guatemala city, La capital, Zona viva, San lucas, . And many other places like these are the rich & where the light/white skin people are. There is no judge about any country as USA and Europe has its downs and ups,...
Guatemalans go to school Monday through Friday just like Americans do.
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It is the same, the pronunciation is a little different though. Guatemala, or Guat é mala.
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  I'll have to say Carlos Ruiz, the LA Galaxy Guatemalan player.
If you are from Guatemala, you are Guatemalan. If you are born in the US, you are an American.
You're totally being played. "Sent his tourist visa back home?" What is that even supposed tomean? There's no valid reason for anyone to ever "send" their visaanywhere. Sounds like an out and out lie to me, and if he doesn'thave a visa, then he's in the country illegally and is not just aliar but a...
Traditionally, Guatemalan women wear long hand woven skirts andcolorful shirts as a traditional dress. Guatemalan men wearbrightly colored woven pants and a piece of cloth wrapped aroundtheir waist like a mini skirt. They also wear colorful button upshirts that are hand woven. .
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Guatemalans are from Guatemala and are of the general Hispanic or Latino race.
Guatemala is very rich in trees so it is named Land Of Trees or Guatemala.
Well, a brujo is a Mexican male witch if Im not mistaken. Gold typically represents the Sun, the Male Deity, God. Snakes are typically considered masculine, since they represent Fire. Snakes represent healing/health, protection, and a sharpening of the mind. So... I would guess the chain is a...
The people in Guatemala use Euros. They are more money than our dollar bills.
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Alvaro Colom Caballeros is the current president of Guatemala.
No, Guatemalan is an ethnicity. If you'd like clarification on what ethnicity is, there is a great article on Wikipedia about it. Follow the related link
Guatemala declared war with Germany on April, 23, 1918. In 1941 they also declared war on German Nazis along with several other South American nations. They sided with the Allied Forces not the axis forces. They wanted it known they did not approve of the German military actions in both wars and to...