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Guatemala is a Central American country bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast, the Caribbean to the east, Belize to the northeast and Mexico to the north and west.
Important travel destinations in Guatemala include Lake Atitlan (a  beautiful lake), La Antigua (Spanish style city), and  Quetzaltenango (or Xela), which is the second largest city and a  center of the highlands area.
Guatemala City is located on Central America's isthmus northwestern  edge and positioned in both the northern and western hemispheres.  Its absolute location is 14 deg 38 min N, 90 deg 31 min W.
tropical; hot, humid in lowlands; cooler in highlands
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The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Guatemala is located inCentral America south of Mexico, and to the north of El Salvadorand Honduras.
Guatemala is located in Central America.
the average family size in Guatemala is 3 to 4 members.
If you mean the war between 1810 and 1821 when Mexico fought and won its War of Independence , Guatemala was part of Mexico at the time. The conflict known as Mexican Revolution , between 1910 and 1921 has nothing to do with Guatemala.
the point where its the highest
ladinos are either of mixed Maya and spanish ancestry
Yes, there are black people in Guatemala. Read the following link for more information. It is fascinating to learn that there are black people in Guatemala and they maintain their traditions!
Pacific Ocean is bordered to the west of Guatemala
Yes it does, just West of Ciudad Guatemala (the capital city).
It's a bit hot, low 80's and no rain at all. It's usually the time when we go to the beach.
Miguel Angel Asturias a famous poet.
Though weak fliers, Resplendent Quetzals do have the ability to fly.
The capital is: Ciudad de Guatemala.
Yes, Pegasas is the most famous team. But there it is not as popular as in the US
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The Pacaya Volcano mostly, but if I don't know any man-made landmarks.
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  I'll have to say Carlos Ruiz, the LA Galaxy Guatemalan player.
If you are from Guatemala, you are Guatemalan. If you are born in the US, you are an American.
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Guatemala is very rich in trees so it is named Land Of Trees or Guatemala.
The people in Guatemala use Euros. They are more money than our dollar bills.
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Coffee, sugar, bananas, and flowers
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There is no national food, per se, but staples are black beans and tortillas, and some favorites are tamales, chiles rellenos, and Chinese food.
Mostly people only speak Spanish but some people speaks English, mostly the one's that can afford to receive English classes or to go to private schools.
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Constitutional Republic
The nickname for the country and city is "guate", and for guatemalans is "chapin" or "chapines" in plural.
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-Dictator General Efrain Rios Montt-Guerillas ( who were terrorists)-Prejudice against Mayans-Rights of the mayans were violated
Guatemala city   Mixco   Villa Nueva
In order to grow tall, people need carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins. The excess of corn in the Guatemalan diet lacks the necessary protein, fat, and vitamins. The outside and inside of a human cell is made of fat. Without adequate fat in the diet, a human child can not produce the cells...
Guatemala country is divided into 22 states called departments , each eith a capital !
no, Guatemala is a republic, before the Spanish conquest perhaps there were princes for every native race, for instance Tecun Uman was the last prince of the quiche ( died in battle with the spanish conquerors)
El Salvador borders those countries.
what land features does Guatemala have
The Real answer is "a few rich families" I just did the quiz to that, and that is the answer. Trust me.
there are 65 altogether, here are a few...Acome, Belize. Blanco River, Chizna, Chixoy, Dulce, Holmul, Ican, Ixcan, Jalapa, Lempa, Moho, Mopan, Nentol, Nim, Nima. Oc, Ostua, Salama
The Quiche are a Mayan tribe centered in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. See the link below for more information.
  == Answer ==   Rodolfo Abularach - Pedro Rafael González Chavajay - Mariano Rodriguez - Mario Madriz - Carlos Mérida - Alfredo Gálvez Suarez - Julio Urruela - Guillermo Gradeja Mena - Dagoberto Vásquez -  Roberto González Goyri - Rodolfo Galeotti Torres - Carlos Rigalt 
Guatemala's name comes from the Mayan-Toltec language which means"land of the trees."
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There are many reasons why Guatemala become independent. It wanted  to join the other central American provinces in joint declaration  of independence from Spain.
yes they have 4 seasons
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The ethnic groups in Guatemala are...
Guatemala mainly uses its oil reserves.
Actually, just as far as i know, Guatemala has a Spring-Like, mild to alpine cold (In the highlands), and mediterranean to humid (in the low elevation lands, and coast) year long, and even though no seasons are really MARKED, there are some few climatic events. "Summer" as they call it,--usually...
The current president of the country Guatemala is Otto Perez Molina. Otto Perez Molina became president of Guatemala in the year 2012 and continues to be president.
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Chiapas (on the Pacific Ocean), Tabasco, Campeche and (arguably) Quintana Roo (all on the Gulf of Mexico) are the Mexican states bordering Guatemala. The situation is "arguable" because the portion of Quintana Roo that adjoins Guatemala is also claimed by Campeche.
Guatemala, as of 2010, has never qualified to compete in the World Cup. The team, however, has come close to qualifying on several occasions.
Coordinates of its capital, Guatemala City:   Latitude: 14°38′N   Longitude: 90°30′W
depends on time of day etc in the morning perhaps 1 1/2 hours escuinta is also the department (state) as well as the town
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it is like most countries in latin america, lack of education, selfishness, injustice and greed make good targets of "economic dictators", Corrupt goverments, drug dealers and gangs that are living very well while the common people suffer and perish.