Iceland is a European island country in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It has a total area of 39,769 sq mi and an estimated population of around 318,006 as of 2010.
Mér finnst vöfflur góðar
No because it is too cold
Yes. Iceland only uses the metric system and the imperial system is not widely known or accepted.
Yes. Iceland has many glaciers. Glaciers cover 11% of the island which is about 11000 km2. The largest glacier, Vatnajökull is about 8100 km2 and is the largest glacier in Europe.
No one, the Icelandic coins all have a picture of fish on the front and the coat-of-arms on the back. Three of the four paper bills do however have pictures of persons. (See
For me its all about the butternut gravy gold seeds. I've visited iceland now four times and I'm telling you, they have the best butternut gravy gold seeds in the world. I usually go to this place called pabbasmjör. It's located on the corner of brjóstagöta and refaskinnsvegur. It's very...
The national flower of Iceland is the white dryas (scientific name Dryas octopetala ).
Bricks, concrete, wood etc.
Iceland is a geologically active area with hot magma presentbeneath the ground in many locations. For Iceland this is a clean,renewable, and easily accessible energy source.
The president of Iceland is Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson
The land in Iceland comes from volcanoes. They are part of the Mid Ocean Ridge in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. that ridge is slowly pushing Europe and America apart. In Iceland, you can stand with one foot in Europe and one foot in North America.
Iceland is sometimes referred to as the land of fire and ice. As this island nation sits high in the north Atlantic east of southern Greenland, it has some permanent ice sheets. But the Republic of Iceland is also home to a number of volcanic or thermally active sites. Correct about Iceland. There...
Montinn - pronounced as written, with emphasis on the first syllable.
1 Iceland Krona is 0.0163532 US Dollar. NEW ANSWER Iceland Kronur vs US Dollar on Monday, March 17, 2008: 1 ISK =0.0133299 USD 1 USD = 75.0195 ISK in new zealand currency, 1000krona is $15
The citizens of Norway are called Norwegians, which means "Nordmenn" in Norwegian.
Iceland was never inhabited until the Ninth Century.
Iceland straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the North Americanand Eurasian Plates are pulling apart. As this happens volcanoescontinue to add new rock to the island.
Ask yourself: What do kids do for fun? Iceland isn't full of Amish people y'know.
The Vikings named Iceland, Iceland. They wanted the island for themselves and wanted to discourage others from settling there. They named Greenland, Greenland for the opposite reason. They wanted to sell farms on that cold frozen piece of ice filled land. They thought that by calling that place...
i think its the prime minister
Depending on the season you pretty much have the same options as elsewhere in the world except there are no trains in Iceland.. During the summertime tourists generally use domestic flights, buses and rent a cars, but there are always quite a few that choose to explore Iceland by motorcycle, bicycle...
It's the same for a girl or a boy, so girl scout or a boy scout translates to "skáti" in Icelandic.
The most famous traditional Icelandic clothing is the wool sweater.
The Grimsvötn volcano was created in 0 B. C., it has been around since the beginnging of time.
The island nation that lies southeast of Greenland is Iceland. Thecapital of Iceland is Reykjavik.
Scout, as in boyscout or girlscout, is "skáti". ("á" is pronounced as "ou" in "out")
N/A Iceland never has a war. we are not against anyone
Greenland has the most frozen water.. Greenland has the most frozen water.
no Iceland is not poor.
An Icelandic school year lasts 9 months.. An Icelandic school year lasts 9 months.
IT Has An free market i think
Not that long ago really it was 1950 to 1970 and it was the Cod War or Þorskastríðiðin icelandic It was because the UK aka United kingdom wanted to fish in our sea but we didn't want that and they were pissed at us or something like that :)
potato=kartafla one Kartafla - many kartöflur
No; Vatican has approx. 85 inhabitants.
"Vildir þú óska að þú ættir ennþá heima á Íslandi" (Icelandic) "Would-you-wish-that-you-had-still-lived-on-Iceland" (Word for word from Icelandic to English)
Iceland sits directly atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This ridge is the division between to tectonic plates, at the northern point of the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate. A group of scientists from Woods Hole established in 1947 that these two plates are moving apart. This was supported by...
The colours in the Icelandic Flag follow a law set in 1991 which states that the colours must be the following Standard colour of textile.
Nothing. Not even a gummi bear.
(Years 874-930)According to Landnámabók, Iceland was discovered by Naddoddr, one of the first settlers on the Faroe Islands, who was sailing from Norway to the Faroe Islands, but got lost and drifted to the east coast of Iceland. Naddoddr named the country Snæland (Snowland). Swedish sailor...
103,000 km 2 40,000 m 2 Hope this helps :D Love, Lifeislikethat
Most of central Iceland is just one big mountain area. We have 1000's of them. Allthough the biggest is Mount Hekla, a volcano, then Mount Öræfajökull then Mount Snæfellsjökull. Both of witch are glasyers. One of our most historical mountains are Mount Hekla and a small...
because he killed his neighbor for killing his thralls.
'Journey to the Center of the Earth' Because Ice-land has a lot of Volcanoes and they are suppose to be the means of traveling to the center of the Earth.
on a plane it takes approm. 5 hours
Well, they have a penis museum. That's pretty interesting. They recently got a human penis on display. Also, when this volcano erupted, the lava was flowing toward the harbor, which was a very bad thing. The icelanders started running across the not-quite-cool lava and dumping water on it to harden...
Cars.... Normal cars like Nissan and Toyota...
No American city is 60 degrees east of Iceland.
Aberforth was Professor Dumbledore's younger brother. Aberforth changed his name to Tom so that he can't be associated with Dumbledore and that he can be forgotten.
i believe its because its sat on a plate boundary and the plates are moving apart.
Vigdís Finnbogadóttir
Blue with a red cross outlined in white extending to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog (Danish flag). It is mainly blue, with a red cross on a white cross in it too.
Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson.
Through the 2006 Games in Turin, 0. Iceland has sent athletes to the Winter Olympics to compete in alpine skiing, cross country skiing, and ski jumping since 1948 without winning a medal. Iceland has won 4 medals (2 silver, 2 bronze) at the Summer Olympics, the last being a silver in men's...
The unit of Icelandic currency is the króna , which means crown . The plural is krónur - o ne króna, several krónur. At this writing (February 2010), the króna is worth about 1/125 of a United States Dollar and 1/200 of a Euro. A króna is technically divided into 100 ...
Iceland is called "The Land of Fire and Ice" because it contains a lot of ice and volcanoes
Reykjavik is the capitol of Iceland Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, a island northwest of Europe.
It doesn't have a nickname?
no iceland is in Northern Europe
blue for mountains. white for ice. red for fire.
cold climate with snow
Iceland makes its money by fishing and export all kinds of things.
Although it is much greener than Greenland, there is a lot of ice in and around Iceland. Although naming the large subcontinental island "Greenland" may have been an attempt at deceptive promotion to the Vikings, it does have greenery along the coasts, more than some areas in Norway or northern...
yes. for example look at Anita Briem. look her up on Imbd og wikipedia.
The correct answer for the adjective of Iceland is Icelandic. Example: Have you ever tried Icelandic food?
there are no mountains in Iceland yet.
Salted Cod Fish.
The type of boundary associated with Icelandic volcanoes is the constructive plate boundary, where two plates slowly move apart and magma seeps up through the gap.
Leif Ericson traveled to Iceland because, he wanted to go home and say hi.
many people think that iceland is full of ice, but that is not entirely true. at the top of the mountains there is ice, but the general climate is windy and rainy. the place where there is a lot of ice is greenland. another physical characteristic is mount. helena, a volcano. iceland also has a lot...
because the world is round Every thing stretches as it is further north. Imagine the world map drawn on a balloon. Then carefully cut the balloon in half and stretch it out until it is flat on a board. the picture drawn in the middle will be correct however as you go north and south the picture...
You can't go to Iceland in Sims