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South Korea

This category covers questions about South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea. South Korea is located in Eastern Asia and is near the People's Republic of China and below the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).
Seoul (UTC+9) is always two hours ahead of Hanoi(UTC+7).
No, South Korea is a MEDC.
North Korea! It's because of the way people are dying each year of starvation, death to those who've tried to escape, the people don't have freedom of speech and that it's a slave state.
It depends on what you consider to be Korea and what Hangeul  Letters you consider to be the equivalent of "p".    Historically, the letters: (ㅂ), (ㅍ), and (ㅃ) have all been  considered to be the sound "p". The first one, though, is often  considered more analogous to a "b" (even...
      The USA, Canada, japan, china, almost everywhere
Japan,North Korea and many more.
It depends entirely on what you like, but you should first take  into account that you should spend the last 2.5 hours getting back  to the Airport and getting through security, especially if you are  going to Incheon International (as opposed to Gimpo, which is a  little closer to the city...
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Yes. As of 2010, it's nominal GDP is ranked at 15th and GDP by PPP at 12th. S. Korea's per capita GDP is ~$30,000 according to the World Bank; this is comparable to France, Japan, Spain, and Italy. S. Korea is also an OECD and G-20 member.
It depends : ROK (Republic of Korea) KOR (Korea, used in the Olypmics and such)KR (Korea, is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 2-letter code for Korea)
Yes, the Bible is legal in South Korea, but not in North Korea.
Kim II-Sung was leader from 1948-1994(death)
I heard they export coal to China.
Who designed and built the Rainbow bridge's water feature in Seoul,  Korea
In the city, there mostly apartments, because they hav many people, but not enough land. It's very nice, and the floors r mostly wooden and clean. But if u go deep deep into the country, they do hav town homes.
During the Korean War, North Korea and China were allies, butcurrently they have problems with each other.
In Korea a lot of kids are left alone in an orphanage. Those who are not go to school and live a pretty normal life. Some kids probably have to work. I don't know!
The legacy of the Korean War was that many countries were impacted. They had almost no modern buildings because of bombings.
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나는 한국에서 왔어요 hope it help! ^^
안녕(without the space) is right for the word, 'hello'.
The leading cause of death in South Korea is related to old age.  Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are growing frequency. As of  2013, South Korea had the most rapidly aging population in the  world.
Atlanta, Georgia is usually 14 hours behind South Korea. Although South Korea recently hasn't observed daylight saving time[DST] when the clock is set one hour ahead, the South Korean government might reintroduce DST as early as May 2010. When most of the United States of America observes DST in...
Seoul, South Korea is 7,123 miles [11,463 kilometrs; 6,190 nautical miles] from Atlanta, Georgia. It takes about 15 hours to fly from Atlanta to Seoul. Atlanta is usually 14 hours behind Seoul. Although South Korea recently hasn't observed daylight saving time[DST] when the clock is set one...
Kim Yu Na, the famous Olympic figure skater, was born in Bucheon, South Korea on September 5, 1990.
When the japan surrended in 1945 in second world war, USA and USSR  rushed to korea and ussr took the north part of Korea and USA took  the south part because korea was colony of japan. That time there  was korean government and they asked usa and russia to go away from  country but the usa...
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  Sydney (SYD) to Seoul (SEL) Shortest Flight Duration 10 hours 20 mins  
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Hangul. Tae-guan-do. Kimchi. Pay respect to the olders. Gin-sang. Quality electronic stuff which is Samsug or LG
Yes, after Korea had divided into North and South.
0 miles, they border each other.
it depends what part of south korean they are from because in south korean have dialect Hamgyŏng dialects, or Northeastern Korean For example, "father", in standard Korean abŏji (아버지), becomes abai (아바이) or aebi (애비) Northwestern dialects -P'yŏng'a -Hwanghae -Yukchin because...
They wear a Hanbok, traditional Korean Clothing. The boys and girls have different clothing, but only the bottom part. Girls- Long one-piece looking dress, usually bright coloured, worn first. Then another half-jacket is worn, along with a pouch of "luck" which is extra. Their hair is usually...
I think you mean the voting in the UN Security Counsil. The Soviet Union was boycotting the security counsil since January 1950. This is because of the ' Taiwan-issue'. When China became a communist state in 1949 after the Chinese Civil War, the Chinese (non-communist) government retreated towards...
Hoping to unify the Koreas under a single Communist government, the North launched a surprise invasion of South Korea on June 25, 1950. In the following days, the UN Security Council condemned the attack and demanded an immediate withdrawal. Because Kim Il Sung hoped to join the two Koreas into one...
South Korea did not invade North Korea. North Korea invaded South Korea. The reason why North Korea invaded South Korea is because they both had different opinions. North Korea thinks that being a democratic country is fair however South Korea thinks that republic is more equal. Both presidents...
the lmjin is the main river that flows through south korea.
You slip on your surgeon mask before leaving your house. As you  walk to work you have to push and shove your way through the  crowded streets of Seoul. You begin to cough. Your eyes start to  water and you blink to clear the particles that are flying into  your eyes. Once you regain your sight...
North Vietnam - edit - For Platoweb, this is not the correct answer.
Short Track Speed Skating, Archery, and Taekwondo.
Jobs in South Korea is actors and comedians.
Han , Kum and Naktong
No, South Korea had never been a communist country before.
During onset of Korean war the nkpa(north Korean peoples army) invaded south Korea in an attempt to wipe out any non-communists their initial push took them down to the bottom of south Korea called Pusan, this line where the ROK troops and newly deployed Us troops held was named 'The Pusan...
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Incheon is located in South Korea.
im a Korean,,, the reason why is that sometimes Korean people sometimes have two ways to read their name when they go to other country. ex: 1. family name: Hong Middle name:Gildong =is read as :a. Hong, Gildong b. Gildong Hong Therefore Yu-na Kim is also considered as Kim, Yu-na.
Estimate to be $20 million/year in 2010-2011?
Seoul is 5 hour before us. so u add 5 hour to our time right now( 2:51 ) then it is 7:51 a.m. over there
Push factor basically means to be forces out or going out. So the push factor of South Korea would be maybe because you couldn't adapt to the region, maybe there was a war, unstable economy, better job opportunity, weather/climate, high tax, illegal acts, no resource, government VISA, family issues,...
The capital of South Korea is Seoul. However, Seoul is not a  coastal city, so MacArthur made his landing in the city of Incheon.  Incheon has since become part of the Seoul metropolitan area, but  remains a distinct city.
  There is still a US Military presence in South Korea, and the status of that conflict remains in a state of cease fire. No formal end to it has been presented or agreed on by the belligerents.
I believe that the U. S only supported South Korea because it was during the Cold War where the USSR and the U. S agreed to disagree.Thus the North were supported by the Soviet and Russia, whereas the South depended on America.
Examples may be Tae-baik mt, Sul-ak mt, and many others that you might find. Mostly mts as well. Nak-dong River is the longest river and Mt.Halla is the tallest mountain. Also, don't get confused with physical features of North Korea
A random search for flights from Seoul Incheon (ICN) to Mumbai (BOM) shows:OPTION 1: 9hr 10min Nonstop ICN - BOM Korean Air Flt 655 Dep 08:40pm 26Mar,Fri Flight Duration: 9hr 10minA random search for flights from Seoul Incheon (ICN) to Chennai (MAA) shows:OPTION 1: 14hr 15min via Kuala Lumpur (KUL...
allies: us britain australia france guam canada enemiez: communist countries like russia china n. korea and timbuktu
Approximatley there are about 47,817,000 people living in Korea but that is in the year 2005. . +___+ ADRIANA
First South Korean President Syngman Rhee died on 1965 July 19 from a stroke, at the age of 90.South Korean President Yun Bo-seon died from diabetes and high blood pressure on 1990 July 18.South Korean President Park Chung Hee was assassinated in 1979.South Korean President Choi Kyu-hah died from...
Sadly, the Korean war was not really as much about N and S Korea as it was about America and Russia. The Russians helped the N Koreans because they were communists and the Americans helped the S Koreans because they hated communists and Russians. It was a tragic waste of time and lives. Actually,...
North Korea. The war is commonly known in South Korea as the 6.25war because it occured on the 25th of June.
Truman believed South Korea was a small country, unable to defend itself against an enemy supported by the Soviet Union or Communist China, and failure to defend South Korea would send a signal to other nations that the U.S. would not help defend their freedom.
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\n. \nThe literacy rate in both South Korea and North Korea is a very high 100 percent rate of literacy.\n. \n. \n. \n. \nthat is bs. the rate is 98%
TALAMBUHAY NI MELCHORA AQUINOSi Melchora Aquino (kapanakan Enero 6, 1812, kamatayan Marso 2, 1919) o Tandang Sora ay hindi nagkaroon ngpagkakataong mag-aral subalit kung pakikipagkapwa tao ang pag-uusapan ay nasa kanya na ang mga katangiangmaaring ituro ng isang guro sa paaralan. Siya ay may isang...
"How long is the flight from Auckland, [New Zealand] to Seoul, [South Korea]?"
Peninsula! It's a piece of land that juts out into the water, which is why the Communists could not flank it as they did later in Vietnam, because North and South Vietnam are not on a peninsula, as North and South Korea are.
100,210 km238,622 square miles
The currency of South Korea is the South Korean won.
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North) and The Republic of Korea (South) are two different countries divided after WWII defeat of Japan who occupied the Korean Peninsula. The USSR occupied the North and The USA occupied the South. They were never reunified despite Northern Efforts in The...
Seoul is the capital city of South Korea that changed hands many  times during the Korean War. Seoul has an area of 233.7 mi² and a  population of 10.01 million (2014) people. It is a huge, sprawling  metropolis with modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways, along with  Buddhist temples, palaces...
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The flight time is 5 hours, 50 minutes .
The Sea of Japan[[Korean strait.]]