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The landlocked Republic of Armenia is a Eurasian neighbor of Turkey, Iran, Georgia, and Azerbaijan and its Nakhchivan exclave. Armenia's tightly knit population claims descent from the Biblical Noah's great great grandson Hayk. Typical questions relate to the country's ancient legacies in art, literature, music, and religion; industry and manufacturing based economy; pristine appeal to mountain climbers and skiers; and troubled politics with Turkey and Azerbaijan.
Yes. To learn more, look up true stories about the Armenian Genocide.
The Armenian genocide lasted for 2 years from 1915 to 1917. Of the  2 million Armenians there were in the Ottoman Empire about 1.5  million died during the genocide.
She was born in America (California to be more exact) and her mom is English and Scottish and her dad is Italian. I hope this helped you!
Answer . Armenians are the most ancient nation in the world and they were the first to accept christianity!
Zaryan is an Armenian Name and it means "The Light of the Universe"
Yes, simple enough
Armenia was part of Iran for different periods of history (its takes time to write) but the modern Armenian came to Iran because Iran was the only power who could stand against Ottoman Turks that was enemy of Armenian (in east)
No, it's not!!! But it is a language that is mandatory for Armenian kids to learn in school!!!
The Armenian death marches ended in the Syrian desert.
You can say "իմ ընկերը" (eem uhnkeruh) or "ընկերս" (uhkeruhs). They both mean "my friend" (but only a male friend)
"Because it is Armenian propoganda and did not really happen!" says the initial poster of this question. There real answer is because of people like this person. Over the last century the Turkish government has done everything in its power to promote forgetting the genocide and to rational the great...
The Armenian form of government is republican.
It was the Ottoman governmen'ts systemetic extermination ofArmenians. It started from 24 April 1924 when Otoman authorityrounded up, started arresting and deporting 235 to 270 Armenianintellecual and community leaders from Constantinople to Ankara andlater killed them. The genocide was carried out...
Serzh Sargsyan (Սերժ Սարգսյան) is the President of Armenia, having assumed office on 2008 April 9. He won the 2008 February presidential election as chairman of the Republican Party.
1-meg 2-yergoo 3-yerek 4-tchors 5-hink 6-vets 7-yote 8-oote 9-eene 10-dasse
Of course! Sometimes not in bad winter weather, though.
you can discover that secret by looking at a map !
Gregory Peck was of Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry.    Vivien Leigh was of English, Irish, and Armenian ancestry.
One reason was that Turky felt that they were a threat to them. Turkey thought that they would join up with Russia and fight against them in the war. Also, it was a culture that the Turkish thought would threaten their own. Also because Turkey was jealous of Armenia. After the genocide, they...
No, it was found in Iran, Arabian Peninsula. A largest mountain  found in between Iran & Iraq. Armenia have a Caucasus mixed  forests..
Armenia experiences so many earthquakes because Armenia sits on top  of many faults
It lasted from 1915-1917 and there were further massacres in 1922. An estimated 1.2 million Armenians were slaughtered by the Turks.
Many of the survivors fled to the US, especially California. AFTER, right after, but they were walking the death marches towards syria, and areas around there....most of them died..but some people (like my greatgrandmother) was a survivor. that is why: 1-there are LOTS of skeletons and bodies in...
Black in Armenian is called and pronounced as: SEV.
The Nazis came to take care of Hitlers nonsense ( to get rid of certain religions.)My great great aunt was a little girl when they came and my great great grandpa was in America at that time. My ancestor was deeply scared and so she hid in a clothes chest filled with clothes, while she was in...
It gained its independence in May 1918, and again in 1991.
Because the Armenian genocide is denied by Turkey and Azerbaijan. The Holicaust is internationally recognized.
No it still is happeninng   No it still is happeninng   No it still is happeninng -- Or there was no genocide.
Armenia won 6 medals, all bronze, at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. 1) Roman Amoyan - bronze in men's featherweight class Greco-Roman wrestling. 2) Gevorg Davtyan - bronze in men's middleweight class weightlifting. 3) Hrachik Javakhyan - bronze in men's lightweight class boxing. 4) Tigran G....
He speaks very good in Armenian.
April 24, 1915 the killings/wars/sneakiness happened over the years, and so this is the official day
Ever since the Turkish government started denying it.
Armenians are very " hairy " people because during the armenain genocide they got raped by the Turks and the Turkish people are hairy therefore they are hairy.
"Tsoog" is the general word for Fish. "Ts" is a sound between "t", "z" and "s".
1. 500, 000 (One and a half million)
Armenia has a total area of 29800 square kilometers (11500 square miles),
Turkey, my ancestors are from Armenia. During World War I, Turkey shipped 1.5 million Armenians to the desert to die. If people accuse them, the Turkians just deny it and threaten to put them in jail!
You can say "Կյանքը գեղեցիկ է:" or transliterated into English "Kyanq-uh geghetsik eh", the 'q' is pronounced like a 'k' but breathy or aspirated, and the 'gh' is pronounced like a French 'r' (with the back of the throat).
 Կյանքը գեղեցիկ է  
April 24-th is a great deal for every Armeninan in the world, because it represents the very existing of the Armenian people due to the genocide that happened in 1915, when the ottoman empire decided to extinguish every single Armenian from the face of the earth by slaughtering them and hanging them...
The Armenian flag has 3 colors,red is for their blood,blue is for the sky,orange is for their land.
Some do, some don't. You cant paint an entire nation, so to speak, with the same brush.
From the Turkish word zil - cymbal, and suffix ci - maker-seller, ian - a common suffix used in Armenian last names meaning son of. Zilci (reads zilji or zildji) means cymbal maker in Turkish. Literally it's a last name meaning son of cymbal maker. A modern day Turkish-Armenian would write this last...
anhamperem kez desnelou ,you can say it just like you read it!
No, they are Eastern European. On the newer Atlases, we are now put as part of Europe because our culture, history and political views are similar to Europe's . So Armenians are European and our borders are in Europe. The European Union has recognized us as a European nation and we are part of the...
Keesher pari Maybe we should establish whether we're talking about Western or Eastern Armenian. But in Eastern Armenian I've literally never heard an Armenian say it in that order. They always say բարի գիշեր (Bari gisher) Don't say it with a "p" sound otherwise you're saying պարի which...
Hima pronounced (hee-mah)
Not likely. Aramazd's name comes from the Zoroastrian Ahura-Mazda, for which is accredited to the Persians. Khaldi is a very ancient god from the Urartian and possibly the Hurrian era. They would not be considered the same 'person' either. They are gods.
Becouse turkey is stupid.
yes the Armenian resisted during the Armenian genocide by forming groups of fighting soldiers and there was the general "general Antranig" who led the troops during the war to fight against the Turks. and you can see that there were Armenians resisting during the genocide in the movie"ARARAT" which...
there is a very high jealousy for the Armenians from all around the word that guides into hate.
We write Armenian in Armenian letters.
The Armenian language has 38 letters.
achk you can pronounce it like you read it.
khohanots ,it's spelled kho-ha-nots.
badouhan ,and it's spelled ba-dou-han.
Bayoussag , it's pronounced like ba-you-sag & not ssag.
well ,in singular koulba;in plural koulbaner.
Well I'm Armenian so they are lula, shashlik and others. ( By the way the foods I wrote on here I don't know how to spell they are not in my language!)
The Otoman Turks (by religion Muslim) wanted to wipe out Christians of neighboring Armenia
Most freight is carried by road because the rail system is outdated and in need of repair
Its a genocide. Though reports vary, most sources agree that therewere about 2 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire at the time ofthe massacre. By the early 1920s, when the massacres anddeportations finally ended, some 1.5 million of Turkey's Armenianswere dead, with many more forcibly removed...
here are some Armenian rock bands:Empiray Dorian SOAD(System Of A Down) Kassabian
the song's called Apricot Stone ,in Armenian it's called Dzirani Goriz
Robert Kocharian was the Armenian president before Serj Sarksian.
well to be honest ;they are very talented and loving people!
"Who today remembers the extermination of the Armenians?"Hitler referred to this when he invaided Poland in 1939 when he ordered his high command to, "send to the death, mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children who stood in the way of the German lebensraum."Haley, your favorite...
it's called & pronounced : kants
it's called & pronounced the same way : sird
it's called and pronounced the same way : parts
Armenian music can be lively, nostalgic, or spiritual but it isalways engaging and exciting. It reflects the most sincere andprofound spirit of a people from ancient history.
it's called bagh-ba-ghag baghbaghag:) in fact you should taste the Armenian ice cream !
it is really easy! it's called:na-mag (namag)
anoon ,spelled the same way ,a-noon