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American Idol

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American Idol is a reality competition to find new solo musical talent, based on the British show, Pop Idol. The show debuted in 2002 on Fox and is one of the most popular shows on American television.
No. There have been several Internet rumors that Larry Platt was beaten to death in Atlanta. These rumors are FALSE . Mr. Platt rose to fame after appearing on American Idol, and singing the song he created, 'Pants On The Ground'. An Atlanta television station went to Mr. Platt's house after...
Because A 48 year old guy is pretty much middle-aged, you'll still have dreams and goals, but you wont complete ALL of them. If this is you, then you could try America's Got Talent. I will support you. Maybe. :).
no he just did a cover from one of there songs
no auditioning is free but you may have to travel to get to a city that has auditions which could cost money for gas or plane tickets
Artists and repertoire (A&R) executive Television producer Television personality Owner of Syco Music/TV
On May 23 2007, she won the sixth season of American idol
There was no winner on American Idol in 2001 because the first season started in 2001 but finished in 2002 so the 2002 winner is Kelly Clarkson.
no he does not sing without being mixed
Adam Lambert was runner-up Kris Allen won
it is a show where people compete and whoever is the best singer gets to be a recording artist. i is an awsome show
If you make the top 24 on American Idol you are not allowed to tryout again. But, if you get cut before the top 24 are selected, youcan try out during another season.
American Idol is aired on FOX 5 at 8PM on Tuesdays (the day the contestants sing) and 9PM on Wednesdays (the results show). Hope this helped! Enjoy the show!
umm.... I hate to break it to you, but.... DAVID COOK WON Season 7, American Idol, 2008
Either Clay Aiken, David Archuletta, or Adam Lambert. I gotta go with Archuletta, but that's just my opinion :)
To find out where and when the American Idol tryouts are just go to www.americanidol.com and click on auditions. It will tell you when and where the auditions are for the current year. (:
no and the song name is live like we're dying not live like you were dying, it was written by an Irish band called the Script
Ellen Degeneres is still a judge on American idol.She replaced Paula.
come bak a year ago and maybe someone will know!
it comes on Tuesday and Wednesday everyweek
i dont think it will ever go live
no... you muct be 16 or older to enter
No she is not dead
no.he is the king of the bevers.
NOOOOO!!!! of course not
Jennette Mccurdy was never on American Idol, so of course, she never won it.
He is married to Deanna Robertson
Yes he does because all of the money that is used to buy the album goes to getting food for the people in Haiti and helping them recover.
really funny when he wants to be but when he is boring, you fall asleep!
It is totally inappropriate to ask about whether a teenage or adult female has begun to menstruate, e.g. have monthly periods. WikiAnswers does not violate the personal privacy of persons, whether celebrity or famous, or non-celebrity or non-famous..
his wife Katy O'Connell Allen
Season 5- Taylor Hicks Season 6- Jordin Sparks
this is weird he likes wearing plaid
"I Hope You Dance" (sung by various artists) it's a really pretty song.
Tell everyone to vote for me (Pedro) in the election! Brick wall, waterfall, boy you think you know it all... YOU don't! I DO!!! So boom with that attitude! Reeses Pieces, buttercup. You know, boy, you better shut up! ;P Oh, and yes, I'm gay.
Well, most rumors have said that he is engaged to American Idol makeup artist Meazghan Hussainy, but a lot of people are commenting on line about that because they want Simon to be with Paula.
he producted all the ones he slept with
No but hopefuly yes because I go to Mississippi sometimes and I sing very well and I`m ownly 8 and I want to go on there.
i do not know that is why i asked the dumd question in the first place
He is not even American so he can not be part of the "Democrat party".
It is called Everybody Hurts and is a cover version from REM.
Kara Lawson married Damien Barling on April 12, 2008.
Nope, its a girl named Demetria Mckinney. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2351246/
No, he's not. He recently appeared singing on American Idol.
Jermaine Sellers is the best singer I've heard on American idolsince I've started watching the show 5 years ago. Sadly, he gotvoted off.
It depends on your tone of voice. If your voice is soft go with a song sung by Katie Perry, or even Colbie Caillat. If you have a raspy voice go with pink, and josh turner.
Top 10 or something like that.
Bharat Sundar in feb 2010
To make money for Fox Tv. A real music star would have to sing their own composition.
American Idol takes place and is based in Los Angeles.
None, But She Is Turning 23, So She Might Have Some Soon
yeah no stop asking questions.
No, of course not! She is a good person. What would she be arrested for, generosity? Why did you even ask this question?
Yes, but he didn't make it to the top 24.
It is a Singing Compation Between Pre-teens And Teens In New Brunswick and It is really Fun, You should try out for it Like I am!
he does not all like black woman
He is 50 and his birthday is October 7th.
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Fantasia Barrino . Fantasia Barrino, aka "Fantasia," won American Idol Season 3 in 2004. She beat out Diana Degarmo in the Finals. . American Idol 2004 also was the season that Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning actress (Dreamgirls) Jennifer Hudson came in 7th place.
Kirsten M, Ilissa S, and Will P. (I won't share the last name for privacy. I respect my close friends!)
well he did before he became famous but now he said he doesn't watch much t.v because hasn't got the time!
Kara Diguardi (Season 8) for Paula Abdul's place in Season 9 (Ellen)
Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul never dated, but in an interview, hestated that there was some adult attraction between them. Paula washoping they would date.
Adam Lambert For sure well he should have 1 not Kris Adam is waay more famous Kris suks (well that's just my opinion)
You could just search it on google...
Fantasia Barrino won the third season of American Idol.
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