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This category covers questions about Walmart, a grocery retail store subsidiary of Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is the world's largest public corporation by revenue. The company is also the largest private employer in the United States, employing over 2,000,000 people.


Gary Sheffield, Joel Benson
Look i'm an expert at buying clothes and being at the store but i  hate boring stuff like this
You can sign up at their careers.walmart website.    The new Walmart in Hampton is also looking for employees. You can  go to the Hiring Centre in 2276 Executive Drive, and they will be  accepted Monday to Friday, and from 8AM to 5PM. You can also sign  up at the website linked above.
you can go anywhere just tell them what happened    - hope i helped
238.92 billion is what I found
It depends on where you live.    It can either be Shell, Warren, Citgo... the list goes on. You can  check on their site, or better yet, ask your employees or make a  phone call.
I take it you mean, who manufactures for Walmart? Walmart will buy manufactured products from all over the world where ever they can get the beat price. That is why a lot of the products come from Red China. Red China is a communist country so wages are very low.
Walmart is not exactly the biggest but it is pretty big. You can  pretty much buy everything except organics. I'm a big organic nerd.
 5991 New Goldenrod Road   Orlando, FL 32822 
No but they have a wii game madden nfl 13
They use editing, and when its on commericials it looks SO much  better. I guess we can all thank god for technology!
yes,   As per my knowledge Walmart stores inc in Ojinaga mexico
The average salary for Sams Club for assent manger is $53.157.
Yes, if you show them a magazine of another store's item with  something that Walmart has, they can match the price.
By doing so it reduced its risk, obtained cheap market knowledge and it benefit from Cifera's good reputation.
Many Walmart Branches Are Open 24/7 It depends on your location. However, almost all branches of Walmart are open 24 hours a day, all year, except for Christmas Day. The best way to find out is to check with the Walmart Storefinder (see Related links below).
No. Walmart does not have any ownership of Shopper Events.
Hello I was just hired at walmart as a pharm  tech. I am not certified ... does all of  walmart stores make their technicians take the  certification test. - Was this ..... 12 hours a  week.please tell me walmart offers better pay  & hours. ... Current, we have pharmacy technician ...
Asda is a subsidiary of Walmart
Because they are good at selling products and making money. They do what every other business strives to do, but a few people seem to have a problem with the fact that they do it so well. Walmart does nothing fundamentally different than any other business from Mom and Pop grocery stores to...
it depends how many gigabites you want it can be $100 or $350
Hopefully they do the jobs that they were assigned to do.
I would say that Khols has the best rings. Especially Lauren Conradand Vera Wang have a good selection of rings because they do nottarnish or wear out!! I always buy my less expensive jewelry fromKohls, plus it is very cheep!
Yes, there is a Walmart al around the world even in China and Japan.
You can get Walmart coupons right there on their official web siteand print them out yourself or you can go on coupon code web siteslike couponlocate.com retailmenot.com, couponpark.com and manyothers so you can save a lot of money while shopping online andapplying the discounts to your shopping...
Sam Walton donated $800 Million to his daughters art museum called Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.
No because you need to be 18 years or older.
Visit this website, enter the appropriate information and you can easily find out... http://www.moneygram.com/eFindUs/findUs.do
THIS URL HAS SOME GOOD ANSWERS TO THAT QUESTION: http://www.delawaregasprices.com/Forum_MSG.aspx?master=1&category=1056&topic=286900&page_no=10&FAV=N   THIS URL HAS SOME GOOD ANSWERS TO THAT QUESTION: http://www.delawaregasprices.com/Forum_MSG.aspx?master=1&category=1056&...
About $2.99 or more all depends if it is on sale or not other than that they are usually $2.99
Anyone who buys goods from walmart is a customer
DC # 69081750 All Points ParkwayPlainfield, IN
No. Child labor laws prevents hiring someone under 16 years old. Walmart hires at 18.
It's my understanding that Wiliams-Lea lost the Walmart business . . . they are no longer providing services to Walmart.
It's a commercial enterprise selling retail goods.
It was reported by Mayor Rowland and the Cleveland Daily Banner that Sam's Club was supposed to open on Stuart Road/Paul Huff Parkway near the Bowater Employees Credit Union in February 2010. Of course, this has not happened and it appears that the project is either on hold or canceled. Sam's Club...
i don't know her name but she is the lady from the yoplait commercials, where she goes to the tailor to get all her clothes 'taken in', and she spouts off about 'the Boston cream pie' shes been eating and the tailor says 'you mean out'?
(800) 236 2875. You have to provide the last four digits of your  social and your birthday.
The funny thing is that I work for them, and i just looked it up on our personal associate website for a class assignment, and it does not show up when i search for it.
They have the suits, so I would assume they have the shirts to go with them.
two, one in Shenzhen in 1996 and one in Tianjin in 2003
Walmart does not sell Webkinzthey might some day
I want to know as well and wanted to know for quite some time.. I think she is possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. she just has that something that really just stuns me.
I'm pretty you can't really be too old to work at Walmart, unless you aren't able to do any of the jobs. We have one door greeter at ours who is ancient. He can hardly walk, but he still works there part time. You can be too young to work there due to state laws and what not, but if you can do the...
No, you cannot use your WalMart gift card on eBay.
A customer came to your department with an urgent question. You promised her that you would collect information about her question and answer it by noon. It will take you at least 20 minutes to gather the information needed to provide an answer. It is now 11:50 a.m. Your supervisor just scheduled a...
Yes we bought one 64-oz bottle of Miracle Bubbles made by Imperial Toy in New York state about a week ago with similar results. We could not manage to blow bubbles with either the included wand, or another wand we had. It appeared very viscous and hazy, as if it were too concentrated. I decided to...
Del MonteSeehttp://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=86259&p=irol-mediaArticle&ID=980494
Wal-Mart is one of the largest corporations in the world, with outlets right across the world. Living in the UK as I do, it sells under the name ASDA (which used to be ASsociated DAiries before its takeover), so I have a limited association with Wal-Mart as a group, but a great amount of experience...
Walmart doesn't sell silly bandz but you can find them at Walgreen's or hallmark.
Is it the first time you used Additech? May have been a very dirty fuel system. I'd use more Additech to really get rid of the grime. You might want to drive for a little while so that your car has time to process the cleaner and really work. You can always call the Additech people and they will...
Yes, however beware, becasue while they do offer the highend michelin tires that you can get at a dealership or tire store, they also offer many "exclusive" tires that are unavailable anywhere else. These "exclusive" tires are generally lower cost than a name brand tire, and while some of these tire...
Joy Williams - A Little Bit of Love http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002YGZUO4/?tag=adtunes-20&link_code=as3&creative=373489&camp=211189
sam walton attened the universty of missori at columbia graduating with a bachors degree in ecomonics
yes in Mexico because it is awesome and it;s in Puetro Varrata
Both the black ops bundle 160 GB PS3 and the regular PS3 160GB are  $299.54 on June 23 2011. They have many other bundles available  online and some refurbished models also available. I did see today  that Amazon offered $50 off a later purchase from them for  customers who purchased the Black...
  Bonuses for Store Managers are based on 2 things: your salary and your store's performance.   Store Manager of a store with sales less than $40 million makes $70,000 per year. If you make your sales and profit plan(100%), then you get a bonus of 65% of your salary ($42000 bonus)   Store...
Yes, you can buy a duel disk at walmart.
Yes. It is a good store, you can get things like hot*chips for 99cents. not a dollar!
Martophobia (N): the fear of any store that ends in "mart," where one might encounter shady individuals in the process of saving loads of money on close-to-worthless items. Q It is the same fear that one will gain from having worked there, and having a bad experience with an evil customer.
Because you get Quality Products at low prices.
walmart? maybe. all i know is that if walmart sells olives and humus, and anything Mediterranean, you have it right there.
An Xbox 360 without a hard drive or any games costs about $200. An Xbox 360 kinect bundle costs around $300. Also some special limited edition Xbox consoles cost around $300 with no games.
I say it is the same lady that comes into the drycleaners to have her clothes altered and that does the new walmart commercial.
  On March 26, 2008 probably Tommorow.
Yes they do. The fine print on their sale papers states very clearly that they do indeed give rain checks. Here is Walmart's Advertised Merchandise Policy straight from the back of their sale paper. Walmart's Advertised Merchandise Policy - We intend to have every advertised item in stock. However,...
It depends on what type of misdemeanor it is, how long ago it happened, and if you are honest about the charges on your consent form. Generally speaking, most companies have an issue with any theft and/or drug related charges. In addition, if the charge is less than 7 years ago, that will count...
There are at least five Walmart stores in Hawaii.
Not long ago it was said that the Evansville Indiana, East side Wal-Mart did the highest volume in the country. I cannot verify this, but anyone who has ever been there would probably not be suprised to hear it.
Well, it's not a charity and typically stores charge for products. Intelligent question...
You can spray paint whatever u want on it, but it is considered illegal if you spray over the orange tip of the gun.
Yes walmart does sale postcards