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Anti-Virus Software

Programs created by companies such as Symantec, Norton, and McAfee that aim to protect computers against viruses, worms, malware and other security threats and remove them should the computer become infected
Download and install SuperAntiSpyware. This is a professional piece of software designed specifically for the removal of almost any known spyware. To download a free copy of SuperAntiSpyware, visit the related link I have submitted below and click 'Download latest Version'.
  == Answer ==   for free antivirus software, google "AVG free". It's a very good program! As for spyware, google "Spybot". I hope those help!
The activation code will be the sofware when we buy it.
norton, trend micro,bit defender, quick heal, avast, avg and lot of  others.
no. mostly it hardware install antivirus program into new system.
Statement of the problem about antivirus
After you download a "remove virus" then up date your antivirus software.
It is easiest to download it from the manufacturer.
Norton 360 is best at this time..
no, not at all! It is my absolute favorite games website!
When you update your antivirus then get a latest features.
they keyword here was "download"
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You can download Tally 9.0 at the Related Link. Download is free,  but the license is "free to try." At the end of the trial period,  if you decide to keep it, you will need to buy it.
AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition avast! 5 Internet Security
There are a lot of choices for different antivirus software. I've  been using Baidu Antivirus recently, and it works well for me  (Windows 8 system). Anyone else tried this one?
For most (if not all) virus scanners that would be a "no". Unless the virus scan was completed and prompted that a restart is needed. So if you have paused an incomplete virus scan and decide to restart your personal computer, you would have to start all over again. Of course, it's always best to...
Try to use a recorder, im using a pretty one - PCHand Screen Recorder.   it could record any activities on the screen and the audio whatever u hear, even the left and right mouse clicks and mouse highlights can be recorded to be displayed in your recordings. i think it is the perfect assistant to...
avg is the best antivirus better then quick heal
Computer virus A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer. The term "virus" is also commonly but erroneously used to refer to other types of malware, adware, and spyware programs that do not have the reproductive ability. A true virus can only spread from one...
Anti Virus Software like Norton Security and others. Avltechno
Just to be on the safe side...yes you should turn windows defender off. The reason is because windows defender is comprised of three (3) programs. A anti virus, anti spy ware and anti maleware. In addition you cannot have two (2) anti virus programs running at the same time. They will conflict with...
Paladin antivirus is a rogue antivirus program that tricks you into thinking you hav viruses on your computer. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND REMOVING THIS VIRUS IMMEDIEATLY. For a step by step guide you should go to this site http://www.2-viruses.com/remove-paladin-antiviruscopy and paste in your...
Its 'Anti Virus Grisoft'
You don't need to spend a long time over internet in the search for antivirus. The concept is basic to download, a simple keyword in the search box will take you at the right place. For your convenience I can recommend you few free and easy to download antivirus. These are such as: Kaspersky...
NO I work at Norton and we have only the best virus protection and anyone saying it is a scam is just being paranoid or trying to give our company a bad name
PC secutity is the ultimate in computer security, offering multiple locking systems for the windows environment and internet. Lock files, monitor programs activities, even detect intruders! PC Security offers flexible and complete password protection, "Drag and Drop" support, plus many other handy...
A password can be put on a spreadsheet so it can't be opened. You can also allow it to be opened but have cells locked, using a password, so that the cells can't be changed. It is also possible to hide columns and rows and so hide the formulas.
Kaspersky Mobile Security is the Best but also NetQin antivirus does a good job... the two are the most popular.... answered by hora07 from Kenya.
The answer is available in AVG's knowledge-base (see link in "related links").
i haven't heard of webroot but i absolutely do not recommend using mcafee when i got mcafee it detected the Artemis virus which is extremely common among comuters running mcafee. mcafee couldn't delete the virus and eventually the virus prevented me frm logging on and i had to reformat. the...
The first antivirus software was created in 1988 in order to combat  the Brain virus. This antivirus program not only detected the  Brain's presence on a computer and removed it, it could also clean  floppy disks that were infected. Since 1988, writers of malicious  code have flooded the...
As far as I know it's perfectly safe; I've been using the site for almost a year and have had no problems. If you suspect that you have caught a virus, make sure you update your anti-virus software or download some if you have none. AVG is a free program that you can use to check for viruses, and is...
i guess its a smart website to stop piracy.. ..it'll engage you in bogus movie torrents.. ..SMARTPROBABLY THIS IS WHAT I THINK
You want to develope a antivirus software what should you want you learn in programming languages?
There are a number of free antivirus software on the net. However,whilst many are ok they may have areas of protect that are notprovided i.e. No fire wall, limited signature file , limited timeuse etc .
If you are wondering what AntiVirus Pro 2010 is, then you shouldknow that it is a rogue anti-virus program that hijacks your PC andinterrupts it's normal processes. It is a credit card scam productcreated to scare people into purchasing the "registered" product. If you have AntiVirus Pro 2010, or...
There are many great programs out there. Most of them offer a trial  so you can try them out and decide if it is the best one for you.
Dr. Guard is another fake anti-spyware targeted at gullible webusers. A free downloadable trial version is placed in websitesaffiliated with this scare-ware. The moment you land on thesewebsites, they'll announce that your PC is infected with spywareand once they've captured your attention, you'll...
 Anti-virus software, especially free programs, can be limited  because they can protect computers for certain virus variants only  but will not protect computers for the more sophisticated  ones.  Anti-virus software depends on the signature files that contain  the latest virus information,...
•McAfee's central management console
Optimo AV and Avast.
You can download an antivirus program at the company's website (the company that makes the antivirus service you want) or from a 3rd party site like CNET.com or Sourceforge.net. You can also buy some antivirus programs in a local store and install it from a disc or product activation code.
What is the most powerful free anti-virus for windows 7 in 2010
first go to start menu and enter control panel. then go to programs and features right click on Norton security and uninstall. do this to both programs then you are free of Norton anti-virus and should get another one. I recommend AVG free 2011.
Looking for virus removal software and don't want to spend money  for computer security then you must need to download antivirus  program from the following they all are free. You can find amazing  discounts on antivirus programs at software-kart dot com
I would recommend Avast or AVG. They are both good programs (with free, lite versions).
Antivirus Soft is a fake anti-spyware program which infects yourregistry and other important system files. If the infection is nottreated, it can cause a complete collapse of your system. SomeAntivirus Soft infections contain spyware and keyloggers which canbe used to record sensitive data like...
because if you dont they can get out of date and let viruses in your computer
take and throug out side the sonic wall box. so it will get free access or contact your provider then it will very use full for them . it will be very good once
License Key for Anti-Malware pro 2010
You would install an anti-virus program and run it regularly. You would avoid unsafe websites. If you don't want to get anti-virus software, be sure to keep windows firewall on, and keep windows defender working in the background.
Just uninstall it. Click start, go to programs, highlite the program and select uninstall.
Many prepackaged mobile software providers claim to provide custom applications; however, most of the time they are only customizing fields within a predesigned software package. The result is, instead of getting a program designed around the needs of an organization's unique business model, the...
Some of the ones i have heard of are:Live AntivirusAntivirus7Antivirus8Antivirus 2010,2011Antivirus E-setAVG (Yes, there is a fake one... But the original is not)Antivirus ActionAntivirus Solution 2010Think PointAV DefenderThere is plenty more out there, so please secure your computer, don't go on...
To protect your computer from viruses. Viruses may harm your computer or/and take your personal information over the internet!
  You need a popup blocker or rhe blocker may be disabled. Check the tool bar of your IP page to see if you have one and if it is disabled.
No they despise of it they have not got on since my mother was at school
I used many anti-viruses and i suggest you to buy Quick Heal. I'm telling you the advantages and disadvantages of all anti-viruses. Bitdeffender's detection is good but it decrease your internet speed. Bitdeffender is recommend only for high speed users. Kespersky is the worst anti-virus. Virus...
A Trojan virus is a virus that pretends its something great, but when you open it, its really something bad. I never heard of a Trojan antivirus though
The easiest thing to do is to go to Google and type in the anti virus program you use and the after it "code or serial". That will take you to a code site where you can get free code.
McAfee antivirus is the best antivirus for laptops as well ascomputers. A free alternative is avast! free edition. It offers real-timeprotection against virus', worms, keyloggers and the likes. TOP ANTIVIRUS: . McAfee. Symantec Norton. Webroot SecureAnywhere. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. Kaspersky...
There are two general methods of Antivirus Suite removal; there is what they call manual removal, something that should only be attempted by advanced users:• Delete all of the processes associated with the virus; those with.EXE and.BAT extensions • Remove any DLL and LNK files that were...
the main problem that people have with unable to open a file is if it is corrupt or if the cookies don't allow use of it .. to fix the curruption problem is to uninstall it and reinstall it then the curruption should be fixed when cookies doesnt allow it you need to 1. go to controll panel 2. go...
Today the Internet is not a safe place, and every time you turn onyour computer or go online, you are vulnerable to multiple threatsthat can damage your data or steal your confidential information.Programs such as viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spywares and keyloggerattempt to steal your personal...
  The highest rated imaging software is Photoshop
serial number or product key
No not at allNorton and McAfee are much better
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I really need to know how to turn this off.
There's no way to really tell who is the "creator"of this virus butif you are infected, you can surely get rid of this malware byrunning a scan on your system and automatically remove it. You mayalso remove it manually if you wish.
no and if u do ur computer will explode. its true. it happened 2 me
It depends on the program, some do some don't, if you look go to the manufactures website usually they will tell you. However often times, there antispyware, is lesser than that of a specialized antispyware.
basically it stops viruses and worms from gaining access to your system.it stops the user from accessing resources that may dangerous or unverified. it blocks threats from the internet.
Well, it depends on your needs. Do you need home budgeting software or are you running company?
ContraVirus is a malware. It's not a virus, but it is malicious and it can damage a computer.   In case your computer got infected, try the following:   * Get an antivirus or antispyware program (if you don't have one already)  * Update your antivirus  * The most recommended antispyware...
  you can download at http://www.kaspersky.com/downloads   for any questions you can ask me at http://umamahesh88.blogspot.com/   UMA MAHESH
  == Answer ==   well,    i have express, andi download a program called netscream, and my internet went from 550 kb/s to about 875 kb/s.    also recentley, rogers has boosted all the internet speeds, mine changed from "5 mbps" to 7 mbps 
Yes, you should be careful when trying to download a free version of Norton Security because there is a very convincing virus that poses to be Norton but is not. They even put a logo that looks similar to the legit antivirus program.
No antivirus in the world guarantees 100% protection. First of allwe should follow some Basic security rules:- Do not visit suspicious websites. Be careful when installingfreeware programs. Be cautious when opening email attachments.Update security software regularly. Backup important data. Do...
It has a two way firewall and it protects against viruses, spyware and adware Now shield Deluxe 2011 has been released!Shield Deluxe 2011 Features:»Antivirus Protection Protection for email. The Shield Deluxe 2011 scans email traffic for viruses according to the protocol via which it is sent (POP3,...
Antivirus has no disadvantage. It has only one disadvantage is that reduce the computer's performance or speed. If you don't have an anti-virus software program you can get a virus and spend many joyful hours fixing your computer. If you had the software you would have been bored with nothing to do...
From my point of view i would reccomend you to choose comodo internet security which is very safe to keep our pc away from any types of internal and external attacks.
AVG 8.0 keeps the scan history.