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A turkey is a large bird with a fleshy wattle hanging from the underside of its beak. It is also characterized by a lump called a snood, dangling from the top of its beak.
bush turkeys can only fly for a limited amount of time
This depends upon what the turkey is doing. Turkeys eat seeds and insects, which requires them to walk on the ground. However, if a predator threatens them, their main defense is to fly away.
Yes, turkeys have ribs.
Turkey vultures scavenge prey they can find already deceased andsurvive by eating the carcass.
you blow into it and move your hand at the end
There are about 4,000,000 turkeys (the animal) in Turkey (the country). If you are referring to citizens, then there are about 74,000,000 Turks in Turkey.
Turkeys can get a range of diseases. One of these diseases isBlackhead disease, which is caused by a type of worm.
The island of Cyprus is south of Turkey and west of Syria.
Yes they can eat turkey as long as it follows their basic rules ofkeeping kosher. As with other kosher species of meat and poultry,all blood must be drained from the turkey, or broiled out of itbefore it is eaten. Kosher species are listed in the Torah (Deuteronomy 14). Otheranimals and birds may...
The European union only includes countries, not tasty Christmas treats
The world record for the biggest turkey belongs to a turkey namedTyson. He weighed 89 pounds and belonged to a farmer in the UK.
Buzzards eat small animals (voles, mice, frogs etc) and worms. The also eat carrion - dead animals.
In Turkey the best places are in Istanbul which everybody almost knows about. It is a very pretty place. Lots of restaurant, nightlife, cafes, big hotels, and more. I cant explain it, you have to live it. :) The Bosphorus Bridge is beautiful and it is one of the important part of Istanbul and it is...
A merry thought would be the turkeys that are pardoned by theAmerican president at Thanksgiving.
The best way to prepare a turkey for baking is to first of all,remove all the giblets, including the neck. Many a new cook hascooked their first turkey with the giblets inside and that reallyfouls the bird. Then, brine it. To brine a turkey, you need a largeenough pot to hold the bird so it can be...
This bird is found in forested areas of many parts of the United States and Mexico. The male weighs about 17 pounds (7.7 kg) and reaches a length of about 50 inches (1.3 m). The female is about 12 inches (30 cm) shorter. The plumage of the common turkey is dark with a green, bronze, and copper...
Germany has a total area of 357,021 km 2 Turkey has a total area of 783,562 km 2 So Turkey is almost twice as big as Germany.
I believe the following geometers were born in turkey; Thales ofMiletus (c. 630-c 550) Anaximander of Miletus (c. 610-c. 547)Anaximenes of Miletus (fl. c. 546)) Miletus was a town in the area where today Turkey is. But it iswrong to say that Anaximander was born in Turkey because we mixancient time...
Turkey suffered hyper inflation at 2002, with many jobs being lost and the Turkish currency worth almost nothing.however the old currency was scarped replacing it with the new Turkish lira. so far the turksih liera is the equivalent of 1 lira = 0.89 dollar.
NO CLUE! There are veins and geodes??? (ROCKS AND GEMS) I really have no idea!
sort of a hot dog
Because the color of the car is RED.
About the size of a walnut.
Turkey eggs usually take 21 to 28 days to hatch depending on what they are incubated in like an incubator or by a hen. It also depends on how fertile it is and how it is cared for. It usually takes closer to 28 days.
30-31 minutes Start at 375 Maintain at no less than 350
Definitely not, but using Classical mechanics you should be able to solve this question. Also, I imagine engineers in the field of fluid dynamics might be able to answer your question.
A chicken clucks and a turkey makes gobble sounds. It doesn't literally have gobbling sounds but it is close. The feathers of a turkey is longer than a chicken. Chickens can't fly, but turkeys can. Usually the wild turkeys can fly. Domesticated ones are to corpulent to fly.
they would most likely die because they dont know how to survive on their own. way to go you fail at life.
The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira (TL), although the money was called the Turkish pound in Ottoman Turkey. There are 100 Kurush to every unit of Turkish currency (TL) but because inflation is so high in Turkey Kurush are rarely used. Metal currency in Turkey consists of coin ...
They can, most farm supply stores sell a all-purpose chick feed for chickens, ducks, turkeys and other birds.
Turkeys that are domesticated don't mind humans, although, wild turkeys may be scared and do a sound called an alarm. The alarm sounds like high pitched putting and clucking. It warns the other turkeys in the area that there is danger.
The capital of Turkey is Ankara.
If a wishbone breaks down the middle it can mean a few things. Somepeople interpret this is equal luck for those who broke it.
A Jake is an immature male.They look much like hens,but are slimmer.In the winter,young of the year stay with their mothers in large flocks,roaming the winter woods in search of food.Adult males form gobbler flocks,and stay to themselves until spring,when mating season begins.
A Tom turkey female is a hen.
wild turkeys naturally eat seeds, nuts, berries, and mostly grass. They also sometimes eat bugs, worms, and small insects.
Because he thought that it was a noble bird.
First has to be Mustafa Kemal Atatük Tarkan Mustafa Sandal
There are 2 commerical breeds of broad breasted turkey, the BBW or broad breasted white and the BBB or broad breasted bronze.
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For direct flights, about 10.5 to 11 hours flying time.
Umm, no. A duck is a duck.
When a bird is in the process of losing feathers it is called Moulting . Most birds lose their feathers one at a time so they can still fly. :) Hope it helped
It's possible, meaning you would have to have a good amount of space for both animals. Ducks love water, so if you have a pond or somewhere they could go play in that would be great. I currently have turkey's living with chickens and peacocks and they all get along great! Once they get their pecking...
The cloaca of a chicken is the opening on the rear of a bird where both the reproductive tract and the digestive tract empty. The cloacal kiss is the mating process of chickens, this is when both the male and female chicken must let their cloaca's touch so the male's semen is able to enter the...
That would depend just how close it is to Thanksgiving.
The scientific name for the wild turkey is the Meleagris gallopavo.The common name is the domesticated turkey. The turkey hasdifferent names in all different origins.
david beckham and c.ronaldo
your silky is probably broody and will remain this way until she hatch eggs or you break the broodiness it is unhealthy for a chicken to remain broody to long its is better to break the broodiness unless you want to hatch eggs. it is a breed of chicken know to become broody often... broody...
If you are turning the eggs by hand you need to do odd numbers so that the embryo does not end up in the same place every night. So either 3 turns per day or 5 turns per day. 7 turns would be good but now you are opening the incubator to much and letting the heat and humidity out. So if you have the...
This bird has no animal in the UK which eats it.
A group of turkeys is called a flock of turkeys.
Maybe if they found them dead outside. Otherwise no.
Coyote, bear, mountain lion, bob-cat, wolf, human andvultures
A baby turkey is called a poult
Clucks or cackling. This typically happens when hens are preparingto lay an egg, between 9 am and 2 pm. Otherwise hens are fairlyquiet.
There should be about 100 pounds of turkey for 100 people. Thereshould be a pound of turkey for each person.
They just try to protect it from anything that would eat it. A turkey chick can eat and drink on its own, it just needs to learn what to eat and it learns that by watching its parents.
A turkey will have a varied amount of babies each time they layeggs. Some turkeys may have four eggs while others have up to 17 ata time.
A turkey is a large land bird that does not fly. It is consideredto be the largest game bird in north America. The size of theturkey varies depending on the age, sex, and living conditions. Thebird is covered in feathers. The feathers fan at the tail.
Nuts, berries, insects, corn, grains.
Brown some meat in a skillet, about a 1/4 in of veg oil, let it get brown, and a lttle burn in some spots, sticking to skillet is ok, once done, take meat out of pan and put on the side , leave the used oil in skillet with little pieces of broken meat and burned pieces, while it's still hot on med...
There should not be any pork in turkey chorizo. However, you should call the manufacturer to make sure that the casing is vegetarian or turkey...just to make sure.
There are over 125 mammals that are native to the country ofTurkey. These include the striped field mouse and the Indianporcupine.
Turkey itself is a country and is not religious. Most of the people in Turkey, however, are religious, but not all of them.
Pretty positive that Turkeys aren't purple.
with its legs
A turkey can jump 5 to 6 feet in the air.
A 10 pound turkey should cook for about 115 minutes. The turkey canbe cooked on a grill at 350 degrees.
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Yes. Eggs will not hatch or produce a baby if it isn't fertilized by a male turkey.
The ease at which turkey and chicken are digested is about thesame. It really only varies in people with allergies.
its all about personal opinion. People have different views on the subject. Personally i think chicken is tastier as it is juicer and softer {when cooked properly} then turkey. Turkey has a dryer harder to chew texture and flavour.
you boil it in the water for at least 1 and a half hour
Place the thermometer tip in the thick part of the thigh away from the bone. The thigh area closest to the body of the turkey is the thickest part.
Chickens . Turkeys . Pheasants . Scrub turkeys (an Australian bird)
Ataturk created reforms that marked the changes between the old Ottoman and the new republican rule :)