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Mission style furniture is usually associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement, Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture as well as that found in the early southwest missions. The descriptive name "mission furniture" was first coined by Joseph McHugh, a New York furniture manufacturer and retailer. Many…
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Buying an Oval Coffee Table about $10- $13958-21352 it depends how much you want to spend.
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I don't know if there is a bobs furniture store anywhere near you but they have good quality furniture at a good price. i would recommend that store or Check Boulevard Home Furnishings or Oak express or Maple St or Ashley's furniture or yard sales or second hand shops. And for getting the furnitur…
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Try putting dryer sheets in the drawers. Also, fragranced soap bars, or drawer liners work effectively as well. To eliminate the odor rather than just cover it up, use something like AFM Safecoat. It is a water-based sealant. It will not stain the wood, just cover it with an invisible coating. I w…
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Many janitorial stores carry products designed to remove red stains from carpets/upholstery .The process is to apply the product directly to the stain, let sit for one minute, brush lightly to agitate, then blot with a clean white towel , then place a heating iron over the towel. It may need two or …
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L F Nonnast TablesYou man find some for sale on eBay.
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Contact the 'Furniture Mart' in Chicago using the YELLOW PAGES: TRY ALSO 'information AT MC CORMACK PLACE: Also try:http://timelinesdb.com/listevents.php?subjid=1312&title=Furniture
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Getting latex paint out of clothes Ammonia will get latex paint out of anything. It actually dissolves it so soaking would be in order if it has been dried on for some time. Scrub it ever so often to help the ammonia along.Do it in a well ventilated area as the ammonia gives off fumes. Be aware of w…
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OZONE will do the trick. Get your hands on an air purification system that generates ozone and your problem is fixed. Ozone will get rid of any odor known that I am aware of.  The other poster is correct, but with one exception ... mold thrives on moisture and you are trying to save some furni…
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Answer These type of cleaner pads are not really safe to use on leather as they are abrasive and can remove the finish or pigment along with the dye transfer.. Dye transfer on leather can be removed using a leather safe cleaner like LTT Maxi Cleaner which was developed for that type of problem. I…
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Answer Check with a furniture restoration specialist. or you can vernish it again
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You will need: 600 Grain SandpaperLemon Oil or WaterNo. 0000 Steel WoolPaste WaxMicro Fiber ClothThis process is super easy and super inexpensive! Use 600 grain wet/dry sandpaper. Soak the sandpaper with either lemon oil or water and LIGHTLY sand the area (If the acetone stain is on a large continuo…
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You should go to the Beverly Center. It is a nice mall at the corner of Santa Monica and La Cienega. There is definitely somewhere in there to buy a Yogibo, which is a great bean bag chair.
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there is a store in Michigan that sells a varity of laminates. the web site is www.wilsonart.com, they ship to all 50 states and to Canada. usually ships in 7 to 10 days. but shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada will take longer.
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You need to use a good quality water based foam leather cleaner. (LTT Leather Shampoo) With light coloured leather dye transfer from clothing can be a problem although using a good quality leather protector (LTT Leather Protect) will help inhibit this. Black obviously does not show this problem. D…
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get out as much as you can using a WHITE towel, the only thing that will break it down is not a soap, it would be a solvent. A volatile dry solvent (perchloretheline) commonly used at dry cleaning shops. Pick up a phone book, look under cleaning-suppliers. find a place that sells carpet cleaning che…
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Answer Snip the burnt area with scissors (just the fibers). Find an area of rug (under a couch or better, in a dark corner)trim an area about the size of the burn and glue the unburned fibers with a household glue to the cleaned burned area. Actually, cut out from your closet a small piece of ca…
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If you can paint it, paint the drawers to remove musty odors.There is a product called Niloder on the market. Available from some antique supply houses.Or you could remove and bury the dead cat.
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Clean the couch with a mixture of vinegar and Pine Sol. That should remove the smell and the stain.D-Molish Now also does a great job of removing the smell and the soaked urine.
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refinishing furniture sand the furniture down and the paint or stain it. sanding indicates you are going to use the existing finish as a base for a new final top coat involving the same type of finish or a more modern finish that is compatible with the original. You might also consider strippin…
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Davenport Furniture dav.en.port  Pronunciation[dav-uhn-pawrt, -pohrt] �noun 1. a large sofa, often one convertible into a bed. 2. Chiefly British. a small writing desk. [Origin: 1850�55; the desk is said to be named after a Captain Davenport who first commissioned it] Both of these …
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This can be broken down into two sections. Reliable interstate mover: Here are some of the major requirements a moving company must meet in order to be considered as reliable: Appropriate licensing and insurance: They should have appropriate USDOT license and insurance on file (you can check it on t…
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Moving is considered one of the top five most stressful situations. No matter what items you plan to move or how tight your moving budget is, always plan your move using the best moving company. You can try www.Moving.com. Their process is quick and easy and they also provide FREE Moving Quotes to h…
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Answer If the finish has not started to bubble or peel you can probably just polish the surface to regain most of the original appearance. Depending on the type of finish on the piece, most of the newer finishes are quite resistant to heat damage and water stains. Older finishes, especially sh…
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Answer Upholstery simply refers to the covering (leather, fake leather, flowery cotton print, etc) over the wooden frame in a piece of furniture, like a sofa or a recliner. The person who repairs or re-covers upholstered furniture is an upholsterer.upholstery is the work of providing furniture
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It worksSalt and a lemon half. The salt will act as an abrassive and the slight acidity from the lemon will bring deposites out from the marble.Answer:There are several different good marble cleaners on the market today. Just do an internet search to find what are the highest rated.
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Please, please, please do not "strip" your furniture just to remove wax buildup. Understand that "stripping" your furniture removes its original finish all the way down to the bare wood. This is not good for your furniture and if your treasured piece is an antique, "stripping" and refinishing will d…
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Maryland has numerous zip codes, every city and town has one or more zip code.
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A chair does not exist because it is not a natural from, meaning it does not grow or live naturally. A chair comes from wood, which comes from a tree, a tree exists because its a natural form. A tree acutally exist and a chair has the potential to exist but does not not since it is man made. to unde…
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dining room table height The standard height is 29 inches. Anything more is uncomfortable and would be too high for the chair that suits the average height (lower leg length) person.
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Patent Leather Yes, Patent leather is made from real leather, with a finish originally made from various oils (whale oil, linseed oil etc), and lacquers such as shellac, and a colour, most commonly red or black. Modern patent leather is finished with a mixture of acrylic and polyurethane which give…
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Hairspray works wonders on furniture. Just spray and use a cloth to rub. It is amazing!!!! I tried - it doesn't workI tryed when my little sister busted a pen and went all over my computer desk.The hair spay worked but let it sit for a min or it wont work.DO NOT TRY NAIL POLISH ON WOOD FURNITURE IT …
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Most futons are very similar. So you should be able find a seat, a back section, two rails and two arms, as well as rollers, washers, cotter clips, metal inps, nuts and bolts, etc. So what you need to do, first, is locate the holes drilled into the back rack. Take the nylon rollers and push a metal…
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You clean marble with a wet cloth.....well obviosly u clapped out clowns...
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Antique stores. Ormolu is not made anymore. People associate it with heavily gilded bronze fixtures attached to hardwood inlay accented furniture and clocks but ormolu is actually the technique of gilding, not a style. If you are looking for more of the style, check out "Louis XV, Boulle, and French…
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You have to be careful with the products you use on vinyl furniture. Vinyl is a porous material and it has a finish on it. If you use harsh cleaners you can ruin the finish. The best way to lengthen the lifetime of your vinyl patio and outdoor furniture is to clean it with a mild soap like Dawn and …
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A chair is a piece of furniture with a raised surface supported by legs or another type of structure, commonly used to seat a single person.
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Average yards of fabric needed to upholster a couch are: Love Seat 11 yards, 72 inch Sofa 13 yards, 90 inch Sofa 14 yards. You always want to get a little more than you think you'll need just to be safe.
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Get a bottle of isopropyl alcohol out with a roll of paper towels. Wet the paper towel and blot the stain. Keep blotting with the alcohol and paper towel until the stain is gone.Alcohol works great on ink stains on almost any surface, but permanent markers take a lot more work. Try any Whitening Too…
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Alcohol lamps are usually found in biology labs where they do innoculations of bacteria cultures. It heats the wire loop on a stick that they use to spread the bacteria on the growth medium, which will prevent contamination to the cultures. They are more portable than Bunsen burners but burn at a lo…
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an alcohol lamp is not better than the Bunsen burner, which can make a flame more higher and stronger.. Because alcohol lamp is used to flame and can burn the environment arround you. Bunser burner is more unique than the alcohol lamp. This alcohol lamp is very dangerous when not use properly. When…
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For Pine, avoid using the knots where connection joints occur. Driving a nail or screw through the know may shatter it. Bark is definitely out, with sapwood next. Unless of course you are using a wane edge as a design element.
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You need a hammer, a saw and some nails to reshape a deformed wicker furniture. Taking deformed wicker furniture to a carpenter is something that should be explored.
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According to the La-Z-Boy website, their furniture is manufactured in five plants in the United States. They also have six distribution centers and approximately 100 company-owned retail stores, and they employ over 4,500 people nationwide. Their corporate office is in Michigan. For more informati…
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There is only one as far as I'm concerned. Stressless. Go to a local retailer.
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I own a Queen-sized Pierre Cardin Bedroom Set that includes the full bedroom set as shown in the movie "Sharkey's Machine" with Burt Reynolds released in December 1981. Very cool furniture in all white with stainless steel bands. My pristine set includes a 74-inch-long Low-Boy Dresser. It has the or…
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Alcohol lamps serve as a source of heat for laboratory activity. Alcohol lamps are ideal for laboratories where there is no gas. They use common alcohol to produce a smokeless and residue-free flame. the flame is cooler than that of a Bunsen burner. An alcohol lamp is a small jar with a special …
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Ikea furniture is usually of better quality than similarly priced pieces elsewhere. There are many places to buy higher quality furniture, but they generally cost a lot more.
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Answer An alcohol lamp consists of a small jar, often glass, with a wick which goes through a lid in the jar. It can be used in place of a candle or as a lantern. It can also be used in place of a Bunsen burner for gentle heating of something in a laboratory. The glass jar is filled with alcohol…
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They do not have throw covers for sectional couches. However, it is possible to make one yourself if you follow the steps, and have the time to make one.
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in California it is recognized as oak furniture that has very plain lines,sturdy construction,square or flat planes. famous makers of mission style are the Stickley Bros.
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alcohol is use to heat liquid or solid objet. from:Jay-ar D. Pulad
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Answer I’ve made my own beeswax furniture polish from a recipe I found in Robert McGuffin’s book Furniture Care and Conservation, published by AASLH Press. This recipe is similar to what many furniture conservators and museums recommend for hardwood furniture care. I’ve used this formula t…
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William Fetner Furniture was made in Hamlet, North Carolina from the early fifties through part of the sixties. William Fetner, himself, was a WWII veteran, a flier who flew many successful missions. He was a designer and researched "early American designs." William Fetner Inc. produced sailmaker's …
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An alcohol lamp consists of a small jar, often glass, with a wick which goes through a hole in the lid. It can be used in place of a candle or as a lantern. It can also be used for gentle heating of something in a laboratory.
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Its a tax that you pay with everything you buy, Value Added Tax, generally it is a percentage based on value of import. I have never heard the term apply for a hotel unless it's another kind of tax. Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax
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An alcohol lamp is one designed to burn alcohol rather than oil. The wick on it is typically but not always round rather than flat.
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Answer try jdisa@wickesfurniture.com or sharnish@wickesfurniture.com (this is his secretary) As of 12/18/2007, Mr. Disa has a SPAM blocker specifically deployed to reject E-mail from certain IP addresses, including the domain of my ISP (verizon.net). The secretary's E-mail does not appear to be …
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It heat ups specimen and with the use of the wire gauze it heats the entire beaker or test tube.
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I do not have this exact model but on the headboard of mine it says to call 1-800-OHS-Furn.
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Answer bleach water , use a hose end sprayer with bleach in it, or use Mold*Off, or Concrobium
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eBay leather hide
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Originally patent leather was made from top grade real leather, highly polished with different types of oil and lacquers. Modern day patent leather is often coated with or made from plastic.
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What do you want to know? They are produced locally in Memphis, with local Memphis talent and agencies
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Before repainting any furniture or cabinets, it's a good idea to wash it first with trisodium phosphate (TSP), which is found in the paint section of the hardware store. To remove heavy wax build-up, use mineral spirits or paint thinner, rags, and lots of elbow grease. You might have to use fine ste…
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I can tell you of an Indian brand of wax polish which has more than 60 years of rich history behind it - Dazlo (Regd.) Wax Polish. It is pure and is being made from the most traditional waxes from the nature. It is perfect to apply and leaves the surface shining like new. It can be applied to a wide…
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Answer Hello, I have several pieces of this furniture and am the original owner......it is all bedroom furniture though. It was discontinued around 92 or 93 and I could tell you what I paid for my bedroom pieces if that is what you are looking for.
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Alcohol lampalcohol lampalcohol lampalcohol lampalcohol lampalcohol lampalcohol lamp
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The same thing happened to me, so i know how you must feel. I guess what you can do is try find someone who might have the instructions for this particular wardrobe (specifying the model and the dimensions) for example on eBay a lot of shops sell Argos items and might be able to help you like they …
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Answer there are also some excellent citric based strippers out that you can use, I apply the stripper, let it work as per instructions and I use a plastic scrapper to remove the bulk of the stripped material and re-apply where needed, this works great for me. Caution: wear rubber gloves and depe…
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You will need a nubuck sponge or nubuck eraser. This is a soft block of foam used to rub out stains and spots. It is not stiff or hard as this will damage the leather. For a tough stain, use a soft toothbrush or a baby's hairbrush.
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A side table is something you set along side a chair or couch.Where as you have the coffee table that's out in the middle of the room
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There are special compounds for this . Look in your local paint store or paint area of HD.
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Check with a local lumberyard - one of the places that only deals in wood and not a combination place that sells bathtubs and hardware. - - - - -Azalea is hard to find because the azalea plant is a shrub, not a tree. Your option is to go out in the woods, find some azalea shrubs of large size, and …
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This answer is from a professional regarding leather couches: I would suggest purchasing a deodorizer which uses enzymes to destroy smells caused by body odor and other materials. It does this by consuming the matter which causes the smell. This will give your furniture and upholstery a pleasant sce…
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It is approximately 25" high--between dining height (approx. 28") and cocktail height (approx. 19"). It can be used with a lounge chair, as opposed to a dining chair, for dining.Do not feel hidebound by this antiquated rule. In the US, we obviously prefer a higher table. Do what is comfortable for Y…
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The process of folding a futon into a sofa may depend upon what type of futon it is. Typically, a futon will be pushed up or down in a certain spot, allowing it to come down into the form of a sofa.
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Pa. Moravian furniture that I have seen is almost always made of Walnut and is built to last forever. The use of many different types of LARGE dovetaling and mortise and tendons makes these pieces nearly in-destructable. Secondary woods primarily poplar, and backboards of either white oak, ash or ch…
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Here's a good reference I found, please see related source link below.
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Well if your asking this question then you`re probably aware that it is made up of various grinded leather scraps. I went to a place called Surplus Freight and am purchasing a leather set that feels very nice to the touch. The color is deep and not so shiny as other leathers but it was quite nice. $…
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Well modular furniture is generally used for customizable sets. Modular sectionals are sectionals that you can change stuff up like have 2 seats from corner to corner or 4 or more, Even through in a chaise or something. Its the same with office sets that have multiple options.
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Moderne: Striving to be modern in appearance or style but lacking taste or refinement; pretentious. Modern: Of or relating to recent times or the present
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Answer Even the ancient Eygptians knew about veenering which is a type of ply. Most of the furniture that I deal with in restoration work that has ply is post WWII. You may draw some conclusions from that. Another answer, You can actually apply steam to plywood to curve it. Mass production furn…
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An average double waterbed will weigh about 1,600 pounds when full.
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use to boil and het liquids
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Because the pulpit is the focal point of most worship settings. Older churches typically have two speaker stands. The stand on the left is referred to as the pulpit. Pulpits are used for sermons. The pulpit side of the church is called the "gospel side" of the church.
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the alcohol lamp is the source of the heat in the science lab
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By going to a store that sells it.
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around 2-3.5 feet to your discretion
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Clothing Stores at Bay State Commons There's a Stein Mart there, but the Linens and things is gone. :( THere might be coming a new store there though!
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Some people might say indoors but as long as your not in a very rainy area... I'd suggest using the soft wood furniture outdoors like in a home garden or something. The soft Poplar/Spruce/Pine/Cedar woods blend in wonderfully with whatever it is that you might be growing. Per say vegetables, fruits,…
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You place your bottom on a flat, level surface; and put your weight on it. It's that simple.
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