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Brazilian History

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Brazilian history dates back to the first arrival of humans in South America. Brazil was discovered by Pedro Alvarez Cabral in 1500. It stayed as a Portuguese colony until its independence in 1889.
Brazil and Uruguay were colonized by Portugal.
Brazil is the 5th largest country on the world.Russia, Canada,China, USA and Brazil.Russia is twice larger than Brazil.Canada, China and USA are approximately 1 million sq km larger than Brazil.
Brazil is located on the continent of South America .
There are lots of historical places of brazil like Christ The  Redeemer, Latin America Memorial, Praça dos Três Poderes, Pedreira  Paulo Leminski, Liberty Square, Forte dos Reis Magos, Olinda, Belo  Horizonte and so on.
Brasilia was founded.Massive roads were built.thousands of plots of land were given away
Construction became the fastest growing industry in the United  States during the 1950's. The construction industry brings in about  $850 million annually in revenue.
Well, Portuguese is a well-known language. However, it is not as spoken and popular as Spanish is. But people, are aware that Portuguese is a language and that it bears a lot of similarity to Spanish. So, in terms of how many people are aware of it, yes Portuguese is somewhat as common as Spanish....
Nowadays, Sao Paulo governor's is Alberto Goldman. He succed Jose Serra, as Serra left the governor last April to apply as presidential candidate.On January 1st 2011, Goldman will deliver his office to Geraldo Alckmin, the one who was elected last elections (on October 3rd).
Em Busca de Um Assassino is a Portuguese equivalent in Brazil to the title of the movie 'Red Riding: 1974'. The preposition 'em' means 'in'. The feminine noun 'busca' means 'search, lookout'. The preposition 'de' means 'of'. The masculine indefinite article 'um' means 'a, one'. The...
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The Federative Republic of Brazil is the South American countrythat was founded by Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral.
I think it's 52 years old
Brasília is Brazil's capital city. It officially was inaugurated as the capital on April 21, 1960. Its building began in 1956, and took 41 months. Juscelino Kubitschek de Olveira [September 12, 1902 - August 22, 1976], who was President of Brazil, 1956-1961, ordered the building to fulfill an...
== ==   Rio bay holds many illusions. Rio is a natural wonder because there are so many ways to look at the harbor and see different things. Some of the first explorers thought it looked like the mouth of some giant river! The giant mountains by it help deceive your eyes to make it seem like a...
That point is in north-central Argentina, about 155 miles east of Santiago del Estero, and 180 miles west of Corrientes.
The first college in Brazil was the Bahia College of Medicine(Faculdade de Medicina da Bahia) found on Feb 18, 1808 by D. JoãoVI (King of Portugal).
1992 - that was the year when the first women were allowed to attend the Army School of Administration, in Bahia.
Guanabara Bay's channel is around 30 metres deep. The bay's average peth is only about 5.7 metres.
Answer #1   The south-western state of Angola.   Answer #2   Other examples are the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Sao Tome and Principe.
Please, show me the lastest statistic about it. Of course from a trustworthy source. And afterwards give me the world's statistics about this subject to comprove that Brazil has so many she-males. This is the so-called "prejudice". Facts about sexuality or any other issue must be always compared...
A recent study conducted in England shows that the top 10 air polluting countries are: 1. China 2. United States 3. Mexico 4. Russia 5. India 6. Japan 7. Germany 8. Canada 9. United Kingdom 10. Italy
Banabuiú , Boa Vista do Tupim , Canapi , and Plácido de Castro are Brazilian cities with populations around 18,000 in 2009. Banabuiu in the northeastern state of Ceará has a population of 18,388. Boa Vista do Tupim in the northeastern state of Bahia has 18,298. Canapi in the northeastern...
Portugal is the primary nation whose language is the Portuguese. So there is only one nation whose history and language is unique.
He was known for discovering Brazil, between 1500 - 1501 did he make his discovery.
He was the first one who discover Brazil
No, the cities of Brazil are distributed all over the country.There are more cities on the East coast than the west coast.
Portuguese is not spoken in North America, except by small communities of immigrants from Portugual, Brazil, and other portuguese speaking countries. But in General: male = masculino female = feminino
Importance-wise, they are:    Brasília (the capital)   São Paulo (the largest city)   Rio de Janeiro (an extremely popular tourist location and a  past capital)   Salvador (first major port, and Brazil's capital for over two  centuries)  Belo Horizonte (first planned city)...
Depends on where the other point is. It makes a big difference. Let me demonstrate:It is 963 km from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (Brazil)8,218 km from Leeds, England.7,497 km from Ottawa, Canada8,867 km from Cairo, Egypt8,265 km from Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium5,483 km from Kellits, Jamaica15,238 km...
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It's a tie between Juruena (in Mato Grosso) and Serra (in Espirito Santo).
There have been many different European Countries but Portugal has had the greatest impact since Portugese is the native language. There has also been German,polish, spanish, and dutch colonization. Each different part of Brazil was colonized by a different European Nation. This is why majority of...
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Brazil has five geographical regions. They are Central-West, North, Northeast, South, Southeast. The Central-West Region has three states: Goias, Mato Grosso, and Mato Grosso do Sul.
Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca.
It began with the colonization. The Portuguese only needed to enter a little in the world to find what they wanted. Then, it was due to the exportation by sea.And nowadays, it is due to the fact that the coast cities are usually more developed.Also the Portuguese did not find many gold nor precious...
It became a city because people wanted a city next to the ocean so that they can go fishing and swim like idiots
Bombons. icecream, coffee, sugar, lights and rio!
Brazil has changed over the years even though it still has a poverty crisis it is better.
sao paulo, when did it become a megacity? 
there are about 12 myth in brasil, the most famous ones are:   sasci perere, curupira, Iara, mula sem cabeça and boitatá.   i suck
The only Latin American country where Portuguese is the official language is Brazil . But the nearby Latin American country of The Co-operative Republic of Guyana, where the official language is English, includes Portuguese as one of nine recognized regional languages.
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The value of 410,000 cruzeiros is equal to 149.09 Brazilian real, which is equivalent to $85.15. The Brazilian cruzeiro is obsolete. It was replaced with the Brazilian real on July 1, 1994. One Brazilian real is equivalent to 2750 Brazilian cruzeiros. One Brazilian real is equivalent to 0.571102 U...
Edison Arantes do Nascrimento
yes vineta was in Rio in 1901 for exploration
Brasilia is placed in the State of Goiás. (Center-west region)
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It seems that there is no colony of Portugal today.
Pico da Neblina - 2,994 m (9,822 ft) . Pico 31 de Março (shared with Venezuela) - 2,973 m (9,754 ft) . Pico da Bandeira - 2,892 m (9,488 ft) . Pico do Cruzeiro - 2,861 m (9,386 ft)[1] . Pico do Calçado - 2,849 m (9,947 ft) . Pedra da Mina - 2,798 m (9,757 ft) . Pico das Agulhas Negras - 2,792...
life in Brazil is amazing it has some poor areas and some rich areas. people come to visit Brazil every year. it has a good culture and has many tourist attractions although it has many crimes. Brazil is a great plce to live xxx
The 100.000 note witch has Juscelino's face stamped-on isn't in use for a long time, since it is a "Cruzeiro", not a "Real", as is called the in use currency. Due to economic problems and inflation, the Brazilian currency, and, as a consequence, the Brazilian money itself, has changed a lot in the...
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Brazil is a country, not a continent.
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Brazil is a huge country. It has many cities. The answer varies on which one you mean.
Depends on what part of Brazil we are talking about due its huge size and the diversity of the first settlers. Africans (Rio and Bahia states), Portuguese (the country as a whole, of course), Germans (in Southern states), Dutch (in North-eastern states) , Italians, Japanese and believe it or not,...
Life for people in Brazil is poor and not very easy. Brazilian people like Brazil because of the Carnaval, the partys,.......ect. I know that because we' re studing that in my school.
From 1763 to 1960 Rio de Janeiro was the Brazilian capital. In 1956, Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek de Olveira [September 12, 1902-August 22, 1976] ordered the building of Brasilia to fulfill an article in Brazil's Constitution . Dating from 1891, the article stated that the capital...
The longitude and latitude of Brazil are 10 degrees South and 55 degrees West. The relative location of Brazil is in the western, northern, and southern hemispheres. The Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn pass through Brazil. It covers almost 50 percent of South America.
 The latitude and longitude of Brazil is:    10° 0' 0" S / 55° 0' 0" W  
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The oldest universitie is caled parma in italy.
It is no such thing as Brazil language, however the word 'Lady" in Brazilian Portuguese is 'Senhora' and beautiful means "linda" "Bonita" Hence Beautiful lady = Senhora bonita, Senhora linda etc. Nonetheless the younger people don't use the word "lady" much, a young guy would say: Garota linda,...
ERA shotguns A line of shotguns made in Brazil by E. R. Armentina. These guns were or still are made for the shotgun manufacturer Stoeger who is now owned by Benelli.
because of the age of the buildings in its heart the most logical guess i can give you is Rome. but it could be Paris, Berlin, London, Lisbon or Madrid as i don't believe any of or much of eastern Europe was founded back then in 0049BC.
There's no city there. That point is well offshore in the Pacific Ocean, about 330 miles west of the nearest point on the coast of South America, and about 690 miles southwest of Santiago, Chile.
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The year 1960 is the year in which Brazil's current capital city was established. The name of the city is Brasilia. It's located in the interior of South America's largest country. It celebrates 50 years as the Brazilian capital this year, in 2010.