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Home to stunning architecture and Bollywood, India is rich with art and culture. Ask questions here about the paintings, architecture, music, dance and cinema of India.


Yes, it can. The vapors of some thinners are toxic, and in a highconcentration can make you sick or unconscious- or dead. This iswhy "huffing" paint is dangerous..
Katrina Kaif has a younger sister Isabel (Isabelle) born March 22,1986. She also has five other sisters (six names suggested), and anolder brother, Michael. Due to rampant misinformation, no reliable information is availablefor the other sisters, other than a list of possible names: Habiba Kaif...
i thinh she is Muslim
5feet 7 inches
amrita rao boobs size is 32
in 1993, Aamir Khan was expecting to win the Filmfare Best Actor award for ' Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar '. However Anil Kapoor ended up winning the award for ' Beta '. Since then Aamir boycotted all award shows and even accused Anil of 'purchasing' the award.
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shah rukh khan means a big flim star
Turqotte is the surname of her mother and Kaif is the surname of her father, but Katrina never declared her religion publicly.
Answer to DVD Release of Waitress2007 . \n9/11/07 Release computers from Blockbuster.
Shah is Persian Word and means: King it is also a surname that is mainly used in India. Shahanshah = King of King
someone tell me what is difference between Chinggis khan or Genggis khan
He won an Oscar for the Best Original Score (Slumdog Millionaire)and Best Original Song (Jai Ho).
the award won by AR Rahman are golden globe Award, Grammy awards Oscar award
dil chahta hai is a movie. it was released at india.
In the bollywood,there are many dancer.but madhuri dixit is better than ashwarya rai.
127 lbs she has gone to size zero but i lv her
Ayesha Takia accepted muslim religion.
Shahrukh khan still smoking.
Bollywood dancing was named after the films. Mumbai used to be called Bombay by US and UK. Bollywood was named to rhyme with Hollywood .
Two Sons. Ranveer and Rajveer.
Hollywood was made first, and then India used the "ollywood" and added the "B" as the city it would be in was "Bombay", (know known as Mumbai.)
No such car exists. It may be possible that an Olds 'Phantom' is simply a Cutlass (or other Olds model) that has been modified by a dealership and sold as a special trim package by that name. Dealerships sometimes do that...
hi shahrukh please give me your no. and email id
No, she is an English lady and a British citizen.
No she's not married? she even don't have a boyfriend :P lol
Yes,Sunil Gavaskar is also called as the little master
kall (ਕਲ੍ਹ)
bollywood songs are very interesting. they can change your mood in a second. my favourite songs are desi boys mundya nu thag le.
10-15 Crores per movie approximately...but that depends with whom he is working...
There are two homonyms for "hana."When written 花, it can meanflower, blossom, or sometimes beautiful. When written 鼻, it means nose.
Nusrat fateh ali khan was a very famous singer. He has song some of the most famous songs. His songs are named as Ghazals in india.
Google's Orkut has been shutting down a few years ago (September30, 2014). Thusly, I think This is an annoying question here.
you tell him how you fell in you listen to how he fell bout you in if he does not love you are have feelings for you them you move on. don't set there on wait on the person to fall in love because he may never do that.
Sir/madam maharashtra main kopargaon ke vidhayak Mr Ashok kale aur unke parivar main (wife,sister,mother&father) ne daliton ki silling ki jamin hadpi iske sab document aur visual hai .. gautam bank aur sugar co oprative factory main kia hua bhrashtrachar ke sab document aur visual hai .. aur sari...
Indian dad and dutch mother
i dont knw please say him number
shahrukh khan is a very popular actor. his wife name is gauri khan. they are blessed by 3 sons.
rehaan is a very attractive name. it is popular name in pakistan. rehaan is a muslim name as it is keep by most muslims.
Shantaram is a 2003 roman à clef written by Gregory Roberts, a convicted Australian bank robber who escaped from Pentridge Prison and fled to India where he lived for 10 years.Thanks Wikipedia for some of the info!
Dr. Shivji is a researcher at the Guy Harvey Institute of Nova Southeastern University in southern Florida. Much of his work has been devoted to the development of genetic analyses to detect and identify shark "parts" in catches by commercial fisheries. Because sharks are slow to reproduce and...
Yes, His wife is Gauri Khan.... they have 2 kids.. 1 boy and 1 girl
YES!!! to shah rukh khan :). yes!! to shah rukh khan!!! :). yes!! to shah rukh khan!!! :). yes!! to shah rukh khan!!! :). yes!! to shah rukh khan!!! :)
Hahaha, NO. TheHappy Deals Bollywood is not a place or city, just aninformal and colloquial name given to the Hindi language filmindustry in Mumbai, India.
Salman khan has been acting since 1988. He has also done roles as child artists. He has struggled his to the top of the tally.
well my name is 11 in my schools choir i sing at solo festivals i also have little money but lots of have fun with your quest!! :) i made it so far as if trying to do what trying to do like becoming famous is very hard one of my is to make a video on or visit places were celebs hang stock them but...
extensive knowledge in learning such as art and sciences And peace and prosperity. ~Universities~Literature~Painting~Sculpture~Mathematics~Roads
global service for mobile communication
It has helped to grow the GDP. They are getting in more money dueto the movies that are being made so it has grown.
No salman khan is not going to be a judge in nach baliye 5. He mainly focuses on his acting. He just hosts the show big boss.
great effects also enhanced by the legand prince nassim hammed
Mano meri maut ho gayi hai or sirf aap mujhe dobara zinda kr skte ho lekin aapko god ko 3 reasons dene honge. To wo 3 reasons kya honge.?
To name a few popular ones, George Clooney Jack Nicholson Tom Cruise Jon Favreau
Kareena kapoor was in a relationship with shahid kapoor. They use to have a good time always. But suddenly they fought and broke up. Then kareen kapoor went towards saif ali khan.
He is very famous boxer around the world. This is because of his boxing wins and his styles. He has done his job so well that everybody likes him around the world.
zareen khan is a very beautiful actress. she was brought by salman khan in bollywood industry. they both look similar but they are not sisters..
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Names of ShahRukh Khan's kids are - Aryan and Suhana. They both are very good looking and well mannered. You might also see both of them in the upcoming movies.
kambakt ishq songs Jab we met me twist 4 def!!!!!!!
no body reely nos yet lol
No amitabh bachchan is not srivastava. He is just bachchan and is famous. His father's name was harivansh rai bachchan.
Famous guys like aditya narayan do not provide their email id. They get disrupted by the continuous mails they receive. Hence, they do not share the email id.
1. Salman Khan 2. Akshay Kumar 3. Hrithik Roshan 4. Shah Rukh Khan 5. Saif Ali Khan 6. Aamir Khan 7. Sanjay Dutt
actress haVE VERY MUCH COMPETITION IN INDUSTRY. each actress want to be number 1. so they dominate with their height as they show their beauty.
Agar apne kisi se pyar....... Love/ever.........
The Gupta Empire is referred to the Golden Age of India because it was atime of cultural activities. art, literature, and poetry was huuge during this time.