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Chemical Energy

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Chemical energy is a form of potential energy, and is present in various things such as foods, fuels and batteries. It may be released during a chemical reaction, often in the form of heat.
Holding a cup of boiled water the heat from the liquid will make the cup hot itself. An ice cube melting in your hand because the heat from your hand was conducted to the ice cube. Metal and electricity are very good conductors, wood is a horrible conductor. Hope that helped (:
That would either be the North Pole or South Pole, depending on  what season/time of year it is.
Plants have specialized organelles in their cells called  chloroplasts that perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the  process that takes light energy from the sun and binds that energy  into glucose.
Darlington power station refers to a series of two coal-fired powerstations situated in Darlington in County Durham , North East England .
it is changed into sound energy in the form of audible sound made by the cracker and light energy and the kinetic energy of the particles of a cracker which moves after explosion.
Photosynthesis - to be more exact, photons of light are absorbed by  pigments in photosystems. The photon of light is transferred to  other pigment molecules until reaching a chlorophyll a molecule in  the reaction centre. The photon energy excites one of the  chlorophyll a electrons to a higher...
Renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofuel and hydrogen). I must say bioenergy had not occurred to me as a future energy source, but my initial reaction was to jump to a connection between DNA mapping and biologically produced electrical...
Nuclear energy is the only energy that the human body does not  produce.
Chemical energy is that energy contained in a chemical substancethat is released when that substance reacts with another substance.For instance there the sucrose molecule stores chemical energy.
There is no tidal power plant in India as such but Gujarart has given a proposal for THE KALPASAR PROJECT which if started in if this year will finish till 2020.
Radiant electromagnetic energy is converted into chemical energy in photosynthesis,
or example is sun, stove, and food....
The energy that is used to make a machine run is electrical energy.
X-rays (electromagnetic) and beta/alpha (particulate) are some examples of radiation.
Motors that run on gasoline, kerosene, propane, natural gas, oil etc. do exactly that. So do steam engines that burn fuel to boil water.
A Physicist studies energy, also physics.
It is a physical property
Basra is both a state capital and a state of Iraq. The largest field in the state is the Rumaila field, a huge field as documented in the second reference. Not only is there variation of properties from field to field, but also well to well within the same field. Therefore, the oil is divided...
There is no specific lowest level of metabolism.
Yes.. but it depends on the energy that is changing or being changed
The device that uses chemical energy to give charges electric potential energy is a battery because it uses chemical energy which gives off potential electric charges.
It depends on several factors. Did you preheat? If so then the top is is your best bet. If not then the bottom will get the benefit of the burners firing off more often until the oven is heated to the desired temperature. Of course if your oven is poorly insulated and requires the burners to fire...
  == In the ocean 80% of all light energy is converted to chemical energy!!!! ==   Brittney De La Rosa
Light rays are a form of radiant energy. Light rays are the visible  light region from around 400 - 700 nm. All types of electromagnetic  radiation are radiant energy.
The chemical potential energy is converted into a ready form of chemical potential energy in the form of ATPs. It also releases heat, thermal energy.
During photosynthesis plants use sunlight and convert simple, low energy molecules(carbondioxide and water) to high energy complex carbohydrates. The bonds that are formed during this conversion stores the energy of sunlight.....
when you use batteries you use chemical energy. Batteries contain stored chemical energy that can be changed to heat, light, sound or mechamical energy.Chemical energy is energy stored in the arrangement of particals of matter.
(more than two). Chemical Energy Examples:. Digestive process, batterys, photosynthesis, burning gasoline, burning wood, using TNT, fire works, putting salt on a slug, alchohol, fermintation, rusting.. (all of those answers where aproved by my physical science teacher)
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be saved in various forms. One way to store it is in the form of chemical energy in a battery. When connected in a circuit, a battery can produce electricity.     If you look at a battery, it will have two ends -- a positive terminal and a...
Potential Energy:   a book at your desk   a cartolina on the wall   a table on the ground   books on your bag   a pen on your pen holder
A battery or a fuel cell converts chemical energy directly to electrical energy
Chemical energy is converted into heat energy which is then converted into mechanical energy
when a chemical change occurs, chemical bonds are broken up
Rhyolite is a fine grained extrusive igneous rock similar to granite. Rhyolite forms from particularly viscous molten lava and is grey, brown or reddish in colour, darkening with age. Rhyolite is essentially composed of feldspar, mica and quartz with numerous accessory minerals present :)
the process by which light engergy is used to convert water and carbon dioxide into food molecules (glucose)and oxygen
1000 liters because 1 liter ways 1 kg so 1000kg of water is equal to 1000 liters
  == chemical energy is used in different ways such as stirring sugar into tea and stuff like that! ==   == If proud of what i learn't what do u think?? ==
Chemical energy arises through reactions between atoms of different materials, whilst nuclear energy arises through reactions in the nucleus of the atoms. In chemical reactions the nuclei are not affected or changed.
Typically, a number 4 earthquake on the Richter magnatude scale has the same amount of energy as a small atomic bomb, a number 9 earthquake on the Richter scale has the same amount of energy as 199,199,000 tons of dynamite!
Yes it is. It is a source of electromotive force(otherwise known as electromotance)that tends to cause current (electrons and ions)to flow.
The intramolecular forces are weaker and therefore broken easier than tin which contain metallic bonds. Intramolecular forces are substantially weaker than mettalic.
A chemical engineer is required in energy systems across various segments such as oil and gas sector, fuel cell sector, water technology sector, next generation hydrogen energy sector, atomic and nuclear energy sector, biofuels sector, cryogenic and ultra low temperature energy production sector and...
  Nuclear energy is turned into thermal energy, not chemical energy
Chemical potential energy in the battery is converted to actual electrical energy which is converted to magnetic potential energy in the starter, producing mechanical kinetic energy in the gears which turn the motor over. The turning of the motor closes switches (kinetic) and moves valves (kinetic)...
Simply put, a thermal difference is a difference in temperature between one object and another one, or one area of an object and another area of that same object.
It depends. There are two types of chemical reaction int his sense. Exothermic reactions release energy and endothermic reactions absorb it.
Electrons in the outermost energy level are called valence  electrons. The number of valence electrons on an atom largely  determine its behavior and characteristics.
A. Thermals A Conductor is a material which allows either heat or electricity to pass easily through it. A Catalyst is a material which speeds up a chemical reaction without being used up itself. An Enzyme is a biological catalyst, i.e. a catalyst which occurs in living things. Chemical Bond...
that's the iceberg that have more heat !
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No. You can only convert thermal energy to other types of energy if you have a difference of temperatures between two objects, and then you can only convert part of the thermal energy. The remainder will flow from the hotter object to the colder object.. \n
Answer . \nIf you are burning natural gas, it means that the burner is dirty and not getting anough air. If left untreated it will lead to sooting and possibly carbon monoxide problems. Get the burner serviced immediately. \nIf you are burning propane gas, there will be a yellow "tip" to the flame...
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That means that the energy in the lightning consists of moving electrical charges (electrons in this case).
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  == Answer ==   Energy is always conserved in a chemical reaction. If heat of reaction is positive, the mixture gets heated and may require external cooling to continue the reaction in the forward direction. If the reaction is endothermic, i.e. heat of reaction is negative, the mixture gets...
I'm assuming it is digestion. I'm on the same question in this science packet at the moment :P
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lightEdited answer:Photolysis of water by light energy (photons)
it is a closed system. no matter or energy flows across the boundary