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Dizzywood is a virtual world online game developed and designed by Rocket Paper Scissors, LLC for children aged 8 to 12 years old. The game is an adventure, visual chat and a social quest game promoting collaborative teamwork play.
hi kateliz1 here to get heart emote well how i got it was i went to the magic burrow u say riddle and owl will come down then u answer the riidle u keep doing this till u get the emote
The Icy Arie is in the crystal keyhole in prestos edge. you'll need the key first you'll find it in the mission when the weather people are fighting.
u have to go to omega beet mine through alpha radish mine
lol ;) if u said is in tanglevine jungle then it has to be in the jungle. Sometimes at the very end of the jungle close where is the entrance to the treasure room.The other pleace is close to the river in the jungle close to a big tree. IN the right so dont go to the other side. The other one is in...
in presto's grove
at the bottom there should be a chat box and if is not unlocke send a request to your email to unlock it
Hi, I know how to get that. Go to skytown in the cannon and walk a little until you reach the scroll. I am HoneyFly on dizzywood.
  All of the Dizzywood riddle answers are listed on the Dizzywood Wiki.     http://dizzywood.wikia.com/wiki/Riddles
Wildwood glen please visit...http://dizzy2154.wordpress.comhttp://thenationalbloggersgroup.wordpress.com
lol if u said in garden gazebothen what place would it be?
The key is at The Chasm. To get to the chasm, go to presto's edge and go toward Quill. When you are near him go to a hole and levitate (also the same when you walk over it)
To change your password in dizzywood just simply click on forgot passsword. Then check your email and then click on the message in your mail box. It will guide u to the webpage to change your passsword.. And there u are
Unless ur a member, u cant turn the crystal version to a critter, srry!!
um i think u have to do the moonpebbles charms part 1-17 to unlock the colour drops mission but im not quiete sureIm trying to figuere tht out 2 and i did tht charm thing 1-17 it dont work
well go to the furniture store and go right then up and go throught the door and buy a prop
well its impossible that i know to get that much money at one time. U can get that much money by doing missions. 1. go to explorers camp and move the stones it will get u 500 coins 2.go to jaguat temple and get to the plateu with stones u can move. move the stones and u will get 200 coins. 3....
well if u have one friend who is silver or gold go to there hous and if they had a mailbox that's pink click on it and i will give like 200 points or more
U dont need POINTS! U need COINS. U can get them by doing a whole  bunch of stuff.
this is how you get a dizzywood account login to your diizywood then click membership then you will see gold or silver then u will have a gold account you have to pay for it on a credit card
If you're looking for a was to cross the chasm, then there is a bridge just a little south of Quill. If you're looking to go into the chasm, then you must already have the levitate power. If you have it, levitate, then walk to the middle of the chasm. If you don't, go get it!
When you go to the login page, above the part where it says Password, you should see, in tiny print, Forget this user. :)
because spirits can only be picked up with vibrations and are invisible to the human eye
you type in hello or something and then an email is send get a parent or grown up to check their email.
Chanjo? hes the green dude with a tool in his hand in presto's grove.
go to the explorers camp go all the way to the right u will c a jaguar ghost use ur invisibility power to get in without him seeing u once u get in walk straight off any part of the cliff ur on
You can't get on Dizzywood when it is not available!
I think that its in tanglevine jungle (zoom out and walk around and eventually you'll find one)
Its really easy. For the stick, go to Breakwater beach, its next to the pink tent, on the right hand side. For the jewel bit, go to Wild-wood Glen. Its a blue ball next to the pond.
The opal idol iz deffinatly there, ive found it!
Itz in Tanglevine Jungle. Go across the lake and go straight.
go onto my stuff and then click on welcome and then map of dizzywood and hopefully you ll see the name of places you can click and go to that place also you can search for signs and click on them if your new click on anything there are also secret places that you ll have to find.hope i helped xx
got to collect it by the way im going on dizzy wood now
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If you're talking about props then they are just to put down if you want to put on a dizzywood show or something like that!
Absolutely! Theres actually a cheat, u have a member do the cheat and walla! u have free clothes :P
You can go to Kan but you have to be SILVER OR GOLD exsplorer to realanate the crystal critter sorry :'(
flys around, sees food.
very month it was hidden in a new place, just gotta look and click around!
Complete the mission "The seahorse sprite's secret" or something like that xP
If you don't have the instruction manual then your SOL. Thinking of setting my L-GZ099PST on fire, lol. Haven't found anything on the web. Could go back to the store and "borrow" the manual from a new box. check with the store first though.
Just Refresh the page and start again if it doesn't work restart your computer.
It is totally safe. But some people might call others Newbies. and start a Argument, and may make your kids unhappy. I'd suggest you log in, and try to fit in with other people and say nice things, If they dont say nice things back to you, you may log off or change to another server for a while.
U dont use the map but the entrance to get 2 the spot on the map iz in tanglevine jungle or the explorers' camp i furgot srry!
on ourworld u dont get the critters walking with u , u have to sell them or just leave them in ur garden
Click the little box that sais ''Click to Start'' then you gather as many stars as you have to.
if u can't talk to other explorers go to chat bar type something in then click send then a thing will show up and u change ur address
presto's edge close to the bridge
U cant reanimate if ur not a member, which means u give them moolah!, if u r, go in the explorers' camp then go straight and then a snake dud will do it fur u IF u have 2000 coins to give!!!
You can Buy stuff, such as Dizzywood gear, house items, and clothing. But only Silver/gold members may buy those stuff. Also, you may get some missions from Spy Bear.
U click on a trowel, which should B lying around the left side of Garden Gazebo, then when ur plant iz ready, u can click on it.
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You can get coins many ways. One way is, to finish missions. Another way is, y'know when you see stars or little things floating around you can walk over them and you can get coins that way. You can also buy coins with real money. There are also many other ways, google it!
yes there are the game is going on December the 7th 2010 but here is the website littlestpetshop.com
the boat on breakwater beach to get a fishing pole
some times u can buy it at the beach hut at breakwater beach or, u go to the furniture shop in presto's edge,
I'm not positive but I think it's were they are on the field and Matt and rob are both crying and bonding about the war
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You cant steal money on dizzywood!!!
If you have to ask, you can not afford it.
If you mean the stones in the herbed off area there are two ways to get in. 1. you can use levetation( to get levetation, walk through the poles in Tanglevine Jungle by the river) 2. walk through the entrance in the bottom right hand corner, you have to find the right way though.
There is a full list of answers here:     http://dizzywood.wikia.com/wiki/Riddles         What goes in the house but never touches the house? the sun     What goes round and round the world but stays in a corner? stamp
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Dizzywood is closing down because they do not have money anymore to support the game and the community. Dizzywood asked if SecretBuilders.com could help take care of their users, after they had decided to close. SecretBuilders.com offered to help give Dizzywood users a new home, which they could...
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No and never NOOB
It was probably an mistake. But they did shut it down did they?
Dizzywood is coming back on april 23rd 2012
Fantage.com (add me as your buddy plz ,') moshi monsters.com our world.com wizard101.com (i'll zap u \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\|\\ :-)
    There is supposed to be a place called Twilight Pines but it isn't available yet. Some people claim to have seen it but there's no way to get there right now.
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I don't think forever... this is what the Dizzywood creators posted on Facebook: "Thank you everyone for all the kind words about Dizzywood. We really wish we could have kept it going as is for a long time. But don't despair! You may not have heard the last of Dizzywood. More details to come. In the...
Well I used to love dizzywood and I was a gold and all that...but then Secret Builders overbought it, so no I don't think so sorry :/ but recently I've been using WeeWorld and it's actually very similar to dizzywood :P
use the worms in the can and it will come down and eat it
  I dont think HBK is ever coming back
dizzywood has changed to a site named secretbuilders.com however they still have the dizzywood domain name up.
you go to money cheats on the map and click on it, once your there you will see a map then just choose your quest
Sadly, I haven't a clue if it will.. But I checked the site and it said 'New things will be coming' So that must mean that its coming back ^o^*scarches head* I think.. >w<
I believe it was an issue with funding. I was and still am just as sad about it as you probably are, but they are considering bringing it back and will contact all Dizzies if this ever occurs. Hope I helped!
No dizzywood is closed but they teamed up with secretbuilders.com so I guess you can use that.
Katherine de Claw is in the Garden Gazebo. You get there by clicking on the sign in Presto's Edge. She is close to the entrance to the Garden Gazebo.   Katherine de Claw recently won the election for Chief Poobah of Dizzywood.
Ran out of money I think, so just use secretbuilders.com (it's not as good as dizzywood.com for me though).
go to prestos edge there is a guy named brooke over there ask him and you have to pay him 100 coins         peace :)
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Eiiz, I have been trying for months now, just trying to catch a critter.. BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TOO!! Guiiz, PLEASE!! If you come to this forum, or if you come across ANY OTHER forum, please let us know how to!!!! I REALLY want a critter.. I am starting to get sick of trying to get one.. Kisses...
The firefly sprite iz in Skytown. If u wanna get to skytown, use zap on the cannon in prestos edge.
    The ghost opal idol is hidden behind a pillar right in front of the ghost in Tanglevine Jungle. You need to win the Ghost Ray power from him first and then use the ghost ray on the pillar to see the opal idol. It's a blue-green ball and you will see it appear when you use the power on...
Click on the blue Join Now for Free button at the bottom of the screen to create an account on Dizzywood. press "play now" then it will show a page that says "log in" well under that theres a link that says "not a dizzywood member yet? join now!" clic that it will have u answer a few questions like ...