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Voodoo and Santeria

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Voodoo or more correctly Voudon is a Spiritual path derived from African polytheism and ancestor worship, blended with Christianity. Santeria A spiritual path that is outwardly similar to Voudon with its origins in Cuba, and leaning heavily on the inclusion of Christian Saints.
Religion freedom is part of the constitution and it guaranties it.
Talk of aftershocks- Shinto is a Japanese religion with among other things a strong empasis on Emperor Worship- not for nothing was Hirohito called the Son of Heaven! Even the battle-cry Tenno- Heika- Banzai! meant- back to front- that"s the Japanese style- Attack! in the name of the divine Emperor-...
Voodoo originated in Benin. It is an animistic religion.
Tokoloshe - The Tokoloshe is an evil-spirited gremlin in Zulu  mythology. A shaman may send a Tokoloshe to vex his enemies,  causing anything from harmless fright to illness or death.  Tokoloshes are described as short hairy humanoid creatures that can  render themselves invisible by swallowing...
Maman Brigitte is the Voodoo Lwa of Death.
It is probably part of an offering left there either to Papa Legba, Baron Samedi, or for the person that is laid to rest at that grave.
No, because magic isn't real. However you can surround yourself with friends, since a group is harder to bully then one person.
Place a dime in your left shoe and walk on it for a week. If it turns black, you have a hex on you.
The amount of pins used in a voodoo doll depends entirely on the purpose of the focus.
Cake, my friend. Cake
yes they can ____________   In order to break the spell you must first learn what type of spell it is. Black magic spells can be given to a victim through drinking or eating such as adding the black magic to food or drink. If someone has a picture of you or a possession that you own (Example: a...
That depends greatly on the person. Some people believe in a higher power, and some do not.
It all depends on the manner of the conjure. Any number of things can be used.
No just about all Nigerians don't practice voodoo should no because I'm Nigerian and only a small percentage in west Africa practice it. But about 9 million people in Haiti practice voodoo.
In Vodun and related diaspora faiths, chickens are sometimes given to the Orishas (lesser gods in charge of forces of nature) as offerings. If you saw an altar that had a beheaded chicken on it, this is just because in that person's tradition, the offering must be left there for a certain amount of...
OpinionDo not open yourself up to something that will plague you for the rest of your life. Better off staying away from it for your sake, and the sake of your family. Christians believe this is very dangerous to be involved with. You have been warned, but it's your call!    A Pagan...
Bathe in a bathtub full of mansauce.
That depends on the particular doll. Some might, but most voodoo dolls are not made/used for ill intent.
Devi is a Sanskrit word for 'Great Goddess'. And she is worshiped because there are people that love and revere here.
You bury it at a cemetary.
you can get it online or ones that grow in water a the dollor store
A murder of crows will surround a bad crow and deliver it capital  punishment for crimes. It means their will soon be a severe  judgement in your life. The question is are you the bad crow or the  judge?
The First Amendment- the free exercise clause. It is tragic because Santeria is not a Bona Fide religion in the opinion of many. It is an underground cult.
  Jemanja is the goddess of the seas. It's an Afro-Brazilian mythical figure.
In the modern day, Egypt is a predominantly Sunni Muslim country with Islam as its state religion. Around 90% are identified as Muslim. Islam is an Abrahamic Monotheistic religion where they call their "Almighty-God" as "Allah". The word Allah in Arabic language directly translates to "God" in...
Tattoos such as that are fairly common place. It doesn't have anything to do specifically with practicing Santeria.
Maybe he has forgotten it there. Miniature size is for; he can carry it with him. You don't have to associate anything negative just because it is a skull. There are many different paths (quite benign than you might think) in which they use the symbol of a skull for meditation, and as a constant...
The making of a voodoo doll is a very personal thing. Spanish moss is almost always used, but if you do not have it on hand and feel that yarn would be a better personal substitute to suit your needs of the doll; then go ahead and use yarn.
I don't know ive looked all over too, maybe you do put pins but i think it's just to give you the luck,obility, power or watevr you wanna call it. But that's just my guess
yes santeria and Justin would make a great couple.
No, Santeria is a religion/faith.
That is hexing and is definitely not a Christian Practice . Imagine praying for bad weather to foil, say an amphibious invasion in war-time Pacific- but may also injure or kill innocent fishermen and allied ship crews. hardly in harmony with nature!
It probably means the neighborhood cat left you a gift.
If that somebody is a cat, it means that the cat thinks you are hungry and you need a bird to eat.
Santeria does not have any uniform apparel codes- like some religions do. There is no prescribed habit or costume for Santeria priests, to my knowledge.
Blue=love Red=Pain, Brocken bones Pink=Death Yellow=money White=heal Black=sick Green=nervous Tan=bleeding
keep it i a safe place such as a box (it may be an innocent person) or try to look up spells to take the curse off the doll
Specifically against voodoo? none that I can think of.
The entreating of the spirit world to bring about an effected result by conjuring spells and magic isn't endorse in the Bible... and is condemned by God's Commandments [Thou shalt have no other gods before Me]... and other scriptures."You have trusted in your wickedness and have said, 'No one sees...
Ashish bawrie
  not known   Santería is one of the syncretic religions created in the New World. It is based on the West African religions brought to the New World by slaves imported to the Caribbean to work the sugar plantations. These slaves carried with them their own religious traditions, including a...
Santos simply means Saints., It is also a city in Brazil, I think the second largest.
I can pretty much guarantee you that the bird in question died of natural causes that have nothing to do with voodoo rituals.
In real life there are no real spells. How ever to break a spell you could find the answer in a spell book! (do not believe in spells from movies and TV shows)
Santería is the form of voodoo that originated in Cuba.
That depends on which tradition you are following, and which Lwa you work with. Different Lwa will have different feast days, and sometimes Lwa will have different days of the week in which they are associated.
Voodoo dolls are not evil.
so it can voodoo people if you have seen princess and the froghe voodoos my name is taylor Gray and I once got voodooed
it depends what you are using them for
Freak out without a Carnival. The Jemanja devotees of the so-called Naptha Cult get drunk on Naptha and start praying to Raquel Welch! I kid you not. watch out for I better not say it... welll, its a long way down.
This depends on what the person who made or dressed it wants it to do. Voodoo dolls (poppets) can be representative of a person, a deity, or a wish.Many people use black poppets for curses. They imbue the doll with some aspect of the person they wish ill towards, and often put some part of them in...
Milagro don't have much to do with a Rosary, unless someone makes a Rosary with Milagro. Milagro are often small metal pendants, or even statuary that resembles and area of the body or focus of an ailment for which you are petitioning a Saint or spirit for special attention, blessing, and healing....
There is no particular founder.
the average lifetime of a bubble is 20-30 seconds. you may be saying, oh my bubbles have lasted longer and floated away, but most bubbles run into things before they die. short life. very random question but thx for asking.
When you find a chicken bone hanging behind our door that means good luck or a voodoo thing to wear off bad spirit's.
To help focus and direct the energy upon the person or reason the doll is intended to resemble.
Real Powerful Voodoo Black Magic Spells -- africavoodoo(dot)comI Can Open You The Door To A Better PresentI am the only Authentic African voodoo master around the world to offer you unconditional guaranteed results. My work has been known to Help, Heal, And to put people on the right path in their...
I have worked with Magic myself before & let me tell you the outcome, especially regarding Black Magic & Voodoo. It can lead to very dangerous results. You have to be extremely careful & rethink things before you even THINK about doing anything like that. First off, you need to reassure...
Catholics do not practice witchcraft That is considered paganism which is a different religion and belief system all together.
that depends...have you made any voodoo dolls recently?
it is a traditional black magic treatment done by black magicians to control the pray.it is heard that some poisonous herbs and even mild snake poison is mixed to make it.Whatever the mixture is that thing is non digestible so it will stay in stomach for long period and deviate the persons...
It means 'good luck', or 'good energy'.
When a Voodoo doll's arms and legs are tied up, that is evidence of a binding spell. The purpose of the spell is to rid yourself of the negative energies of someone who is mentally or emotionally abusing you. If done properly, it will not harm the object of the spell nor will it affect his or her...
A Mambo (priestess) or Houngan (priest) is probably best found through an internet search to see if there are such people in your area. If they are wanting to be found by the general public they may have put out a personal site with information.
Absolutely not.
it"s not a bad idea, provided the dolls are attractively dressed, maybe in the same styles as the deceased. The Santerian do honor Saint Barbara- who has indirectly ( Barbie dols) given her name to a popular line of dolls, so why not? On the other hand I have seen neatly executed statues of Charlie...
Erzulie Freda would definitely be the Lwa to go to for matters of beauty. She can sometimes become jealous and have it in for females, but that's usually when the matter of other men she may be interested in are involved. She is the Lwa of beauty and love, and can be a powerful woman to have on...
they are hollow. and small in size
It is sometimes asscosiated whith the dark moon and used accordingly
It refers to a Haitian voodoo tonic. Believed to bring on the "loa" a voodoo god to possess the body of the drinker.
Yes it does, I've gotten readings by Santeros and everything I was told came true and he knew personal things from my Past no one else could possibly know
Hun, you don't need to engage in witchcraft to find friends. Just go out and meet real people; start up a conversation and engage in common interests. You'll find nice people out there to become friends with.
It is said that if you put enough energy into something it will come into fruition. However there are many personal requirements in working with a Voodoo Doll that a bunch of pixels on a screen simply do not have.
There are some Native American spiritual paths that recognize Coyote as a god or spirit. Coyote is a manipulator of men, much like the Norse god Loki. If someone perceived Coyote as influencing their life in a negative manner, they may have destroyed the statuette in an attempt to get Coyote out of...
to protect them from evil eyes and bad omen. wearing on right wrists and left leg together is more good.
Put a dime in his left shoe and have him walk on it for a week. If the dime turns black he does have a spell upon him.
Yes, black feathers can be used in Voodoo practices. However I do not know that you happening to find one in the fridge would mark it as a sign of Voodoo.
it is some sort of kite....haha.
It is an essentially polytheistic spirit religion that has borrowed concepts and saints ( hence the name, roughly state of being saintly, sainted) from Roman Catholicism. Some other deities are non-Christian, such as Jemanja or Yemaya, something of a Venus type, who is drawn as a marine goddess (...
That depends on what it is you want.
using rituals, charms and herbs, voodoo was practiced to protect oneselfand harm others. it was also used for healing others too. got this from wikipedia
It depends on the purpose, the intent, and the type of bones being used. Voodoo dolls are very personally made items.
Another angle of attack that is way off the spiritual Beam! It is generally agreed there were Three Wise Men in the Epiphany tale. ( We three Kings of Orient are) They have been given the names ( by tradition, as this is not in the Bible)- of Gaspard- or Casper, yes the ghost man, Melchior, often...
Yes, almost every year someone it prosecuted for animal cruelty while performing a voodoo ritual
En Rouge simply means 'In Red'. It depends on what context you are using it in, but simply rambling words in succession doesn't have much of a meaning unless you put proper intent behind them.
The black X was used to call demons and evil spirits for help in voodoo rituals
  Hex-as in the phrase Hex signs, is derived from the word Hexagon, a six sided figure ( many were used as automobile trademarks-in part because ( Hex) turret lathes are used to fabricate auto parts, Hex meaning six - somewhat demonic, if 7 is good and sacred ( 7Th heaven, etc). so 6 is the...
Satan, Lucifer, the Devil. Period! (from a previous poster)and untrue nor is it god, Allah, moses.This is a christan/Muslim thought and as always wrought with fear and ignorance but that is the basis of all religion the fact is its like all native religions voodoo is a conglomerate of many preceding...
Clothing can be used for such a purpose, but it isn't always as such.
i brought my'n in a beach hut on the beach
Voodoo is in the mind. If you believe it hurts you, then it does, but if you don't believe that it can hurt you it doesn't. To believe gives it power over you, so don't give it the power.