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Voodoo and Santeria

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Voodoo or more correctly Voudon is a Spiritual path derived from African polytheism and ancestor worship, blended with Christianity. Santeria A spiritual path that is outwardly similar to Voudon with its origins in Cuba, and leaning heavily on the inclusion of Christian Saints.
(Part of my essay) Voodoo is an extremely significant part of Haitian culture, and important to the population. Haitian people have been described as, "70% Catholic, 30% Protestant, and 100% voodoo" http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Special:Wysiwyg?tid=wysiwyg#_ftn1 , and their religion; "the axis around...
Voodoo is a faith, or a belief. It does not mean 'God'. God in the Vodou faith is known as Bondye.
on the land ka dali ana uy in short simple as that bobo
The church that you have been trying to get him to go to has a minister or priest. Share your concerns with that spiritual leader. I believe he will advise you that love spells do not work. I also think that he may mention that to the extent a "spell" can work, it cannot withstand the power of...
Voodoo has long been denigrated by the literate Catholic, Francophone minority in Haïti , by bad press in the USA especially, and of course by Hollywood's Movies. When you say the word "Voodoo," most people immediately think of dolls with pins stick in them, Zombies and walking ghosts. But for...
I have never heard of it. Personally, I have tried them, and it is working! I would recommend them, they successfully released the curse from my sister, she is Pregnant finally!
The best way to know would probably be to ask them.
Many different voodoo cults flourish all over the world, and none of them are the same. Each of them have their own rituals and beliefs. The main places that voodoo is practiced are in west Africa, Haiti, And Louisiana.
Attach strings to it like a marionette and puppet-walk it across the room.
Using a voodoo doll will have desired results as long as you truly believe in it, and perform the methods properly.
Not a chicken but I actually found a dead PIGEON in the wall. Had to have been there forever. There was a hole in the drywall that leads to underneath my staircase. In the middle of all the insulation stuff I was digging around for toys my son had thrown in there. Well I had a flashlight when I had...
Absolutely nothing to you, although the local plants may enjoy the nitrogen from your hair.
It all depends if you belive in voodoo. If you dont then no cannot put voodoo on you. but, If you do then yes some one can put voodoo on you!
The majority of voodoo dolls are not used for negative purposes. And anyone that threatens to use a voodoo doll against you probably does not know what they are doing with it anyway.
Voodoo, in it's purest form, is not practiced very often. Much of the principals were mixed with Christianity when Africa was colonized.
There could never be an exact accurate estimate. Since Vodou is not considered a legal organized religion (at least not in the U.S.), there are never census member counts. However there are many thousands of practitioners of Vodou all over the world.
Do you mean Spirit Bottle Trees? Some practitioners of Voudo/Voodoo will make bottle trees. The bottles stuck on the branches of the tree, or suspended from the branches by twine is used to attract and trap malicious spirits. The spirits become fascinated by the bottles, their colours, and get...
A very small population of Jamaicans practice the West Indian version of voodoo which is called obeah. Obeah is a system of belief among blacks chiefly of the British West Indies that is characterized by the use of magic ritual to ward off misfortune or to cause harm
It seems that anything that isn't considered a 'main stream' religion is thought to be controversial.
Only if the damage done to it has intent behind it. Voodoo dolls are very rarely used for negative purposes. Its usually for healing, help with situations, things like that. You have to have intentions behind the actions toward the voodoo doll for the result to take effect. If the doll is...
Apparently in Haiti people have been turned to zombies and raised from the dead by voodoo rituals. It it also believed that a normal person can enter a temporary zombie-like state by injecting certain drugs into their bloodstream have u seen chuckie he had a voodoo dolll of that black man
I don"t know about any Santeria aspects but some religions such as Zoroastrianism and some possibly Japanese sects believe Mankind originated in a planet that had a Red Sun. Present day Sol is classed as a Yellow Star. Under Red Suns, you may recall, Superman"s super-powers do not work at all. Some...
Voodoo dolls only have the intent given to them by the one placing the conjure.
Voodoo works if you have faith that it does.
Santeria Defined: A combination of religious traditions or beliefs that combines a similar African traditional religion . Santeria originated in the country of Cuba and Brazil. This religion is a combination of the traditional Yoruba faith and the worship of catholic saints. Define Yoruba: ...
Voodoo dolls are rarely used for negative purposes. They are most often used for healing, protection, and the lot. Trying to use one to control someone would not be advised.
Answer Sorry, you cant. . A Bit More Info . Love spells can be cast, however I need to clear up a major misconception, you do not cast a successful love spell on someone else, you cast it on yourself. . Trust me, the other kind are doomed to problems, failures and all kinds of backlash. ...
Voodoo/Voudo is the religion that studies Voodoo.
Snakes are seen as a powerful symbol of masculinity. This is why you will often see women dancing with snakes at Voodoo ceremonies, to have the balance of feminine and masculine.
Not all of them do, but the ones that do you have to be careful because they can be very cunning and put you under strange spells or lock you onto certain aura's
Divination and sort of spirit-monitors for kids. In the latter context not too different than say Huckleberry Hound or other stuffed animals. American Indian custom- they are not a Tribe, by the way, and have nothing to do with China, the country! Sometimes erroneously referred to as ( portable or...
They would be festive occasions or holidays which are common to nearly all religions,except in Santeria, there is a covert, secretive element, no Open House or church bazaar, so to speak.
Yes, pictures of people and personal belongings are often used in Voodoo.
Marc Anthony- or Marcus Antonius was a Roman officer- maybe double Agent at the time of Cleopatra, definitely siding with the Egyptian-Greek Queen. Richard Burton in the movie. -Santeria did not exist in 30 BC., By the way the Roman Marines got a little ( carried away) and destroyed the Library of...
usually means that the victim targeted by the voodoo doll will die. this is the worst type of voodoo doll. From the dominican republic and they throw them in the ocean to curse those who receive it upon other shores.
But of course!
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There are many 'demi gods' or 'saints' in Voodoo known as Lwa or Loa. But the main God figure is called Bondye.
Voodoo can be very broad and very personal. The things someone would do with such items can be varied. It could be anything from protection, to a ward, to trying to cleanse.. or, they could simply have those items stored there because it sounded like a good idea at the time.
To see what they look like underneath.
Buddhism originated in Nepal. Voodoo originated in Benin. Buddhism was founded by Gautama Buddha. Voodoo does not have any known founder. Buddhism is a Dharmic religion. Voodoo is an animistic religion.
Voodoo only has power over those who believe it has power. It has very strong powers of suggestion and psychological influence.
Voodoo is practiced as a believe and a faith for the same reasons that any religion or faith is practiced. To better one's life, to make changes, and to become closer with one's Higher Power in hopes of reaching a higher state of enlightenment.
It all started in 1050's when Gerald B. Gardner published the book Witchcraft Today, and announced to the General public about the secret Witch cult of Wicca, a nature based pagan religion of secrecy, mystery and religious autnomy.
Voodoo/Voudo can be found all over the world. But is has a strong base in Haiti and New Orleans.
Chickens are normally used as an offering or sacrifice to certain lwa (this is rarely done however) there are often other ways to give offerings than taking a life. Two chicken heads being put on a porch in a broad general meaning doesn't mean a thing. However conjures are often very personal,...
Religion freedom is part of the constitution and it guaranties it.
Talk of aftershocks- Shinto is a Japanese religion with among other things a strong empasis on Emperor Worship- not for nothing was Hirohito called the Son of Heaven! Even the battle-cry Tenno- Heika- Banzai! meant- back to front- that"s the Japanese style- Attack! in the name of the divine Emperor-...
They are known as Voodoo Practitioners, or Vodouisants.
Voodoo originated in Benin. It is an animistic religion.
It could be a doll representing the Voodoo Loa Erzulie Freda.
Tokoloshe - The Tokoloshe is an evil-spirited gremlin in Zulumythology. A shaman may send a Tokoloshe to vex his enemies,causing anything from harmless fright to illness or death.Tokoloshes are described as short hairy humanoid creatures that canrender themselves invisible by swallowing a pebble.
Maman Brigitte is the Voodoo Lwa of Death.
It is probably part of an offering left there either to Papa Legba, Baron Samedi, or for the person that is laid to rest at that grave.
You do not need a scroll to obtain Voodoo Dolls. Most people make their own voodoo dolls, or they can be purchased.
I think you can describe someone as a voodoo doll.
It's the tears of some one who wished the death upon the person that died. Or it's the cry of death..
No, because magic isn't real. However you can surround yourself with friends, since a group is harder to bully then one person.
Place a dime in your left shoe and walk on it for a week. If it turns black, you have a hex on you.
The amount of pins used in a voodoo doll depends entirely on the purpose of the focus.
a popular term for what might be called Occult (Bibles) more accurately tech manuals like those say, on Jeeps, to give a peaceable example, are called Grimoires. This is pronounced Grim-Mawrs- the Mawr sound something like the old Nuclear test signal- MAwr!0 Or the way the word is pronounced in Bryn...
Cake, my friend. Cake
yes they can ____________ In order to break the spell you must first learn what type of spell it is. Black magic spells can be given to a victim through drinking or eating such as adding the black magic to food or drink. If someone has a picture of you or a possession that you own (Example: a...
That depends greatly on the person. Some people believe in a higher power, and some do not.
It all depends on the manner of the conjure. Any number of things can be used.
This is a complex question. Many elements are involved in casting aspell. You need an awakened will, a strong desire, a knowledge ofherbs, correspondences and concentration, just to name a few. Suppose you wanted to cast a love spell. If you are working with aEuropean system, that often would mean...
No just about all Nigerians don't practice voodoo should no because I'm Nigerian and only a small percentage in west Africa practice it. But about 9 million people in Haiti practice voodoo.
In Vodun and related diaspora faiths, chickens are sometimes given to the Orishas (lesser gods in charge of forces of nature) as offerings. If you saw an altar that had a beheaded chicken on it, this is just because in that person's tradition, the offering must be left there for a certain amount of...
Opinion Do not open yourself up to something that will plague you for the rest of your life. Better off staying away from it for your sake, and the sake of your family. Christians believe this is very dangerous to be involved with. You have been warned, but it's your call! A Pagan Perspective ...
Bathe in a bathtub full of mansauce.
That depends on the particular doll. Some might, but most voodoo dolls are not made/used for ill intent.
Devi is a Sanskrit word for 'Great Goddess'. And she is worshiped because there are people that love and revere here.
You bury it at a cemetary.
you can get it online or ones that grow in water a the dollor store
A murder of crows will surround a bad crow and deliver it capitalpunishment for crimes. It means their will soon be a severejudgement in your life. The question is are you the bad crow or thejudge?
The First Amendment- the free exercise clause. It is tragic because Santeria is not a Bona Fide religion in the opinion of many. It is an underground cult.
Jemanja is the goddess of the seas. It's an Afro-Brazilian mythical figure.
who knows i maybe but maybe not but lets hope its not real like on resident evil and left 4 dead.
In the modern day, Egypt is a predominantly Sunni Muslim country with Islam as its state religion. Around 90% are identified as Muslim. Islam is an Abrahamic Monotheistic religion where they call their "Almighty-God" as "Allah". The word Allah in Arabic language directly translates to "God" in...
Tattoos such as that are fairly common place. It doesn't have anything to do specifically with practicing Santeria.
Maybe he has forgotten it there. Miniature size is for; he can carry it with him. You don't have to associate anything negative just because it is a skull. There are many different paths (quite benign than you might think) in which they use the symbol of a skull for meditation, and as a constant...
The making of a voodoo doll is a very personal thing. Spanish moss is almost always used, but if you do not have it on hand and feel that yarn would be a better personal substitute to suit your needs of the doll; then go ahead and use yarn.
I don't know ive looked all over too, maybe you do put pins but i think it's just to give you the luck,obility, power or watevr you wanna call it. But that's just my guess
From a quantum point of view: Yes, so long as nobody/filming equipment/animals are looking at them. However, this happening is incomprehensibly unlikely - the point is you don't know. People are also technically invisible in pitch black. There are also ways to hypnotize people into not...
yes santeria and Justin would make a great couple.
No, Santeria is a religion/faith.
That is hexing and is definitely not a Christian Practice . Imagine praying for bad weather to foil, say an amphibious invasion in war-time Pacific- but may also injure or kill innocent fishermen and allied ship crews. hardly in harmony with nature!
It probably means the neighborhood cat left you a gift.
If that somebody is a cat, it means that the cat thinks you are hungry and you need a bird to eat.
Santeria does not have any uniform apparel codes- like some religions do. There is no prescribed habit or costume for Santeria priests, to my knowledge.
Blue=love Red=Pain, Brocken bones Pink=Death Yellow=money White=heal Black=sick Green=nervous Tan=bleeding