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Law School is a post-graduate academic program that prepares students for the practice of law.
As far as I knew, on those days and all, there were severe and  aggression training and education should have been undergone to  become a lawyer.
It means everything to sustainability failed commitments eventually  stagnate a process. Subtle honesty and communication are important  to keeping commitments to colleagues directly in-line with work  priorities. Results can be measured when implemented successfully.  An acute focus on the...
A Law School Admission Test, commonly referred to as LSAT.
Law school will take three years to obtain the juris doctor (JD) degree.
1.legislation 2.common law/case law
  download the entrance form,give the all India CET in may2008,if you are selected you would know on indiaresults.com and if you arent you would get into the next college option you have chosen on the basis of merit.good luck.
Reciprocal promise to do things legal, and also other things illegal.-Where persons reciprocally promise, firstly, to do certainthings which are legal, and, secondly, under specified circumstancesto do certain other things which are illegal, the first set ofpromises is a contract, but the second is...
LSAT range (25 to 75 percentile): 169 to 175. If you have a 169 you probably need very good grades and otherwise a competitive admissions packet.
Yes, Hillary Clinton goes to law school at Yale Law School.In fact she even listed twice as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America.
In order to become a child custody lawyer, first you have to be accepted into law school, and then graduate from law school. You will also be required to write the Bar Exams in your jurisdiction, following which you will be "called to the Bar." At that point, you will be a lawyer and you can (within...
In most cases, no. Normally your insurance company handles the case on your behalf.
  no.. it is not yet... they are fighting to get approval since 1977
No, in the United States, one must earn a Juris Doctorate. The amount of time needed, from start to finish (to include the bachelor's needed to apply to law school), is roughly seven to eight years. In Mexico, one must seek an additional one to two years in professional training, after two years....
No, it cannot. One of the only universal requirements for admission to law school is a Bachelor's degree. So a paralegal certificate would be an asset because it demonstrates your interest (and possibly your acumen) in the field of law, but nothing can 'get you into law school' except perhaps a very...
Yes if you don't have a criminal record, or any kind of conviction of drugs or arrest of drugs on your record
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  Be a minority, they are exetremely biased against whites, with a 4.0 GPA. High LSAT Score.
== Capitalization ==   If it was being used in a sentence such as, "Mr. Brown was studying to be a lawyer; he couldn't wait to get his law degree", you do not capitalize it. I can't think of an example when you would capitalize it.   If the word is used of a body of religious law, one would...
Absolutely!! You can apply to law school if you have a Bachelor's degree in anything. Many law schools in fact say that they like diversity among their students.
The ivy league law schools have the best criminal law programs,  followed by all other ABA approved law schools. Criminal justice  schools do teach mostly criminal law but that path wil not make a  graduate a lawyer. For CA bar/baby bar tutoring or general tutoring  for any law school see...
Only one, the Universiity of South Dakota School of Law in Vermillion.
Some people believe that anything less than 145 is too low for  acceptance into law school and that you would most likely need to  be over 152 to broaden your school choice. However, some schools  accept scores even lower than 145 depending on other factors  including your undergraduate GPA and...
  A student would have to first attend an Undergraduate college before they could ever apply to an Ivy League (or any) Law School. The caliber of the school may play a factor in admissions but, more importantly, the student would have to get high grades and perform well on the Law School...
Harvard university=============Recent rankings have placed Yale Law School in top spot and Harvard second.
First you need to find the cause of problem.
U.S. News says that it is the top 100, but law students and those  in the legal community consider the top 50 schools to be Tier 1,  and 50-100 to be Tier 2.    The most prestigious law schools are referred to as T-14 (Top 14).
In most jurisdictions, three years of study are required to obtain a law degree. In addition, you will have to write the Bar exam and comply with other requirements, which vary from one jurisdiction to the next.
The key is to work and study hard. There is a lot of reading involved. Pay attention in class and always do your assignments.
The master's degree can take approximately two to three years to complete post bachelor's degree. The actual length of time depends on the specific program of study; the credit load carried per semester, and provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college or university.
A kidney, and maybe a cornea will both cover tuition and living costs.
If you want to go to law school, you must have excellent university grades and a very high LSAT score.Some law schools have a "mature student" admissions category. Your experience might be a factor that would be considered, but it would have to involve something exceptional that you accomplished, or...
No one in the media knows what Barack Obama's LSAT scores are. On-line magazine Slate.com investigate the LSAT scores of the presidential candidates who had attended law school (Obama, Edwards, Giuliani, Clinton, Romney, and Thomspon) and could not get a straight answer from any of them. See this...
Many reasons: Family issues at home. Pressure from professors Pessimism Peer Pressure Lazy/Dont care stupid Lack of time and energy to do school works In need of medication (ADD / ADHD) but unknown.
No specific courses are required; however, anyone entering the legal profession should have the ability to easily communicate both verbally and in writing. Courses with a strong writing component are, therefore, recommended. Generally, basic accounting courses are useful as well as the Economics and...
No specific courses are required; however, anyone entering the legal profession should have the ability to easily communicate both verbally and in writing. Courses with a strong writing component are, therefore, recommended. Generally, basic accounting courses are useful as well as the Economics and...
You can become an attorney in any state. You will have to pass their bar exam.
For colleges and universities within the Unites States, you can research institutions offering masters and doctorate programs by clicking on the related links section (Answers.com) indicated directly below this answer section.
In most of the world whose laws are based on (or follow) the English tradition, so-called 'common law' formed the basis of a good many of our current body of laws. However, today very few, if any, countries laws are conducted in a pure common law tradition.
university of ox ford
The Barry University School of Law is much better.
Yes but only after he has been admitted to the bar. Which typically requires that he pass the bar exam and the ethics exam for the state in question.
There is no age limit (at least in America) for going to college. While most college students are in their early 20's there have been 70 year olds graduate from college.
No. Sorry if you go to school at that cesspool. Good luck.
No, they need to be healthy enough to move around the courtroom though. Many courtrooms have wheelchair access.
Tuition: $47,600Estimated living expenses (standard single student budget including room, board, books, travel and personal ): $25,000
All centres of CAREER LAUNCHER are at par in quality, still Kailash colony and CP can be your choice.
Law schools in the US all require a 4-year B.A. degree or equivalent as a pre-requisite to admission. So I'm afraid the road is a little longer than you imagined: first 4 years of college then 3 years of law school.If you do well in college, having a GED may help you more than hurt you: since law...
  Anyone can be an auditor as long as the person they are auditing for accepts their work.      By no means are all audits accounting or financially related.  A pension plan for example, (or any business), frequently needs to have an auditor confirm that they are operating in...
Some, but not most.   Many law schools offer dual degree programs where you get your law  degree (JD) and another degree simultaneously (i.e. JD-MBA, JD-MPH,  etc.).   Many law schools will place a lower emphasis on grad school grades  and some will not even consider graduate school grades...
harvord law school fo show
Yes, they can become a US attorney. They will have to pass the bar exam for the state they wish to practice in. And meet the other requirements for background checks, etc.
  Generally, a full time day student will attend classes for three years excluding summers to complete the law degree. A full time evening student will need four years to complete the degree. Some law schools have, in the past, offered a "mid-year program" whereby a student will start in January...
  Most schools do not have an official minimum (some may admit applicants from ivy league schools with 2.1 GPAs) but it is generally recommended to reconsider applying to law school if your GPA is less than a 3.0, although the median GPA for average-to-good school is around a 3.5/3.6 and higher...
history, anthropology, law and government, economics/ politics
Certainly there is nothing wrong with that (especially if you have a specific reason for doing so). Just be careful you do not start moving horizontally, when you should be moving vertically. In other words, some individuals acquire a particular vision of the future they intend to create for...
The ACT will get you into an undergraduate degree program, but not law school. A BA or BS degree (or equivalent) is required before you can apply to law schools in the U.S. The standardized test required for law school admission is the LSAT.
  It really depends on the school. Schools either cite ABA policy of 20 hours maximum or ask students not to work at all. Typically, most schools ask their full-time first year students not work at all and just concentrate on that critical first semester and year. Then they will allow the 20...
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He graduated with a law degree, Magna Cum Laude, on June 6, 1991. (Magna Cum Laude means "with high honor" in Latin and indicates he graduated in the top 5-10% of his class.)
\n. \n* Law and Government\n. \n* Law and Business\n. \n* International and Comparative Law\n. \n* Law, Science and Technology\n. \n* Law and Social Change
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No. They do have a pre-law program though! South Carolina-Columbia is a better option for a law school--if you can get past the rivalry. Go Tigers!
  Definitely http://www.outlines.com/ , you just cant beat it. The name says it all!
That will depend on the school. Some will allow you to transfer between schools. Others might require you to simply reapply.
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The Christian one in VA Beach; Regent.
It is doubtful that they will transfer. The laws are based on totally different systems and codes, as well as different precedents.
Leiden law school is part of Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands. Leiden is a smallish city between the Hague and Amsterdam.It is also a great nickname for a girl that lives in the philippines.
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truth is says it on there website go to harvard.edu
As of March 2008 the tuition at Harvard Law School will be $41,500 next year. Harvard Law School will pay the third year of tuition for all future students who commit to work in public service for five years following graduation. The Law School's has a current loan repayment program, which is and...
To get into Law School in the US you need to have a Bachelor's Degree in an acceptable field. May major in Pre-Law.
In the U.S., "lawyer" and "attorney" mean the exact same thing:  someone who is licensed to practice law.    When you graduate law school, you have a law degree, which is a  nice thing to have, but it doesn't make you a lawyer.    In almost every state in the U.S., graduating from an...
Potentially, yes. Most schools will require you to restart the program, however. It would also depend on why you were expelled.
A bachelor's degree in law is not required in the US. And bachelors is sufficient for consideration. Mine was in Engineering Technology.
Answer . The most common is black. However, like the hoods, the color of the caps and gowns are particular to the school the student is graduating from.
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If you have been accepted, yes you can. Your admission may be contingent upon graduation.
== Yes! ==   Below follows a few links to some of them.    == See Related Links ==   See the Related Links for "Law Schools in Chicago" to the bottom for the answer.
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  No, you do not have to be super smart, but you have to be smart AND you have to work hard, very hard. You also have to enjoy reading alot. There is a lot to read. to become a lawyer takes hard work, committment, time and a vision of what you want in life. Without those, you will wash out in...
Your financial status does not affect your ability to attend law school. There should not be any problem.
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That will depend entirely on if you are working. There are people who hold full time jobs while attending law school. I did.
  yes an ex felon can later practice law and obtain a law degree when he gets out of prison. it is possible because prisoners can take law enforcment while inside the prison walls
there are 511 sections in ipc ( indian penal code)