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Kinds of Sentences

There are four kinds of sentences: the declarative sentence which makes a statement; the interrogative sentence which asks a question; the exclamatory sentence which shows a strong feeling; and the imperative sentence which gives a command.
"The British Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing  street, London."
Yes, because you are telling someone to be responsible, it is both imperative and intensive.
The detectives looked for a clue that would break the case wide open.
  I'd start it with the word my, or with something like this: Personal conviction leads me to...
Inclusion is a noun that refers to the act of including or  state of being included. Here is an example sentence: The inclusion  of one item made of the wrong kind of plastic can contaminate the  entire batch.
There are many ways to improve this sentence. Here are some  possibilities:    Sleeping in the rain caused Joey to develop a cold.  Sleeping in the rain was the reason Joey developed a cold.  My friend slept in the rain and caught a cold as a result.   Note that all of these examples...
The fire station was ready for any emergency!
Your bleeding lightens up and the blood may get a darker color or brown. Most girls periods last from 4-6 days.
Yes, one can end a sentence with "no" or "yes", but this is  generally not done in formal writing. Examples: "I will take that  as a no." Note that you can have a sentence that consists of only  the one word "No" or "Yes".
Emotional intelligence is measured on the basis of  Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Test. it consists of a number of  emotion based questions.
suger plum fairy are you sure that you wanna go to the park? does that answer your question ?
Ogres are not a playable race in World of Warcraft, however, there might be a quest in the game that temporarily transforms you into one for the sake of completing a task.   Yes you can you have to buy World of Warcraft cards each pack you buy you get points also you can get turtle mount off it...
the cat ran down the street
In casual writing you might be able to replace a question mark with  a period, especially in dialog to indicate intonation, but usually  the sentence structure of questions is different, so that a period  will not be correct. For example, "Where did you go?" is correct as  a question, but "Where...
"The lawyer's job was to impute the defendant."
Negative: "Can't you do anything right!" the mother screamed at her daughter concerning her messy room.  Positive: "You organized your desk and made your bed!" the mother praised her daughter. "I'll bring you a laundry basket so you can get the dirty clothes picked up from the floor."Negative:...
the privateer use there ship only when going in war 
Umihi ka pala sa short eh ka lalaking mong tao nag pa bakla ka pa
I found the address that I was looking for with some assistance.He will need assistance taking the furniture down the stairs.How is the school crossing guard of assistance to the neighborhood.
the other day i went to listen to a beautiful sound or the orchestra.I played in a orchestra the other day
Imperative sentence has to have: period, command, imperative sentence. I had difficulties with this question, but that's all I know ..
No, but you can make a sentence with the word suddenly. Suddenly it started to rain.
She stood at the door to welcome guests as they arrived He went next door to welcome our new neighbors. That exclusive country club doesn't welcome new members.
The question form is "Was Clinton the 42nd President of the US?"
If you will use a tumbler as an vase, you rejigger  it.
How do you give proficiency test? You must have proficiency in  english!
The Langani river is a tributary to the Kafue river.
there is an extra racket in the closet
Answer   Loose or corroded battery cable?Ive had the same problem had it replaced 3 times in one year. they said its just a defect on oldsmobiles. If you leave the accessory on at all it seams to trigger it.
She was nitpicking at everything her sister said because she was in a very grouchy mood. =]
  == Answer ==   Well, Kant poses his categorical imperative to individuals... so the answer could vary. What one person sees as universally benefitting mankind someone else would see as detrimental.   For instance... free will. A person is considering whether to restrict a child's...
One Answer:   There are many different places to which the term "heaven" can be  referring.    The 3 places which are referred to in the scriptures as "heaven"  are 1) The dwelling place of God / The place where the angels and  the Son of God originally dwelt in God's presence prior to...
Audio is generally used in a technical context. Accordingly, audio  might be followed by words like equipment, signal, recorder, input,  or output.
you follow tg-24 on soundcloud
One example would be this. I hate people who ask for likes    Like if u agree!
They Painted city walls with blood. paint contains harmful  chemicals.
I hope that that bee is not an Africanized honey bee.
The question mark was first used by the Syriac language between the 1st and 8th centuries.
a three day vacation is too brief for me
When I have a chance to welcome the guests I would start with sweet smiles ,introduce myself,take them to the seats and feel more confident and willing . Good morning. I am Sandra Smiths. I am a school guide of the lab school project. I am very happy to welcome you today. Please rake a seats.I would...
the citizen council made the decision. This is one of many examples  for sentence use.
You may find this example helpful. . Yellow flowers abound here. . Yeti crabs live at a very deep depth.
Personal safety is very important. Worldwide women seek Safety.
He told his story without embellishment, relating just the facts as they happened.
== Answer ==   Incorrect packing of bearing grease or incorrect torque. Also make sure to replace the bearing race, as it may be scored.       CORRECT ANSWER- you need to replace the knuckle and the wheel bearing
  == Answer ==     Sounds like it could be a faulty fuel pressure regulator. Take care. jesse   == Answer ==     also make sure your intake is passing through your o2 sensor and make sure you dont have a bad o2 sensor. I had the same thing happen to me when i replaced a...
Put a period and that's it
  == Answer ==   -36y - 3          All you do is do twelve times three which is thirty six so you add the y to it. You cant do anything with the three because it doesn't have a letter.
the importance of patriotism among students is important because we are the up coming citizens of our country .then only we can lead a unity life among the people
1)Topic sentence 2)Restate the text 3)Restate the question 4)Give two reasons to support 5)Concluding sentence
A pronoun is a word that replaces a more direct noun, such as replacing "Lisa is here" with "She is here". An imperative is a type of word that expresses a command. For example, in the sentence "Come over here", come is an imperative
What was the proximate solution? Go to you proximate store now!
Because they don't take the time to assimilate from the day before  going to sleep. To rest requires a clean slate. An exercise to turn  this around is to write out your thoughts prior to bed, yes, all of  them. From this, decide what you want to appreciate and what you  want to change, then...
Our football team is a juggernaunt, no one can defeat us!
The doctors declared her fit to work. I declare that our team should win. Their team declare to be on yellow team.
Irascible means easily provoked to anger, irritable, short tempered.The irascible man, not pleased with his lunch, threw his money on the counter by the cashier.
I can not show you it altogether. That is how you can use Show you  altogether very easily.
  could be voltage regulator or sometimes the alternators from the store are bad best thing to do is have them test it before you leave the store or even purchase it   you should look for a problem outside the alternator. if you replaced it with a decent rebuilt or new and are still having...
  I've had a similar problem with my 92 grand marquis. I had to change the mass air flow sensor and replace a broken vacuum line. after that my car ran better than it ever did.
My favorite store is at the first avenue.
"Because he travelled on foot and not by car, plane, or any other means of transportation, he was considered a wayfarer."
Yeah an interrogative sentence is a sentence that asks a question.
i went to my freind's biirthday party last weekend.
Excellent communication skill and highly motivated team leader
Going down . \n. What you are feeling when an elevator stops is called deceleration. The elevator doesn't stop right away. If it did, your knees would buckle and you would fall down from the impact, so an elevator slows down like a car does just before it stops. What makes the sensation feel weird...
The Talmud explains the ten commandments and the details of Torahverses. Answer 2: The Talmud is a collection of rabbinical discussion, critique andinsight concerning Jewish faith, law, culture, ethics, etc. Itincludes the Mishnah (brief laws) and Gemara (Aramaic commentary)and the minor tractates ...
\nAs far as I can tell, they don't make J-tubes for the Type 4 engine you have. I can see why you'd want them though--aircooled.net wants $250 for ONE heat exchanger for your car.
''How can you withstand that kind of insult?!''
When strong winds occurred, the yardarm moved furiously on the bow of the ship.
heaven never gets overcrowded heaven never gets overcrowded and its same for hell.    Answer yes it is, but am already reseved for the last seat. already paid    NO because only 144,000 will go to heaven, the equivalent of two football stadiums attendee.. Revelations 14:1 And I...
The sentence is past it has past continuous (was getting) and past simple (started). The past continuous creates the time period in which the other action (started) takes place. 'While he was getting ready for school' is a subordinate clause it needs the other clause (Jose started feeling sick) to...
A sentence expressing strong or sudden emotion is an exclamatory sentence. It will often have an exclamation point (mark) rather than a period.
Iris had told her husband Jeb that they would never agree on anything if he didn't change his attitude and stop being such a contrarian about every little thing, but it didn't help to improve his attitude when she used such big words on him.
The local school song could be a good song for welcoming a guest to  a school function. Other songs could be Lean on Me by Bill Withers  or What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.
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All state require an office for a wholesale license. Many states such as California will allow the office to be in your home for a wholesale license only. A retail license usually requires a "car lot" where your customers go to conduct business. Some states will accept an office, other states...
A sure pair of hands, agility, anticipation, a clean pick-up and a good throw can be developed by hard practice.
My boyfriend is very Manipulative. Do not have manipulative nature.
Personal achievements or non academics. E.g represented county in a sport, climbed mt everest, learned to parachute. Things that are achievements you have other than qualifications
Money can facilitate your success. Facilitate your way around here!
one centigrm is equal to one hundredths
Are you at home? Is your husband home?
What percentage of community college students attend college less than full-time? Source: American Association of Community Colleges. (2007). Community Colleges Fact Sheet. Retrieved August 22, 2007, from http://www.aacc.nche.edu/content/navigationmenu/aboutcommunitycolleges/fast_facts1/fast_facts...
Cabas was a famous musician. cabas was from Columbia.
  == First of all you have to SHOW her that you love her.  Be affectionate ... give her kisses and hugs, snuggle and hold her, touch her face and hair and always tell her she looks beautiful and smells great.  I am sure if she loves you she will always be looking and smelling...
Here comes the spoiler. You can not smoke Here.
An interrogative sentence is intended to elicit a reply or gain information about the subject of the sentence. The sentence "She was ill.", is a statement or an answer to an interrogative. It would answer such interrogatives as; "Has she ever been ill?" "Was there a time when she was not...