Kinds of Sentences

There are four kinds of sentences: the declarative sentence which makes a statement; the interrogative sentence which asks a question; the exclamatory sentence which shows a strong feeling; and the imperative sentence which gives a command.
"The British Prime Minister lives at 10 Downingstreet, London."
Yes, because you are telling someone to be responsible, it is both imperative and intensive.
"The retrieval of the hot air balloon involved thousands of dollars of expense."
A consolation is a reward or action designed to make a person feel better about something (ie, a consolation prize is given to the loser of a contest.) Sentence example: The Greeves Company sent Mr. Buckley a consolation letter telling him that he had not won the grand prize.
The detectives looked for a clue that would break the case wide open.
I'd start it with the word my, or with something like this: Personal conviction leads me to...
Inclusion is a noun that refers to the act of including orstate of being included. Here is an example sentence: The inclusionof one item made of the wrong kind of plastic can contaminate theentire batch.
The verb comes before the subject
There are many ways to improve this sentence. Here are somepossibilities: . Sleeping in the rain caused Joey to develop a cold. . Sleeping in the rain was the reason Joey developed a cold. . My friend slept in the rain and caught a cold as a result. Note that all of these examples refer to a...
The fire station was ready for any emergency!
Your bleeding lightens up and the blood may get a darker color or brown. Most girls periods last from 4-6 days.
Yes look at this one. She belonged to the Salvation Army corps.
This kind of sentence is called a declarative sentence.
Many historians say that Lassiez-Faire (French for "hands-off") Capitalism led to the great stock market crash of 1929.
The beavers had built an impressive dam over the river, effectively blocking most water traffic.
The day seemed to be nice, although I could see the storm clouds on the horizon.
Yes, one can end a sentence with "no" or "yes", but this isgenerally not done in formal writing. Examples: "I will take thatas a no." Note that you can have a sentence that consists of onlythe one word "No" or "Yes".
Emotional intelligence is measured on the basis ofMayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Test. it consists of a number ofemotion based questions.
A type of sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request or command. (Compare with sentences that make a statement, ask a question, or express an exclamation.)
Luke's ambition was to unify the workforce.
Off the top of my head, Kant didn't speak in epistemelogical termsof truth or correct; instead, he was concerned with statements orrules regarding actions to a given situation that can/coulduniversally be considered moral and praiseworthy and accuratelyguide someone as to what they ought to do. So,...
suger plum fairy are you sure that you wanna go to the park? does that answer your question ?
an exclamatory essay is an essay in which u explain something
Ogres are not a playable race in World of Warcraft, however, there might be a quest in the game that temporarily transforms you into one for the sake of completing a task.. Yes you can you have to buy World of Warcraft cards each pack you buy you get points also you can get turtle mount off it and...
the cat ran down the street
Of course it can! Imperative sentences are sentences that tell someone to do something. These may be strong commands or weaker requests. If they are strong commands, they will usually have an exclamation mark at the end. For example, the sentence, "Get out!" is imperative and ends with an...
No, because that is a phrase, and not a sentence.
"Knowledge is important. But too much of it is dangerous." "Reading books give you knowledge."
In casual writing you might be able to replace a question mark witha period, especially in dialog to indicate intonation, but usuallythe sentence structure of questions is different, so that a periodwill not be correct. For example, "Where did you go?" is correct asa question, but "Where did you go....
"The lawyer's job was to impute the defendant."
It is imperative that you take the cat to the vet right away, or he could die.
I chased him down and, after apprehending him, forced him to read a book.
They are called ellipsis, used to create a cliff hanger or intrigue the reader.
Negative: "Can't you do anything right!" the mother screamed at her daughter concerning her messy room. Positive: "You organized your desk and made your bed!" the mother praised her daughter. "I'll bring you a laundry basket so you can get the dirty clothes picked up from the floor." Negative:...
A yes-or-no question. Is Bill that tall man? is interrogative, while a question like Which person is Bill? is not .
the privateer use there ship only when going in war .
Umihi ka pala sa short eh ka lalaking mong tao nag pa bakla ka pa
Exclamatory sentences show strong feelings.
I found the address that I was looking for with some assistance. He will need assistance taking the furniture down the stairs. How is the school crossing guard of assistance to the neighborhood.
the other day i went to listen to a beautiful sound or the orchestra.. I played in a orchestra the other day.
Imperative sentence has to have: period, command, imperative sentence. I had difficulties with this question, but that's all I know ..
my groin is in pain so i am overly desirable for some soothing cream
No, but you can make a sentence with the word suddenly. Suddenly it started to rain.
We're trying to deter students from skipping school by rewarding consistent attendance. Does punishment deter crime?
A detailed sentence is a sentence that has complete detail, so that when someone reads the sentence, they understand what your sentence is explaining or talking about.
I have sufficient supplies for my camping trip.
She stood at the door to welcome guests as they arrived He went next door to welcome our new neighbors. That exclusive country club doesn't welcome new members.
The question form is "Was Clinton the 42nd President of the US?"
If you will use a tumbler as an vase, you rejigger it.
How do you give proficiency test? You must have proficiency inenglish!
The Langani river is a tributary to the Kafue river.
there is an extra racket in the closet