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Physical and emotional reactions to events or circumstances experienced in everyday life.
They are at odds with one another within a body or organizism
The best answer is to go to the restroom and just raise your handsand shout,it really works.Please avoid pills.
irritability, anxiety, loss of interest, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite
No one can avoid stress. Its how one handles stress that makes the difference.
Yes. Dentists are normal human beings so it is possible fordentists to have physical or emotional stress.
yes i do agree because if stress of studies can lead to face a positive challenge in employment opportunity
Yes, yes it does, you really should have known
It is called Caregiver Burnout. The most important thing to do is to find or create a network that is available when YOU need the support. Next realize the triggers and how to notice when you are burning out. Here are some helpful words for you.... you suffering from Caregiver Burnout? ...
Visualizing success wth wrong^^^ Talk to a friend about what is worrying you. apex:) -Talking to a trusted friend -Getting physical exercise -Visualizing succes #TeamApex
It can effect everyone differently. Some people it can be seen externally e.g. hair loss, spots, weight loss and others it is internally e.g. depression and tirdness. With everyone though they are at a higher risk of getting ill, if you are exremly stressed you are 50%more likely to get ill than a...
While bipolar disorder is one of the mostheritable of the psychological disorders, there is growing evidencethat childhood trauma seems to increase the odds of developingthis. Especially if the trauma happened under the age of five.
People with bi polar disorder suffers from extreme mood swings. The what is called highs and lows, which means that one moment they may be very happy then the next minute they may be very sad.
There aren't usually high schools for this. This is something that can be taken care of with therapist visits, and the ability to express emotions like grief or anger.
The Morning After Pill should not normally make your period 2 months late but significant stress can sometimes make your periods stop, particularly if that stress has caused you to lose a significant amount of weight. However, if you had unprotected sex (which I assume due to the fact you took the...
Stress will not cause herpes; but if you have the herpes infection stress may cause an outbreak.
Life is valuable regardless. It can be lived to be bad, but overall one must find a connection, or the connection between themselves and God. There is only one connection.
A dip in a pool or beach can relax a person. Most people go to the beach swim, but they sometimes don't realize it lifts their stress.
OK why don't you try explaining to someone that you are close to about how you feel and rethink how you feel then and if you still feel the same way then try dropping hints to your father then if he eventually gets it calmly explain it to him if he does not after a while try calmly explaining it...
The Law of Stress states that Stress is the difference between Pressure and Adaptability of any kind. The law is expressed as a formula, S = P - A, or Stress = Pressure - Adaptability. This universal law is valid for physical, biological, and psychological stress. The Law of Stress concept was...
people may gain or lose weight
Answer . You can't. \n. \nEither it does or it doesn't. You can't force your body to menstruate.
No parakeets enjoy flying freely for distances but get tiredeventually. But no it does not stress them.
Tectonic plates sliding back and forth
paralysis of limbs,frequent urination and trembling
Of course i am used to hear some spiritual music whenever i get time. I am using Ojas which is really a good one and the divine mantras from it makes me to feel lot better.. http://www.itunes.com/apps/ojas
Paralysis of limbs, frequent urination, and trembling are some of the physical signs of stress.
Not enough oxygen to the brain
One of the most common stress related conditions is anxiety. It ishard to say exactly what the most common condition is. Anothercommon stress related condition is high blood pressure.
The forces are equal magnitude but opposite directions act tangent the surfaces of opposite ends of the object the shear stress as force "f" acting tangent to the surface,dived by the "area"{a} shear stress=f/a
I honestly dont know, but I worry all the time. Like ALL the time. And I absolutely hate it, and the worst part is it stressed me out and I cant control but I am thinking when I worry. And its not good to be stressed, its bad for your heart so DONT WORRY!!
relax and listen to the song bad day
Three different kinds of stress casue earthquakes, tension, compression, and sheraring From a 6th grader, Yep
post traumatic stress disorder is a mental condition brought upon by..obviously some sort of trauma and therefore has little or nothing to do with physical trauma, and from psychological standpoint has no bearing on becoming bipolar. Bipolar or manic depression is a physiological disorder that is...
Stress causes the release of cortisol. Cortisol can cause increased hunger which leads to consumption of excess calories. Cortisol also activated fat- storing enzymes which cause enlargement of the fat cells. The abdominal fat cells are predominatly affected since those cells have the most cortisol...
well first of all tell your parents about it and if they help problem solved if they dont heres how:calm down and lie down and dont think about it! Think about good things. You can't make yourself stop thinking about one thing unless you replace it with something good and helpful.
i really don't think it can........... sometimes you loose a bit weight when you're stressed out
tensile stress is due to just the tension in the load whereas breaking stress can be due to breaking,shearing or compression!
which can cause a stress fracture
When i was young, my mom told me that a lot of people die from stress, from heart attacks or strokes.
Deep breathing exercises.
Which class is it? I know that AP classes can be stressful and time consuming, believe me Im in 4 of them, but students learn a lot more in them. If you plan on taking the AP exam to try and get college credit then i think you should consider sticking it out. And even if you don't get a qualifying...
When you're working (under stress) the time seems to fly by causing you to miss/skip meal times because of your busy schedule. As this goes on you may start to lose weight and your body gets used to eating less so therefor you're rarely ever hungry. For business people, it is also hard to fit it in...
There are a lot of good ways. Some ways is to ask them aquestion or have fun around them. try laughing while you walk bythem or giving them special attention looks. it sure worked for me If you just want to get someone's attention, you might say theirname, say "excuse me," or even gently tap them...
the path what is followed by the principal stress.
Stress is not beneficial to health. There are many ill effects of stress, too numerous to go into here, that can even result in death. However, there are no known benefits of stress.
Take some time to think about it. Do you really need to date several girls? Is it that important? Additionally, wouldn't it be kind of awesome to be the first guy your year to have found your perfect match? You may not be missing out on as much as you think, and breaking up might screw up chances...
how dose stress affect children school work or what teacher say
Perhaps have some warm milk before bed, or maybe listen to some relaxing music, or read a book. These can help lull you to sleep.
being turned on and extremely horny in some cases.
In some countries teen suicide is higher because of the stress puton them by family and school, for example South Korea's teensuicide rate is pretty high due to the competitive aspects ofschool and the value of family. Students in South Korea study morethan the students of the US and this causes...
well with enuff pbj and purple monkey dishwasher head feelings go bye by in a sea of foamy mountain syrup........... Did I tell you the MOUNTAIN MAKES SYRUP
Successful coping skills are different for everyone. An example ofa successful coping skill would be deep breathing. This works for alot of people.
Green and blue are calming colors that can relieve stress.
Rick Ross he suffered from stress because of the lack of sleep he was getting due to his singing career.
Stress!........... The word itself has no useful meaning. when will you have stress? If you have stress at your work, you have chosen a wrong job. Stress is something which you are creating by your own, there is no other way to cope with it except your thoughts and the way you take your...
Changes in socialization are stressful to people because the average human does not like to be alone. We are pack dogs, so to speak. When we are alone, it inflicts stress.
PTSD can affect anyone, of any background, it is not adiscriminatory disorder. It could present itself more often inpeople who've grown up in abusive homes, but then again, there area lot of abuse survivors who don't develop PTSD. It may be more susceptible to people who naturally live in the pastor...
Answer . At first it responds by releasing a hormone from the adrenal glands called epinephrine and norepinephrine. These help to raise blood pressure and heart rate. Then if the stress continues, they release corisol.
You can really have bad stress and not feel good about yourself
You already have emotion you cannot have it because u got it .
If your at home, do something relaxing. Listen to music, read a book, take a nap or evn spend time with a family member or pet. If your at work, take a moment to think. Get a cup of coffe, or even just water, and ask yourself, "Okay. What am I going to do now?" Even talk calmly to yourself if you...
apparently it it a phobia of people with down syndrome or some sort of disability
When you're under stress, your body has an excess of nervous energy. Engaging in physical activities can release this pent-up energy to make you feel more relaxed.
Do you mean the physical conditions of the individucal serviceman? Or was it your intent to say the physical conditions of "Vietnam" on the individual soldier/marine/sailor/airman? For the latter, each U.S. Serviceman had to pass a military physical. So unless they were 4-F (unfit for military...
There are several external influences that can determine how one feels about himself/herself. Foremost are members of the family, close friends, and a significant other. Other external influences include members of groups a person is associated with, coworkers, members of groups a person wishes to...
because kids have a hard time understanding it at home then from school, school they have help home they really don't, and if it's not the proper learning homework it is harder than it really seems
Stress and obesity can affect social life because by obesity, you are concerned about your appearance. Because of stress, you are never clam and can never have a good time which can deeply affect social life.
The short answer probably not - unless it was proved to the satisfaction of a properly constituted tribunal of law that such verbal/emotional abuse amounted to psychological assault, constituting wilful/wrongful neglect of a vulnerable person in the care of a responsible adult. I cannot think of...
they don't look to happy the ones that know they have it they try to be the somebody else but they survive if they believe in jesus and god thats the medicine
Try not to burry your head in the sand as it will never go away. Try to overcome the problem with help and support if you can't do it on your own. Key points: 1 - Have more time to yourself and relax 2 - Talk to somebody you can trust 3 - Prioritse your main problems and overcome them one by...