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Parole and Conditional Release

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Questions regarding the conditional release of a person from prison prior to the end of the maximum sentence imposed.
Yes, a Probation Officer can find out if you have been prescribed a  drug.
Nothing legally, but he can make u help him in one way or another.
Its up to the judge that sentences the inmate. They can set a time  that the inmate will be allowed to be released or they can order  that the full sentence be served.
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  == Answer ==   Yes. Having your sentence suspended is an act which happens after a defendant is found guilty of a specific charge.
If in another state has issued a warrant for an inmate, that inmate will be extradited to that state after he finishes his time in the state he is currently serving his sentence.
Of course. Just don't lead one another into trouble.
People support it because they believe in second chances and/or to save their taxpayer dollars. Authorities support it because they don't have to house people if they make parole. It can be a revolving door, especially since parole violators are not sent back to prison unless the parolee does...
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Go to the State of California inmate locator website. You can find  it on any search engine.
a period of time during which the employee should make no mistakes.
The district attorney can certainly make an offer and say take the plea bargain or we will ask for the maximum sentence. He must feel the state has decent case, or that your attorney isn't going to be effective in your defense.   Correction:   While the district attorney may think that the...
no because he or she is a felon
no unless you want to risk going back to prisin
i had been done with my parole for almost eight years when someone broke into my car,i shot this man six times with a co2 powered bb gun,not only did the punk press charges and win,i lost my car and was given a two year sentance,i live in california and was a non violent non non drug realted case...
People generally will stay in jail until they are found guilty orplead guilty. That can take nearly a year or even more in murder,rape, or other violent crime cases. Only after found or pleadingguilty then they are prison bound. After that they usually gettransferred to a penitentiary within a few...
90 days probation means in court that you get to go free but if you do something illegal within 90 days you go back to court and is a possibility you can go to jail depending on what you did hope this helped if not very sorry
What is done about inmate neglect depends on the type of inmate neglect. "You do the crime, you serve the time." By law, the inmate was informed about the Federal Civil Rights law. He can send a description of his problems to a Federal Judge for free. He can write it out. If the Federal Judge thinks...
Probation is a sentence
Any person may submit information to the BPH concerning an inmate or parolee. When deciding whether to release an inmate or parole, the panel considers all information received from the public. Written comments should be directed to the Classification and Parole Representative at the prison where...
You will be locked up for as long as the judge decides. The average is six months to a year, but he could very well give you your whole backup time (the full remainder of your sentence).
It is not a matter of which supercedes which, since you cannot be on dual parole (both state and federal) at the same time. What is this question asking?
No. Infact no potential parolee will be released to ahome where any person lives who is pending or has had previous felony charged adjudicated. Contact with current defendants or previous felons is typically strictly forbidden. On a side note, this seems a shame, sort of one way to set the newly...
73% of Federal inmates consider themselves Democrats. State stats will be skewed according to their location.
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Yes, Inmates in a prison can inherit real estate.
a friend of mine did not go to college for her position. She started out as a reserve officer,and they don't get paid for the work. its considered volunteer and when a position came open, she applied and used her reserve experience as a way to gain that probation position. the people knew her in...
It can be called paroleFreedictionary.com defines parole as "The conditional release of a person convicted of a crime prior to the expiration of that ..."
DeAundre Bonds will be getting released from Chuckwalla Valley  State Prison on feb. 27th 2011.
For employment questions while on parole, instead of asking on this venue, you should really consult with your PO. You can be sure that he/she won't accept an answer from this site as justification for an improper action on your part.
i would like to know if a probabtion officer has a probationer falsely detained and jaile dare there consequences for the probation officer? and if not how can we report information on a probation officer legally?
VERY unlikely. You are more likely to be remanded to jail to serve the remainder of your sentence. If you couldn't be trusted the first time around, why should the judge trust you a second time? Judge's give second chances all the time. It really depends on what kind of violation it is. Added: It...
If you were violating your parole and it had gone far enough for a warrant to be issued for you, just because the original parole time-period expired doesn't mean anything. The fact is you never satisfactorily carried out, or completed, your parole. You are still liable for completing your sentence...
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What do you mean by "probation off." As long as you are not under travel or residency restrictions you may move and go wherever it is you wish.
Inmates typically are notified of the parole decision within thirty days of the hearing. It is possible in some situations for this to take longer, but typically the inmate is notified of this as well.
Yes, if the convicted felon has access to the rifle, it is illegal.    Not exactly. The convicted felon cannot posses a firearm, but that  does not mean everyone in the household is also punished and banned  from possessing a firearm.
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Education and training. A bachelor's degree in social work, criminal justice, psychology, or a related field is usually required. Some employers require a master's degree in criminal justice, social work, psychology, or a related field for candidates who do not have previous related experience....
  == Answer ==   Most likely means that the person doing the report didnt find any members of your family to talk to. Bring this up at the hearing.
Amnesty, Pardon, Parole, or the Commutation of their sentence.
If you are over the age of 17 and have been convicted of an offense, your sentence could include probation. Probation allows you to live in your town as long as you follow certain rules set by the court. If any of the rules are broken, the judge may re-sentence you for the original offense. Parole...
Probation is a sentence, not a crime. A felony is a level of crime.
what does signing a deferral mean if on parole and got arrested
Allowing a convicted person to remain at liberty while being subjected to certain conditions and restrictions.
In accordance with the laws of your state you you will have to file to have your record expunged.
Absolutely not. Regardless of how lenient it seems, probation IS a sentence for being found (or having pled) Guilty. If you flee your probation sentence you are the same as an escapee.
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No. In most cases your parole officer will have you meet him on street corner annually to be in compliance.
Last year in ohio I had an f 5 felony was facing one year got probation instead I just got a jury survay form ? 6 asked if I was covicted of a crime facing over a year I put no cause it was not over a year so im thinking minor f5 yes past that no will update if get summond
There are certain things the parole board is looking for before a prisoner can be released. They must admit their crimes and show remorse. The panel wants to hear that they have done some soul searching and will be able function in the 'outside world'. They also like to know that the inmate has some...
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The Salvation Army and other organizations have places where you can stay. You will need to contact them. If you are not willing to stay with a support organization of some type until you can find your own place, you do not deserve to make parole.
After being found guilty of the crime for which they were arrested,  probation is customarily offered only to first-time-offenders who  have committed minor criminal offenses usually involving minor  crimes against property (e.g.: petit theft - shoplifting, etc).  Probation is usually not...
It sounds like a sentence of probation handed down by a County Court judge.
This link below is THE SOURCE to find out exacty what the guidelines are for any specific federal statute. Also US CODE site is very imformative
a felonyAnother View: It depends entirely as to whether you are on misdemeanor probation or felony probation.
It is going to be up to the parole board. It is possible that they will allow him to continue on parole, or will revoke his parole, where he will have to complete his sentence.
The same as every other citizen with the exception that he has to report back to jail at the assigned time.
Primarily the differences are the sentences they received, and in a related way, the competance of the criminal defense (or lack thereof) they had.
After 9/11 it was estimated that seventy-five percent of the truck drivers frequenting US shipyards were previously convicted felons. It is probably safe to continue that estimate to all shipyard workers. So, yes, a person previously convicted of a felony can work at a Virginia shipyard, provided...
The Carlton H. Colwell Probation Detention Center is located at 797Beasley Street, Blairsville, GA 30512.To get there from Atlanta:Take I-75 North to I-575 (Canton Exit) and follow the road as itbecomes Highway 515. At the third traffic light in Blairsville,turn right onto Glenn Gooch/Industrial...
Within thirty days of being violated, the parolee will be reviewed by a committee of the parole board for the violation to determine if a violation did occur and how serious that violation is. However, in most states, the parolee will be reincarcerated until the review takes place. Real answer:...
Depends on the Judge and the probation officer and the seriousness of the offense of the charge you're on probation for. You're a ward of the State for the duration of your sentence and subject to whatever they want to do with you. You did it to yourself by committing a crime and getting nabbed....
Depends on what state they work in.
File a petition with the judge who sentenced you to probation showing good reason why your request should be granted - like paying up your back child support.
When caught you will, in all probability, be remanded to jail to serve the remainder of your sentence. REMEMBER - you were serving a (lenient) sentence after being found guilty. If you abscond you are, in effect, an escapee.
One main challenge is keeping a high reputation amongst the prisoners. You want to try and befriend them, so that they respect you and listen to you. Remember, prisons are often filled with gang culture.
It depends. There are some lines of work that won't hire people with prior felony convictions. Police work is one of them. Firefighters I believe are another. And of course there are different degrees of felonies. Embezzlement versus murder can make a big difference in whether an employer will want...
In order for the 3-strikes law to be effective there must be 2 prior felony convictions. Being accused and even having a trial does not constitute a felony. The civil trial that found Simpson guilty of causing the deaths of Nichole Brown and Ron Goldman was a civil not criminal trial and does not...
One way is to contact the civil division of the Sheriff's office in the county that the inmate is housed. If you are not sure about the county the prison is in, you can call the Department of Corrections and ask.
In many states, probation officers are sworn law enforcement officers so, yes, they can arrest you on a properly issued warrant.
  == Answer ==   Someone believes that someone cheated or the count was wrong or done wrong or something was done illegally. You better be able to prove it.
    Felony probation is a sentence the judge imposes when someone pleads guilty to a felony. It allows a person to serve his sentence without going to jail or to prison. The person will be under court supervision and he can be incarcerated if he violates the terms of his probation.
Limitations would be the length of your sentence; that which you would be required to do once your Probabtation or Parole officer has violated you for Failure to Comply with the law and language of your sentence.
When assigned a sentence of probation EVERYONE is given a set of rules and restrictions under which they must live. READ YOUR PROBATION PAPERS.
If you are on probation you have already been found guilty. Probation is a sentence for being found guilty. If you commit a violation of your probation you don't get a separate trial for that violation. It means that you have put yourself in jeapordy of the original sentencing judge remanding you to...
Oversees parolees on probation.
Actions speak louder than words
When a parolee fails a drug test just a tiny bit, his parole officer lets him off on the condition parolee reports to drug test immediately afterwards. Parolee's bossman had a talk with parole officer. Suddenly employee cut off all contacts because Parole Officer told employer parolee failed drug...
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