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US Census

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A population survey, the U.S. Census is taken every decade and determines the amount of federal funding communities receive.
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the census start in the 19th sentrey
You take the census so that the government can see how many people are in the country. After they do that they see if they need to build any more schools or buildings or anything that is getting too crowded that is important.
The questionnaire asks how many people were living at the house or apartment as of April 1. That would mean people already born. If you were pregnant, due around April 1, and mailed your form on March 25 and counted the unborn, I doubt that anybody would quibble over it. Someone down the street may...
California Texas New York Florida Illinois Pennsylvania Ohio Michigan Georgia North Carolina New Jersey Virginia Washington Massachusetts Indiana Arizona Tennessee Missouri Maryland Wisconsin Minnesota Colorado Alabama South Carolina Louisiana Kentucky Oregon Oklahoma Connecticut Iowa Mississippi...
The United States population in 1990, was an estimated 248,709,873.
The time between u.s. census is ten years.
Everyone! All babies, children, and adults who live in a household should be counted. Regardless of nationality, citizenship status, race, age, or gender
A female with a disability is more likely to be unemployed than  a male with   a disability.
People don't think it's very important or its a waste of time
Not always. The government (see link and quote below) says it  depends on how it's used.    http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/GPO-STYLEMANUAL-2008/pdf/GPO-STYLEMANUAL-2008-5.pdf    "A common noun or adjective forming an essential part of a proper  name is capitalized; the common noun used...
Census Advantages: It gathers all the relevant information associated with the member i.i household income, occupation, age, gender and etc. It helps to understand the characteristics of the population as a whole. Disadvantages: It is very time consuming and expensive. People which are being...
Yes, though it is a very difficult problem to get an accurate count for obvious reasons. Note that the U.S. census counts everyone in the area - permanent residents, temporary residents (though, they are asked to provide where their permanent residence is), illegal immigrants, homeless, etc. It is...
it was first taken in 1790.
There never has been a worldwide census. The census in the US that was conducted in 2010 was a census of people living in the US and its possessions.
You are required under The Constitution of the United States only to answer the question of how may people live in your house. The reason that information is required is because it is used to determine the number of Representatives your state will have for the next ten years. It is also used to...
US - 315,000,000 Indonesia - 237,500,000
it is important because without the census, not only will we not know how many people live in the U.S, but it also gives the states the number of representives.
Yes, the census form can be filled out prior to April 1.
The census has been around since Ancient times, beginning with the Ancient Egyptians in 3340 BC and in 3050 BC. In the United States, the census has been around 1790 and has taken place every ten years since.
Bunch of questions designed to count the residents of America!
The Census of 2010 is important because both the allocation of Congressional representatives and of Federal grants is based on the population of states and cities.
because it help government know what is needed to help the people and what is out there.it also need to no the no.of people in the island
Type your answer here... Hispanics are considered white in the U.S. Census (among others) because, from an anthropological and medical standpoint, they share key genetic markers and skeletal measurements with 'whites'. This is because Hispanics have European ancestry (as opposed to Latinos, who have...
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The 2010 census asks about how many people live there, their ages, etc.
2000it happens every 10 years
2.4% of people report identifying with two or more races.
Roughly 11 million people.
Sapling? Sampling??
When our country was formed, the States gave the Federal government a few limited powers and put those down in the US Constitution. One of these powers was the requirement to take the census at intervals. Taking the census is historically important -- remember that Mary and Joseph were in Bethlem to...
From wikipedia: The United  States Census of 1840 was the sixth census of the United States.  Conducted by the Census Office on June 1,  1840, it determined the resident population of the United States to be 17,069,453 - an  increase of 32.7 percent over the 12,866,020 persons enumerated during...
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number of ppl in a country home community
Arizona is #16 in population.
According to U.S Journal of Civilization and Communities,2009,the Salafi or Wahabism are just 0.80 percent of the total Muslim Population in the world. Similar is the estimation of Indian think tank,India Today,which says that though through petro dollors Salafis/Wahabis have spread their extremist...
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Allen, TX.Population 48, 840.Whites: 42, 804.Blacks: 2, 039.Hispanic: 3, 384.Asian, Indian, other: about 3,000.
In the United States, because censuses are taken in years ending in 0 (zero); in Great Britain because there was a war going on.
As medicine and technology advances, more and more people are living longer. Certain ethnicities live longer in this country due to genetics or available money to purchase medical assistance, however, this isn't always the case and shouldn't be taken as fact. Another contributing factor is that less...
The first US census was in 1790.
Indonesia is not expected to surpass the United States in population. By 2050, the population of the US will be about 425 million while the population of Indonesia will be about 315 million. In fact, Nigeria is expected to surpass Indonesia and become the fourth largest country by 2040. By 2050, the...
  Galloway Township in Atlantic County. It has 114.8 square miles of total area.
No. It is not a long enough work history.
According to the U.S. Census, there are more than two dozen metropolitan areas in California.
Everything that is about the census is valid. However, the most  valid based information is there was more Hispanics and whites on  the four regions.
The ratio of men to women, in 2014, was estimated as approx 1.014 to 1.
In a de jure census count, all persons normally resident in the area are counted including permanent residents who are temporarily away but excluding temporary residents and visitors. This is in contrast to a de facto census that counts people present in the area including temporary residents and...
Yes. While officially denied for years, they did acknowledge it a few years ago, some six decades after the fact. And back then, just like now, they had told all the people answering the Census that it was completely confidential and that the information (such as on race) would never be disclosed...
It is important to at least know how many people (since that is what is being counted)but by law, you must answer the questions that they are asking.There is no personal information, SS #, income etc..
Ayon sa Census ang populasyon ng pilipinas ay humigit kumulang 92360521 ngayong 2010 sabi din nila lumalago na masyado ang ating populasyon kupara noong 2007.
babae-45,747,894 lalaki-54,798,465   Created by: Marose Nable :)classmate :0
A census worker is a person who is hired by the government To take a record of people per household if they do not return their census slips. They are Normally people who cannot find work and are hired for a certain ammount of time revolving around 6 months.
Yes,The same law that protects your privacy, mandates that you supply the information..Census is not new.. we have been counting people since before Christ..Actually that is where Mary and Joseph were going, (to be counted ...) when Mary went into labor..
new york, Los Angles and Chicago
The population of the US in the 2010 Census was 308,745,538. This represents a figure averaged to April 1, 2010 -- this total and individual state figures were used to calculate apportionment in the House of Representatives.
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They wanted to know how many americans lived in the new nation
this is a day before census...by oneprince borga
I think its unlikely that a census is held on a Saturday night because everyone goes out on Saturday night and don't have the time for it.~Sorry I'm not entirely sure that this is a correct answer but i think it would be why~
Yes, (at least in California) there is a special unemployment form to be filled out if you have worked for the federal government but after that, the process proceeds as usual.,
  Contrary to popular belief residents were living inside the United States WAY before the discovery of America during Oct 1492 where Columbus discovered the Americas. In fact the United States had upwards of one million people before 1492 (700000 people living at least).
I received a random questionnaire last month from the Census Bureau. (Dec 2011). It was very detailed and intrusive- I only answered about 1/4 of the questions. They have since called me and want the Omissions completed. This is way beyond number in household questions- they want education, salary...
Because it has been misleading in the past
The U.S. Census Bureau reported thatthe estimated population in Alabama was 4,858,979 as of July 1,2015. Based on population, Alabama is the 24th largest U.S.state.
No, it is not. It is close to San Francisco which is a Metropolitan area.
Because every square mile in the United states had white residents.