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Waves Vibrations and Oscillations

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From pendulums, to sound, to Schrödinger's equation, waves and vibrational motion are of fundamental importance to all of the disciplines of physics. Please direct all questions concerning the causes, mechanics, applications, and significance of oscillatory behavior into this category.
A: actually any active components will oscillate with positive feedbackA transistor can be used as an amplifier along with an LC tank circuit to form an oscillator; it is an active device (as LIBURNO states) which will amplify the feedback signal coming out of the LC tank circuit. The tank circuit...
The red line goes down and the blue line just goes all the way up.  Cool right?
movement of fluid in chest tube R/T inspiration & expiration
velocity cause Velocity= wavelength X frequency
Data representation. Cumulative frequency is the sum of all previous frequencies.
A local oscillator can be a crystal oscillator.
The resistor allows a slow charge to enter the capacitor. When this charge reaches a certain point the circuit activates and forces the capacitor to discharge. Once discharged the circuit reverses itself and starts the charge over again. The larger the cap and/or resistor the lower the frequency...
The wavelength of light times the frequency of light is its speed, which is close to 2.9979*108 m/s in most mediums.
Simple harmonic motion is understood from an oscillating pendulum.  It is also periodic. An example of periodic motion without simple  harmonic motion is the rotation of the blades of a fan.
A simple pendulum has one piece that swings. A complex pendulum has  at least two swinging parts, attached end to end. A simple pendulum  is extremely predictable, while a complex pendulum is virtually  impossible to accurately predict.
I have no video but electromagnetic wave may harm and may not   It is divided to seven the radio  waves,microwave,infrared,visible light,ultraviolet light,X-rays,and  lastly Gamma rays. The waves that is not harmful is from radio wave  to visible light then the rest may harm
v=fλ Visible light is an electromagnetic wave. All electromagnetic waves travel at 3.0x108 m s-1 in a vacuum. Since the question doesn't supply additional info I'm assuming the medium is a vacuum. Hence, v=3.0x108 m s-1 and λ=486x10-9 m. Therefore, f=v/λ = 6.17x1014 Hz
Sound wave travels from one part in to another part in air due to  change in density of molecules from one point to another point
The total of all electromagnetic waves is called the  electromagnetic spectrum.  The electromagnetic spectrum includes radio waves, microwaves,  infrared radiation, visible light waves, ultraviolet radiation,  x-rays, and gamma rays. Only visible light waves, which humans see  as the band of...
No. Otherwise it is no standing wave.
Frequency of em radiation is inversely proportional to its wavelength.so, frequency increases with decrease in wavelength.
The math that describes them, Fourier transforms allow one to add wave functions. Also thr fact that they are waves so wave adding together or "cancelling " each other out is possible, wave interference both constructive and destructive does occur.
RC phase shift oscillators are used for musical instruments, oscillators, voice synthesis, and GPS units. They work at all audio frequencies.
A: Very easy to do just provide a positive feedback and/or a phase shift it will oscillate
It will become longer, and it will carry less energy, its also  likely, that if the change or loss in frequency is enough, the  radiation will become a different type of electromagnetic radiation  in the spectrum like gamma to x-rays or visible light to infrared  and so on.
wavelength. The larger the frequency, the smaller the wavelength.
V=f *lambda where v = wave speed, f=frequency and lambda=  wavelength.  Frequency increase as the energy of a wave increases because  E=hf where h is a constant so E/h=f. if E increase f has to  increase.  Wavelength decreases because if the frequency increases the  wavelength would also have...
Longitudinal waves require a medium to propogate . Example are  sound waves
Though it is not possible to get a mathematically perfect square wave from a sine wave, it is possible to get a reasonably close square wave from a sine wave. A clipper circuit is one which clips off the top of a sine wave thus giving it a flat top. Clipper circuits find their applications in...
An increase in atmospheric __o[   ___ leads to an increase in the greenhouse effect
Yes,The speed of sound in dry air is approximated by the equation:v = (331 + 0.6*T) m/swhere T = temperature in degrees Celsius
Anything in the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma raysXraysUltravioletVisible LightInfra-redMicrowavesRadio WavesThey are characterised by the fact they are all transmitted in packets of energy called photons. Sound is not an electromagnetic wave, nor is ultrasound or any physical oscillation.
The type of wave the kink in a lasso travels as is a "longitudianl wave".
Amplitude. An increase in this property will result in an increase in volume of the sound.
Frequency. Electromagnetic waves are just magnetic waves that are turning into electric waves. The faster they turn in to each other, the more energy and high up on the spectrum they are.
P waves are the least damaging and only travel left and right, forward and backward along the horizontal plane. S waves are the most dangerous because they cause up and down motion and travel along the surface and solids of a medium causing the most destructive force. However they do not travel as...
The frequency of an EM wave is inversely proportional to its wavelength, which can be seen in the equation f=v/λ, where f is the frequency, and λ is the wavelength.
The period of a 15MHz sine wave is 1 / 15MHz, or 0.066667 us, or 66 2/3 ns.
Possibly could use a wheel alignment, or tire pressure on all tires the same,or it also could be your stabilizer rods need replacing and while your looking at them check your struts and springs.good luck with that.
The wavelength of a wave would double if the frequency was cut in half.Wavelength=c/frequency where c equals the speed of light.
Resonance at sub synchronous speeds or frequencies. Generators designed to run at 60 Hz may have a sub synchronous resonance at 20 Hz, for example. If run at a resonant frequency, the resonance can cause increasing vibrations that will eventually do very bad things (things will start to break).
The frequency and wavelength are the same thing. Not effected by the amplitude in the least.
Isaac newton(england), while sitting on a church bench
When external periodic frequency matches with any of the Natural  frequency of a body , the body vibrates with larger amplitude .  This phenomenon is known as Resonance
Light is a form of radiation. Light waves are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and they do not require a medium to travel. You can think of light as both a wave and a particle (photons). Sound waves are compressions of matter. They travel through gas, solids, and liquids, but not through...
When the observer is moving relative to the wave source, the observer experiences the Doppler Effect. The motion of the source causes a change in the sound's wavelength. Wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency. The apparent frequency is given by the equation:f = (v-vr)/(v-vs ) * f0where f...
A good example is SO2 molecule. The Lewis structure shows 1 O single bonded to the S atom and the other O double bonded to the S atom. A double bond is shorter than a single bond. But when the bond length is measured by microwave absorption, the bonds were idenical. I say the pair of electrons that...
The principle of LC tank ckt. which produces 180 deg phase shift  the loop gain AB=1 in hartley oscillator are used 2 inductors and 1  capacitor.
Magnification, such as in lenses: eyeglasses, telescopes,  microscopes. Raindrops refract different wavelengths of light at  different angles, to produce rainbows.
describes the effect of water waves passing into shallow   water?
whether you are talking about waves on the beach or waves of light or sound waves. the time it takes for one wave to oscillate completely is the period of the wave. if, however you would like to know how many oscillations each wave completes per second, then you would be looking for frequencys
If the pendulum is light it will be susceptible to perturbations from air currents, leading to a loss of accuracy.
Reflection A wave that bounces off an object is a reflected wave.
It is a very vague question, so i will throw some equations at you:For relating energy of photon to the frequency:E = hf = hc/Lh = planck's constant = 6.63 X 10^-34f = frequency of wave (Hz)L = wavelength (metres)For relating luminosity (power) to surface area and temperature:Luminosity = Energy...
From largest to smallest wavelength, the spectrum follows this order: Radio Microwave Infrared Visible Ultraviolet X-ray Gamma ray
Light waves are transverse electromagnetic waves.
When electric charges are at rest then only electric field exists around that stationary charge. When the charge is in uniform motion, then apart from electric field a magnetic field is also produced. But when the charge is accelerated then it produces a disturbance even in the free space ie vacuum....
The greater the frequency, the greater the pitch. The greater the amplitude, the greater the volume.
Hertz are used to measure cycles per second. Sound is measured in hertz. I hope I understood the question.
The angle of incidence of a light ray = the angle of reflection. Also, when light is incident on a medium of higher density than the current medium (e.g. a glass mirror in air) then the wave undergoes a 180 degree phase shift. If the surface is rough and bumpy, then the rays are scattered about all...
that they are caused by processes similar to those that create earthquakes.
At resonant frequency, current in the circuit is maximum.Impedence  is minimum.  
1. Mass distruction to natural and human made materials.
All electromagnetic waves move at the speed of light (c = 3.00x108 m/s). Using the relationship that the speed of a wave is equal to the product of wavelength and frequency (v = lambda*f), we find that for an electromagnetic wave: c = lambda*f. That is, for an electromagnetic wave, the wavelength...
Double refraction is when you can see through a mineral and it shows two images instead of one. Calite is the mineral that exhibits it. I linked a great website for this kind of stuff below.
The vibrations caused by an earthquake are known as seismic waves. These can be split into two types, surface and body waves. Surface waves travel only through the crust and there are two main types: Rayleigh wavesLove waves These surface waves tend to be the most damaging and are usually...
  Calculate the momentum of a photon of yellow light (λ=660nm)
As far as I'm aware, there is no such thing as "wavelength  amplitude".
I'm pretty sure they can travel through matter It depends on the matter, but many materials will transmit sound.
Velocity equals frequency times wavelength (v=fλ). The velocity is equal to the speed of light (3 x 10^8). Rearranging the equation gives f=v/λ. Therefore f = (3 x 10^8)/(788 x 10^-9). f = 3.81 x 10^14 Hz.
Yes, this is known as SONAR.
The energy moves, not the water
  A wave that can travel only through matter is termed mechanical wave.
WHEN AN UN POLARISED LIGHT IS MADE TO FALL ON A NICOL PRISM.(NICOL PRISM MADE UP OF CALCITE CRYSTA)if the light is split up into two Waves is o-ray and other is e-ray when we observe that the light is polarised because .the ordinary ray is after falling it will split into two rays one ray has only...
First of all, the person asking this question needs to phrase it to where it makes sense, it is jibberish! Stop playing on the computer kids, and if you can't speak english, ask in your own language, I can translate 9 languages.
What kind of electromagnetic waves does the sun have?
Wavelength relates to speed , since wavelength is the distance between the repeating of a wave , thus speed affects the distance . The faster the smaller the wavelength. Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time. Waves with higher frequencies have shorter...
The sound pressure amplitude tells about how loud the tone will be and the frequency (cycles per second) of the oscillation tells how high the sound of the tone will be.The amplitude gives the loudness of the tone:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LoudnessThe frequency gives the pitch of the tone:http:/...
Electromagnetic waves have a variety of uses depending on wavelength. In decreasing lengths, classifications are Radio, Microwave, Infrared Light, Visible Light, Ultraviolet Light, X-ray and Gamma ray waves. Radio waves are commonly used for wireless communication, since they are largely harmless. ...
Timing a large number of oscillations accounts for instrument error. If each oscillation takes exactly 1.0001 seconds, but the timer can only measure to the tenth of a second, it takes 1000 oscillations to detect the fractional second. If this pendulum is being used for something for a very long...
makes it move faster meaning a more high pitched sound
The electromagnetic wave used here is Ultraviolet wave...
Resolution is affected by the strength of the B0 magnetic field. The j coupling (distance between lines in a quartet for instance) is a constant value in Hz. However the place that the lines appear is not. Increasing the magnet increases the distance between features while keeping the j coupling...