China's One-Child Policy

To alleviate the effects of overpopulation, China instituted a one-child policy beginning in 1978. Under the family planning policy, urban couples are only allowed to have one child. The policy is still in effect today. China is the most populous country in the world with more than 1.3 billion citizens.
Some people people feel that the one child policy s helping Chinaprovide space for its citizens to live but the parents who have 2or more children might think that it is bad because they will belosing their kids.
Some disadvantages of the one child policy are: . there is an aging population because of less children, . men will struggle to find a wife . women are forced to have abortions . there are lots of orphans (mostly girls) . little emperor syndrome ( spoilt boys) . high ratio of boy to girls . policy...
The One Child Policy was implemented to control the population ofChina. It is controversial, and has been linked to forcedabortions, infanticide of female babies, and the sex imbalance ofChina's population.
Those with one child are given privileges, like free education. But the others will have to pay fees.
Because China's population was so big that they could only afford to care for one child per couple.
Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping invented the one child policy in 1979.
The one child policy will only end when the people can speak out.,
One of the main effects now being seen in China is the ratio of adult men to so many fewer women of marriageable age. Many (most?) families chose to have a son to carry on the family name, business, etc., and a vast number of female fetuses had been aborted. The consequence now is that there are...
Yes, the one-child policy of the People's Republic of China prohibits urban couples from having more than one child. However, this does have exceptions including: rural couples, ethnic minorities, and parents without siblings themselves. It is estimated that approximately 35.9% of the entire...
Abuse towards women . Discrimination against girls . Spoiled child
If people did not obide by the one child policy in china then they were intantly charged a lot of money(more than one women would earn in a month) and there benifits were instantly taken away from them. Such as, free education and health care.
No! That is not a good question. You might confuse people who do not know the plan...
in 1998 changes were made to one child policy. they said you could have secong child if you live in the country side.
if you have second child, you have to pay huge amount of fine and face some criticism; some rich people who really want more babies can afford the fine, but most people can not. Why would people want second child? One child has brought enough troubles.
Other than if you have more then you have to put it up for adoption? Or kill it. Most parents would rather have a boy than a girl, so if a girl is born first, most parents put her up for adoption.
China was suffering by the problem of over population from many decades so the gov. there have taken some strict step to check the population growth which was harming the development of the country.
It all started in 1979 by Deng soping.
Now, it is that if both parents are only childs, you can have up to 2 children.
China has NOT stopped it's one-child policy. It is still the law and is expected to stay in effect for years to come.
- forced sterilization - must pay for the investment the government put into your first child - very little or no support from the government
The main complaint about this policy is that we would all prefer to be allowed to make up our own minds about how many children we would like to have. We do not like having a government that tries to control every aspect of our personal lives. Another problem that arises in China is that since most...
The population of Beijing, thecapital of the People's Republic of China, is 21.5 million and 25million in the metro area.
The one child policy, never formally written into law, consists of three main points, advocating: • delayed marriage and delayed child bearing; • fewer and healthier births; and • one child per couple.
Definitely! I bet you would be mad as well if you could only have one child. The government is making a choice that is yours to choose. And the one-child policy does not apply to foreigners, so you can have like 6 or 7 children and walking down the street, everyone would stare at you. But I think...
Officials claim that yes it has worked and it has prevented between 250-400 million births. Whilst this may be so, the policy has been critisised by many who claim that, among other things, there have been forced abortions, abandonment of female children due to the traditional preference towards...
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some cons in china's one child policy are that most of all the newborn baby girls that are born are drowned, abanded, or aborted before birth i know alot more facts but this is all i have time for. i am doing this because i am pretty sure someone will be needing this information for a...
It limits population in urban areas in order to lessen overcrowding.
1.338 billion (2010)
It started in the year 1979.
Because some couples want a boy too badly( social prejudice) that when their first born was found to be a girl, they try to violate it and try to have a boy instead.(So mostly social related issue).
Answer . Chinese couples are officially restricted to one child although it allows exemptions for several cases, including rural couples, ethnic minorities, and parents who are only children themselves. Roughly the policy only applies to 35% of the population.
Chinese women are only allowed to have one child. If they had more than one child, women would be severely punished. they would most likely have to just give it up for adoption but in some places the child can be killed. If they insist in keeping it they have to pay a years salary each year to...
If you follow it you can get a few hundred pounds- free resources for the adults such as rice, food, drink, reserved housing ect.
The strength of the policy is that it cuts population and savesresources. Weaknesses is that it changes family dynamics and so many femaleshave been adopted by other countries. China ranks as one of thehighest countries for more men than women, as the culture tends toprefer men over women. As such,...
As authentic Chinese man, I think the one-child policy taken by the Chinese Central Government has more advantages than disadvantages, though it's not carried out completed in some rural areas of China. I have to admit that the policy do help China a lot both in economy development and social...
they are fined or beaten to almost death. The biggest penalty for having more than one child in China; is the Government removes the child &, places them in a Government run orphanage...
That is straight up dehumanization
twins are allowed in China, also if you live in some rural areas of china and you give birth to a girl then you can have another child. i believe that it is because they need as much help as possible on the farms.
China's one child policy was established by Chinese leader DengXiaoping in 1979 to control population.
China's one child policy was established by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979.
the government of China
It will only change when the people of china have freedom to say so, till then with dictators in power nothing will change soon.
then they will chose the best and/or strongest and healthiest child. Then execute the other
i think it is cruel because the parents of china are killing all of the unharmful baby girls, who have done absolutely nothing wrong. But then i think it is good in the other way because the parents don't have to look after too many babies and leave the older children out.!!