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Why were the Punic Wars important for Rome?

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Rome's victories in the Punic Wars against Carthage were important for several reasons. A short list of the value of its successes are:
* Carthage was removed as any possible threat to the security of Rome. Carthage was literally destroyed;
* Spain and areas in North Africa were then "occupied" by Rome. Spain was rich in precesses
metals, iron ore and timber;
* Based on its conflict with Carthage, Rome's war fleet was a power to be reckoned with;
* Rome's capacity to rebound from terrible defeats at the hands of Hannibal were clearly enforced. This included the historical defeat of Rome at the Battle of Cannae;
* All of Rome's allies and satellite cities remained in Rome's sphere of influence; and
* Historians cite the demise of Carthage and the rise of the Roman Republic to empire status as the linchpin for further expansion. Rome now controlled the vast expanse of the western Mediterranean Sea.

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The Punic wars were important to Rome because by defeating Carthage, Rome became the dominant force in the western Mediterranean area.
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How many Punic Wars did Rome win?

  There waere three Punic Wars, Rome won all three and after the final one destroyed Carthage and sold its inhabitants into slavery so there would be no fourth war.

What was the importance of the Punic Wars?

These three wars resulted in the destruction of Carthage and the Romans gained the territories of Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Africa and also Spain. In short it played a major

What conquest did Rome carry during the period of the Punic wars?

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What was the significance of the Punic Wars to Rome?

The war was fought between Rome and Carthage. Basically, the 3 wars  resulted in the destruction of Carthage and the Romans gained the  territories of Sicily, Sardinia, Cors

The city that Rome fought in the Punic Wars was?

Rome fought Carthage in all of the three Punic Wars. Rome and  Carthage fought over rising conflicts between the Carthaginian  Empire and the Republic of Rome. Rome's win ov

What change occurred to farming in Rome after the Punic War?

Terrible - the North African grain production swamped the Italian farmers - grain out - vine and specialities in. Then Rome becomes dependent on the North African harvest -

What was Hannibal's plan to defeat Rome in the Second Punic War?

To take the war to Rome by invading Italy. As he didn't have a seige train to capture the city itself, he roamed around the countryside trying to detach as many of Rome's disg

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After the First Punic War, Rome took over the Carthaginian territories in western Sicily and controlled the whole of Sicily and the small islands around it. She also took adva