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Are there dolphins in Fiji?

  Yes.You can see dolphins when sailing between Fiji's two major islands, Viti Levu And Vanua Levu.Along coastal areas in certain parts of Fiji,you can find porpoise swimm (MORE)
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What is the capital of Fiji?

The capital of Fiji is Suva. It is pronounced as "Soovah," and it is on the island of Vita Levu. ________________________________ The Capital of Fiji is Suva. Suva is in t (MORE)
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Where is Fiji?

Fiji is located in Melanesia, NE of Australia.   __________________________________    Fiji is a Republican country located in the South Pacific Region.  It is eas (MORE)
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Is Fiji a country?

  Yes!! Former British Colony but independent since 1970. Suva is the capital. Total pop. 835,000. Member of the UN, Common wealth.

Are there schools in Fiji?

  There are many schools scattered all over Fiji.There are many primary and secondary (high) schools.There are also colleges (7th form) and a University which caters for t (MORE)
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Who discovered Fiji?

Dutch Explorer - Abel Tasman in 1643, followed by the English Navigator - Captain James Cook in 1774 and then by Captain William Bligh in 1789.
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Is Fiji water made in Fiji?

yes Fiji water is made in Fiji fro an under ground source that's y its so expensive ------------------------------------------ Fiji Water is actually sourced from the eart (MORE)
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Why Fiji Fiji?

In 1774 Captain James Cook sailed between the islands around Fiji and named some islands now the Lau Province Feejee. Capt. James Cook sighted the islands and called it FeeJee (MORE)
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Was Fiji in a war?

Fiji soldiers fought alongside the Allies in the Second World War, gaining a fine reputation in the tough Solomon Islands campaign. The United States and other Allied countrie (MORE)

What is there to do in Fiji?

  There is plenty to do - really depends on what your interests are.   The mainland can be discovered by guided tours - go see the Sigatoka Valley, Sand Hill Dunes, rid (MORE)