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Who is aerosmith?

Aerosmith are an amazing rockband. and well yeah they sing songs like dude looks like a lady and love in an elevator.
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Where can you get aerosmith music?

For their true rock stuff from the 70's you can buy them either online (ebay) or at a music store. For their 80's stuff you can buy it on Itunes, online (ebay), or a music sto (MORE)

Where is Aerosmith today?

They are actually in the recording studio. They are coming out with a new album this summer I think. Then they are going on the road again to do another tour.

Who is Aerosmith and what did they do?

aerosmith is Americas greatest rock and roll band and has influenced alot of musicians like guns and roses also aerosmith has 14 albums of original material some greatest hits (MORE)
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What did aerosmith sing?

Popular: - Dream On - Walk This Way - Sweet Emotion - Rag Doll - Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - Love In An Elevator - Livin' On The Edge - Cryin' - Crazy - I Don't Want To Miss A (MORE)

Why is aerosmith not famous?

First, Aerosmithis an American Grammy Award-winning hard rock band formed in 1970in Boston, Massachusetts. Aerosmith has received ten MTV VideoMusic Awards and rank as the nin (MORE)