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How did Aerosmith get its name?

The drummer, joey kramer, used to write it all over his binder in high school. He just thought it was a cool word/name. When naming the band, steven tyler(lead vocals) conside (MORE)

Who is aerosmith?

Aerosmith are an amazing rockband. and well yeah they sing songs like dude looks like a lady and love in an elevator.

Who is the soloist of Aerosmith?

Aerosmith consists as Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Joe Perry, and Steven Tyler When not in Aerosmith Joe Perry does "The Joe Perry Project", when Brad left for a (MORE)

Who is better Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith?

This question cannot be answered without bias or opinion. Here is my personal opinion on the subject: I'm going to have to say that Led Zeppelin is much better than Aerosmith (MORE)

How did Aerosmith form?

It all started with Steven Tyler (singer) and Joe Perry  (guitarist).   The were best friends since middle school.   Tom Hamilton (rhythm guitarist), Brad Whitford (b (MORE)