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Who is aerosmith?

Aerosmith are an amazing rockband. and well yeah they sing songs like dude looks like a lady and love in an elevator.

Where can you get aerosmith music?

For their true rock stuff from the 70's you can buy them either online (ebay) or at a music store. For their 80's stuff you can buy it on Itunes, online (ebay), or a music sto (MORE)

Where is Aerosmith today?

They are actually in the recording studio. They are coming out with a new album this summer I think. Then they are going on the road again to do another tour.
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What did aerosmith sing?

Popular: - Dream On - Walk This Way - Sweet Emotion - Rag Doll - Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - Love In An Elevator - Livin' On The Edge - Cryin' - Crazy - I Don't Want To Miss A (MORE)

Why is aerosmith not famous?

First, Aerosmith  is an American Grammy Award-winning hard rock band formed in 1970  in Boston, Massachusetts. Aerosmith has received ten MTV Video  Music Awards and rank a (MORE)