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Is the Taliban a part of al-Qaeda?

NO. They are fundamentally different organizations. It just  so happened that the Taliban were the government in power of  Afghanistan when al-Qaeda was using that country f (MORE)

Who was Al-Qaeda and what did he or she do?

Al Qaeda is an international terrorism organization. The group is responsible for many terrorism acts including bombings at the US embassy in Africa, and the September 11 atta (MORE)

How are the KKK and Al-Qaeda different?

Al Qaeda is a international terrorism organization based mainly out of the Middle East and the KKK or the Ku Klux Klan are a white supremacist group from the United States. Al (MORE)

Where is Al-Qaeda located?

Taken directly from the CIA Fact book and its reprints from the Global Security Organization. The headquarters of al-Qaeda are not known anymore. al-Qaeda has known contacts (MORE)

How many members are in Al-Qaeda?

The number of members in Al Qaeda is unknown. Many speculate but it is hard to have substantial numbers. The range could be anywhere from the hundreds to the thousands. It i (MORE)

Why did Al-Qaeda attack America?

Osama Bin Laden declared a holy war against the United States in 1998 that called for the killing of Americans. In 2002 in his "Letter to America," Bin Laden stated that al-Qa (MORE)

Where was al-Qaeda from?

Al-Qaeda was founded in 1988 by Osama Bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam,  and other militants. Al-Qaeda is thought to have started in  response to the Soviet War in Afghanistan, how (MORE)

Are Taliban and Al-Qaeda Muslim?

According to the Quran members of alqueda and Taliban are not actually Muslim because they aspire to kill non Muslims. The Quran forbids killing even a tree unless you are in (MORE)